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12:36 AM
And good night.
7 hours later…
7:19 AM
Good afternoon!
Good morning!
rumbly noise
7:37 AM
Someone doesn't seem to be a morning animal.
Feeling sleepy
7:51 AM
definitely not tired with the time change XD
i know it changed from saturday to sunday but feels like i slept less today
I'm actually feeling more rested now than before the weekend. I usually adapt to wintertime really fast.
@Tinkeringbell I worked sat night, dealt with some idiocy on saturday culminating with my boss asking me if I was born in malaysia, and I''m back at work this morning.
so not a monday animal
Okay, that's reasonable too :P
7:56 AM
On the bright side - October is almost over
Which is bright because? Then your free days start or?
Game release, maybe new hardware if the darned things ever get in stock ....
arbitrary passing of time, and getting closer to 2020 ending :D
I don't think 2020 ending will solve anything, it'll only make the start of 2021 that much worse :P
maybe. :D
7:59 AM
But game release and new hardware are good!
and cyberpunk might suck
@Tinkeringbell oh, the GPU I want is out of stock over a month globally at this point
Yeah, I know...
and I recently noticed newegg won't ship here
Saw something in the Tavern about that this morning...
the next model down is getting released in 2 days
and that apparently should be in stock, If the lack of stock is driven by demand its good but its probably actually them flubbling supply :D
(I HATE waiting ._.)
8:02 AM
Waiting is okay for me as long as I know there's a reward in it at the end ;)
I've kinda decided which card I want but uhhh
I might pop over the PC mall when I manage to find time
Ooh, living dangerously :P
its not like I can buy it online!
..... the distributor sells direct
so in theory I could...
Hahaha ;)
I wonder if I can throw together something that would inform me if the page changed :D
8:10 AM
Oh, knowing you, you probably can ;D
hm, I can't pull it in with w3m
8:36 AM
8:58 AM
Only one answer seems to put any emphasis on thanking them for asking (and that was downvotes), but I think that’s something that it worth incorporating into any approach you take. Complimenting your co-workers and expressing appreciation of their interest will help offset refusal and make it less like a snub. “You are so kind to ask, that’s sweet of you...but [whatever option you are going with]. — Spagirl 58 secs ago
#26341 Spagirl (12975 rep) | Q: How do I politely turn down requests to show wedding photos? (score: 14) | posted 2 days ago by friendly (151 rep) | edited 31 hours ago by friendly (151 rep) | Toxicity 0.09229326 | tps/fps: 0/0
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9:43 AM
Our product owner found a bug in our software, asks the client, the client says he's happy about the bug, try to turn the bug into a feature, only so I discover weeks later the "bug" is a feature we completely forgot about and works exactly like the PO wanted it to work
Job well done, and you can even take an hour or two off doing nothing and claim you were working on the 'bug' (badadvice)
9:57 AM
My wrist is hurting (probably because of a bad position when working), but I don't know what to do about it. Any ideas?
@Ael laptop or desktop? mouse hand or other hand?
(I went to the doctor the other day, he gave me something for the pain, but that's it)
there's lots of little things you can do to reduce wrist strain
laptop, mouse hand
do you use a mouse?
10:01 AM
Some folks swear by vertical mice or, its the wrong kinda mouse for your grip?
Vertical mouse are probably okay
So, I just check on google and I am already using a verstical mouse. But I just feel like it's not "vertical" enough, if that makes sense?
hmm kinda
(heh, I kinda have a setup that's perfect for me after trial and error, so I get that :D )
well, nearly perfect .-.
I wish having a perfect setup would be easier
nearly cause my keyboard just died, and you can't buy 10 years of breaking in
10:16 AM
I would just assume that the reason is #1 and say "I'll bring them in when we've got a highlight reel" or something non-committal. If they ask when the photos will be ready say a "a couple of weeks." Hopefully they will have forgotten in a few weeks. I would only revert to #2 after I've been asked 3-4 times. — UEFI 2 mins ago
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i advised on a workplace question where someone complained about mild rsi as well, I used to have some symptoms and just improved my typing position (and bought smaller keyboards so the mouse is closer)
it's about avoiding to use your wrist at all
@IPSCommentBot tp
move your arms more and keep your hands straight, at least thats what worked for me
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@ArthurHv Hum, I'm gonna try that then, thanks for the advice :)
10:21 AM
I like big keyboards (and mice) and I cannot lie :D
I personaly just use the keyboard from my laptop. It's just more convinient
i'm an ortholinear keyboard fetishist kind of.
i use this one external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/… although with different keycaps, mine are black and white with no symbol
10:41 AM
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Okay it doesn't work again ;_;
@lila You need to the comment the bot posted
10:44 AM
@Ael Haha it was a joke, I wondered whether I could trick you that it doesn't work again :D
2 hours later…
Of course such things are nonsense.
1:24 PM
they just assume the tool is only used to download their crappy music videos XD
Heh. Well have you ever used a tool for anything other than that? Youtube was my main source of playlists in high school, through university, and later up until I switched to Spotify a year or two ago.
And yes, I downloaded stuff because I didn't have a cellphone with a mobile data plan that would allow me to listen to youtube on long train rides.
@Tinkeringbell archive videos you like because these days you don't own your content either, it can be deleted from nowhere after being on the platform for several years
I dont download music anymore but I know people do it too
@Tinkeringbell fair reason
I use youtube and spotify free now
@CaldeiraG Ahh. Perhaps, but I would usually keep an offline copy of stuff I would put on YouTube anyways.
@Tinkeringbell I mean other peoples videos
Ahh. Still not a usecase here :P
1:35 PM
i say this but I don't actually have any videos worth saving for future reference
I have stuff I did almost 2 decades ago with no backups other than youtube :D
1:56 PM
@JourneymanGeek No backup is my nightmare. And yet, backup-ing stuff is so painful that I don't have any proper backup (my most recent one is 3 years old...)
@Ael I was young and foolish then :D
and had movie maker :D
Maybe I should just save everything I value on the cloud. By taking a dropbox souscription or something
I have an app that does periodic sync to 2x usb drives, and a full system backups :D
i bought a 2tb drive to backup a 1.5tb one
@JourneymanGeek That's the dream *-*
1:58 PM
I couldn't afford 2tb in any cloud service :/
@Ael for file level backups - I love bvckup
I was an early adopter so I essentially got grandfathered into a pro licence
@JourneymanGeek Oh, that's nice!
actually a permanant pro licence. Its 50 quid a year now 0_0
@JourneymanGeek :O
@JourneymanGeek In any case, that wouldn't do for me since I have a laptop and leaving a USB key logged in at all time wouldn't work (because of the wait I use said laptop)
2:02 PM
@Ael cloud is better for that
@CaldeiraG I think backblaze is unlimited
@Ael when I move out, I may leave a pc with a big HDD for remote/off site backups :D
@JourneymanGeek isn't their business model to charge for what amount of data you have?
@JourneymanGeek I think I will take a Dropbox souscription. It's "only" 10€/month
@CaldeiraG nope
@JourneymanGeek actually nevermind, that only applies to their B2 cloud storage
their personal plan is 6$/month
I think the 'catch' is its local drives only
2:45 PM
Welp, my "special coworker" (ie: the one I dislike most) just managed to successfully piss me off... According to them, Christmas light that no one can see (because everyone is legally obligated to stay at home after 9pm) are "useful"... It becomes irronical when you know that we both work in a company that is all about "protecting the environment"
I would be annoyed if someone said these kind of things all the time. You seem like a know-it-all like this. I get that overexplaining can be annoying, but so are these reactions. Ignoring is maybe better/. — josephine 2 mins ago
#19254 josephine (1008 rep) | A: How should I ask people to stop over explaining things? (score: 21) | posted 746 days ago by Trilarion (463 rep) | edited 130 days ago by Community (1 rep) | Toxicity 0.18617785 | Comment on inactive post | tps/fps: 0/0
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Also, anytime something isn't working, this coworker is all like "it's not my fault, ask someone else for help". Well, I was asking you so maybe you could take a look and help instead in sitting on your ass doing nothing???
3:26 PM
Well, I just bought dropbox. My peace of mind feel much better
4:17 PM
@Ael great :)
@Ael you mean christmas trees? i'm not.. sure what you are saying XDD
@CaldeiraG No I mean stuff like this that are up only around Christmas
It's also called "illumination"
Or something like this:
I mean, it's pretty but if there is no one around to see it, I really don't see the point
Ahh, wasn't quite getting it
I agree it's not useful when you have a curfew currently active
it defeats the purpose of people seeing it (even if you do, without any sort of surveillance you can't check if people are grouping together)
and possibly spreading it
i associated "Christmas light that no one can see" as something in your house like a christmas tree XD
4:38 PM
Well, yes but also no since you can see your Christmas tree ^^
Fair point xD
I'm currently archiving things on Dropbox and I fill like I stubble upon a time travel machine. So much nostaligia :'( <3
Also, dropbox allows me to be very happy about the fact that I have the fiber ^^
Q: My closest friend gets (in my opinion) irrationally angry over small things, how do I deal with this?

anonFor some background information, we're both mentally ill in similar ways and we've built a strong connection based on helping one another. I love her, and she claims to love me. But the last few weeks it's just been constant problems and they're blamed on me without proper explanation. For exampl...

4:57 PM
I just found 17 differents version of a same report, with the world "final" in it xD I guess my past me was very optimistic when they named this first "final" file
If the goal is to not appear as rude or a weirdo, then this is a horrible answer. — Davor 2 mins ago
#26344 Davor (101 rep) | A: How do I politely turn down requests to show wedding photos? (score: 14) | posted 2 days ago by Erik (7144 rep) | Toxicity 0.5441497 | tps/fps: 0/0
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@Ael xD
4 hours later…
8:50 PM
@Ael Spiderman is such a vandal
@IPSCommentBot How is that answer on a site called Eeps.
It goes against the very idea of "skills".
There are infinitely many things you can tell someone with that request, but not all of them are 'skillful'
@Ael How about the idea that spider webs are essentially solid pee. Spiderman keeps peeing on buildings when he swings
Of course this was censored in the comics. And the movies.
OMG, please stop talking xD
Now let that image stick to your head for a while <Mission accomplished>
(but if it's solid, isn't more like poo?)
8:55 PM
My impression is it's number one? Because it's kinda in front of the body
I honestly don't know enough about spider anatomy to argue for or against that
> No, spider web is not made of poop. ... Poop is the waste remaining from digested food. Spiders expel it from the anus just like you do, as part of their digestive process. Silk is made with proteins in the silk glands and is excreted through the spinnerets.
Well, pee is made with secretions in the pee gland.
It's called a kidney. You should know that.
I'm kidneying!
9:01 PM
Good! Glad to know it's still working :)
So they make webs to maintain homeostasis?
That's essentially also what pee g- kidneys do.
I have no clue. I know kidneys make pee.
My biology lessons didn't go much further :P
Kidney barbecue is delicious!
Never had any. I know you can't eat ice bear liver though.
I um, that was random. I have no feuds with Ice bear.
I was told as a kid it helps the kidneys to eat barbecued kidney and even as a kid I was like "how on Earth does that work."
9:04 PM
I grew up with the story of a few brave Dutch Sailors trapped on Nova Zembla. They ate polar bear liver and died of the vitamin A in it, apparently.
What an oddly specific and intellectual myth
"VOC-mentaliteit" ;)
What planet is Nova Zimba?
People were trying to find a Northern route to reach Indonesia, instead of having to go around Africa.
9:06 PM
Willem Barentsz (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈʋɪləm ˈbaːrənts]; c. 1550 – 20 June 1597), anglicized as William Barents or Barentz, was a Dutch navigator, cartographer, and Arctic explorer. Barentsz went on three expeditions to the far north in search for a Northeast passage. He reached as far as Novaya Zemlya and the Kara Sea in his first two voyages, but was turned back on both occasions by ice. During a third expedition, the crew discovered Spitsbergen and Bear Island, but subsequently became stranded on Novaya Zemlya for almost a year. Barentsz died on the return voyage in 1597. The Barents Sea was...
@Tinkeringbell Oh, fake Columbus then
@M.A.R. Oi, that's our history you're bashing!
Who's your countries fake Columbus? ;)
He does look like he could eat a polar bear whole
> De VOC-mentaliteit is een term die in 2006 werd geïntroduceerd door de Nederlandse minister-president Jan Peter Balkenende.
Amazing, I got the sentence
Dutch +1
9:08 PM
Level up!
Jan Peter Longnameguy looks like that guy from The Office
minister-president: vice president?
Nope, president.
> Nova Zembla
2011 ‧ Drama/Historical drama ‧ 1h 48m

5.8/10 · IMDb
Dutch movies are often like that, 5.8 is high.
Like that as in crappy or rated very low?
9:10 PM
most are crappy, bad acting and worse dialogs.
Dutch people being hard to please? Who knew.
@Tinkeringbell Can't be worse than ours
@Tinkeringbell Dying because you have too much vitamine always sounds weird to me. Vitamine have such a positive image that imagining dying from too much of it is weird
Poster for GoT season 9:
Apparently, one of the only vitamine you can eat a lot of without dying is B12
@M.A.R. x)
@Ael It's possible with lipid-soluble vitamins because they're not excreted easily and can damage the kidneys.
9:12 PM
@Ael You can die from too much water so dying from vitamin A overdose doesn't sound too weird to me :)
The B group and vitamin C are much safer although people have also managed to damage their kidneys with vit C. Imagine that.
Well, vitamine always sounded healthier that water to me (because sometimes the water is "bad"/unclean). But yeah, IMO dying from too much water is weird too
People can be very creative with their poison
You can't probably die of excess B12 because too much probably wouldn't survive the stomach's low pH.
When you know how many things can kill a human, it's a bit of a miracle that we manage to live such long life
You need the intrinsic factor secreted by the gut to protect B12 from digestion
9:15 PM
If you do nothing, you die. If you do something, you might die
@Ael Even if you do something, you'll die. It may just be a slower death ;)
Yeah true
For such a realist, Tink really has a bleak look on life
That being said, I am now going to eat something then go to sleep in order to hopefully stay more or less healthy
Good night IPS people :)
Don't eat polar bear liver
I was obviously planning to but now that I'm not in Nova Zimbla
9:19 PM
@Ael Sleep well. Sweet dreams!
@M.A.R. I'm sorry for burdening you with this information.
Nah, I don't consider any sort of information a burden. Almost.
@M.A.R. Well there goes tomorrow's plan.
9:56 PM
One exception is vitamin B3 (niacin), it it water-soluble so doesn't pose excretion challenge like fat-soluble vitamins, but still it is both acutely and chronically toxic in higher doses, it is hepatotoxic in overdose and could cause death from liver failure. It is relatively really easy to poison yourself with B3 vitamin overdose compared to all other B-vitamins.
Overdose of vitamin B3 could also lead to problems with eyes or even blindness.
And yes, of course vitamins could be toxic in overdose, an interesting thing is that sometimes the symptoms of deficiency of a certain vitamin are similar to symptoms of its toxicity, vitamins help your body to regulate things, you could imagine regulating the knobs of tap in shower to set the temperature of the water, no vitamin would mean you are stuck on only ice cold water and the presence of vitamin enables you to regulate the ...
...water temperature for your comfort by adding some percentage of hot water. But too much of that vitamin would make you stuck at only boiling-hot water in the shower. It's about balance and optimum.
10:47 PM
Okay IPS, sleepy sleepy good night sleepy sleepy turn off the light, see you tomorrow.
11:26 PM
Q: When should I be truthful and when not?

user366312Over the years, I have observed that telling truth is not considered a virtue. I.e. everyone feels comfortable with a truthful person. Yet, they don't actually value him. Rather, he is considered for granted and rather looked down upon. When should I be truthful and when not? Do I need to be trut...


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