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8:07 AM
@Tinkeringbell I once emailed a dating website saying eh this button is broken and I can see plenty of 403 errors when I click it. They never responded me :D
8:46 AM
Q: Dealing with a strange partner

coder_mI have a boyfriend whom I liked a lot and he liked me too. But we are still not confirmed about our love for each other. I denied him for sex. He took it casually. Later on, He tried to prove to me on my every viewpoint that I am mentally ill and I need a doctor. He insists me to go for a therapi...

9:45 AM
@ArthurHv yeah, that's the worst pickup line I ever heard!
10:03 AM
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1:45 PM
Q: Should I invite my friends ex to a party

Matija DizdarSo I recently moved in a new apartment and I am throwing a party there. I invited a couple of people from my class there including my somewhat close friend and his ex girlfriend. Problem appeared when my friend told me that he will not come if his ex will come. I tried convincing him to sort it o...

10 hours later…
11:20 PM
Q: Do I address a friend's partner or family in a greeting card?

euriekaI'm sending holiday greeting cards for the first time to friends, among whom some live with their partners (unmarried). I am not friends with their partners but consider myself on good terms with them, i.e. we are friendly acquaintances or friends by association. There are also some friends who l...


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