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1:00 PM
@Tinkeringbell Hey! do you remember any question about whether links should appear like this question or how to do this when it comes to editing posts?
I mean anyone remembers?
@thesecretmaster I never met you! Hi!
@ankiiiiiii Hello. I mostly just lurk in this room to keep an eye on my good friend @IPSCommentBot.
Did you develop it?!
@ankiiiiiii Yes, he developed the vast majority of it. Other people have contributed, but it's mostly TSM's baby.
I sound like a 14 YO now ^^
...nothing wrong with sounding like a 14 year old...
1:14 PM
Yes those were my happy eyes ^^
BTW as a mod, do you encounter people editing links?
as I asked above ^
As in the destination, or the formatting?
suppose a SO question about difference between cv and cv2
OP wrote it as "I used this question"
And someone edits it as
"I read *difference between cv2 and cv* but..."
Being more descriptive is always good.
Reviewers opine so differently on edits.
sigh or smh
whichever less negative.
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3:05 PM
Q: Why shouldn't we use words such as 'here' and 'this' in textlinks?

Paul OlyslagerOver the years of surfing on the web I have found numerous examples of people saying that you shouldn't use the word "here" in a textlink etc. Personally I like the idea of using the word, because it is so straightforward for your visitors to know where to click. The only reason that I can truly...

Q: How to avoid "click here" links

SvishI know that I should try to avoid links that have the text "click here". But how do I avoid that? What are good alternatives to You can find more information about certain topic over here. For more information about our trip, click here. Just wondering if other people have some good...

@ankiiiiiii ^
Ahh thank you! I didn't know the keywords. and bing is dumb
I wrote an answer on Hinduism meta once. I just copied from that.
You said I am on Hinduism.SE. Haha
@ankiiiiiii These are from Webmasters meta. Keywords are same as any SE
@NogShine Ah just saw that.
@NogShine but still your parent profile is movies
@ankiiiiiii I am (was) a power user on Hinduism SE. (Basha flashback scene :P)
select which one you like. :D
@ankiiiiiii Yeah. Movies is a cool place.
@NogShine I will watch it next month maybe, dont feel like watching any movies atm
@NogShine I'll use this to defend my edits lol
3:16 PM
Haha. Edits should be substantial. Anything besides that would be better.
@NogShine @ankiiiiiii You got this?
I'll take care of that.
not really
I was a reason for revival of the Hinduism main chat room. It was full of bots. Nothing else. :)
@ankiiiiiii Watch that movie. It was a trendsetter in Gangster movies.
Baashha is a 1995 Indian Tamil-language action film written and directed by Suresh Krissna. The film was produced by V. Thamilazhagan and V. Rajammal under the production banner Sathya Movies. The film stars Rajinikanth and Nagma in lead roles with Raghuvaran, Janagaraj and Vijayakumar playing supporting roles. The plot revolves around the life of an autodriver Manikkam, who stays away from violence but forced to show his violent side after his sister is attacked and his past life as a gangster is revealed. Principal photography of the film took place at AVM Studios and majority of the film was...
Some rooms are really bad.
All the feed just pours in
@NogShine that is great
full of bots in the sense, only main and meta feed. But users also joined conversation. I took active part there.
Turns off Bragging mode
haha okay
I am hungry now..
3:21 PM
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5:04 PM
Q: Inter-cultural relationship

anunhappyIndianI am from India, living in Germany for a long time now. I have liberal views, and most of my ideas align with the political left, here, in Europe. My parents, though, are from a traditional Indian background. In their case, they were married through arrangement and there is definitely a sense of ...

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6:08 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Hey there, Welcome to IPS! There are a lot of people from India including myself and those who aren’t, would like to help you out too. this is the prologue I thought.
medium.com/better-humans/… Found this helpful in general.
2 hours later…
8:23 PM
Q: Do I need to "walk on eggshells" about sensitive subjects (money, divorce) to preserve the relationship at work or can I talk freely?

user25009I realize this is a little more open ended than "how do I", but I'm hoping that there is an IPS answer to my (admittedly fuzzy) goal of "I want to interact freely with the involved people, without generating awkwardness on their side". Here's a couple of cases of 'awkward' interactions I have be...


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