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1:42 AM
Q: How to deal with spouse who carpools with you and works more hours than you?

GermaniaSomeone's spouse carpools with them as they work in the same workplace and wanted to save money from Uber rides, eliminate extra garage parking fees, didn't want to buy food outside, and one of the spouse's works more hours than them so the other spouse stays at the workplace after work has ended...

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4:41 AM
Q: How to indicate the lack of sarcasm online

AkangkaThis question is the exact opposite of this. Sometimes some of our words that are meant to be understood literally look like sarcastic. When we are indicating that we are sarcastic, we can use /s or /sarcasm. However, when we are indicating that we are honest, we can't simply omit it. (It may be ...

5:36 AM
Morning everyone!
Morning :)
6:15 AM
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8:12 AM
oh dear...
8:23 AM
You have broken the chain. Dishonor upon your cow!
I was also refraining from talking because I would break the chain but there ya go
Morning everyone
@CaldeiraG Honor upon your cow!
@Mithrandir :D
someone had to do it XD
8:42 AM
I love breaking people's dreams
9:12 AM
I don't understand your question because usually, sarcasm is actually based on truth so being sarcastic is telling the hard truth. Then you should add a more universally understandable example, because I have no idea what you are referring to. — Sqaq 13 secs ago
#22471 Sqaq (474 rep) | Q: How to indicate the lack of sarcasm online (score: -2) | posted 4 hours ago by Akangka (97 rep) | edited 1 minutes ago by Ælis (8105 rep) | Toxicity 0.22636846 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
@IPSCommentBot :(... And I really wanted to answer that one!
Invalid feedback type. Valid feedback types are tp, fp, rude, and wrongo
9:40 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan I like it now.
@ExtrovertedMainMan I need an answer for that question badly.
@NogShine There is one now :P
I'm going to be a bad mod today.
Not waiting to see if it gets closed, but just answering it!
Seriously, I've found that adding the word "seriously" at the beginning can help. Also, avoid using ellipses or leaving off the period at the end.
Seriously, that's great advice.
(doesn't really work for me, it seems :P)
Meh, I'll write an example expanding on why that works for me. Darn questions making me answer...
9:50 AM
I honestly think we can't judge the tone from a single message or sentence unless it is very obvious. What is sarcastic to one may not look sarcastic to others. Where is the line for sarcasm and just humour?
@Tinkeringbell Nice WikiHow link, this one can be very helpful for a lot of people on the autism spectrum (I don't personally need it, but I know people who would)
@Tinkeringbell I will read
@Mithrandir Jokingly, I've found that giving any indication on how to take it doesn't stop people from taking it however they believe is the funniest :p /s (the /s from /serious)
@NogShine I don't think there is a line, as people use sarcasm to be humourous. But it's a 'nasty' kind of humour, just like dark humour may miss its mark or carry a risk of upsetting people.
@Ælis Wikihow is very useful sometimes ;)
I like that it has quite some stuff about interacting with people, I've used the links to wikihow before :)
@Mithrandir That sounds good :)
@Tinkeringbell It is indeed, but I'm sometimes still amazed at how useful it can be. It's a great complement to the SE network IMO
9:57 AM
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, some take sarcasm in a negative way.
I think it happens when something more than context is taken into account.
@NogShine Luckily others take seriousness in a sarcastic way to compensate :p
@NogShine That's because it sometimes is to be taken like that. Take a look at the wikihow, the third point. Sarcasm can definitely be used as a personal attack.
@Tinkeringbell Is this the same article you linked in your answer?
It's not always just 'a fun way to point at people's flaws'
@NogShine Yes. Now point 3 and 4 both give examples that show there's someone being criticized, which is ... not good. There's a load of other ways of giving that feedback that don't get you into trouble ;)
@Tinkeringbell sarcasm doesn't get me in trouble. It get's people in trouble who can't handle my ignoring them :p
10:02 AM
@Imus Sure, you never get in trouble, because you're just awesome at ignoring your problems! :P
I know right ^^,
@Tinkeringbell Those examples are obviously sarcastic. I saw some instances where such harsh examples are no where used but taken as sarcasm.
@NogShine Well, then there's still something that can be improved upon ;)
Improved upon? Impossible.
Method 2 says to use vocal uses and emphasis. I think that is not possible online in chat.
@Tinkeringbell Oh! well, then there is other side who judged me too. ;)
10:05 AM
@NogShine True. You can't use everything in chat. But even then, you can probably structure your sentences in such a way that de-emphasizes certain bits.
For example, you can put Especially at the beginning of a sentence, or somewhere down the middle.
I especially like cake
Especially, I like cake
(Now I can only hope you read that with the emphasis on different words XD)
If you have a habit of reading books or novels. You can judge what is sarcasm and what is not even when there is no emphasis.
@NogShine Not saying there aren't some very long-toed people running around on the internet... but some people write down stuff that's very easily interpretable as sarcasm, even though they're very serious.
And I'm not going to blame someone for doing so, if I can read something both ways ;)
@Imus Yep, there are people who take seriousness as sarcastic or sometimes rude. Sometimes we have to blame voice and accent for that.
Cultural background and language proficiency are often barriers when it comes to sarcasm. Come to think of it, maybe I should've mentioned something about that in my answer.
@Mithrandir Yes, you should.
Adding a seriously in the beginning of a sentence indicates a grumpy mood or something is not really right (while giving feedback or a review) in my area.
@Tinkeringbell both ways are?
10:16 AM
@NogShine Sarcastic vs. serious.
@NogShine I don't think Dutch has a one-word equivalent for 'seriously' unless its 'serieus', but starting a sentence with that is not serious by default! :P
What if someone is seriously sarcastic, or sarcastically serious?
seriously sarcastic sounds like they might run into an r/a suspension on here soon :P
This can happen, yes
Some big words get stuck in mind if we read again and again. Some have a habit to use a newly learned word in a conversation. We tend to use those words while having conversation. This also can make the sentence look sentence very sarcastic even when we are serious. Language proficiency comes into scene now.
@JourneymanGeek Not good either way.
more seriously
tone is hard in words
well typed words
even if you're at first language level +++ are actually aware of things +++ can be a sarcastic person IRL
10:21 AM
So, all these to be considered while judging sarcasm online. A reason to prefer real life talks and phone calls. :P
Ewww, phone calls
Personally, I find it much easier to communicate through text, but that may not be a typical thing.
I use phone calls to my friends and family only. For others, text is the best option.
Always text, except when you need something from a construction company and don't want to give them the option of just ignoring the text
Emojis are helping us to judge obvious sarcasm. That's a plus point.
@Mithrandir Phone calls are hard and I know a lot of people who would agree with me. You loose the advantage of seeing the other person face and you can't take the time to think in order to make sure that what you will say won't be misinterpreted
10:26 AM
or just try to be serious unless its people who know you're sarcastic
@Ælis I don't like face-to-face either...
@Mithrandir Face-to-face can be hard too, but it's always easier than a phone call, IMO (depending on the context, I sometimes find text easier than face-to-face or the opposite)
@Ælis That's why there are so many problems of how to approach. typing questions seem to be lesser in number
@JourneymanGeek Yep, people don't generally expect sarcasm from strangers.
Well... on the internet, I think people kinda do.
10:35 AM
The internet is definitely a weird place, as people also call random strangers friends.
So then the sarcasm makes sense, coming from those, yeah.
@Tinkeringbell ten bucks it HNQs
I should've waited longer with editing/answering that question: It might've earned me a lifejacket.
@Mithrandir I hope not. I hate answering HNQ stuff, ties your moderator hands.
I thought this one was safe.
From the way things look now, I have a feeling it might....
Yeah, two answers and good scores. Bet it will.
Depending on how votes continue over the next two hours, we'll see.
10:38 AM
I won't be around if it hits HNQ. Got stuff to do :/
Don't forget everyone! Put up the comment! :P
@Tinkeringbell you don't like that badge?
@JAD I don't know. I only know that I now missed it, so it sort-of encourages bad behaviour ;)
It's... meh.
Better than the one it replaced, but still..
Oh, and apparently I got a lifejacket for this (it was for -2, not -5 like I thought).
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12:20 PM
Q: How to deal with new awkward sport partner without hurting his feelings?

AnnieI recently posted on a facebook page to find a partner to practice my favorite sport. Nothing romantic, i already have a boyfriend, i just want to practice my sport. Some guy agreed and we went practice the sport. He asked me if my boyfriend practiced the sport, told him no, that he doesn't like ...

Have you tried talking directly with this guy to say "hey, I'm just looking for a practice partner"? If he backed off, would you keep practicing with him, or do you really want to find a different partner? — DaveG 1 min ago
#22475 DaveG (6226 rep) | Q: How to deal with new awkward sport partner without hurting his feelings? (score: 0) | posted 11 minutes ago by Annie (1 rep) | edited 1 minutes ago by avazula (9524 rep) | Toxicity 0.22884971 | tps/fps: 0/0
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oh, wait
12:48 PM
well that happened :p
@IPSCommentBot good comment, i'm stuck on the same question
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gneu gneu gneu
I vote for the creation of new feedback entries
@IPSCommentBot What is wrongo?
o/ good morning
@ElizB Morning you!
1:04 PM
@avazula Hi lovely :)
How's it going? Today's my day off but it will be the last Monday that I have my day off. I will have days off on Thursdays and Fridays starting next week!
I'm also waiting (not really eagerly) for that time of the month to actually begin happening if you get what I mean
I just wanna get it over with
@ElizB yay, big weekends!
I'm good. Days are tiring, can't wait until we finally launch the product so that I can take some days off
@ElizB ugh. Those are the worst. Courage!
@avazula it's a little different this month because I'm off the hormonal stuff (birth control) now my body's trying to get back to some sort of normal, but it doesn't know what's normal lol
@ElizB I've been there lol. I was kinda allergic to hormones, my body couldn't handle them. I've been hormone-free for almost a year now. It's a relief and a change to accommodate at the same time lol
I'm having a bit of acne back like when I was 15 xD
@avazula huh, interesting. That's good that you found what fits you best
@avazula that's the reason I went on that
@Mithrandir ding ding ding @Tinkeringbell
1:11 PM
It's in there, but there haven't been any votes from there yet.
@ElizB yeah, my feelings were going crazy, my weight was everything but stable and my skin suffered from it a lot.
@avazula wow, yeah that's not good. I'm glad you're better now
@ElizB I'm mostly glad I found a doctor who accepted that I get an IUD :D
wasn't easy since I don't have any children yet
@avazula Yeah, some doctors are jerks that think they know best about our bodies. Good thing some doctors aren't.
kinda hard to find one who's not a jerk though
1:20 PM
protip: don't look in the dried meat section
@Mithrandir that took me far too long. Lol
@avazula aren't those hormone based as well?
Hahahaha good one @Mithrandir
Wheee i'm home alone all day. Hubby left for work :p
My kale is doing awesome
@JAD not necessarily. Mine only has copper.
1:48 PM
Curious - why is How to indicate the lack of sarcasm online too broad after the edit?
idonno, my vote was from before Tink's edits
@ElizB looks like you gave the final close vote. Would you mind sharing us your reasoning? :)
2:06 PM
@Imus Sure, I felt it was still too broad, as per the question statement of "What can I do to indicate.."
it felt something close to a "what should I do to do this?"
If it's not meant to be interpreted as such do let me know, I'm always learning how to best participate on this site :)
2:27 PM
@JAD It's closed now, so out of it again.
To me, it seems like the more important part of your method is giving a plausible explanation for expressed opinions, rather than using a different tone. I would assume someone usually wouldn't take the time to argue for something they're poking fun at. — Vaelus 58 secs ago
#22474 Vaelus (449 rep) | A: How to indicate the lack of sarcasm online (score: 6) | posted 4 hours ago by Arwen Undómiel (2612 rep) | edited 4 hours ago by Arwen Undómiel (2612 rep) | Toxicity 0.12674041 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
@ElizB It is broad, that's true. And it's borderline. I feel that in this case though, it's not asking 'what should I do' in the sense of 'you must make this choice between two things for me'. Or 'provide me with options to choose from' where the answers can be 'indicate sarcasm' as well as 'don't indicate sarcasm'.... That's why I edited and answered it :)
But I can see how people may feel it's too broad.
2:50 PM
@Tinkeringbell Ah, yeah that's understandable. When I see borderline I err on the side of closing it until it is definitely not borderline, if that makes any sense.
@ElizB it does to me
3:31 PM
Okay :)
4:18 PM
+1 "Contacting someone who doesn't want that contact, repeatedly, is harassment". If you continue to push her without regard of her feelings she will have legal grounds for a possible restraining order — BKlassen 1 min ago
#22464 BKlassen (1384 rep) | A: How to start a friendship with a girl I have a crush on and rejected me, when we had a big fight and stopped talking (score: 18) | posted 46 hours ago by MlleMei (2827 rep) | Toxicity 0.3015665 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["+1"]
4:51 PM
just sent a lengthy email to my professor for statistics outlining that she marked some of my answers wrong that were actually correct. it's so annoying how she's so nitpicky
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5:05 PM
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5:52 PM
I know it's off-topic, but I read first paragraph of your post and I'm really lost on what you're set to achieve. Could you elaborate or point to a blog post explaining what you expect to get from such behavior? It sounds like implicit shaming men for identifying with their gender, which I don't see as OK. — d33tah 2 mins ago
#10959 d33tah (101 rep) | A: How to remain gender ambiguous online? (score: 5) | posted 512 days ago by English Student (8606 rep) | edited 512 days ago by English Student (8606 rep) | Toxicity 0.138158 | Comment on inactive post | tps/fps: 0/0
6:04 PM
I just reviewed my exam with another classmate online and come to find out some answers that she got marked wrong were marked correct on my exam........ which is so annoying like now we're both questioning whether either one is correct.
this teacher is insane.
:/ That ... doesn't sound ideal, yeah...
So you think she marked wrong stuff right, and right stuff wrong?
yeah. also found out that classmate is taking vacation from work to try and pass the class
@Tinkeringbell something like that. scattered around.
That's insane indeed!
yep. Second time taking the class.
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8:19 PM
Q: What to talk about with long lost relative?

user1261710I'm 30 years old and have not seen my father since I was 10 years old. I found a name and address in the phone book that matched my grandfather's name. I've never met him. I wrote him a letter and lo and behold it's him. He emailed me back and wants to talk to me on the phone and is excited. E...


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