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Morning :)
8:13 AM
@Imus - I'm male, so no difference on that score. I also don't feel there's any significant difference between physical and emotional comfort in the situation. To argue essentially "well it's only emotional comfort so it matters less", and be dismissive on that basis, suggests a lack of basic empathy for others with different backgrounds and experiences to your own, that I would not like to think of you as having. — Stilez 1 min ago
#22968 Stilez (1894 rep) | A: How to ask a man to not take up more than one seat on public transport while avoiding conflict? (score: 47) | posted 42 hours ago by Imus (4578 rep) | edited 3 hours ago by A J (6995 rep) | Toxicity 0.30392912 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
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Ah, the joys of working with someone who doesn't get along with anyone... Right now, this person is complaining that they weren't put in the loop sooner but no one wants to put them in the loop sooner because, as soon as they are, they start complaining (so the more you wait to inform they, the less complain you have)
take turns tricking him into some "really important thing you want them to be with from the start" that turns out to be a bad idea after a couple of days so it gets tossed
when he gets mad at that make it clear that from then on you'll only get him into the loop AFTER it's shown to be promissing and catch him up to speed
Thanks for the idea but don't worry, I'll manage ^^ (also, I was just complaining, no need to help me problem solve that)
Figured as much. Hence replied with a joke to lighten your mood hopefully ^^,
Thanks :p
9:32 AM

The OP deleted his account but the comments on The Closet linking to the question have their username in
is that a issue?
9:57 AM
the irony when the comments under this answer on a question about comment moderation take up more space than the already long answer ... (I know it's meta so doesn't matter as much, but still funny)
(urgh, I keep swapping the () and [] when trying to link -.-)
10:11 AM
Great answer, but I just think it's worth pointing out that (1) of course it's not like that for every man, but (2) that might be the main reason why most men don't behave like that. As usual it's the ones who do who get noticed. — Hans Adler 1 min ago
#22968 Hans Adler (195 rep) | A: How to ask a man to not take up more than one seat on public transport while avoiding conflict? (score: 49) | posted 44 hours ago by Imus (4598 rep) | edited 5 hours ago by A J (6990 rep) | Toxicity 0.15416059 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["chatty-no-doubt(@Noon)", "chatty"]
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Q: Why So Serious?

SHWThis is my first post here. I would like to be serious in life. In my thoughts, I am serious, and funny as hell too. But in reality, whenever I am having a conversation with someone, my mind starts to crack a joke. Conversation could be either personal talk to family, communication with colleag...

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@CaldeiraG not really
People are told everything they post on SE is then public and may be used by anyone, and that includes publicly available info
However, should someone wants something to be anonymized, mods may do the necessary, if it doesn't induce any confusion in the data
There was a chat flag a few weeks ago; a user asked a question that hit HNQ and they answered clarification requests in comments. Many comments, that were then moved to chat. Once everything was clarified, the user asked for deletion of all of their comments. We had to decide whether such action would mess with the conversational flow and understanding of anyone who would drop by this chatroom
So long story short, it's not an issue, but: we can do something if asked to and if needed :)
Curious: If someone asks for all their stored data (GDPR complience) would stackoverflow also check chats?
@Imus I guess so, yes. Maybe there's a meta post about it?
That might help:
Q: Will Stack Exchange respect EU's "right to be forgotten"?

Jeroen JacobsIf a citizen of EU would request all his questions and answers to be deleted from all Stack Exchange sites, would that request be carried out? I'm not just talking about account deletion, where questions and answers by the user are being anonymized. I'm talking about the case where the user dema...

From what I understand: everything you post on SE is then licensed under CC, so it can't be removed. If there's private info in what you post, well, then you shouldn't do this. As I said there are extreme situations in which mods do delete info but it's very rare and under exceptional circumstances.
@avazula Ok, thanks for the explanation :)
This looks very weird o_o
"Your answer is here, please click now!" kinda of vibe XD
12:04 PM
@CaldeiraG lol
12:57 PM
I think this project is going to drive me to insanity
Wait, I thought that happened a long time ago.
@Mithrandir :flags as not nice:
Did it? How like me to miss a detail like that
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Fun interpersonal story: I got an email this morning from a recruiter asking to set up time to talk to me about a position as an "benefits advisor" (basically just a sales rep) for an insurance company. I wanted to respond and tell them off about how I'm an engineer not a salesman, but the IPS user in me just couldn't be rude like that.
So, instead I responded to tell them that I wasn't interested, an asked what about my resume I needed to change so as to not give them the wrong impression in the future.
tl;dr - I let them know that I knew they didn't really read my resume, without actually accusing them of such
Ooh smort
According to the internet, this particular company is well known to scrape job boards looking for resumes that are "old" (thus indicating that you still haven't found a job) and then poke you to try and get you into insurance sales, so I didn't feel bad about wasting a few minutes of their time
3:00 PM
@Rainbacon it'll be a waste of time if they actually do let you know "what was wrong with your resume" :p
I don't think such recruiters would do so, given the fact that they scrape-hunt
I know, but it provided me a little catharsis
3:25 PM
@avazula can you hammer this
@Rainbacon sure thing. Woop! Gone.
I'm Hammer Ava
Thanks :)
Q: What do you think about global warming?

MaryHassClimate experts are formal: the earth is warming up at a steady pace. The reason for this is the increase in human-caused greenhouse gases, which has led to health, ecological and humanitarian crises.

I'm sad, apaul deleted their (very good) answer to my first question
@ExtrovertedMainMan "Please fix it. Quickly."
@Rainbacon huh, weird... not sure why
yeah, idk either
That's a bummer @Rain :/
I saw it last night when I was showing my wife the question
3:29 PM
@scohe001 Take an umbrella
Ha. Funnily enough we're about to be hit by a big storm for the next three days starting in a few hrs
3:48 PM
Q: Convincing a Principle Investigator to listen to me about my data analysis

DoublyNegativeall! I'm a student in the UK about to start university this year, who's really interested in a particular area of physics. Last year I spent two weeks shadowing people in a laboratory, and I asked if I could work there this year again for 4 weeks, carrying out actual research. After multiple se...

@Ælis hm, they do mention experience using the suggested line, is there something specific there you think needs it?
@EmC Are they a man or a woman?
What are "they experience" exactly? Is it just asking something politely? Or asking someone to move because they are taking too much place?
Have they experience using that in the subway?
thanks, now I know what to ask in comments :) they did mention in an earlier revision they're a college-age woman but I don't know about the other parts
4:43 PM
Sorry I wasn't clearer earlier ^^
And it's good to know that they are a woman, I was afraid it was another man answer (which is fine but don't really help me assess if it's safe to use the same technic since I'm perceived as a woman)
5:06 PM
Thanks for the comment @EmC :)
np :)
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Quick reminder: don't forget to @ the person you're replying to so they get notified that you've replied! — scohe001 58 mins ago
Q: Changing placeholder of comment box for adding @ pinging info

ankiiProposing a different approach to what I think enable ping completion for all comments wanted to achieve. New users should know that @ pinging in comments exists, and get educated on how to use them appropriately. Since they can only use notices for folks involved in comments already - it helps ...

Aug 27 at 15:44, by ankiiiiiii
I am seeing this a lot recently(partly because I comment a lot) that people dont tag me but reply, which I get to know while revisiting my comments. Now I will start appending "ping my by @ankiiiiiii" to every comment
Sep 10 at 13:01, by ankiiiiiii
so many posts go dead because OP didnt tag the person and the person never came back to see updates
Do you smell a meta being cooked here ?
Oh gosh, we were told today that we need to start sending emails to the clients when resolve one of their bug tickets. Someone put this in our slack for if we're not sure what to say: shinytoylabs.com/jargon
@Spagirl reopen vote ? I did though. But it would need some edits to narrow it down.. maybe. It should happen before it reaches 5 open votes. — ankii 1 min ago
#22989 ankii (805 rep) | Q: Why So Serious? (score: 0) | posted 9 hours ago by SHW (104 rep) | edited 8 hours ago by A J (6990 rep) | Toxicity 0.054829292 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic(@Noon)"]
7:54 PM
Ah, I finally got the answer to my question, 2 days later. Like I said this morning, this project is going to drive me crazy
@scohe001 I hope your pun hunger got some food.. if seen as meta ←→ meat
see.. once again..
@ankii ??
"Do you smell a meta being cooked here ? "
Also I like the new haircut your username got :)
Your i's were starting to get a little long :p
in The Screening Room, Sep 11 at 16:24, by ankii
I just cut short the username as people were counting i wrongly
one user followed my advice to use @ but then put 8 I (instead of 7 )in the username. It was a facepalm
8:02 PM
Yea it's tough on mobile with no little popup to autocomplete
doesnt the site work with incomplete pings?
let me try on the intrapersonal question
I know chat does. Idk if SE itself will
It does work.
My names used to be all Unicode-y couple of years ago.
People couldn't ping me on mobile.
Yea I got that ping @ank
People who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
8:05 PM
that is not my name at all.. anki is actually my nickname
I have trouble pinging Ælis, I have to come to chat, start the ping here, then copy it over. And I can only ping them if I type the @ and tab complete without adding any letters
My nickname is "History" BTW.
@M.A.R. I hated history and History always
@Rainbacon I think @Aelis pings them? Either that or @Alis
@Rainbacon hold A on Mac.. or ,maybe phone too
8:06 PM
@ankii The feelings's mutual
I am
Awk. Didn't see you there @M.
Are you having fun ><
8:07 PM
Q: Why does @Oɹʇɥo ping @Ortho?

M.A.R.My understanding was that if the first three characters of a name match a username present in the chat for the previous seven days, the person will be pinged. Out of curiosity, why does @Oɹʇ ping @Ortho? Aren't they different characters? This seems to only happen in @Ortho's case. Flipping @...

@Ælis We aren't anymore ;)
@M.A.R. Actualy, @Alis doesn't ping me (but Aelis does)
@scohe001 (-).(-)
It has to be 3 chars to ping, doesn't it?
@Mithrandir Allergies?
@scohe001 Aye
8:08 PM
@M.A so that should work
I'm learning all sorts of things today
But very . . . inelegant
One of my friends' group had the name F.R.I.E.N.D.S., searching it was a nightmare, I removed the dots. we are not friends anymore
You remind me of Yoyo@M.A
@scohe001 well I learned that there are vases in the moon that might potentially probably theoretically metaphorically literally have water.
Try pinging this user πάντα ῥεῖ
8:11 PM
@ankii Frantic Radical Intergalactic Espionage of . . . You lost me
. . . Nashville District Students?
I knew Nashville was an evil place. Wherever it is.
Tennessee, maybe? *Googles*
@M.A.R. ... Non Deterministic Sociopaths who try to find more fun in chats through GIFs or lame jokes or youtube videos, than in real life
That's basically everyone
I tried to make it less attacking towards Chat.SE
Yes, Nashville is in Tennessee and it is indeed an evil place
8:14 PM
And more towards everyone
ah then bear it... xd
but on a serious note..
4 mins ago, by ankii
Try pinging this user πάντα ῥεῖ
I mean how do I do that? meta.stackexchange.com/users/186472πάντα-ῥεῖ
@Rainbacon Hmm, Google basically tells me it's The Purge newschannel5.com/news/…
@ankii @πάνταῥεῖ
Oh, well I was thinking of the great evil known as country music, the culture of which is centered in Nashville
Apparently John Goodman from The Big Lebowski, Steve Buscemi and Casey Affleck beat up someone.
8:17 PM
@Ælis not by copying pasting.. or auto-complete
What did you type?
@ankii Type @ then tab.
@ankii I did copy-past x)
I think if you just type '@' you get a list of peeps with non-english chars, right?
If the first character is not ASCII, it shows up in autocomplete
Or English. Or whatever these are called.
Eh ASCII is probs a better way to identify them
8:18 PM
Can I call them "pineapple porcupine"
Hmm, I would expect that holding p would do the trick, but it doesn't
I've been meaning to call something that for some time now
Never hold your p's.
@scohe001 yeah on the site, even though Rene was in the comments.. this username got displayed
A word of advice from a veteran.
In other news, this was basically me today: twitter.com/goawaytony/status/1174154770648616961
8:23 PM
@M.A.R. yeah.. neither a's or b's or ab's
@Ælis is that a closed eyes + smile rotated sideways?
Hello everyone o/
Hello @Nog
thanks to nog today I learnt that wikipedia Hindi exists
@ankii You are welcome.
8:33 PM
@ankii Yes
Were there any discussions ever about involving participation(like reviews, edits etc) in addition to rep to get privileges?
What's going on?
@NogShine we just got over pinging @aelis and a German with Russian username
now I am trying to find a meta about privileges
@ankii There probably were. I imagine that it'd be a bad thing because it would incentivize doing reviews quickly to gain rep rather than to curate the content of the site
@ankii yes. repeatedly. And they've all been downvoted into oblivion (as far as I can recall)
8:38 PM
okay.. but if I have edited a lot of things.. I should be able to get the edit privilege before a user who asked an HNQ or a zero effort question about a super popular thing, on the first day on the site and now they can go around disrupting things
Oh that's what you mean
Sorry, thought you meant getting rep from doing reviews and working in the queues
@scohe001 We basicaly do that every week because bossess want to make sure that payement is properly working. If something goes wrong, some random client will earn 600€ worth of product
That's an interesting idea, but probably difficult and finicky to implement
@Ælis that's...uh...wow. Yikes.
@scohe001 Just add some hidden weight to edits/number of edits and subtract it from privilege rep threshold
@ankii but then you'll need new UI stuff to show tracking on that. And a whole new set of rules for how many edits are worth how much. And what happens when your edits get denied? Does that set you back by some amount?
Honestly I think there'd be pushback from low-rep users too. A lot of people mourn the day when they no longer get +2 rep from edits
But it's an interesting idea
8:41 PM
I think better keep it hidden, thus no tracking possible except the rep part and one day you get a surprise privilege
I am going to bump up 3 questions on meta, day after tomorrow
just something I came across.
Q: Earning reputation when approaching new privileges

Feisty MangoThis may just be paranoia but it always seems to me that as I reach new privileges, reputation becomes scarce. It almost makes me suspicious that fellow Stackonians are reserving their up votes for only the most righteous of questions and answers when they recognize how close you are to reaching...

@ankii by editing or answering?
@ankii yeah there were such requests on meta SE
1 edit, 1 or 2 questioning
I dont answer yet
the problem in search is that these words are way too common in a lot posts, so if you come across one, please use CMD + D to bookmark it and later comment it under my post..
If you're proposing something new, you should be ready for downvotes too.
Balidaan dena hoga.
I know.. not much worried by DVotes, but I hate those who dont comment even on those without feature request tag
That's a dialogue from Sacred games 2 trailer.
8:57 PM
for those who didn't understand.
Sacrifice must be made
that is passive.. You must sacrifice is better and provoking
@ankii We can put a favourite star also. That's easy.
ah forgot about that xd .. Do star
Looks at clock 😲
I slept from 11 am to 10 pm.. So I am going to stay awake for a while
Bye people and bots. See you later.
9:00 PM
good night !
9:29 PM
Q: How to explain a failure caused by someone else without acting defensively or as a bad colleague?

user4326865I know there's a workplace forum, but I think I can get better answers here. I work on projects. I always have the main boss (let's call them A), who remains the same over time, but the project manager (B) on my project is always my temporary boss. B gives his evaluation of my performance on the...

2 hours later…
11:25 PM
Q: Could we take measures to alleviate some of the exasperation from deleted comments? Should we?

MykazukiI was reading the answers and comments in this question and I realised that maybe if in IPS the comment deletion was a tad different people would feel less bad about it. First a bit of background, I have been using SE sites for ages, I don't normally ask so many questions or anything, I am more ...


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