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2:52 AM
Q: My roommate that had contact with a positive case is underestimating self-isolation, what should I do?

OliviaI am living with 4 other roommates, one of my roommates started dating during the pandemic, on Nov 14 she had dinner in her boyfriend's house, her boyfriend was tested positive for a test that he took on Nov 19,(the result of his test came after 2 days- on Nov 21). I am not sure why but my room...

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5:08 AM
Just... Leave one out? What about that is problematic? — Kat 59 secs ago
#26493 Kat (4899 rep) | Q: In self introduction, how can I avoid saying my name twice? (score: 0) | posted 15 hours ago by Devavrata (109 rep) | edited 14 hours ago by Ael (16601 rep) | Toxicity 0.060511813 | tps/fps: 0/0
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7:01 AM
Q: How do I reciprocate a thanksgiving dinner invitation?

FrankA little bit of background. I am an international graduate student at a university in the US. A domestic friend invited me to his apartment to celebrate thanksgiving day and we had a great time on that day. By the way, He lives in an apartment with his wife. Now I am thinking about reciprocating ...

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8:13 AM
8:41 AM
Morning :)
TGIF and even more so i just thought we were Thursday
I proudly have to announce it's 3 days I game a lot more reasonably than before. Thank you ips by the way
Don't know what we did, but if we're a good distraction, you're welcome :D
I'm happy it's Friday too, though mom said yesterday we won't be eating fries tonight but leftovers... and this week didn't have a lot of good food/leftovers so I'm kinda disappointed XD
fries are good, but i try to avoid them currently
We eat fries once a week, and I should not do that either.
Still, I wouldn't mind leftovers so much if there was actually something tasty leftover XD
The problem is... mom has this cookbook that comes with great recipes but also with a bunch of 'mehs', and it comes with dietary plans for each week.
So, whenever she cooks the great recipes, she will cook for 4 but dad takes the double helping (as she's putting herself and me on the low calory diet plan, but dad works all day so it kinda makes sense)...
The problem is... when there's 'meh' food, I will take less and dad will also not eat the double helping... so then there's a lot of leftovers XD
funny she doesn't take the hint
8:53 AM
Oh, it's mostly new food we haven't had before (yesterday was broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes mashed together, I think there was a tiny bit of mustard, salt and pepper for flavor), served with smoked salmon bits and almond shavings.
We did let her know we weren't very fond of it, it was even more bland than the broccoli/cauliflower we usually eat (and that just has salt).
But well... there's about a plate and a half of that stuff leftover now XD
On Wednesday, we had lasagna, but with a lot, lot, lot of vegetables and almost no 'pasta sheets'.
Oh, and with a very sour tomato sauce, it really was gross.
uh :(
(I don't like tomato, my brother doesn't like cheese, so there's a serving of lasagna leftover).
I do spinach lasagna, with bechamel sauce and cheese. It's pretty nice
We did have some good stuff too! She made something with chicken and grapes, it went with couscous. That was delicious... so it's all gone XD
@ArthurHv That actually sounds better than the tomato one :D
i have to do a spinach pie now. But i procrastinate a bit. I'm actually not fond of spinach, but i often cook it because there isn't much vegetable choice at the moment
I like it but in small bits and not when its boiled
otherwise I don't cook too much. I tend to do quick recipes. I think I would give it more effort if my boyfriend was also vegetarian.
9:05 AM
Ahh, yeah. That makes sense... I don't find it fun to cook for me and my brother either, as he's a picky eater so I don't feel like making something elaborate when I know a can of carrots will satisfy him more :/
9:41 AM
@Tinkeringbell friday is either leftovers/soup/cereals
@Tinkeringbell :o
and saturday lunch is almost always fish with potatos, brocollis, carrots :P
9:58 AM
If mom isn't following the diet plan in her books as much, it's usually potato, vegetable, meat on monday, tuesday, thursday. Wednesday and Saturday are for pasta, noodles, rice... and Friday is fries and Sundays soup/hamburgers :P
I must say I kinda like that schedule better than this book. There's three books in the series, and the first one was a lot of spicy things with noodles or rice, or oven-baked potatoes with rosemary and salt...

This second one seems to use way more broccoli and less spices, it's mostly bland.
i see
We either do recipes that mom already knows or try new stuff with the Bimby-like recipe book
the machine does its job but it's too buggy and breaks fast
and dropping a grand for a bimby is not worth it
10:16 AM
Oh that looks like a fun machine!
1 hour later…
11:40 AM
it is fun
just overall buggy
it still works
11:58 AM
@Tinkeringbell I think it's a good question, and maybe a solution is just to drop all references to movies since the curious observation isn't worth the off-topic answers. The question could be: "How do phone conversations usually end in North American culture?" and maybe specify whether it's a professional call, between friends, or between partners/family/etc. Not sure if we should edit this one though and end up with 5 irrelevant answers or just start fresh... — Euchris 2 mins ago
#26475 Euchris (593 rep) | Q: Is it customary in the US not to say "bye" after a phone call? (score: 7) | posted 4 days ago by WoJ (2464 rep) | edited 3 days ago by WoJ (2464 rep) | Toxicity 0.12226168 | tps/fps: 0/0
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12:16 PM
everybody knows 30 > 41 :P /s
Ah pie charts
What would ever do without crappy pie charts
12:57 PM
@CaldeiraG Ah, if it's buggy then I'll skip. Enough bugs during work, don't need any during cooking XD
I just talked my way into fries tonight anyways...
Some of the leftovers that were planned were apparently from last week, and they... stank.
@Tinkeringbell random errors closing up the thing, while crushing stuff
as far as cooking goes i think it goes fine
Haha I'll stick with potatoes, meat, and a vegetable ;)
but you need to spend extra minutes than your regular cooking at a pot
@Tinkeringbell :P
they claim that because the machine is made here it's easier to get parts
not really helpful if the chip in it goes bonkers
1:08 PM
Well, then you can get a new chip right? :P
replacing the whole thing, probably
and waiting your usual 30 days to be repaired or get a new one (or cash)
apparently sending vb files through outlook triggers an alert and blocks the attachment :/
@Tinkeringbell Microbial culture medium
It's often leftover fruit for us
Yeah, I think at least the red cabbage was slowly turning into sauerkraut.
Of course, I can't say anything about the actual sauerkraut, that always smells XD
@M.A.R. There are one mistakes into this message
Fruit usually goes okay over here, though we sometimes have some berries spoil in summer.
And, rarely, a rotting orange. But that's mostly because we didn't pay attention while shopping XD
1:15 PM
It's hard to bring a microscope to grocery shopping
I'm frigging braindead today, ugh
Well, usually there's such an amount of mold that it must've already been visible there when we bought the oranges... or you don't find out 1/2 days later ;)
1:56 PM
well, another server was turned on
now i can do some stuff
Merge conflicts, yay.
@Tinkeringbell oof
I'll fix those and then I'll go have a weekend.
next week my evening will get slightly longer
gyms are closing at 3pm
2:10 PM
Oof :(
actually, it's not very clear
i definitely know that on both holidays (both tuesday, beh) there is a mandatory curfew and thus everything closes
on weekdays i can't find anything about it; 1 personal trainer said it would close next week
i'll go there today anyways so might as well ask
Sounds like the best solution/plan yeah.
2:31 PM
My weekend is going to be boring. I'm... kinda done playing animal crossing the past few days. Perhaps I can go take the car for a longer drive.
I'd drive to the airport to watch planes but... there won't be much/any XD
UGGGGHHHH how do you write an e-mail that politely says 'Shut up with the stupid socializing crap, make it opt-in'
2:48 PM
Lessons in passive-aggressive work e-mails:
Hi $secretary_of_manager,

I see I was put in a group for this, but I never signed up for it.
It's likely I missed a mail, but I would appreciate it to be unsubscribed.

Read: F-off with the stupid ideas and make stuff opt-in.
@Tinkeringbell totally agree
The most stupid thing? They're sending it at 15:40 on Friday, and they're expecting to start this stuff on Monday. So there's precious little time to fix this, and it'll probably annoy me several times during my weekend as well.
Well, they said they'd call the people on the list. Perhaps if I just don't pick up any phones on Monday XD
3:04 PM
Seriously considering it if I don't get a reply this afternoon.
Might make a good question for TWP though "How to convince a company that 'fun' groups/events need to be opt-in"
3:30 PM
honestly sounds good
search first :P
Yeah, I know.
uh, the movie question on IPS is still gathering comments
and surprised @lila is not around
4:05 PM
@CaldeiraG after I moved stuff to chat?
Nah you made me worry about nothing! Those were good comments though: they focus on getting perhaps a better question going :)
4:17 PM
@Tinkeringbell ah great
i saw some comments on the closet
that's it :P
3 hours later…
7:42 PM
Saying "I won't use it" may have been harsh, but I don't think it was passive-aggressive. You were clear and direct, which is the opposite of passive-aggressiveness. — Rokit 38 secs ago
#7266 Rokit (101 rep) | Q: How to turn down 'stay in touch' proposal from manipulative ex-coworker when leaving job/moving? (score: 42) | posted 1096 days ago by GlinesMome (963 rep) | edited 1089 days ago by Catija (14088 rep) | Toxicity 0.2427347 | Comment on inactive post | tps/
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9:01 PM
How to confuse the help desk:
Hi it's Tink. I'm trying to add this article to my basket, and it says it's added, but if I then click 'order' it's not actually there. I'm seeing $error_from_google_developer_console, which I don't see when I add a different article to my cart.
Response: wait, you're seeing what? If I try this I can see it's not working but I don't see the error XD
Poor guy had apparently never heard of the developer console ,😂
9:26 PM
@CaldeiraG Hi CaldeiraG, I appreciate that you are remembering about me, this whole thing with lockdown and sitting in home in isolation made me feel really blue the recent days, I am finally starting to see it's not going be over anytime soon and it's not only issue of public health, but also politics and our government is constantly screwing things up. All of this makes me feel down, but don't worry please, I will be fine, I somehow always end up being fine. I still love AS chat, see you soon.
9:46 PM
@lila Aww :( Same here, if you need some silly distraction we're here :)
@Tinkeringbell omg
@lila :(
it's tough being in the situation we're in
we are here also if you wanna talk a bit :)
stay safe, watch some silly stuff on youtube, any tv show you left behind

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