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2:19 AM
@Catija The first answer rolled in on that, it looks a little iffy
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4:03 AM
Got two Reviewer badges yesterday.
Q: Is my question still too broad?

jpcooperIn Room search, housemates, setting boundaries early, I asked how to set some important boundaries early on during a moving process. The question is when. 5 hours ago, the question was voted as too broad. I've since made some refinements. Can you explain whether my question is still too broad, ...

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6:25 AM
Hello. I am new to this site and I have a question.
Are questions relating to general etiquette in different countries on-topic here?
@Sid Specific general etiquette? :D Can you give an example?
We do have an tag... you might check that out to see if your question is similar to one there... but if you want to know what the appropriate etiquette is for X in Y culture/country, that's probably fine.
@Catija as in, say I am going to Japan next month. What is the general etiquette among people there and what are the things that I should do to not earn the wrath of people? :P
@Sid That's too broad. We'd need a book to tell you, particularly considering it's Japan. We're here to address specific questions... "Do I need to bow when greeting someone in Japan"... for example.
"How do I behave in Japan as a foreigner" is too broad. :)
For example... this is on the other side of things but similar... and probably good information.
Q: How do I deal with people who can't deal with local payment customs?

gmanI live in Japan. Japan still has a very cash oriented society especially when it comes to restaurants. Often someone will visit from out of town and will expect to be able to (1) pay with a credit card and (2) pay only their portion on their card. This often ends up turning into a 10 to 20 minut...

@Catija How about, "why do I have to bow when greeting someone?" Would that veer into subjective discussion?
@Sid Nope. Explaining why a custom exists is actually not subjective... or at the very least, it's "good subjective".
> Great subjective questions inspire answers that explain “why” and “how”.
Robert Cartaino on September 29, 2010

Stack Exchange is about questions with objective, factual answers. We’ve been crystal clear about this for as long as I can remember, even back to the earliest, pre-beta days of Stack Overflow. It’s right there in the standard Stack Exchange FAQ:

What kind of questions should I not ask here?

Avoid asking questions that are subjective, argumentative, or require extended discussion. This is not a discussion board, this is a place for questions that can be answered!

Thus, questions that are not answerable — discussions, debates, opinions — should be closed as subjective. It seems simple enough: Fact good; opinion and discussion bad. But why? …

Anyway, I'm going to bed but go ahead and start with one question, see how it goes... and if you need more help, feel free to ask here or on Meta. We have a bunch of Europeans who will likely be coming online pretty soon and can help. I'll be back in about 8 hours. :D
6:38 AM
@Catija Okay. Thanks for your help! Good night.
6:51 AM
what is this
@Catija hi, I’m the European. Good night @Catija
Q: Why do men rise when a woman leaves the room?

SidI once read that in Canada, it is considered polite for men to rise when a woman leaves a room and men normally offer their hands to women. My question is, why is this tradition considered to be polite and what is its origin?

@Sid Looks good :)
@ooolb A chatroom ;)
That's a bit broad, what do you want to know?
@Tinkeringbell I didn't know that you've seen Sid's real pic. :P
7:04 AM
@AJ He he.
@Tinkeringbell Is the question too broad?
@AJ I saw the username ;) Hadn't even noticed yet that the pics were different ;)
@Sid @ooolb asked 'what is this'.... that's a bit broad ;) This is a chatroom, but they probably already figured that out, so I'd like to know what they want to know :)
@Tinkeringbell Neither had I. I probably never changed that old avatar from other SE profiles...
7:32 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan ooh. Interesting.
7:44 AM
Q: How to tactfully give someone a chance to leave without compromising the conversation

JesseAt social events I have found I am some-what guilty of getting into in depth discussions that may occasionally drag the other person/s away from the main group. Most of the time this is fine, based off reactions of being asked to meet up after, get in contact, thanked for the chat I am fairly con...

8:03 AM
@Tinkeringbell question closed for being too-broad
hate it when that happens
what can I say i'm a sweepingly deep
8:43 AM
@ooolb a sweepingly deep what? :P
@Tinkeringbell not broad but deep
'What is this' isn't broad but deep? Now I'm confused
Or are we going to do philosophy, I can do that :D
If something is too broad, does it become too deep if you tilt your head?
@JarkoDubbeldam depends on whether your more the the left or to the right, and the direction you tilt your head in I guess...
It can also mean it'll get shallow, but very high
9:21 AM
Clearly they are both too broad and too deep, causing the volume of the conversation to be too immense for stack to handle
This conversation has become entirely too philosophical...
@Mithrandir If something is too philosophical, does it become too sophiphilical if you tilt your head?
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10:48 AM
Morning @RoryAlsop
good morning!
How's things?
@AJ you used to wish afternoon to Dizzle at this time... Badal Gaye aap.. ;)
@AJ trying to relax today - have given talks across 3 countries this week but my email backlog is manic and the list of actions I have before end of day is huge :-(
@NogShine Not exactly.
@RoryAlsop Did you do it on Skype etc or visit those countries?
10:53 AM
@AJ visited - so yesterday was an 0500 start to get to Amsterdam, have meetings, give my talk, and home by 0130 this morning
At least my event in Ireland was a bit easier on the travel
@RoryAlsop Tiring of course, but must've been nice. Wasn't it? ;-) or is it a regular thing?
@AJ was very good. I do a lot of speaking engagements but this time of year just fills up
In the last 7 weeks, 6 countries...
But you get to meet a lot of interesting people and learn from them as well
@AJ How's things with you?
Nice. Busy. Gotta come to office on Saturday.
11:03 AM
less good :-(
Q: How to deal with someone secretly taking pictures of you

Tim HallyburtonAs the title says: How should you react if you notice someone taking pictures of you without your consent? Background: It happened to me yesterday on the bus that a woman, of about my age, sat across to me. At one point her cell phone flash light turned up for a split second which caught my at...

@RoryAlsop I will be paid extra for that, so it's not that bad. However, we have to deliver a project before holidays start.
11:17 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Step 1. Grab the phone Step 2. Smash it. (Don't do this.)
step 3: #metoo :P
So are you saying you will smash the phone?
@HenryWHHackv2.1 or take the phone and format it.
Nothing more hurtful than losing data and contact number of girlfriend. ;)
@HenryWHHackv2.1 No, I just added another step to the joke ;) I liked it :D
I left a comment. I'm wondering whether the light might just have been the message light, a notification that you have a new message
nobody laughed at my joke.
11:25 AM
Which one?
@AJ Sorry sir! Formatting is a funny solution as well ;)
just see my last message to you.
@Tinkeringbell lol
@AJ How about do the format via hacking (This is black hat.) Also nobody has time to hack someone just to format there data because of some pictures. We at Interpersonal Stack Exchange don't support the use of black hat hacking this is illegal and should not be encouraged.
I am %100 it's Black Hat.
BTW: Hacking is not like in the movies.
@HenryWHHackv2.1 Nope, it's ten times easier sometimes ;)
Yes sometimes but not always, It depends.
11:45 AM
Q: How to respond to questions that makes one uncomfortable?

AndroidMe24 female,India A few days before, I get this message from one of my school friend in facebook after a long long time.Back in school we were not that great friends or anything just that used to talk at times. And while chatting he asked for my number. Since he was my classmate(I do regard him a...

@ExtrovertedMainMan ugh
@Mithrandir Leaving open for a while now.
@AJ Why?
Not as Too Broad.
11:55 AM
@AJ You don't think it's too broad? (I'm sorry, I'm a bit tired today, I need whole sentences)
12:13 PM
@HenryWHHackv2.1 it is EXACTLY like some movies
And Mr Robot has it pretty much spot on
@RoryAlsop keyword being some
@JarkoDubbeldam yup. The Matrix - pretty accurate. Hackers - not so much. Swordfish - we wish :-)
The Matrix had some nmap in it.
@HenryWHHackv2.1 yup
and it actually looked like it was scanning something correctly
12:21 PM
Maybe there used a real SSH server.
[Chat Session Closed by]: HenryWHHackv2.1 | reason: This chat session has been closed because it is off topic.
but but but
hut hut hut
but what?
hut not
12:31 PM
Q: How to keep in touch with an old acquaintance without letting it get too close?

user10088I am an adult male living in Europe. Recently I have been contacted by a person I hadn't seen for more than ten years. We used to be colleagues and share a strong interest for our common profession and a few hobbies. Beyond that we used to have what at that time I could have described as a frien...

@ExtrovertedMainMan Is there something wrong with this one?
Morning! @Catija
Hmm, I'm not sure about that one
@Mithrandir I was/and still am on the fence on that one too
12:45 PM
I see that this question is on the verge of being closed as too broad. However, I couldn't sit by and not say something about this. Sometimes the person asking the questions takes priority over cold and dry site regulations. — Snow 44 mins ago
I think that someone needs to respond to that, but I don't have the time to do it myself right now.
12:56 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan one more VTC needed
Quick, before it goes HNQ! :P
@Mithrandir Which Q?
@MisterPositive click the arrow, it links back
@HenryWHHackv2.1 You can do as much off-topic chatter in here as you like, we're not that strict ;) But if we're very busy discussing scope/a post, don't butt in asking about the weather please ;)
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/7832/… does the edit here mean it now has a goal?
1:06 PM
Q: Reply to a Friend who Insults in Public

Mrigank PawagiI have a friend who often insults me in public, by saying that I am his daughter (though I am boy). I really get humiliated since this has 2 meaning: He thinks he is my father, or more superior to me I am a girl He uses the same thing to insult me really often in public, and make others laugh...

Then I think the question should be edited to make it a genuine goal, but yeah...
@ExtrovertedMainMan That actually sounds like high-school bullying to me.
@Catija 'fternoon
1:12 PM
@Catija How is Ben?
Eating grapes and Kix.
@Catija Nice! And Andy?
Good. Bennett got up early and it's a "snow" day... so we're hanging out and listening to (mostly) secular Christmas music.
Good. And you?
Pandora is in control.
Tired but good.
1:16 PM
Do we get snow in Texas? I always thought it a hot place.
What about you?
@AJ It's very rare, particularly in December. Everyone is going a bit over the top.
@Catija All good. Just finished up today's task and updating the status. Gonna leave office in 10-15 minutes.
@Catija Oh.
@Catija Looks chilly.
we got a tiny bit of snow today as well :)
1:20 PM
We do never.
You know it's rare because anywhere it was common they wouldn't shut school for the day.
Too much fog, yes, but the snow, never.
we didn't have much of it last year
@Catija Oh
@Catija They declare holiday for children under 12 if it's any chillier.
1:22 PM
define too chilly
I remember 6-7 years ago, my brother got 21 days winter vacation instead of 10 due to chilly weather.
Adjective: chilly (comparative chillier, superlative chilliest)
  1. Cold enough to cause shivering; or suddenly feeling cold
  2. I'm getting rather chilly over here - could you shut the window please?
  3. Unfriendly or distant and cool
  4. She gave me a chilly look when I suggested it
@Tinkeringbell How can I reply him aggressively so that he stops this? I think that's exactly what OP wanted. interpersonal.stackexchange.com/q/7843/345
I think we pushed away the new OP out of IPS.
seems so.
Even deleted their account.
Maybe someone destroyed it.
1:30 PM
@NVZ that question seemed like a case of bullying and the OP would be better off discussing that with teachers/parents rather than with a bunch of internet strangers.
@AJ too broad. Chilliness is highly dependent on culture (and climate).
@JarkoDubbeldam Chilliness is a state of mind. :P
It's a way of life
@NVZ that sort of reminds me of one of my country's politicians. :P
1:43 PM
@peufeu the message, i like. again, the wording could have been better. interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/7837/345
@NVZ Hmhmmm.... I was just trying to get clear whether the OP was aware of the consequences such behavior might have, and if that really was their goal. Do they want an aggressive response so that the behaviour stops but they can continue the friendship? Or is everything allowed, including physical violence?
@NVZ I'm sorry they took it so bad,
@Tinkeringbell donno about that. i was more pointing to our need to be more welcoming to newbies.
It was never my intent to scare someone away, but answers to that question as it was would not have beeninviting explaining why or how...
not every user gets their first question perfect.
@NVZ I know, that's why I leave comments asking questions
1:45 PM
i have posted a series of "meh" posts before i understood the real standards for elu.
@Tinkeringbell the post says it was removed for moderation purposes and not by the OP
@NVZ Like I said, I know. My first post wasn't perfect either. I got comments, answered them and the post got better.
@Sid I don't know why such things happen, I'm new here too ;)
@Tinkeringbell its okay. not your fault. i didnt mean to imply that.
First time I'm seeing the Community user delete something that isn't spam
@NVZ Glad to hear that. But now you've got me curious, any concrete things that you think need improving?
@Sid how do you know?
1:48 PM
@Tinkeringbell Whoa you have 3 answers with scores over 100! Either you write too well or HNQ loves IPS.
Or both, of course
Both :P
@Sid It's the HNQ effect... I pick my questions carefully ;)
@NVZ I have special powers. :P
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/7832/… I'm still not really seeing a goal here, and the answers are all over the place..
(Just click on that question link, it shows that the question was removed for reasons of moderation. @NVZ)
1:50 PM
@Tinkeringbell when a user is deleted, Community♦ automatically deletes all negative scoring posts.
@Mithrandir Yes.
When a user is destroyed, Community♦ deletes all posts by that user.
@Sid Ah, but I can see deleted posts so I can't see that error message ;)
@Mithrandir What's the difference between destroyed and deleted?
1:52 PM
Anyone else think this is problematic:
@Sid ah, just checked in an incognito window. i see. it must have been deleted as part of their account deletion. i think point 11 under "by the system" applies here. The system will automatically delete any question (and its answers) or answer with a negative score when its owner’s account is deleted. meta.stackexchange.com/a/5222
> So how should I have responded to these kind of questions? I think it was inappropriate of him to ask me things like that, but I still kept mum. Should I have told him just that or was ignoring the right thing to do?
@Catija was the user account self-deleted? do we know?
@NVZ I assume... they didn't do anything that would cause them to be removed otherwise.
how's your day, all?
1:55 PM
He really needs to cool down. Another rude post.
it's raining here in dubai. rare thing.
mini rain.
not a full rain.
@AJ who?
@Tinkeringbell Where? There's no link to that?
Peufeu @NVZ
1:57 PM
@Sid "deleted" can be by self. "destroyed" may be purely by the moderation team. i think.
@Catija This question... I'm wondering why it isn't closed yet: interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/7832/…
I might edit it, but that's a part that has answers ranging all over the place..
@AJ What happened to the rep there? I thought they had like 4k or something?
@Tinkeringbell is mod-hammering not a thing here, yet?
@Sid Sure, but we also need to build a community, and you don't really do that if mods hammer everything
@Sid plus, too new to have gold badges
Oh, come on. You have got to stop the way you write answers. It's become a burden for others to "edit" out the rude portions. — NVZ Dec 5 at 8:34
1:59 PM
A mod should be a human exception handler ;) So, only use them when the community doesn't work ;)
@Tinkeringbell Genius.
@Tinkeringbell Rep is still there.
@Sid Oh, I mod hammer new stuff that's obviously lacking if I can catch it within the first five minutes or so.
@NVZ They are suspended atm.
Q: How to respond to questions that makes one uncomfortable?

AndroidMeI am a 24 year old Indian girl. A few days before, I get this message from one of my school friend in Facebook after a long long time. Back in school we were not that good friends or anything just that we used to talk at times. And while chatting he asked for my number. Since he was my classma...

2:01 PM
@Tinkeringbell suspension puts rep at 1
So, help me understand from an IPS perspective what makes this question bad?
@MisterPositive Well, to me, it's this part:
> So how should I have responded to these kind of questions? I think it was inappropriate of him to ask me things like that, but I still kept mum. Should I have told him just that or was ignoring the right thing to do?
There's no goal... So, what should my proposed solution focus on?
@Tinkeringbell i read minds, lol. OP wants to end the uncomfy questions, without being rude towards the asker.
@Tinkeringbell The goal is implied, at least to me, as to what is an appropriate response as to stop private questions from this individual.
@Tinkeringbell although - in early stages of growth, mod hammering is essential. Unsure as to whether IPS is still in "early"category :-)
2:03 PM
@NVZ I implied the same.
@NVZ I don't see the 'without being rude'
@Tinkeringbell implied. ( at least to me )
Also, would they like to keep conversing with this person? would they like to call the behaviour out or ignore it?
@Tinkeringbell since this is IPS, we might be able to append this to any question
@RoryAlsop IPS is "Eleven" from Stranger Things. She's a kid, but a kid so powerful, you don't wanna make her angry.
2:04 PM
Like, should I focus on providing the OP with ways to change the topic? Or with ways to politely tell the person that they are asking very private questions? Should I provide them with a way to assert the boundary that they're not going to tell?
@NVZ spoilers ;( I didn't know she was a kid yet
@JarkoDubbeldam This is my biggest issue with putting more of my attention here. Its not clear to me what is and isn't an on topic question. Lot's of my least favorite color, grey....
This one IMHO is way to broad with no clear goal
@JarkoDubbeldam you call that a spoiler? :P
It's the 'Should I have told him his questions make him uncomfortable, or just kept on ignoring it' part that makes this really difficult to answer, probably POB at the least too broad. The OP needs to make that decision so I can focus my answer, not me
@NVZ I like that :-)
2:06 PM
@Tinkeringbell you can choose the best option and suggest how to do that.
@Tinkeringbell So should we comment on that or VTC the question. I think ( again IMHO ) we should comment on the question for those necessary dets.
@NVZ Yeah, so I'll spent an hour writing an answer solving a problem the OP doesn't want to solve. Nice waste of MY time
@MisterPositive both
(sorry for being so blunt, but I think we agreed questions should state a goal to achieve, not have us pick the best outcome for the OP)
Q: Let's close questions that don't have a goal that we can address

user288Recently, I've noticed that this site has a lot of questions where the OP gives a long description of a situation that they're in, but when all's said and done they don't tell us exactly what they're looking for help with, and what goal they want to accomplish. A good example of this is the ques...

comment so OP has the chance to edit, close to prevent answers going all over the place, reopen when edits have been put in place
2:08 PM
@Tinkeringbell Blunt is fine by me. I don't like having to read between the lines. As a fellow software developer I am a bit too literal.
@Tinkeringbell i didnt get you. if your answer is "yeah, continue ignoring them", then explain why that helps OP to stop the asker from asking uncomfy questions. if your answer is something else to reach the same goal, just explain that. i dont see where the "too broad" or "pob" applies here.
@Tinkeringbell the goal is to stop being asked uncomfy questions by the asker.
@NVZ Okay, if it's that clear for you, might I invite you to make a significant edit to that post, in such a way that answers won't be roaming all over the place?
@Tinkeringbell i hope by now you know how i roll. i just throw out ideas here and there. i dont actually want to bell the cat. lol
Are we going to help the OP call the guy out, or are we just going to say 'suck up what happened and ignore him from now on'?
The problem with 'how should I respond' is that it's TOO broad. Shoot him up would be a 'valid' answer here
Yes, I get that they want the uncomfortable questions to stop. But do they want to keep the contact/conversation, call the guy out in the hope that he will stop so they can talk about other stuff? Or are they indeed just here to hear us tell them that ignoring the guy was the best thing to do, because the guy was an asshole?
i think i have met my quota today for creating chaos for tinkeringbell. hehe
2:14 PM
@NVZ there's a quota? I haven't fulfilled my quota!
That last one we're getting more and more lately, where the OP just wants somebody to confirm that what they did was right. That's not good, it would need us making a judgment on a party that didn't have a chance to defend themselves.... :/
@RoryAlsop Well, have at it, I'm on a roll now....
@Tinkeringbell agreed
@RoryAlsop my next is @catija. i dont get to see her more often enough to annoy the heck out of her. :P
@Tinkeringbell nah - I really try to smooth chaos
@NVZ she'll be immune. Or maybe modhamma ya'll!!
@RoryAlsop interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/7832/… Take a look at it then please... :) And try to smooth it out :P
2:18 PM
i'm rewatching stranger things season 2. the kids are great. i wish i had such an adventurous childhood, filled with science and fiction.
and "eleven" is awesome. played by millie bobby brown.
@NVZ spoilers ;( now I know they'll have an adventure
Here I was hoping they'd sit down and play more D&D for a season
@NVZ am halfway through series 2
@Tinkeringbell I think you have left the best comment, and @catija has given the guidance required
no chaos - just waiting for next step from the OP
@RoryAlsop yeah, its nice.
@JarkoDubbeldam or do they? :P
2:20 PM
@RoryAlsop Hey, that wasn't there when I last looked...
@NVZ noooooooooooo! :( :( :(
Don't go spoiling it for @JarkoDubbeldam, mister @NVZ
I think movies has a spoiler room if you really want to chat about such things... Don't make me put this room in timeout! :P
@Tinkeringbell lol. you dont get the joke. it wasnt a spolier.
@NVZ was so
stranger things is a scifi 80s themed series. its just the show's description.
2:22 PM
This movie doesn't have a...plot, too, does it? :o
(Hi everyone! :-D )
Good morning @TheTinyMan
@Tinkeringbell Heya! How're things?
@NVZ Spoilers ;( Now I know it is about stranger things
@TheTinyMan things exist. somehow they do.
@JarkoDubbeldam heyy.. stranger things have happened than me quoting its description. :P
@NVZ Are there...visuals and everything? :o :o
2:24 PM
@TheTinyMan Currently at work, counting down minutes till I can go home. I'd like to try and leave here in a minute or 20 :P
@TheTinyMan graphics suck
although maybe I should put on my glasses again
@TheTinyMan visuals? i am a visual thinker, if that counts.
time for me to disappear.
@Tinkeringbell No more late meetings today? You've been doing a few of those lately!
@TheTinyMan Huh? I had one last week, and one this week... Not that much, if you ask me. Then of course, there's always the drinks on Fridays, but those are completely voluntary and fun :D
@Tinkeringbell Haha, but you're going home this Friday? xD But yeah, a late meeting a month is way too many for me! ;-)
2:32 PM
@TheTinyMan Yeah, this Friday I'm at another office (client) we had a sprint review... There aren't any drinks organised here. And if they are, we have to pay for drinks. Not so much of a problem either, except that they only serve biological, environmental friendly vegan things here, that are way overpriced
@Tinkeringbell none of that sounds like my definition of a good drink
I'm kind of struggling to picture what she just described in a drink to be honest...how is that practically different from other drinks I wonder?
@TheTinyMan I like red bull and vodka - not very eco friendly :-)
@RoryAlsop vodka is not very health-friendly either
@RoryAlsop I guess most of what I drink is really fruity...but often with vodka in it I think. :-p Is vodka environmentally unfriendly? It seems like it could be made in such a way.
2:38 PM
@RoryAlsop Nope, that's why I'll be going home soon to enjoy dinner with the family :D
@TheTinyMan And there's definitely a difference price-wise, the more labels a drink has the more expensive it gets!
@Tinkeringbell D:
paying for friday drinks
I can get a bottle of pretty good wine for 8 euro's .... I can get maybe 2 small glasses of a mediocre one at that bar
They moved drinks here from 4 to 5pm, while I usually leave at 4:30.
@Tinkeringbell That's absolutely true :-p
@JarkoDubbeldam I know, scandalous :P .... Not at our own companies office though, so 2 weeks out of 3 I'm enjoying myself :D
@JarkoDubbeldam They did that here too, from 4.15 to 5... I'm staying though :P
If I have the drinks, I'll be home late anyways :)
2:41 PM
I don't think I will stay often
defo not today
since I have a surprise party to get to
@JarkoDubbeldam ssssh! Don't ruin the surprise :)
@JarkoDubbeldam Are you going to be surprised by the party? xD
I doubt they'd be here lol
We'll be celebrating Sinterklaas tonight, since the 5th of December didn't work for any of us :)
@Tinkeringbell what is Sinterklaas?
2:43 PM
@Sid The European (Dutch actually) counterpart of Santa Claus
@TheTinyMan Well, we almost confused the date with last friday, so we could've blown the surprise
Sinterklaas (Dutch pronunciation: [sɪntər'klaːs]) or Sint-Nicolaas (Dutch pronunciation: [sɪnt 'nikolaːs] ( listen)) is a legendary figure based on Saint Nicholas, patron saint of children. Other names for the figure include De Sint ("The Saint"), De Goede Sint ("The Good Saint"), and De Goedheiligman ("The Good Holy Man") in Dutch; Saint Nicolas in French; Sinteklaas in West Frisian; Sinterklaos in Limburgs; and Kleeschen and Zinniklos in Luxembourgish. The feast of Sinterklaas celebrates the name day of Saint Nicholas on 6 December. The feast is celebrated annually with the giving of gifts on...
@Tinkeringbell SO, you give gifts to kids on that day?
@Sid Yes... But it's also a thing families with older kids sometimes celebrate. Then, it's about wrapping up your gift in a creative way, called a 'surprise' and writing a funny poem to go with it.
Like this:
(But I'll be leaving, I want to get home on time) ;)
Bye! (I'll send a pic later tonight, if I remember to take one ;) )
@Tinkeringbell Oh, that's cool...my mom always liked to write really bad poetry in every card she attached to a Christmas present.
Have fun!
3:20 PM
Morning all
Hi ;) @NVZ Rumors of my deletion have been greatly exaggerated
So, what's new and exciting?
@peufeu eh, how so?
@peufeu you were/are suspended, not deleted.
@apaul babies. they're always new and exciting. ;)
@NVZ Babies are a gigantic pain
3:25 PM
@NVZ someone had a baby?
@peufeu Still being crass?
Ha! I love McKellen. Crass? Hm, by local standards I was quite tame...
@peufeu I'll take that as a "yes"
Come on, don't be so judgmental ;)
@Sid they're trials and tribulations, and blessing in disguise.
@peufeu I've talked to you enough to know that you're capable of making your point without being crass though.
3:34 PM
I'm afraid of Americans/I'm afraid of the world/I'm afraid I can't help it/I'm afraid I can't
@NVZ booga booga booga
@NVZ afraid?
@apaul it's a David Bowie song.
@NVZ Links or it didn't happen
@apaul Of course, but I do tend to think that people are adults and this place isn't a daycare/safe space...
@peufeu adults don't always have to be snarky and condescending to each other, yanno.
3:40 PM
@peufeu actually not all of our users are adults.
@peufeu consider this like a workplace. actually that is part of SE culture. assume all visitors are here from their workplace. talk to each other as professionally as one can.
also, some are kids. some are grownups, but like kids on the inside, like myself.
@apaul how do you define adults? 18+? Or those who have a job?
@Sid an adult is one who doesnt ask that. :P
i kid.
@peufeu Like I know how much you enjoy rattling cages and pissing people off, but if you really want to have an impact it helps to make your point in a way that doesn't get deleted.
@apaul yep
3:44 PM
Users can be as young as 13 on SE. @Sid
i think i attempted an analogy or point to that extent.
Imagine teaching a subject. What would be more effective? Shouting about it? Or kindly explaining it? Imagine inviting a guest over for lunch. What would be better? Telling them to "come and eat from my place, you parasites"? No!. — NVZ Dec 5 at 10:55
@NVZ pretty much, yeah. I would define an adult as one is mature and independent enough to think about and solve their own problems instead of appealing to whatever authority is on hand at the slightest sign of unease.
@apaul True. But, you don't consider a 13 year old to be an adult
@Sid No I definitely don't.
@peufeu not that. i consider an adult to be one who acknowledges feedback from other adults and adapts to fit into whatever place they are in, rather than rattling cages, pissing off neighbours, yelling out "but i speak the truth, y'all."
3:46 PM
@Sid I've raised teenagers, they generally have a lot of growing up to do.
@apaul ...I don't know how to react to that? We tend to be that immature?
@Sid you don't have to react. be at ease with the fact that every adult went through the awkward teen-age.
@Sid I don't know you personally, so not a judgement on you, just a general life experience thing.
@Sid your 13 year old reference made me look up the PG-13 rating and... it's pretty hardcore actually.
@apaul I also meant in a general way. Teenagers tend to be that immature?
3:50 PM
@peufeu Look up the Be Nice policy instead...
@Sid "immature" is relative. to an adult, a teen is on most occasions relatively immature.
@Sid Not always, but they don't usually have the benefit of experience.
Honestly I'm curmudgeonly, but I still have a lot of growing up to do. Lots of experiences I still want to experience, lots of life I still want to live.
@apaul Apparently, you have raised teenagers. So, you are obviously grown up
@Sid One shouldn't stop growing though ;)
@apaul ...said every other adult.
3:58 PM
@NVZ Pretty much.
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