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1:48 AM
@ToshinouKyouko :)
huh this is weird I don't remember upvoting the newest answer on my monogatari question...
I might be going crazy but it had my upvote on it and I could see it was 4 and I could undo the upvote
unfortunately I un-upvoted and re-upovoted it before I opened my or poster's profile to check the date and it seems doing that removes the original upvote date and only shows it as the latest date it was applied
this would have been my only vote in 2019 and I'm pretty sure I didn't do that
maybe I did tho :p
always a chance I went mad with power...
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3:36 AM
Q: How would Crystal Jewels end?

Crystal JewelsIf you don't know what I'm talking about, read this: https://wattpad.fandom.com/wiki/Crystal_Jewels I created Crystal Jewels for wattpad, and I need suggestions on how to end the series. There are many plotholes to cover. Marcy Kimensho, Kouchu's childhood rival, turns into an enemy, and joins...

3:49 AM
@Memor-X Looks a lot like Mira's art style...
pro-tip: SauceNao can find sources for manga pages now too, thanks to Mangadex integration
chapter 4, page 29
4:19 AM
Q: Anime title about the a bloody romance anime that i am searching

KatherineWhat is title of the anime where the girl is naked while dying in a church and kissed by a guy and the blood dripped from her mouth. Can you please answer? Thank you

7 hours later…
11:18 AM
@ahiijny huh, i didn't pick it for being Mira's
@ahiijny ok. just that in the past even SauceNao wasn't good at IDing manga. guess with Mangadex it's much better
5 hours later…
3:52 PM
Q: Does super saiyan 4 kaioken exist in Dragon Ball GT?

PabloIn Dragon Ball Heroes universe mission trailer 9, it's shown Super Saiyan 4 Kaioken. Did this transformation exist in Dragon Ball GT?

Q: Did super saiyan god Trunks appear in any of the two Dragon Ball Heroes manga?

Pablo Super Saiyan God Trunks appeared in the last Dragon Ball Heroes trailer. Did he also appear in any of the two Dragon Ball Heroes manga?


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