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4:03 PM
@peufeu any hope of not running through all this again in a few weeks/months?
Wait a sec, I'm trying to reread one of my answers that was deleted but I have trouble finding it
@peufeu Do you remember the question?
4:19 PM
@peufeu Go to your profile => activity tab => answers tab and click on 'deleted recent answers' if the answer is not too old
OK, found it, thanks
@apaul I think there are several things. First, my English seems good enough for you to believe that I can always make my point without being crass, but I assure you it's not. This is mostly due to the fact that I rarely get to talk in person to English speakers, so I don't get the immediate feedback one gets by reading people. Also if you heard my accent ... LOL Thus I can be rude without realizing it.
@peufeu I'm pretty sure you realize when you're rattling cages...
That'll be the second part;) Anyway, for example, the level of offensiveness of the jokes in this and this is (from my perspective) not that different... although when re-reading it, the one which was not deleted seems worse!
Second point is I'm an engineer, so I do talk like one...
4:37 PM
@peufeu he he.
@peufeu The parts about rape and hitting her probably tipped the scale there.
doesnt hit on somebody mean using a pickup line?
(dictionary check... yes) I should have used another word maybe... But who the hell would think the idea was to hit her?
@peufeu "hit on her", and "hit her" say very different things.
Yeah, I know. You did make me doubt for a second. I did write the "on" though.
@peufeu My mistake. Read it a little too quickly.
@peufeu Probably just the rape commentary then.
4:51 PM
Well, problem is what I wrote there is, you know... like, true. Which is why it's funny.
@peufeu That's bait.
hmmm, vocabulary crash, you mean like trollbait?
@peufeu You can't really act surprised when people think you're trolling when you often are, and recommend it as a problem solving technique...
@peufeu If you go around trying to provoke, don't be surprised when people are provoked and your stuff gets deleted.
Well it does work (although people can of course decide to take the bait or not). But in this case it was not trolling, rather calling out hypocrisy. For example, I just translated for you this bit from a well known french magazine...
"Three friends who like to ogle in the subway (whoever does not, throw them the first stone) have had this good idea that enchants us and created the Instagram account "...", which compiles photos of beautiful Xs spotted in the subway. The page has just launched and all entries are welcome. So if you want to send your photos of X, do not hesitate to send an email to this address: .... A good excuse to stare shamelessly, right?"
What reaction would we get with X = women, men, or puppies?
@peufeu Ya... We're gonna have this conversation again in a few months...
@peufeu Anyway, I have to drive to work. Catch you later.
5:02 PM
Sure, ping me if you want ;)
5:40 PM
For those of you that didn't know already: IT"S SNOWING!! YAAAY :D
(Oh, and it's like not melting immediately, which is the YAAAY part :D)
@Tinkeringbell Mail some to me? It's apparently snowing in bloody Texas in the US but not where I am, which is usually way colder! >.<
@TheTinyMan I'll see what I can do :P
@Tinkeringbell Yay! :-D It's cold as a politican's heart here right now but also as dry.
@Tinkeringbell it's minus 2 here - yay! but no snow - boo!
@RoryAlsop I like you! xD
6:08 PM
@peufeu un-one-boxed: youtu.be/34-vcLKlJs8
Eek... Didn't expect it to one box the worst part of that song lol
fixed that for ya @apaul
@RoryAlsop thanks
@Catija Can you mail me some too? :-D
HA HA... uh... I don't think so.
6:23 PM
It snowed in . . . Texas? I feel robbed here in the US northeast.
@HDE226868 Right!! >.<
@HDE226868 Sorry! I posted a photo earlier.
It was less than an inch, though... nothing too cool.
6:44 PM
Q: How to handle friends who never invite?

guest111I am coming from oriental culture. It's a sign of appreciation to invite friends beers, coffees etc. Currently, I am living in a France. I have lots of friends from here. I still enjoy inviting my friends but recently I realize that nobody put their hands in their pocket when we are paying, 90%...

@ExtrovertedMainMan Woo! Edited it to add a location tag! feels useful
That's...not the only problem with that question I don't think but it's one that I feel equipped to address xD
@TheTinyMan Seems that my edit interfered with yours
wnat to have another go?
Oopsie, @AnneDaunted! :-) I also saw a message saying that mine needs to be peer reviewed.
it was rejected by the community user
@AnneDaunted Oh, do I need to edit it again for the location tag edit be viable, since our edits were...I'll say 'chronological conflicts' (although the fields that were changed were dissimilar)
Oh okay
@AnneDaunted Where do I go to see what happened?
6:49 PM
I approved it but it needs a second user
if you click the post, you'll see that link to per reviewed
click that, it will show you the status of your update
@AnneDaunted Hmm, I'd not seeing the rejected edit though... am I missing something obvious here? :-)
i guess that if it was rejected it simply doesn't show up in the edit history of a post
@AnneDaunted And I'm not seeing it in the edit history on my user, either. Hm. Okay. :-)
@AnneDaunted Thanks for walking through the process with me! :-D
You are welcome!
7:04 PM
@apaul good song. catchy.
@AnneDaunted if you wish to see the rejected edit suggestions, you'll find it under user profile at interpersonal.stackexchange.com/users/…
@NVZ Thanks, that's one of my favorite bands.
@NVZ Is there a less URL-memorize-y way of getting there?
@TheTinyMan click to see where it leads. find the way then yourself manually. the link is just a shortcut i cooked up now.
@NVZ Problem-solving skills fail. :-P Now I've got it, thanks for pointing out the approach to me! :-)
@TheTinyMan so, under "activity" of your profile; go to "all actions" and then to "suggestions"
7:17 PM
@NVZ Yep. :-) I see it after following your problem-solving advice.
@TheTinyMan i said that just in case you actually didnt get my earlier point. :P
@NVZ Gotcha. :-) I feel kind of goofy that that approach wasn't immediately obvious to me, haha.
@TheTinyMan your edit suggestion was rejected because it "conflicted with a subsequent edit." which apparently refers to the edit by anne daunted; interpersonal.stackexchange.com/posts/7850/revisions
okay, i'll stop. :)
@ExtrovertedMainMan Mein Mann, are these ppl treating you well in my absence?
@NVZ Yep, as Anne suspected. So how does the Community user work? I've seen Community users accept answers and things. This one makes sense as the conflict has to be resolved and one edit is automatically accepted whereas the pending one was not, but are Community users' behaviors always so, ah, prescriptive?
@TheTinyMan a useful tool for googling any SE related queries is adding site:meta.stackexchange.com to the search terms. for example: google.com/…
it takes you to "who is the community user?"
and other things about the subject. good luck! :)
7:25 PM
Gotcha. :-) Thanks!
ask if you need assistance, further
Will do! :-)
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