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Good night IPS see you tomorrow IPS sweet dreams IPS.
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@avazula Ah I see :)
7:14 AM
Morning people :)
One of my big bosses just sent me a message related to my work and also asked me (jokingly) if I was "hiding" (since I only work from home). My anxiety was not happy with this question
I wish I could add it in my contract that: "from no on, Ael will only be working from home, regardless of the covid status" but negotiation terrify me so I will only ask that when covid will be "over" (ie: everyone is vaccinated)
7:42 AM
@Ael :(
it's pretty clear COVID is getting worse
yet people make these type of comments
I'm kind of happy to work at the office right now. Long time no see some colleagues. WFH is great but right now I needed something else. Sucks for the hiding comment tho
I would be happy to work from home, the only person i seem to talk too is my boss anyways XD
@CaldeiraG Yeah... I was shocked the other day when I learned that people had to take turn coming to the office not because of COVID but because we simply didn't have enough desks. Like, WTF are you all doing at the office right now???
and one or two people who are working together with me for project management
@Ael I wonder the same
7:59 AM
My city is on the verge on another lockdown yet my friends haven't been told to WFH. I don't get it.
Every time I have to go to the city I get stuck in huge traffic jam. What the heck is happening? We're all supposed to stay at home as much as possible ...
I get it that people are sick of self-isolation, it's not doing wonders on my health either. But huh?
8:16 AM
To me the worst are family members that just peer pressure you into cheek kissing or handshaking. I'm careful at every store and at work but it seem some people just think they won't get it because they are so special.
make me really considering cutting contact for a while. But my bf won't allow this, there are too much birthdays incoming blablabla
8:28 AM
Good morning guys
Morning Syralia!
@ArthurHv yeah, that definitely is an issue. I haven't seen my family in months because I work closely with hospitals and don't want to take any risk. On the rare occasions I visited them though, they wouldn't understand why I would stay in the distance and wear a mask. But heh, better safe than sorry.
@avazula Hello :>
@Syralia First time here? I don't recall seeing you before, but I've been sporadically present for a while. Anyways, welcome to TAS! Nice meeting you.
@Syralia Good morning :)
@avazula Only once since I created this account so it still counts as first time here. Thanks a lot!
@Ael Hello :)
8:37 AM
@Syralia You talk with lila the last time you were here, didn't you?
@Ael Thats true
8:48 AM
And how do you guys spend the corona time?
@Syralia The same way in spend the non-corona time: reading, watching TV shows and talking with (nice and friendly) strangers on the internet :D
What about you?
SOunds like a plan, I need to keep that mind :p Actually also the same way. But I am just going to turn crazy when I spend more time in home office :o
What do you read at the moment?
@Syralia A lot of books by "T. Kingfisher" but I am "in between books" right now (meaning I don't know what could interest me next :'( ). Thankfully I am watching a nice TV show so not having anything to read is less of an issue
@Ael WHat kind of books rise your interest in general? I can highly recommend permanent records by edward snowden in general
@Syralia I like SciFI and fantastic and LGBT+ love stories
9:01 AM
@Ael Did you read "A short history about nearly everything" so far?
ohh sci fi+
not science :D Sorry
Yeah, I don't read non fictional things, sorry ^^
Then I may have nothing to recommend :o
Thankfully "Goodread" exist, so I can always take a look there to see if I find something that interest me
@Ael I heard of it but never really used iut foir recommodations; unread books still stacked more and more in my shelf
@Syralia Unread book do that in my virtual goodread shelf too x) I use the "want to read" as a preselection and then I choose the "best" one in this section. But sometimes I don't really want to read any of the book that are in my "want to read" section
9:10 AM
@Ael Ahh I see! I used to trick myself to buy secondhand books because " aww they are so cheap, they won't eat bread to.. whats the matter?" :D
I miss this book club phneomena I only now from books or Tv shows
I would love to participate in one
I think my readings are too excentric for me to be able to get involved in any kind of bookclubs hehe
@avazula What was the last book you enjoyed?
I never participated in any book club. Though I would be curious to attend to one to see what it's like. But I'm expecting to be disappointed by it, so... (unless if it's a book club about "own voice" kind of book. I might actually like that)
@Syralia I can agree with Ael on this one :) gaming, tv shows and chatting
I'm rewatching Mr. Robot for the first time with a friend and I love it :)
@Ael I once participated in one online but I also lost track of it
@CaldeiraG Sounds cool! I didnt really like Mr Robot but i am very sceptical in general towards everything I watch/read ^^
9:15 AM
@Syralia it's not for every person, did you watch it all or?
@Syralia I'm currently reading Cal Newport's work, so non-fictional stuff. I really liked his book on digital minimalism, and I'm now on "Deep work". When it comes to fiction I'm a huge SciFi fan though.
@CaldeiraG Ahh no :o I think I watched.. 3 episodes or something?
@Syralia I am on several online "reading group" but none that are really up to my taste. Maybe I should try to make my own group with people who read the same kind of stuff that I do
@Syralia Fair enough
@Ael Time to call Ash ;)
9:16 AM
@Ael Did you also used to "meet" online like in a phone conference?
it gets better overtime tho but I understand it's not for everyone
but overall it's on the level of Breaking Bad, Dark, etc
@avazula Ahah, yeah. They are actually the one who made me discover one of my favorite author and book off all time (Becky Chamber, "A long way to a small, angry planet")
@CaldeiraG I dont know, I am not a series person in general. I was disappointed way to much to "waste" allo the time watching all episodes for a lame plot; a movie doesnt seem to be such a timewaste to me haha
@Syralia Nah, it's just by writting
@CaldeiraG I really enjoyed breaking bad, maybe I give it a second tryä
@Ael Meeting people changes everything ; We used to have a talk about the book we agreed on to read
9:18 AM
@Syralia Got it :p
@Syralia Great :) the series is over anyways so no more seasons are coming out
@Syralia I don't like movies. If they are good they don't last long enough. And if they are bad, they just are a waste of time ^^
@CaldeiraG How many seasons does Mr robot has?
@Ael Na I think movies do a great job for a quick enjoyment of a story
Like Your name, it sends you home with a warmed heart
@Syralia 4
@Syralia I suppose it would be nice to be able to talk who people who just read the same book you did
@CaldeiraG That seems feasable
9:21 AM
@Syralia My issue is with the "quick" part. I don't want it to be quick!
And I am not patient enough to wait for the good parts to come :p
@Syralia 45min episodes, some are a hour long but yea
@Syralia Oh, I am not really patient either. That's why I only watch/read stuff were there are good parts everywhere :D
@Syralia I usally watch one episode (or less) of a TV show, assess if I had fun and if not, I am done. I know the show just isn't for me
@Syralia XD
@CaldeiraG mhh I dont know if my attention lasts long enough :P but maybe the first season
@Ael Buuuut following the idea of a series, the story needs to be developed over the episodes
9:30 AM
@Syralia Yes, but you still have to have something interesting in each episode. So maybe the end will be the very most fun but each episode still need to be fun on there own
@Ael I agree, a good series has to be at least a little bit interesting in every episode
Hu, my stomach craves for food :o time to start cooking
@Syralia Scorsese wouldn't agree with you
Neither would I. Shows on average seem to be much morer artistic these days
@M.A.R. They may be, I dont doubt that but I just lack of of time and patiente to follow a complete,complex series until the very end
When I turn on Netflix; I want to relax so I guess something weird like Dak wouldnt serve me
Yeah, definitely don't binge watch
But I mean, I used to also think "maybe I'm not a novel person" then "maybe I'm not a TV show person" and now "maybe I'm not an origami" person.
Do or do not. Is try no there.
@M.A.R. In see your point but I am not enthusiastic enough right now to give it a try I guess
9:37 AM
Hmm, sure, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise
But next time you're feeling down when your hobbies seem mundane you can try TV shows
Life isn't all that complicated
@M.A.R. Sure, why not :P I am always open to something new but right now I think my hobbies work fine for me ^^ And if I change my mind, Netflix and more will provide everything my heart could seek for
Don't have Netflix here, but we're blessed with downloading sites :p
@M.A.R. Netflix is perfect for lazy people like me, just start the app and let the magic happen :D
I never doubt to enjoy being part of the system
9:42 AM
Anyway, next book I'll be reading A Brief History of Time \o/
@M.A.R. I loved it; can recommend it!
Speaking of reading, I gotta get some studying done o/
@Syralia :P
@M.A.R. Good luck!
@M.A.R. Whats your major study topic?
@Syralia What do you mean? My field?
9:46 AM
@M.A.R. Yes
I study pharmacy
@M.A.R. I guess then you're the worst capitalist of us all
But pretty cool topic. I once had a lecture on metalic complexes in medinical use
10:04 AM
@lila Hello!
@ArthurHv Also a hello for you
for some reason i have headset but pings go on embedded sound and are very loud
let me check this
its the chat sound
Had the same problem in my zoom meeting earlier when I texted here lol
10:10 AM
now should be fine
I think i need to amazon some books. Stores near me don't have much choice in English books and I admit I enjoy the challenge of reading in a second language
otherwise I'm more often than not tempted to skip large parts
@ArthurHv Here we have a great online shop for secondhand books, perfect to fill your shelf
2 hours later…
11:47 AM
I feel so sleepy, I want to take one of my 3h nap ><
@Ael Then go for it :3
@Syralia I'm pretty sure that the people paying me to work wouldn't like that :p
@Ael Just sell it as a creative break to increase efficiency
@Syralia I wish doing something like that would work ^^
@Ael This would be a better world :D
12:31 PM
@Ael Like a wild bird of prey, like a thief in the night you can take what you want and you don't think twice, cause the world's in your hands and you got what you want, then you won't change a thing, it's the napping time!
@lila Are those lyrics from music?
@Ael Hahahaha yes, only a little modified to be about napping, generally if it doesn't make sense or seems out of place then it's probably lyrics from music :D
@lila What music is it from?
@Ael Laura Branigan - The Lucky One
12:40 PM
In other news, someone "recently" (like 4 days ago) put a bounty on a 11 months old question on MSE and it makes me think of Necromancer trying to resurect a corps (one shouldn't do that, it usually doesn't end well)
@Ael Ah I think the quality of the outcome depends on one's personal opinion
you run into a lot more trouble trying to resurrect biologically dead cellular organisms than going back at some old discussion subject :P
@Syralia Well, in all the movies I have seen and the books I have read, the conclusion is always: "trying to resurect a corps is a bad idea. Even more if it works"
@Ael When you're the villain its the best thing you can do. You will never run out of dead people and will end in exponential growth
@Ael This would be an interesting plot twist: Hero is a necromancer and end living a peaceful life with their creations
12:44 PM
MAYBE existence is just pain and we would all be much more happy
Eg no back pain anymore
dont have to argue with people, just eat them
and why would resurected people not be vegan, for all we know ?
because you don't find friends salad
@Syralia Oh, it can also go very badly for vilains too. Mostly because then they realize that they have no control over what they created (and that the dead bodies find it really funny to try and kill them)
@ArthurHv IMO, resurected people wouldn't need to eat anything. What's the point of being dead if you still have to eat to stay alive?
that would be pretty ecological
Na eating is also just fun when things taste delicious
Dark magic would be a much more sustainable energy source than anything ever
12:49 PM
I also always wondered why superheroes dont use their powers in the great service of economy and wealth
This is way better method than just being aggressive as de-facto Kate Gregory suggests (however I can imagine that one can end up in that territory as well) — shabunc 47 secs ago
#15252 shabunc (101 rep) | A: I'm 24 with a 4-year-old son. How to handle uncomfortable questions from people? (score: 84) | posted 847 days ago by apaul (54179 rep) | edited 104 days ago by Community (1 rep) | Toxicity 0.15514554 | Comment on inactive post | tps/fps: 0/0
imagine e.g. Flash pizza delivery
@ArthurHv ANd what is batman supposed to do? Gift people money?
of course
instead of filling prisons, he could invest in social programs
@ArthurHv Thats a valid point
1:21 PM
So, I have a test with 30 differents step on it. The last step is failing but apparently it is due to an error who occurend somewhere in one of the other steps... >< :'(
@Ael What kind of test and which program do you use?
@Syralia Gatling tests (based on scala) and I am testing an API
@Ael Not my area :o Did you tell it your rubber duck and asked it for help?
@Syralia Not yet, I'll try that later after I finish double-checking all my API call
@Ael Fingers crossed for you and the wisdom of rubber duck
1:27 PM
@Ael Oh haha you got me happy and agitated for a moment because I thought you were speaking about an aquarium and testing the water parameters :D on Pets it is often mentioned thing, API Master Test Kit for measuring pH, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, etc. in the water I assumed you were talking about this product but apparently not :(
@lila in this setting, a rubber duck would be much MORE effective I guess
Ahah xD
@lila And no, sorry, I am only testing my company website ^^
selenium? yay
@CaldeiraG Ah no, those tests aren't using selenium
oh I see :)
1:36 PM
@Syralia Haha fortunately I already know what this weird thing about rubber duck is about in this context, it would be such a shame if I didn't know and thus wouldn't be able to get this fantastic joke ^.^
@lila I am thankful on so many levels because nobody every appreciates one of my dumb jokes that much!
Haha but it's not dumb, all the evidence suggests that you came up with it yourself because it was situational, on the other hand most of my jokes on this chat are just copied from the Internet ^.^
@lila I think the source doesnt matter if you enlight peoples days
I just wouldnt cite 9gag memes in real conversations person to person
+825 new cases today in Portugal :(
In Poland over 1300 each day for the last week with all-time-highs, +1587 one day, let me scroll up and copy back my essay about this.
1:52 PM
+8051 here
@avazula Well, that's horrifying ><
I'm mentally drained because of how all the face-to-face contact nowadays is reduced and limited as a result of this insect floating around, and they say that in the autumn there is going to be a second wave of the insect. And I'm really tired and fed up with that turmoil and heavy modifications of our lifestyle caused by outbreak of the bug, I guess the only good thing that happened to me as a result of the bug is that I joined SE as a result of lockdown.
I found that essay :D
@avazula "here" is France? You said once you live in France?
@lila Yep, ava live in France, same as me and Arthur :)
I don't even look the numbers up. I also don't have to, the noews hereby pronounce them every evening
@avazula I know maybe one word in Hungarian, it's Magyaroaszeg or something :D
1:58 PM
@Ael maybe not for long, though
I might go live in Scandinavia or Canada soon
@avazula Oh, really? Are you already looking for jobs there then?
@avazula That fits my taste for a country to live in :)
@lila haha! I actually know a bit of Polish :) Dzien dobry! Mam ma emie Ava.
@avazula Canada would also be my place to be!
@avazula Hahahaha that's so cute! :D
2:04 PM
I love Poland ... It was a dream of mine to go visit this country some day. I did it in 2017 and I really want to go back :)
6 hours later…
8:06 PM
I can laugh and sneeze and snore in Polish. Can't help but mix a little bit of Russian with my coughs though
Haha okay you reminded me of a joke that I have just learnt recently about this, Polish man goes to optometrist/eye-doctor and is told to read the letters AZGWHDSKLWNMSFPCKW written on the visual acuity chart, doctor asks him whether he could read the letters, and he responds "yes, I know this man!" :D
This is a nice page to explore: nature.com/nature/articles?type=futures
I guess what I will say won't get me any sympathy there, but I absolutely dislike science fiction :(
don't hate me plis ;_;
8:22 PM
Hates me plis
@lila What are you into?
@M.A.R. Documentaries, drama, thrillers, and you?
@M.A.R. It took me a good while to get it :D
@lila Oh, you meant stuff on a screen?
Watch Predestination
Q: How to stop divulging information that I don't want to share?

aarbeeMy cousin sister asks me things that I don't want to share, yet I share details with her because I don't know a polite way to tell her that I don't want to share. From time to time, she asks me about my salary and how much I am saving. I don't like to share my salary and savings details, yet I te...

It's true that deeply nuanced sci-fi you can watch is scarce especially compared to books
@M.A.R. Both written and on screen, I know this site you shared is with written stories, but for me no matter whether it's on paper or on screen I don't "feel" it at all, just not my thing ;_;
8:53 PM
@lila Site?
Which site?
@M.A.R. I mean website, the one you told me nature.com/nature/articles?type=futures
Q: invitating colleagues to an happy hour after work

FedericI would like to invite my colleagues to go out for an aperò this friday. Do you think that the email below can work? Thanks a lot! Hi colleagues, A few of us are headed out to Café Jules Verne for an aperò this Friday at 18 pm. Come join us for drinks, foods and fun. Are you in? Location: XXX Ple...

@lila oh
I'd forgotten about that. Anyway it's a really nerdy sort of scifi, not the typical stuff
2 hours later…
10:50 PM
How could I make that on my site of origin's chat Litter Box this bot will tell us the spammers, is it possible?
pop into CHQ and ask for reports to be added to The Litter Box for Pets.SE
@Mithical Okay thanks, so it's possible, but I must ask Litter Box first.
popped by to say good night
@ExtrovertedMainMan not very good considering the current situation
@CaldeiraG Good night :D

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