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12:08 AM
BTW I see that you tried to notify at least some of the users mentioned in your meta post - I'll certainly give you that. (I see that you use "chat-invite" to contact users - as previously discussed here.)
@amWhy The question is now deleted. But since both this question and related post on meta generated some discussion, I'll leave it up to you whether to remove the stars or to keep it on the starboard - in order to "keep an ey" on the question.
12:31 AM
@amWhy yes
@amWhy and yes
7 hours ago, by Simply Beautiful Art
@amWhy I'll wait until tomorrow
I personally try not to rush the process too much @MichaelHardy
@SimplyBeautifulArt I know that. I'm not in any rush. So I don't understand the link/repost of your comment.
@amWhy It replies to MH.
@SimplyBeautifulArt Oh please.
@MichaelHardy "closing and reopening questions on m.s.e. is ... often by excessive haste and inattentiveness in closing"
I simply wanted to show that we take our time as we see fit
@SimplyBeautifulArt Ummm... Don't act like you've held the "high ground," always having waited at least 24 hours before voting to delete.... And there's nothing less "high ground" when close votes occur in the same day. Anyway, I don't get your attempts to differentiate yourself from those who shall be named/were named in the latest of the sickening meta posts that MH compulsively
posts on meta.
12:42 AM
@amWhy I don't. MH simply stated that (presumably) "we" close and delete things fairly fast. I simply wanted to return that with a show that "we" only close and delete as we see fit, and sometimes this is not with any large amount of haste. I'm not trying to separate myself from anyone in here, I'm sure we've all had our fair share of turn downs and non-immediate votes.
Not to mention not all of our votes are placed on new posts either. Indeed, many of our deletions are on "old" content (older than about a month I'd place as "old")
@amWhy Of course, you are open to disagreeing with my statements
@amWhy (Btw, its gone now)
Heyo! I've visited meta for 30 consecutive days now :D
Q: How to ask a good question.

Willie WongHow to ask a good question. This thread has advice on the following aspects of writing a good question on this site. Each item in this list links to an answer below about that specific aspect of question writing. Provide context Choose a good title Formatting and writing Tag your question corr...

^ Was edited some time this year. A minor one, changed "How to ask a good question?" to "How to ask a good question."
Personally, I don't like the period, but its a minor edit
1:03 AM
This question was marked as spam or rude or abusive and is therefore not shown - you can see the revision history for details.
^ I wonder caused that
Well, as mentioned in this room quite recently, this usually happens as a result of rude/abusive flags. (So either the post go enough rude flags, or it got at least some and a moderator who handled the flag agreed. And very probably mods can do this even without flags.)
It least this is what I'd say based on my past experience with spam flags and rude/abusive flags.
@MartinSleziak Ah, okay
@MartinSleziak Yes, but I did not realize that a few flags will trigger this upon deletion. I had thought the deletion must be caused by flags, which was not the case
No, flags do not trigger this upon deletion.
The post in question either got enough rude/abusive flags - which seems unlikely.
More likely explanation is that it got at least one rude/abusive flag and the moderator who handled the flag marked the flag as helpful.
1:15 AM
Mmm, okay
"amWhy" wrote this comment: "All one needs is to know how many of your posts, in the past six months alone, have been deleted on meta." The reason for that is I have posted on forbidden topic. The solution to this problem is for those who are in the habit of closing postings to main to realize they are not doing it well and there are specific things they can do about it.
My posting on meta was politely and guardedly phrased and on topic, although it to not omit to hint that I was offended by some things that have happened here.
I wish to know this: Do people who post here think that postings to "main" should be flagged as giving insufficient context or details ONLY because they are very short and on an elementary topic such as arithmetic, despite showing crystal-clear evidence of effort and understanding, and explicitness about the point on which the poster got stuck?
@MichaelHardy Nah, more like you've posted repeatedly on what is more or less the same issue. People don't like to see what comes down to more or less the same from you.
@MartinSleziak : The reason is that my "meta" posting was not just on that one question. My "meta" posting's point was mainly that closing of questions is generally done badly. I was explicit about what was done badly in that case.
@MichaelHardy No, we often flag some questions on more advanced topics as well. And there is no crystal-clear line. Indeed, we don't always agree on every post that comes in here for closure should be closed.
Why not make it an explicit policy: It is forbidden to post to "meta" anything that says that closing of "main" questions is generally done badly, or saying which things are bad in that process?
1:29 AM
@MichaelHardy I guess this is reply to my comment here ("One thing I find strange about ..."). It might be useful to learn to use reply feature in chat correctly - so that people know what you are actually replying to and are able to follow the discussion.
4 hours ago, by Simply Beautiful Art
If its the answer, that's a tough call...
@MichaelHardy Each person's perspective is different in here
I regret that a comment here may have been vulnerable to an interpretation that says I am "amWhy's" instructor. My actual point was that, just as an instructor who gives you an "F" is not being disrespectful, so also telling "amWhy" that she does what she does badly is not disrespectful. And this refers to her closing of questions, not to anything else she does.
@MichaelHardy Because policies don't get passed just because one person is causing a nuisance to others. Policies get passed when lots of people are causing a nuisance to others.
@MichaelHardy Everyone has the right to see things their own way; I do not think @amWhy or anyone should worry about how other's judge his/her ways of doing what he/she believes is right
And that includes you
Perhaps I do not agree with what you do, but you still have the right to ignore our judgements and do what you believe is right I guess
It is definitely not forbidden to criticize closures/deletions. Many such posts have been well received. For example, this question (mentioned recently by Jack) currently has score over +100: Are we too trigger-happy about deleting (relatively) new posts?
Unless the mods come down on you with a judgement hammer, which is a different story
Anyways, good night everyone
1:42 AM
@MartinSleziak : I know that it is NOT forbidden to criticize PARTICULAR closings or deletions. It is forbidden to say that IN GENERAL closing and deletion is badly done. It is a fact, and it is forbidden to say it on "meta". But those who forbid it have never said that they forbid it.
It seems that we have rather different definition of forbidden. If a post is downvoted, that's a sign of disagreement, it does not mean that posting the question (or talking about that particular topic) is forbidden.
Basically, when any of those who habitually vote to close questions see a posting that is very short and on a very elementary topic, they vote to close it by knee-jerk reflex, and are altogether lacking in nuance.
@MartinSleziak : Deletion of "meta" postings merely because they say that deletion of "main" postings is generally badly done does mean it is forbidden. Disagreement does not mean it is forbidden.
I will urge Stackexchange to send a letter of apology to "Moosedog", who has been subjected to bullying.
Well it is a bit simplistic to claim that your questions were deleted simply because you criticized specific user or specific behavior. But I cannot read minds of people who voted to delete your questions, so I can't say what exactly was the reason they decided to do so.
Maybe the most recent case where the post was explicitly marked as rude/abusive might be considered as a different case, but in general reasons for deletion are not explicitly displayed - as opposed to closing, where one has to choose close reason.
@MichaelHardy Still, maybe I'll add to the above that I did not vote to delete your questions. (At least I do not remember such a case.) Personally, I'd prefer most of them to stay - so that a record of past discussions is publicly visible. But I can see that some users might consider them as leading to more drama/controversy/arguments (whatever is the right word to choose here).
2:15 AM
I named "amWhy" and "Did" as two people who perform this task badly, and it seems they were offended. Most of the posting was devoted to explaining why a particular question on "main" should not have been deleted. I was very careful to be polite and just lay out facts. Yet it was deleted as rude, abusive, or spam. This is a forbidden topic.
@MichaelHardy Well, if a post is marked as rude/abusive this means that either it got six rude/abusive flags or that it was intervention by a moderator. Neither of those two possibilities seems to me as something to take lightly and to shrug it of as "one user got offended" or "some people do not like this topic".
Not to mention this is not the first post you made on meta which was marked as rude/abusive.
2:50 AM
@MartinSleziak : I certainly don't take it lightly. I wrote to stackexchange about it. And it is why I am confident that this is a forbidden topic.
8 hours later…
10:21 AM
I have a question. Is there anyone?
in Mathematics, 2 mins ago, by MathematicsAminPhysics
Questions about learning math are off-tpoic?
11:32 AM
@DanielFischer Please answer to my question: Questions about learning math are off-tpoic?
Not necessarily, but they are not unlikely to be off topic. Some such questions would be on topic at Mathematics Educators.
@DanielFischer Thanks for your respond. Please see my post: math.stackexchange.com/questions/2410749/… . I have asked a question about learning math. Why is it off-topic?
I can show you many similar posts that have not been considered off-topic.
11:57 AM
It got a variety of reasons for the close votes. The ones I find fit best are "too broad" and "primarily opinion based". But whatever. Anyway, even if we come to the conclusion the question is not off topic here (I'm not sure about whether it is), I'd say that Mathematics Educators is a much better fit for that question.
@DanielFischer Thanks for your answer. I hope this post is opened soon.
Does anybody know why writings that are dispassionate and logically reasoned and go to lengths to avoid expression of emotion are described as a "rampage" here in this chatroom. @amWhy
12:48 PM
@MichaelHardy, Hi, Are you here?
1:04 PM
@Royi : For the moment I'm here; maybe not for long.
Maybe you can assist me.
I was banned from editing and I don't know why.
@Royi Since a moderator told you in another room they are looking into it, maybe you could be a bit patient.
In the meantime you can have a look at suggested-edit-bans tag-info and the questions tagged ; perhaps you'll find the information you want.
Yep. No problem.
Well, I don't get the 7 days thing. Just saying temporary banned.
1:32 PM
Why has my post been heavily downvoted and considered off-topic?
@MathematicsAminPhysics I see that you have posted an announcement for your new chatroom in a huge number of other rooms. Please don't do that. It's okay to announce it in the main chat room, but don't spam announcements in rooms with a defined narrow topic.
@DanielFischer Ok. I did not know the rule (although I think that my announcement is suitable for all rooms).
@MathematicsAminPhysics If there's something going on in your room that's pertinent to the topic of a room, it can make sense to mention yours there. But without a concrete connection, posting the announcement everywhere is just noise.
@DanielFischer I see.
1:51 PM
It seems that I should ask the reasons (if any) on the Meta.
4:20 PM
@amWhy: I think this question is not that bad. It's just a pity that the asker didn't follow my advice to add a diagram. But if you look at the diagram in the first answer, it shows the same as how I'd interpret the question. The answer is intriguing and non-trivial in general, and my comments give an idea of an elementary proof.
@amWhy @Did @SimplyBeautifulArt: But this and this and this are plain PSQs that deserve to be deleted.
@user21820 the first two of your links are now deleted, and the third PSQ you link to needs only one more delete vote.
Thanks! =)
@Jack This should not be deleted but rather migrated to Mathematica SE, where it is on-topic there. I'm unstarring your message. Unfortunately, you can't undo delete votes.
4:46 PM
I assume you know this, but it might be good to remind in connection with this that questions older that 60 days cannot be migrated. Meta.SE: Disable migration for questions older than 60 days.
Vote to delete:
Q: Evaluate the integral: $\int\ x\ 2^{x^2}\ dx$

Sunny$\int\ x\ 2^{x^2}\ dx$ using this formula: $\int a^x\ dx =\frac{a^x}{ln(a)}$ I have calculated the answer is $\frac{x^2\ 2^{x^2}}{x^2\ ln\ 2}+C$

Q: What does $2\cos^2(\theta)−1$ equal to in radians?

Sunny$$2\cos^2(\theta)−1$$ How would I go about simplifying an expression like this?

@Jack The first of your links, and the last, are now gone. The middle question now has two delete votes.
5:10 PM
@Did the meta post on which we both voted to close, (today's version), is up for deletion.
3 hours later…
8:19 PM
@SimplyBeautifulArt you seem to equivacate in your comments, and also in your action. If you're trying to be liked by all, please know that doing so is not a demonstration of "moderator skills", far from it. Any moderator worth their salt takes a stand. Fairness, surely, is an asset. But "fairness" is not equivalent to "pandering to".
@amWhy To what are you replying to there? If you meant MH's newest post, I simply wished it to be deleted.
@SimplyBeautifulArt That's fine (no problem whatsoever) in voting to delete the latest episode of MH drama.
8:49 PM
Alert: Note Jack's pinned note, posted yesterday, math.stackexchange.com/q/2409866/9464. The question has been closed, and has two delete votes, and is void of any effort from the asker to improve the post. I am bringing this to the attention of those of us who prefer to wait a day after closure, before voting to delete.
@SimplyBeautifulArt That MH post is now deleted!
@amWhy :)
@amWhy Deleted
@Jack Deleted
@Jack I unpinned your post from yesterday, since it's now been deleted, thanks to SBA!
Delete this one?
Q: Exponentiation doesn't make sense

yokihaduHow does $(\frac 12)^2$ come to $(\frac 14)$ when $(\frac 12)*(\frac 12)=1$?

9:13 PM
The last link you provide, @Jack: math.stackexchange.com/q/2383854/9464, Not very clear why it should be deleted. The OP showed his/her work. It probably is a transcription error/typo in the text. But the question was asked in earnest and with context. (The other two linked questions need only one more delete vote each.)
9:25 PM
@amWhy Maybe OP was confused by some badly written texts and I'm convinced that it should be a legitimate question to ask. Vote to reopen?
@Jack Yeah... I just did. But in any case, I don't think it should be deleted.
I vote to close this one: math.stackexchange.com/q/2396661/9464. I have left a comment there. I really don't know what the question is asking.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in body: 2D collision equations with inverse y-axis by lygho on math.SE
10:21 PM
@Simply @Jack, @Did math.stackexchange.com/questions/2411560/… needs to be closed; most of this user's posts have been nothing more than problem statements.
Also, see
Q: Show that the ratio test fails for $\sum_{n=2}^\infty \frac{1}{n\ln n}$

0inigo0$$\sum_{n=2}^\infty \frac{1}{n\ln n}$$ I know that the test fails if the limit of the ratio =1 but i'm having trouble evaluating the limit of the ratio.

See also the following problem statement:
Q: Subset of A linearly independent set

0inigo0Prove true or find a counterexample to show it is false: If $ S = \{ \vec v_1 , ..., \vec v_k \} $ is a linearly independent set in $ \mathbb R^n$ , then any subset is linearly independent. I think this is true but i don't know how to prove it. Help would be appreciated.

11:26 PM
@Jack Deleted, so I'm unstarring
@Jack Not entirely sure how calculator questions should be handled, but it earned my downvote.
@Jack Deleted, so I'm unstarring
@Jack Think the last one shouldn't have been deleted? As @amWhy says, it seems good.
@amWhy the linked PSQ was heavily edited and reopened.
@SimplyBeautifulArt What edits? What reopening? What you say about the comment to which you are responding is not true at all.
Whoops, wrong one
@amWhy Anywho, I've already voted on that one
@SimplyBeautifulArt I imagine another question I've linked may have been improved. No problem.
No, it was the smoke detector

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