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1:15 AM
Hmm. Yeah, seems a reasonable stance to take.
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7:35 AM
Q: In group discussions, how should I deal with a person who frequently participates in the discussion with incoherent comments?

Karagounis ZContext: I'm a student who is in a philosophical discussion group which meets weekly and discusses readings and thoughts about a particular topic. It's hosted by an organization so I don't have control over who is in my group. The group has 4 people and a facilitator, who is also a student. We ha...

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8:30 AM
8:50 AM
i woke up this morning with a sore throat but its not covid so i still have to go into work :/
Well it's kinda nice it's not covid at least!
true, i do like having a sense of taste
I like my brain functioning ... The sense of taste is probably not bad for me to lose for a while ;)
9:28 AM
brain function is ideal but i'm pretty sure i can do my job and play league without one xd
XD Well of all covid symptoms, the brain fog is one I never ever want to encounter. ;) My hobbies do require some brain function: cross-stitch and crochet requires keeping count of the pattern, reading requires parsing the letters on paper, gaming requires a bit of tactics XD
i mean yeah, it really would suck to have brain fog. Though i'd rather make light of the situation than actually think about it
Yeah, thinking about it too much also isn't good for the brain, that's true.
Idk if i couldn't live happier with a selective lobotomy
Perhaps there are regions responsible for anxiety and overthinking. They can live without me
anxiety is an evolutionary advantage unfortunately. being concerned about a potential tiger about to eat you generally keeps you alive
and did you know that teens who suffer from anxiety are hospitalised (for any reason) at only a third of the average for their age group. typically because they're less likely to do silly things
9:43 AM
@AlexRobinson Yeah but for some people their anxiety means they're afraid of meeting said tiger on the south pole :P
an unfortunate elimination of "survival of the very fittest" means undesirable mutations are here to stay :/
Ah.... but I guess society is overcorrecting for that now then. Which is good news! All Arthur needs to do is reincarnate in say... 2000 years? :P No lobotomies needed ;)
Anxiety pushed me to higher level studies and to some degree of achievement. Still, I don't mean to live longer or have evolutionary benefits. My question was do you live happier
At the risk of perhaps being hit by a bus because you didń t check before crossing a road idk
@ArthurHv Depends on your definition of happy, I guess. If you could be happy with being blissfully unaware of everything...
Like I said, I like my brain. Even when it sometimes confronts me with stuff, I value the ability to think about said stuff and not just be blissfully unaware of it.
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12:36 PM
Blegh. Did I already mention I hate my new neighbors XD
1 hour later…
1:47 PM
@Tinkeringbell "cross-stitch and crochet requires keeping count of the pattern" - keep count by which tooth your tongue is touching instead!
What kind of maniac does that?! XD
@AlexRobinson TBF undesirable mutations were always here to stay. Evolution doesn't look for 'best', it looks for 'good enough'.
@Tinkeringbell A brain-fogged one! :D
Fair, brain fogged people can't be expected to behave
Ha! "Behave"?
I just figured, it'd mean you could keep count without having to mentally keep count!
I don't think it works that way.... I might run out of teeth XD
1:54 PM
Make a tally or something for every... how many teeth do humans have, anyway?
don't know, and some humans have more than others
Every 20, then.
If you have <20 teeth then I guess you just can't crochet, sorry.
There are stitch counters...
I have one like that, came as a freebie with a yarn order once. It's not my favorite though, because you need to stop doing what you're doing to press the button.
2:09 PM
Well sure if'n ya want ta get fancy, with all yer high-fallutin' high-tech gadgets an' all...
(they're more often used to count rows than stitches)
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6:56 PM
My coworkers have an irrational fear of regex. As opposed to my irrational like of regex. I'm so tempted to leave this comment:
var commaSeparated = string.Join(", ", ids);
var formatted = Regex.Replace(commaSeparated, "^((?:\\d+, )*\\d+), (\\d+)$", "$1 and $2"); // :D
Regex is... a last resort to me ;) I don't like it much, but that's also because I don't use it much so I always have to look things up and it's a bother and I get it wrong and it's buggy and...
I guess if you're rather good at it, it's a nice thing to show off :P
I'm upper-middling, I'd say. Not the best but I can parse out just about any regex, given time.
(The code above turns new int[]{1, 4, 8, 12} into the string "1, 2, 8 and 12")
I always have to look up the (?:) syntax though.
String dontbedifficult = "1, 2, 9 and 12" XD
Okay but the array is dynamic! It comes from the database.
I meant it turns it into a comma-separated string, replacing the last comma with an "and".
There must be a way to do that in a loop instead XD
7:02 PM
Well sure. But then it wouldn't be using regex!
That's the whole point!
I do everything with loops. It drives my coworker crazy XD
Exactly! Using regex its the whole point! Glad we're on the same page. :D
Actually, once I tell him "but this keeps the code readable" he acquiesces.
(More seriously, yeah, I could, but then it'd be like 10 lines of code instead of 2.)
There's very little gain in using the methods he suggests, because those often use loops in the background anyways so it's not like there's e.g. a performance gain ;)
7:04 PM
Sometimes longer code is more readable than shorter. But generally shorter is faster to read.
I don't mind writing 5 lines instead of 1, if there's no performance loss and the code is clearer.
I like easy code.
And shorter isn't faster to read if you're working in new people every other month XD
There's a sliding scale. Anyone who writes:
string myString;
    myString = "A";
    myString = "B";
instead of:
var myString = myBool ? "A" : "B";
Is getting metaphorically slapped.
I don't care if you don't understand the ternary operator. Learn it!
Hehehe okay. I must admit, the language I program in doesn't have syntax like that, so it's a bit different. But we do things like:
`x << _if mybool
>> "A"
>> "B"
But yeah. Sometimes the scale does slide the other way.
ugh I can't format code in chat.
Indent it yourself :P
7:08 PM
I'm a mod, I'm supposed to know this stuff XD
NOOOO I shall never talk to you again tonight.
snorts Okay night.
bye! :D
7:13 PM
...It occurs to me that instead of basic IDs, I can make those hyperlinks...
7:29 PM
Q: How can I avoid misunderstanding in this case?

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8:25 PM
Sadly I'll have to remove the regex then, though. There's quite a difference between "\\d+" and "<a href='[^']+'>\\d+</a>".
Especially when you factor in greediness... would need to change it to be eager, instead.
A: RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

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