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12:43 AM
Hi all
@bruglesco o/
How are you?
@ankii o/
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2:56 AM
Q: Trying to be patient without setting unhealthy norms in a relationship

Prince MI have been seeing someone for about 6 months. I am 27 year old male living in the US and they are a 20 year old female that came to the US with her siblings about 2 years ago from South America to escape a bad political situation in her country of origin. Initially, I likely would have deemed ...

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Q: Relationship that already had problems girlfriend then girlfriend has sudden death in family

FsocietyI have been with my girlfriend almost one year, before we got together I was dating two girls and she seemed like the more compatible choice as we are both chilled people. So as the relationship went on the chill person I liked began to seem cold to me, during the week we barely speak as she says...

6:52 AM
Morning since the bot didn't reply back :p
seems that @Pseudohuman isn't around
he couldn't handle all my mansplaining and left us :(
or should that be "it"?
That's a bot so yes, "it" it is
"Learn to handle heat. This was the lamest excuse ever. Fix your clothing or something" such a constructive comment :)
Their only question on IPS: "Being angry at people for no good reason [closed]" coincidence? :o
7:00 AM
@ankii It was done on purpose (scohe was wondering too and asked Tink about it)
@Imus that was rude. Gone.
I didn't even mind the rudeness persé, just so helpful XD
I'll get right on that, now can someone point me to some good sources on learning to handle heat? :D
"Move further north in Europe. It will reduce the times you are exposed to catcalling and other similar behaviours too" -> yep, things will definitively get easier if there was no human around x)
@Ælis gone too
@avazula I know, but it still made me laught :p
7:05 AM
Saw that too XD same user I think :p
he's on a roll today
@Imus @Ælis please let me know if they go on with such comments
@avazula I'll try, but I habe to prepare for work now, so I won't be around for the next 2 hours or so
@Ælis I'm not the answerer, but I would think this answer is valid for any gender, and also saying it to any gender — Ivo Beckers 13 secs ago
#22966 Ivo Beckers (111 rep) | A: How to ask a man to not take up more than one seat on public transport while avoiding conflict? (score: 23) | posted 19 hours ago by Hugo Zink (344 rep) | edited 11 hours ago by Tinkeringbell (24592 rep) | Toxicity 0.2896841 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
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7:39 AM
@ankii Scroll up a little, I explained that to scohe too: I just gave a general transcript link as there was no one good message to link to :)
8:01 AM
I was about to ask why my answer was edited, but I saw the edit comment and saw that the question also had the offending term removed. Fair enough.
@HugoZink Hi :)
Yeah, that question had some work done... And people are still doing a lot of chatting there, I see ;)
But... your answer there looks pretty undeleted to me? interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/22966/1599
Oh... you said edited XD
Sorry :P
Haven't had my coffee yet.
Yeah, I hope you don't mind. We took the term out of the question, so I went over the answers there to take it out of those too.
hi think :) Thanks for removing exactly the part from my answer that I planned to remove if the question got the term taken out :)
Same lol, it's 10 AM and no coffee. Risky
Yeah that's fair, if the term is taken out of the question, that part of the answer doesn't make sense either
8:07 AM
One side effect was that my answer looked more negative than intended now that the question is focused more on the "invading personal space" instead of just "spreading your legs as a man". Hope my update makes it clear I was thinking from a little less exagerated situation :)
looks like comments under my answer could use some cleaning up ...
All gone :)
I do love just how helpful some comments are. Like this one now: "This is just an excuse. You could just stand up and not bother people with your groin issues". If you replace "groin issues" with "personal issues", isn't that equally invalid of an argument? :p
A bit of personal experience, I'm a 6'5 guy (194 cm in normal units), and in some bus layouts the leg room is so small that I am forced to spread my legs because otherwise they physically won't fit
Standing up is very uncomfortable for me as well, I have impaired motor skills and the bus driving around can get me off balance really quickly
I don't think I ever got dirty looks for it though
if they can see you physically cannot close your legs, it's different
Also the reason why my possible seating spaces are limited, because I avoid those where I can't sit normally because there's too little room for my legs ...
In some buses there are seats with lots of leg room that are "undesirable" because they're either harder to reach or they're facing backwards, I always go for those first
I get really hot in the summer too so I feel you
I'm always sweating when others seem perfectly fine
8:19 AM
as a wise man commented on my answer today: "Learn to handle heat. This was the lamest excuse ever. Fix your clothing or something"
I'm still laughing about that one XD
I would, but sadly office dress codes require long-sleeved shirts and long pants for men :P
I'm also still hot in shorts and a t-shirt
I'm so glad we're allowed to wear shorts! It helps slightly :)
@HugoZink If you understand dutch: standaard.be/cnt/dmf20170621_02934799
or if you don't: Bus drivers have a fixed uniform, out of protest during heat wave, the male drivers wore the skirts of the female uniforms :)
Oh yeah I read that a while back
And yeah I'm Dutch
Good on them for taking action. I think British students did the same thing a few years ago, the boys all started wearing skirts in the summer heat because that wasn't against dress code (but shorts were)
8:43 AM
@CrashBandicoot "and you would be happy to support her" Same could be said the other way around. If she was serious she wouldn't let OP pay for everything on his own. — Hugo Zink 1 min ago
#5523 Hugo Zink (358 rep) | A: How to ask your girlfriend to pay her share of the rent when she moves in? (score: 22) | posted 699 days ago by coteyr (1948 rep) | edited 699 days ago by OldPadawan (17081 rep) | Toxicity 0.11392327 | Comment on inactive post | tps/fps: 0/0
@Imus public nudity is possibly less accepted than taking too much space in public transport
What is it about this place that attracts Dutch people? Like moths to a light. *thinking face*
Usually it's not that there are statistically more Dutch people than any other. What's different is that Dutch people are usually the most talkative so you'll always notice them :p
@Mithrandir obviously us Dutchies are experts at Interpersonal Skills
@JAD I wonder if you inclue the Flamish in Belgium in those "Dutchies" :)
8:53 AM
of course
it helps you guys ease in to the upcoming annexation ;)
Now I'm not sure if I should be happy to feel included, or mad cause you're bunching us up with those silly cheese-heads :p
(quick note for those who don't know me well enough: if I end my scentence with a ":p" it's meant as a joke. No offence intended, and most likely non take from people familiar with our culture)
@Imus eh, you'll still be allowed to do carnaval with the brabos en limbos
honestly, the easiest way to check whether someone identifies as Dutch, is to ask them for their stance on Zwarte Piet. If they respond with "what?" they're not Dutch, if they have an opinion, they are.
if the answer is "who cares?", does that imply they're not from the Netherlands?
From what I've seen, the reception on the "taking offence calling them Zwarte" in Belgium was: Why?
8:59 AM
@JAD I do love how this includes all those people that are against Black Pete, that are usually called 'not-real-Dutchies' by the people that are pro Black Pete... :P
As a Dutchie, you are expected to have an opinion, and to voice that opinion loudly from the moment kruidnoten hit the stores (start of August) to the moment easter-eggs hit the stores (start of January)
@Imus I don't think the name is the source of the issues people have
That does sound like a true Dutchie, yes
@JAD wait, then what is?
just the fact that you have something to shout about?
@Imus Nope, it's the black facepaint
Mainly. But also the stereotype of 'helper', and being a bit dumb. The bright red lips/earrings...

This is mad and makes no sense, I don't care about what you're reading XD
it's supposed to represent the "roet" from the chimneys ... it's been that way for .. well forever
9:02 AM
@Imus Yep. But now people get angry if asked to make it look more like soot, instead of blackface :P
@Tinkeringbell at least that scentence makes some sense :p
i made my name Dutch as well. =P
9:55 AM
rewritten most of my answer. Someone wants to check if it's better now? :)
10:38 AM
@moooeeeep for a tall person like me, sitting that way would take even more space than spreading my knees apart. Either my knee would be completely on top of the person's leg next to me, or if I keep my knee "within my own spot" my foot would be sticking into the other person's belly ... definately not a good idea. Note that for OP sitting like that would not help either, since I would be perfectly comfortable with a woman putting her knee on top of my legs if I can spread underneeth, whereas she would still have personal space shortage ... even worse than before. — Imus 40 secs ago
#22976 Imus (4392 rep) | A: How to ask a man to not take up more than one seat on public transport while avoiding conflict? (score: 2) | posted 2 hours ago by moooeeeep (121 rep) | edited 1 hours ago by moooeeeep (121 rep) | Toxicity 0.47589555 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
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11:43 AM
@Imus it looks really good. I wish I could upvote it again
thanks :)
12:00 PM
@Imus I like it :p, I upvoted it back then and I would upvote it now too :)
Thing is that it's getting roughly 1 downvote for every 2 upvotes ...
@Imus I downvoted it -> (maybe women too?)
I'm using the same public transports, and I can say that I, most of the time, old people, people with child, and women in general are taking most of the time the seats
saying "maybe" is just too much oriented to me
but hey, male tears right? funny from people "defending" their own sensibility
12:18 PM
@Imus I didn't vote on it, but I can see why people would. You are basically implying that you have the right to take more space because of your genitals. Some people probably don't like that
I use to love this place so much, spend so much time reading, and sometime answering
Thz, sorry but I don't really understand what you're trying to say
@ThZ As a woman in public transport, I rather be sitted. I don't want some random man getting behind me and sexually touching. I know lots of women sit for that reason too.
@ThZ This comes across as rather toxic. Please don't.
12:34 PM
@Ælis Is groping really that much of a problem on public transport in Paris? :/ I'm glad I survived my metro rides there then!
@Tinkeringbell I don't know, I always sit :p But I know I was afraid of that in my previous city too (much smaller than Paris, but still big). Maybe it's not that much of an issue, but women are afraid of then non-the-less?
@Ælis Oh, perhaps. Though I'm more afraid of me bumping into people and grabbing them than people bumping into me :P I'm usually the one that's unsteady on their legs when standing ;)
Oh yeah, I'm unsteady too and I always hurt a lot of people when I stand up to go out of the metro x)
I hate it worst when there's like a seat for 4, 2 facing the other 2, and I'm near the window... and the other people aren't getting off :P
honestly, I can't imagine many people like to stand on public transport
12:39 PM
@JAD True.
Or there wouldn't be so many complaints to NS twitter ;)
Dutch SNCF
@JAD If it's for under half an hour I actually DO prefer to stand ... since I'm too tall to fit most seats
for more than half an hour it gets tiresome so I like to sit half the ride if possible in one of the seats with more leg room
like the 4 seat tink talks about
or the 2 (or 4) seats just behind the doors, since those don't have other seats in front of them
Hmm, Dutch trains tend to have enough leg room for me to sit (1.90m)
so I'd rather just sit
trains are no problem
busses ... urgh
12:41 PM
although when it's only one stop, I used to stand, because sitting would make me start reading a book, which would make me miss the stop
note, on trains there's usually also plenty of room towards the middle aisle to spread legs and not disturb people :)
Busses are eh yeah, but standing in a bus sucks worse imo
@Imus I take a less than optimal route to work because it uses a bus route where I always get a seat rather than one where I never do
@Rainbacon same, I have two equidistant busstops from my house
both run every 15 mins
one is full, other isn't
Same, but the one that's full goes to the express train stop, the one that isn't goes to the non-express train stop, so I end up on a train that takes longer
12:44 PM
ah, these join routes right after the two respective stops, so the destination is the same
It only becomes a problem when I travel with my wife. She prefers the bus that is more crowded because it runs on nicer roads and the other makes her car sick
but one is coming from inside the suburb, so has lots of commuter traffic, the other line is coming from another trainstation, so it has little traffic going towards the central station, because you might as well have taken the other direction
Has the irony of using the comments to point out how strict IPS is on using comments as intended, which is in itself a violation of the rules on comments that you linked to (When shouldn't I comment?: Discussion of community behavior or site policies; please use meta instead) been pointed out to you before @avazula? — RyanfaeScotland 1 min ago
#22964 RyanfaeScotland (925 rep) | Q: How to ask a man to not take up more than one seat on public transport while avoiding conflict? (score: 21) | posted 26 hours ago by Ælis (8648 rep) | edited 10 hours ago by Kate Gregory (34104 rep) | Toxicity 0.24423474 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic(@Noon)"]
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12:48 PM
@IPSCommentBot rude
Registered as rude. beep boop My human overlords won't let me flag that, so you'll have to do it yourself.
ah well I just cast the final vote on closing 2 questions
@Ælis you had comments on both of them
I left one on one too
@IPSCommentBot rude
Registered as rude. beep boop My human overlords won't let me flag that, so you'll have to do it yourself.
@ankii You invalidated my close vote review on one of them :(
12:51 PM
@Rainbacon it was unclear, I think. And oops though
@ankii That's because I'm everywhere :p
Also, before you add any questions, please avoid What should I do? (you must decide). Pardon if am wrong, didn't go through your post. And do mention the question as Ælis asked, if possible, separately in one paragraph. — ankii 4 mins ago
The one paragraph thing was the main reason for me. It's good for future references too if someone needs a summary of the post quickly
Just noticed, both have the same close voters (ofc in same order)
@ankii No, I was going to vote to close it and it got closed by your vote while I was reading it
ohh I thought you voted leave open thus invalidated
12:55 PM
common reply to such situation is You beat me to it
I clicked the close button and got a message that I couldn't do that because it had already been closed
Leave comments if any..
1:14 PM
13 messages moved to Trash
@Mithrandir probably for the best
Those damn dutchies and their big mouths. They just never know their boundries :p
(and yes, I know I'm currently included in that group)
@Imus When are you not included in the group of "dutchies"?
@Rainbacon When we're talking about the differences between Belgium and Netherlands?
in that case "Dutchies" refers to the tall talkative bunch instead of me, a tall talkative ... oh nevermind :p
4 hours ago, by JAD
honestly, the easiest way to check whether someone identifies as Dutch, is to ask them for their stance on Zwarte Piet. If they respond with "what?" they're not Dutch, if they have an opinion, they are.
1:34 PM
While you may be uncomfortable with men doing this, have you considered that it is more comfortable for them to do this? — Peter Paff 1 min ago
#22964 Peter Paff (101 rep) | Q: How to ask a man to not take up more than one seat on public transport while avoiding conflict? (score: 22) | posted 27 hours ago by Ælis (8653 rep) | edited 11 hours ago by Kate Gregory (34104 rep) | Toxicity 0.06893641 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic", "experimental-aic(@scohe001)"]
@IPSCommentBot eh, I don't really see how that would make this easier to answer or improve the question
@scohe001 it's a big part of the premise of my answer :p but no, not needed as comment or improvement
So it looks like the US may be starting to work on their version of the GDPR... theregister.co.uk/2019/09/10/us_privacy_law
It's only a bummer that a lot of people are (rightfully) seeing it as a way to undermine the efforts of California state legislation to protect their users' privacy.
@scohe001 So, they want to violate the 10th amendment?
Not too surprising I suppose since it's by far the most infringed upon amendment
for us non americans, what is the 10th amendment?
(too lazy so don't lmgtfy me!)
1:45 PM
I'm with @Imus on this one. I'm a bad American :p
The Tenth Amendment (Amendment X) to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, was ratified on December 15, 1791. It expresses the principle of federalism and states' rights, which strictly supports the entire plan of the original Constitution for the United States of America, by stating that the federal government possesses only those powers delegated to it by the United States Constitution. All remaining powers are reserved for the states or the people. The amendment was proposed by the 1st United States Congress in 1789 during its first term following the adoption...
Basically, the 10th amendment to the US Constitution says that anything which isn't explicitly stated in the constitution is up to individual states to regulate
If one were to take a hard line stance on it, then one would argue that most federal regulations are violations of the constitution
Ahh gotcha. Yea that's what it sounds like
which means that there's probably some umbrella clause somewhere that is interpretable in a way that the feds can regulate those things
I mean I'm not opposed to some federal-level legislation on privacy and data. It's just a bummer that the ones shaping it and helping write it will be exactly the people I want protection from :/
1:48 PM
that's ... too hard for me to understand in under 5 minutes so I'm just going to let that pass by me as usual :)
already had enough issues complying with GDPR from a hospital side of view ...
so many rules
I mean, I get it though, but such a hastle to get it to conform everything
Can't even send a screenshot from a problem directly via Jira anymore ... how am I supposed to quickly fix issues found in another hospital using our system that way?
Also: for the Dutchies here, can someone translate the following sentence correctly: Gelukkig voor de Britse zanger wordt hen op zijn eigen platformen door oude en nieuwe fans bedolven onder de felicitaties en klinkt het dat zij een inspiratie is voor velen die net zo zijn als 'zij' en 'hen', (they/them).
taken from here
Cause it looks like the poster tried to translate a gender neutral english scentence to Dutch and failed miserably
@Imus Nope, hen/zij are the Dutch nonbinary pronouns I know of too...
So it isn't just me ... it really doesn't work in dutch ... or they did it completely wrong
@Tinkeringbell looks jarring to me. Better use "het" to be safe
that's used for inanimate things ...
even worse :p
also, they still used zijn platformen
@Imus at least it's nonbinary ;)
1:55 PM
they used "hen" "zijn" and "zij" mixed
which makes it impossible to tell if those are about the same person or not
@Imus It'll probably take some getting used too, just like it takes getting used to they/them in English. It's just easier in English because it's not your native language :P
@Tinkeringbell plus, it was already part of the language
this is literally the first time I've seen hen used this way
I always thought it's a female chicken
I could get used to using "hen" instead of "zijn" for example. But not if it's a random mixture of zijn/haar/hen without knowing who those are refering to
@JAD hen/hun depending on dialect
@Imus Yeah, I'd say the gender neutral word to indicate possesion of something would be 'hun', not 'zijn'.
@Imus I think it's more a stand-in for "hem" or "haar"
1:57 PM
and yes, "hen" is also the word for a chicken
So, "their chicken" == "hen hen"? :P
@El'endiaStarman hun hen
hennie heb een hen :P
hun hen hé eikes gelei
"to them" -> "aan hen"
"their" -> "hun"
2:00 PM
hen is "those people" datif, hun is "those people" genitif. Ik heb tegen hen gezegd, dit boek is van hun, ik ga naar hen/hun? toe.
I'm not sure about the last one tbh
dit is hun boek / dit boek is van hen
ik ga naar hen toe
at least that's how I would write it
not sure what the exact rule is ... it's just that that's what looks right to me XD
2:02 PM
> TIP!

Verander het woord eens in 'mij' of 'mijn': mij = hen en mijn = hun
(maar deze vlieger gaat niet altijd op: zie 'Speciaal geval' hieronder).
Moar special cases!
> Je schrijft 'hun' bij een meewerkend voorwerp zonder voorzetsel.

Als er wel een voorzetsel voor staat, hoef je aan de woordvorm niet meer te zien dat het meewerkend voorwerp is. Dan schrijf je 'hen'. In het Nederlands zie je niet veel van dit soort naamvalafhankelijke woordvormen, maar in het Duits is dat heel gebruikelijk. Het woord verandert dan als een voorzetsel wordt weggelaten.
@JAD I'm native dutch and still don't understand most of what this says :p
It maybe helps a bit to have had Latin to be familiar with naamvallen
Never had latin. Only barely passed Dutch and Frensh courses. Passed english mostly on skills (talking) to compensate for bad grammar
2:16 PM
Holy moly, just found your meta post @M.A.R. That thing is a monster. Awesome job, it was a great read
@scohe001 link?
Q: Common reasons why your meta post may be negatively received

M.A.R.This post functions as a complement to How can I participate in meta and not die trying? As you may already be aware, meta is one such grim place where disagreements happen. It just seems so customary to get at least one post that gets downvoted heavily every day, ranging from frustrated rants v...

That's quite the read, it may take most of my spare seconds today to get through
Lol I admit I did some hard skimming. But I really enjoy @M.'s writing
I don't think a couple of seconds would suffice
I know @M.A.R. only as a joker that knows when to step out of serious discussions to not interupt it, or interrupt serious rants to turn the chat light again
didn't expect this level of writing from them, although I should have :)
3:19 PM
Yep, that was a really good meta post
Well worth a few minutes of my time
3:32 PM
I'm intrigued that the "I'm voting to close this question" comment on Ælis post has 5 upvotes, but the question only has 2 close votes
@Rainbacon probably people agreeing who don't have the rep to VTC
That would be my guess as well
2 hours later…
5:10 PM
@Rainbacon Flagging as dupe adds an upvote to the comment as well
Thanks for the kind words guys. Makes me explore this odd new feeling.
It's so . . . mystic. Probably dangerous.
Blood running through more shallow veins
I think, I might be turning into Hulk. Except the red one. The redneck. Literally.
5:32 PM
Shameless self plug -> I made a feature request on meta.se
@Rainbacon nice one
I'd love to have that
Q: How to talk to coworker about loud outbursts

Em CMy desk at work is in a small room shared with two other coworkers, let's call them Alice and Bob. Alice is in general a loud and outspoken / opinionated person, but doesn't talk much to either of us and is only in the office sporadically, maybe half the time. What prompted this question: She wa...

2 hours later…
7:32 PM
@Rainbacon Ahh you've included the freehand circles. Take my upvote. (also great suggestion)
Oh thank you
I try to include at least one freehand circle in all my meta.se posts to ensure that I farm as much rep out of them as possible
LOL smart man
7:45 PM
@Rainbacon :( I suggested an edit with FHC, and earned only +2
Should have posted an answer with the edited image and its link in the question.
Yep, you have to milk those. Also, be careful, when I drew the FHCs on my most recent post, my computer kept trying to autocorrect them to actual circles
yeah preview on Mac does so too
But I'm something of an artist myself
I was using Mac preview to draw them
That's what I get for having a laptop issued by my client
7:52 PM
@Rainbacon what does this mean ^^'
Just makes your FHC's all that much more heartfelt<3
I work as a consultant. My current client gave me a computer to use for work, that computer is a Mac (I would not choose such a thing on my own)
haha that is both hilarious and ... well bad sounding to me
I like Macs
That's....interesting. Is it better for the development you do or something?
@scohe001 naaah, just cool (totally inexperienced reply )
7:55 PM
No mac's for me :( XD expensive stuff
Oh sorry, was asking @Rain. I wouldn't have replied like that to you voicing interest, that would've been just rude :p
i don't want it anyways :P i like Windows and use Linux sometimes
@scohe001 I know.. I replied as a Mac-in-the-middle
@CaldeiraG Linux is great!
@Rainbacon Looks good, actually editing without leaving the main question is even a better request but that is too much to develop
@ankii It is, until you find problems and more problems XD drivers related mostly, after that, works flawlessy
@CaldeiraG yeah setup is tough it seems.. just an observation of people around me who switch from windows to linux
or dual boot
@scohe001 I thought Man-in-the-middle attack was enough..
7:58 PM
Well, this client has an iOS app, which is easier to do dev for on a mac. Even though I'm not working on the app, it's easier if every developer has the same setup
I had it in dual boot with Windows for a while until my pc was having some issues so I took it off, now I have a virtual machine with it
@ankii huh that didn't ping me. That's weird...
...what'd you change?
I had replied to a deleted message eariler
Ohhh. Makes more sense
@ankii Mainly because everytime you need to fix issues you gotta open the terminal
Not that bothers me but it has a long way to compete against Windows
8:00 PM
that thing(terminal ) was scary for years for me..
@Rainbacon that's...even more interesting. In my experience, usually the quirky mobile team gets the macs and they get siloed in a corner somewhere where no other dev can catch their mac disease
@ankii Edit was essential here :p
Basically you need to know what are you running
@Rainbacon so do you feel lack of storage space? a lot of Apple users can feel the pain
you could install malware without even knowing just because the command was on a website (low chances but can happen)
@ankii and iPhones users
@Rainbacon Well that is good, way better to build a iOS app on mac
@ankii I haven't yet
8:02 PM
I've been living in less than 15 GB free for over 10 months now
@CaldeiraG is it possible otherwise?
@ankii Probably but idk
@CaldeiraG I can do that.. installing the malware. I copy paste a lot of commands ^^'
@ankii Same (shame on us)
I'd say no.. Xcode ships simulators etc and Apple developer programme is there too..
well we'd be safe if @scohe001 could proof read all of them ;)
What'd I do now?
Also, now that Swift is open source, I believe iOS dev is possible anwywhere. I'm just not sure whether or not you could sign the code without Xcode...
8:05 PM
@scohe001 we "copy paste a lot of commands".. so ahem.. could you proofread them .. like every command xd ?
@ankii You're right :p but there must be a way to do it on another OS
There are now platforms to build both apps at the same time, don't ask me more though XD
@CaldeiraG not necessarily. Apple is not a big fan of people using products that aren't theirs
Huh, looks like it is possible actually. And you can even do code signing: blog.codemagic.io/…
@ankii lol psh. Just take them one by one and read the man pages silly. How do you think I learned what they all mean?
@Rainbacon You wouldn't build UWP apps on Mac so yeah, you're right
@scohe001 Yeah, using Flutter
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… Complementing Rain's statement
8:09 PM
@ankii Proof-reading? nah XD do you want to spend more time reading docs :p
specifically the Block I linked. It's about F.lux and night shift
I'm no Apple fan, but those critiques sound bog-standard for any company anywhere near Apple's size
After reading the documentation you wouldn't need to copy paste
@Upper_Case yeah.. but this night shift and Spotify thing really gets me
Okay.. just found out that CMD+shift+M on selected text opens it man page(if it exists). So It would be easy to learn things
Honestly, Apple is now putting their money on services, those are the real cash
I'm not biting in any services or stuff, you can't pay that many subscriptions for little things
8:14 PM
that's where the bundling and ecosystem kicks in..
well I have an exam in 7 hours.. I should be studying
Bye :D good luck :p
thanks :p
8:27 PM
Lye :D good buck :p
Another exam? No wonder you've been so grumpy lately.
8:55 PM
Q: My rentee has closed his shop for more than five years.How do I negotiate with him to get the shop back

user586228I am a landlord from Kolkata,India.Out of the many places that I have rented,one shop has been closed down for over five years,however the person still loiters nearby.I would like to know how to negotiate with the person to get the place that belongs to me.In general it is not worthwhile to go by...

Hey @user586228! We have a feed that will post a link to your question here pretty soon :)
@IPSCommentBot Quite beyond rude actually
@Rainbacon That's what I've been saying for $(AGE_OF_BOT)!
@IPSCommentBot Hmm, are you ok there?
Yea that one got a bigotry/harassment flag from me
I only give maybe one of those a year O_o
8:59 PM
Q: My rentee has closed his shop for more than five years.How do I negotiate with him to get the shop back

user586228I am a landlord from Kolkata,India.Out of the many places that I have rented,one shop has been closed down for over five years,however the person still loiters nearby.I would like to know how to negotiate with the person to get the place that belongs to me.In general it is not worthwhile to go by...

I think I've given 2 of them just on this question
@Rainbacon lol I thought when you suggested that, you wanted the string literal "$(AGE_OF_BOT)"
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