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In addition to these answers, I'd say that most of the time it is unlikely that the stomping will go away completely. As a result, in the future you must try to get a top floor apartment. As a last, I recommend getting a bluetooth speaker with bass, but not turned up high. Listen to"Rumble Works - Ambient Low Frequency Noisescape for Ten Hours" on youtube with bass about 50%. It is good at masking the stomps. Stomps are low frequency sounds so you need low frequency noise to effectively mask it. — Jarvis 14 secs ago
#8905 Jarvis (101 rep) | A: How can I get my upstairs neighbors to stop stomping on my ceiling? (score: 13) | posted 699 days ago by LinuxBlanket (9531 rep) | Toxicity 0.0 | Comment on inactive post | tps/fps: 0/0
Brown noise + gray noise with bass speakers is a great way to mask the stomping. It's been very helpful. And it doesn't have to be very loud to the point your neighbor can hear it. The physics of the acoustics allow it to work effectively at even low volume. I've become a near sound expert over the past 2 weeks because I am also dealing with a new tenant. I rather try to solve the issue using principles of sound waves before going any further. — Jarvis 2 mins ago
#8901 Jarvis (101 rep) | A: How can I get my upstairs neighbors to stop stomping on my ceiling? (score: 2) | posted 699 days ago by Selvek (163 rep) | Toxicity 0.0 | Comment on inactive post | tps/fps: 0/0
It's unlikely that you can get a carpenter to modify any apartment complex. That's likely something not allowed in your lease. But you can install sound insulation foam panels that can easily be taken down once your lease expires. Most complexes allow something like that. You may need assistance to help you put them on the ceiling depending on your comfort. — Jarvis 20 secs ago
#8901 Jarvis (101 rep) | A: How can I get my upstairs neighbors to stop stomping on my ceiling? (score: 2) | posted 699 days ago by Selvek (163 rep) | Toxicity 0.0 | Comment on inactive post | tps/fps: 0/0
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6:38 AM
Hey everyone. :)
How was your weekend, @dhein?
@AJ Hey :) Oh it was great. I watched on friday after years my favorite movie again with a guest that visited me. Saturday I was playing DnD and we had a really great roleplaying session. And saturday I was playing a new video game I just started last week and had inbetween interesting chats with friends. So yeah.... How was yours? :)
@dhein Pretty relaxing. Watched the latest episodes of Young Sheldon and The Mandalorian. Slept during the afternoon. Collided the bike two times while traveling across the town (the first one was someone else's mistake and the second one was on me) in the evening.
6:47 AM
@AJ Weird definition of relaxing you have considering the collisions :D But The Mandalorian seems to be good, as I keep hearing about it? But glad you relaxed :)
@dhein Well, it happened during the evening. The rest of the day was relaxing. ;) Also I will not get to ride the bike for a week now.
The Mandalorian is good. Though it may or may not contain references to the upcoming Star Wars movie, but still I'd not want to miss them.
7:10 AM
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/23667/32 Hmmm could anyone verify my last comment I made there? If someone disagrees with what I stated there, I might have to make a meta post asking about it, or at least looking for one clarifying it.
7:31 AM
@dhein if I understand correctly your issue is that the answerer used "I would" and it let you think that they haven't faced something similar before and therefore should not answer right?
From my understanding they didn't face the exact same situation but they faced something similar. So, purely speaking in terms of policy, they have the right to do so. Now, they use "I would" so we might think they didn't use that particular approach to solve the similar issue they faced. This is not okay, I agree.
So what we need to know now is whether they actually used that approach... Which I think they did upon re reading the answer. We just need to make that clear.
Also, morning everyone :) I'm off today, yay!
7:48 AM
@avazula No, not directly, well yes and no. My point is, while I tried to avoid directly accusing them of it to avoid confrontation, that the first paragraph is just an opener to suite the policy. So they say "I was once in a similiar situation with a friend" and treat it like an entry ticket to being allowed now answering with their not backed up opinion.
Well in that case if you think it's unclear how to events are related, maybe you might ask them to tell more about said similar situation?
But instead of answering what they would do in this situation. Which is only suggestions again, they should instead answer what they did in their situation rather what they would do if they had been in this situation. As just claiming "I was once in a similiar situation" Is from how I get it not neccesarily a related situation. Or at least only they would know. So I was assuming it would be better to answer in terms of what they did. Not what they would do here.
As that way one would be able to figure themselfs if they find it really relevant and make their own conclusions on that.
If that makes any sense
@avazula But in their comment they stated the very opposite, or did I misread that? From how I got their first comment, it stated, that this is NOT what they did, since the situation they refer to was not similar and what they suggest here wasn't applicable that way in their situation.
So if I didn't get the comment wrong, I take it as this answer has actually no backup.
Morning o/
@avazula Thats what I just did (or at least tried? dunno if I was clear enough). Since I would find it better if they just would answer what they did, rather than what they would do. As in that case it would be backed up.
And if it turns out that what they did, has nothing really similiar with what OP asks for, I would find an not helpfull answer better by our policys than a answer that seems to be helpfull but untruly claims to be backed up. At least as said thats my point of you by my understanding of our policy. But I might be getting something wrong here.
@Mithical Nice pink hair! And the stars are really cool too!
@dhein If it helps, I agree with you
7:57 AM
It's PURPLE!!!
@Ælis It does help. Thank you :)
@Mithical Nah, that's because it's the night. I'm sure it would be pink if you had choose a sunny background :p
The hats seems to be a bit harder than I anticipated x) (for someone who is kinda of a lurker)
@CaldeiraG Well, some are impossible to gain on IPS, but last years was the same, so...
(But I should be going to work now, instead of chatting with you all :p )
@Ælis Pretty much xD
8:02 AM
@Ælis Then better hush hush :D
Enjoy your day :)
8:38 AM
Good morning! :)
9:24 AM
A: Winter Bash 2018 Knitting

gnostradamusSome of us MATLAB dorks decided to try and figure out how to automatically format a picture to upload to the knitting tool. After balpha gave us a hint, we realized that much of what we were doing was pointless. It turns out that you can upload any picture as long as it is a given size: 442 pixel...

knit-rolled! :p
good morning fellow humans
and cats @IPSCommentBot
@IPSCommentBot i messed up your syntax so give us a cat :)
@IPSCommentBot u ded? gief cat
plz :)
user image
improvise, adapt, overcome
9:57 AM
@Belle aaww
Q: When girlfriend says he's talking to brother whereas she is talking to her ex-boyfriend

Raj MallhotraBackground: Indian: There's a Girl - Juhi & Boy - Tapan. They both met in college and had a relationship for 7 or odd years. Lived in the same city. They both have an age difference of 1 year. Tapan is right now of 30 & Juhi of 29. They thought of getting married but there were some complicati...

not even on hold... just closed
10:13 AM
So, hum, I may want to gain some edit related badge (those winter hats are really nice). So, if you see me "flood editing" too much, just tell me ^^
@Ælis If you only do a few old ones and focus on the questions on the first page already, it shouldn't be an issue :)
as long as they are good edits i don't see an issue with that tbh
@Belle The issue might be with my definition of "few" ^^
@AlexRobinson imo, old questions flooding the first page can be an issue. Questions are generally only active on the first page, so pushing active questions off pushes them into inactivity too soon.
ohhh i see
how many edits are we talking about here
10:23 AM
@AlexRobinson 50 "regular" edit and 3 edit on inactive posts (more than 6 months)
@AlexRobinson Don't worry, I'm not (really) planning on doing them all today :p
@Ælis Where'd you get the idea that that's a hat trigger?
@AlexRobinson because most of the questions over on SO (I believe they only focused on that) that get on-hold don't get reopened often enough
So, in a way, they "encourage" you to ask a new question
@Tinkeringbell 'Cause it will give me a silver badge (Archeologist) and a golden one (Copy-editor) ^^
10:31 AM
@CaldeiraG that makes sense for SO where every 2 minutes there's a full page of questions asked, but not so much here on IPS?
A: New Post Notices are live network-wide

theforestecologiststatus-declined; see Shog9's comment on another feature request The dupe posts really seem to de-emphasize the idea of editing one's post to improve it. Instead, the posts seem to emphasize just askign a new question altogether. Example: Your post has been associated with similar questio...

oh whoops
i was reading heck
wrong topic x)
Worth noting here that editing has a terrible success rate for duplicates. There's already edit guidance - the asker is asked to edit the question after the first vote or flag arrives, and this does a lot of good... But after the question is closed, edits rarely do anything beyond clogging the reopen queue. Part of the problem here is that we don't give a lot of guidance specific to this situation to askers when they're editing - but we do provide this when they're asking! We'll review the data on this after its been live for a while & watch for unintended consequences. — Shog9 ♦ Nov 4 at 16:11
there ya go
i got the wrong thing X)
@Ælis Ahhh... well, don't you have a question/answer that's scoring close to 100? That might be better than 50 edits XD
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/18203/… < Perhaps people can help you out there ;)
@CaldeiraG it feels like SE rushing a feature in an attempt to look more corporate, but if anything it does the opposite imo
10:39 AM
Related comment on a related answer on this same question. "We are not changing the language in this release to be more clear about reopening paths (as had been in the previous language) simply because practically no closed posts ever actually get reopened. Instead, we are going to be focusing on alternate UX work that will encourage reopening. This should be included in an upcoming project." — Rubiksmoose 2 days ago
A: New Post Notices are live network-wide

Cœurfeature-request status-deferred "On Hold" had been used to label recently closed questions. [...] we have removed this label. All Closed posts are now labeled as Closed but only the label has changed. Edits within the first five days will still put the question in the reopen queue. In the p...

@Tinkeringbell What a terrible mod you are, asking people to upvote some random post! :p I was also thinking I could edit this question so that I get my 2500 view missing, but that probably won't do it ^^
I think I found it now :D
@Ælis Yeah, that's a lot of views, an edit won't fix that ;) And recommending good posts is slightly more acceptable during winter bash ;)
@AlexRobinson Yea, don't forget SO is the only one generating the profit
@CaldeiraG it blows my mind that some of the secondary, large sites like super user, math overflow etc don't have as many ads
10:44 AM
@AlexRobinson I believe math overflow is a bit of a special duck anyways...
oh yeah for sure, but it seems like a website with lots of visits - something i might want to reach as a company
@Tinkeringbell I don't know. This was one of the first answers I ever wrote and, reading it back, I kind of think that it's missing a good backup for personal experience or external sources :/ I probably should edit it to make it better, which will push it to the front page and hopefully award me those missing upvote ^^
9.8m views/day vs 618k views per day (SO vs SU)
@Ælis Go for it :P
even if they added more ads, it wouldn't get as profitable
10:47 AM
so? it'd still be more income than zero
Sure thing
You also need to think about adblockers ;)
and inappropriate ads all over SE
since the tool to customize them is still not done
@CaldeiraG i use them everywhere, but i know i am not everyone
I use it at home and installed on my work pc 2 weeks ago (was trying what it is like with no adblocker), the amount of ads is insane these days
You know what people? You have now before you, the first Archeologist of IPS! interpersonal.stackexchange.com/help/badges/74/archaeologist
@CaldeiraG particularly if you are me, working on a dual core intel system, it has a real performance hit
@Ælis congrats!!
10:53 AM
@Ælis congrats :) nice hat too
@CaldeiraG Well, I'm a bit disappointed by the fact that I already win this one last year. But the unicorn one look super cool *-*
@Ælis I will get that and thus the hat on Apple, soon.
@Ælis yay :p
Nov 28 at 11:29, by CaldeiraG
user image
@CaldeiraG wowie
11:01 AM
@CaldeiraG That whole page is an ad!
@Belle I know right
This is why i installed an adblocker on the work computer
I installed adblock originally because of ads with sounds. I would regularly open a few tabs to look at later and at some point one would start making sounds.... shudder
Clicking through 20 tabs to find the noisy one is the worst
i think i originally installed it on my home pc because of double unskippable yt ads...
11:21 AM
By the way, I've been wanting to ask a question about something that has been bothering me... In an online game I play, there's someone who constantly wants to play together with me. He doesn't seem to realize that I'm much more ahead in this game than him and that playing together is more of a constant helping him for me, because the levels he thinks are hard offer nothing of worth to me. I don't mind helping him occasionally, but as soon as I'm online, he invites me to a group.
I just feel so rude even considering asking this question...
But I get really fed up spending all my free time helping him instead of advancing my own account. And I don't know how to ask it without sounding rude.
@Belle Nothing is rude about that at all :) Actually it is even a important thing to know, as one should be able to justify valuing their own time. Even being it just for time being spent in a video game. I think its a quite good idea.
Would be important to know, tho what your goal here is. Making him stop asking/demanding? Avoid the situation? Trying to make him understand?
@Belle would he reasonably know that helping him is a hindrance to you? do you consider this person a friend? what is / isn't a possible outcome here?
I'd like to get most of my own time back without hurting his feelings. He's not aware of the difference in skill and advancement between us and I don't really want to tell him "I don't want to play with you because you're bad". I don't see that ending well :P
@Belle Well, that makes it even less rude if you asked me. ^^
then i'd recommend educating them about how the game changes as you advance, take the time to show them that you are and want to play a very different game compared to the game at his level
then hopefully, when you say that you'd like to play by yourself, they'll understand it a lot more
11:32 AM
And what if you were just playing your content and invite him to join you? Would it be noticeable due to whom this fails? So he might realise without you ahving to point it out? Or would that not work that way?
@dhein I fear everyone else would notice (it's a group thing) but he wouldn't. And it would inconvenience at least 3 other people. I don't think that's going to work.
@AlexRobinson That might work. He's currently on a break of the game, so I could try that when he gets back. I think that might push him out of the game completely, since I met him in a different game and I think he switched to this one to play with me mostly, but that's up to him. I don't really want to be friends with him because of stuff that happened in the past.
makes sense. tbh it could probably make a decent IPS question if you'd be willing to post it in our required format
Minor off-topic rant: AAARGH my code-gen doesn't work because the project doesn't compile because there's a syntax error in generated code that would be fixed after running the code-gen
@AlexRobinson I thought that was the initial idea. :D Thats why I pointed out it might be a good question :P
Basically: my code doesn't compile because my code doesn't compile. Chicken-egg situation.
11:44 AM
how does that even happen....
Generated code, that's how :P
@Belle People like this are usually seeking for a boost on their level so it makes easier if they invite someone with more skill to play with them. That's not a issue for a while but then it gets very repetitive as they are used to getting boosted. The solution here is to simply explain to them how can they become a better player
tactics, ways to do X, efficiency, etc. This takes time though
You can ignore them too x)
I'm mostly a solo player for those reasons
Once you get used to play with someone it looks like you can't play the game when they are gone
in the online game i currently play the most, i've hit the soft cap - i can still learn things about the game, but i can't "level up" or any equivalent. I rather enjoy teaching less good players as long as they are willing to listen
12:01 PM
The game I'm currently playing that is based on levels is GTA V Online xD
it is difficult at first but once you get the pace it will feel repetitive as heck
i was really disappointed with GTA V online
let me be clear, i started playing in september and i played through the story - mostly loved it apart from the fact that the whole FBI blackmail thing dragged out a bit. then there's online. you start with even less than in the story mode and its even harder to get anywhere meaningful... it was just really underwhelming with poor performance
oh, and heck the loading times, every time it crashed i'd just stop playing for the day
@AlexRobinson All I heard of it sounded like a grind. Didn't even try it.
grind combined having to deal with other players
it is really
@CaldeiraG I don't get the impression that's the case here. He seems to genuinely want to play with me. Perhaps a bit obsessively...
i have played grindy games, but they make it fun
in GTA V online, you get a pistol and thats it. trying to get meaningful cash is difficult and it isn't fun compared to solo where you can get big money, nice guns and nice cars
12:06 PM
@AlexRobinson I played MapleStory for a long time. There's something calming about killing 1 million monsters in a circle for an hour to level up.
@AlexRobinson Played the story on the PS3, pretty cool; got GTA V this summer too for multiplayer but it takes about 10 minutes to load everything which is not too bad; FiveM in comparison 20+ minutes
@AlexRobinson The games crashes a lot but I've only noticed more crashes when I'm playing with friends (joining CEO's, MC's back and forth)
@CaldeiraG five minutes is still too much, even though its better than 20
i play payday where i can get into a heist within best part of a minute from launch - and thats on an hdd not some nvme drive
@AlexRobinson I have a pretty old pc so it's kinda reasonable, i go watch a video or scroll on social media for that time
@AlexRobinson Loading times are faster but not for much, atleast for me
i'm like 90% sure loads are tied to storage not cpu/gpu
Big fan of PD2 but without friends it sucks
@AlexRobinson Probably, ps3 loadings were slow as heck too
I just didn't buy the PS4 version because I don't own one x)
and PS5 is releasing next year so shrugs
12:12 PM
PS4 and xbox one are locked to 24fps in gta v... i don't understand how its playable
@AlexRobinson Really? :o
players of those consoles don't care either
i'm used to 80-144 depending on the location in GTA, and it looks gorgeous
30-40 here, as I said, crappy PC xD
it's playable
most of my games do 30-40 fps so I got used to it
whats in your pc again?
and a GT 740 x)
8gb RAM, SSD for OS, HDD for the rest
12:16 PM
thats the thing, 5 years ago that would've been a modest system
slap a second hand 1070 in it and it'll run a hell of a lot better
I'm concerned about the CPU tho
I could upgrade it to a i5-3470
not sure if it's worth the price tag
@AlexRobinson yep, mostly harddisk vs SSD
What about spending a bit more and getting an AMD Ryzen 5 2600X?
@Belle would need new mobo which makes it all the more expensive
@Belle That's the catch there
12:20 PM
@AlexRobinson I know, that's the "more" part. The chip itself is cheaper.
Upgrading anything would require everything new
I could buy a PC but I'm still trying to delay that purchase
a pretty good build for budget whilst maintaining upgradability would be a b450 mobo + ryzen 1600, and something like a second hand 970
I could build a machine out of second hand parts, I wouldn't mind, the thing is most deals here are not very good and get them from eBay will cost quite a bit because of shipping
12:23 PM
Yeah Europe is not so great for parts... especially not Portugal. I actually bought most of my parts in the US while I was on vacation there.
i'm only using 970 as an example, new GPU's are selling hot and old GPU's are becoming increasingly abundant
idk, i'm in the uk and you can get a used 1080 for ~£330 which is a solid deal
Well I found a 1080 for 310€ second hand which is not too bad
CPU was 400 in NL, 200 in US. Mobo was 350 in NL, 180 in US. GPU was 400 in NL, 350 in US. Total savings: 420 euro.
i payed i think 300 flat for my 2060 because i had to pay a deposit or something that eventually got refunded... but it's fantastic in price / performance as its on some nice silicon and was very susceptible to overclocking
12:44 PM

there is a good underlying question here about saying no and establishing boundaries, though i'm concerned that those sorts of edits might have to come from OP. would it be ok to try to edit it to make it on topic?
I'd say edit and leave a comment explaining what and why
1:07 PM
Woop, someone checked in code that doesn't compile.... T.T
thats very epic
@Belle If the flight didn't cost 500+ €, I wouldn't hesitate to go visit the US
@CaldeiraG It was more of a if you already have reasons to go there thing :)
Other than checking out what's like there, no other reasons :p
I'll start travelling to Europe instead since I never got out of Portugal (i went to some places on Spain near the border but I live by the sea so yea :D
i'm relatively well travelled
1:40 PM
Any reason why our Sandbox doesn't have the faq tag? @Tink @EmC
earlier this morning i tried a faster method of completing my work that saved ~30 minutes... now it has backfired and caused a headache for our sysadmin and i dont know how to feel about it
@Ælis It's not really a faq?
I must admit I don't know ;)
@Tinkeringbell It's not really a FAQ, but it still is super helpful. I think it should have the tag
Oh the hats have started
@Rainbacon Yep. If you see me doing more edit than usual, it's because of it ^^'
1:52 PM
I may or may not have just gone hunting for 10 or so good questions to upvote so that I could get the unicorn hat
@Ælis Do we have a list of faq posts, is it linked there?
@Tinkeringbell This?
@Tinkeringbell It does link to something that link to the Sandbox. But I still find this process a bit weird ^^
@Ælis Oh, that's cool too: There's a post that explains what the sandbox is and how to use it, that links to it. I think that's a better FAQ entry than just linking the sandbox :)
@Rainbacon I may or may not have decided that the best way to get this unicorn thing was to do 50 edits x) (alternatively, I could edit this answer of mine and wait for 5 more upvote)
@Ælis woah, you were fast on editing that answer i just commented :P
1:58 PM
@CaldeiraG Well, you pinged me ^^
Yeah, didn't expect an change so quickly :)
Q: How to politely ask for a price for a commision, when I only intend to ask?

VylixI wanted to ask for a price for a commission from an artist. However, what's on my budget is lower than what I think the commission would be worth, hence I intend to only ask for the price and not buy the service. I am extremely worried that just stating my budget will offend or discourage the ar...

Nice Q&A set :D
I'm not close to any gold badge :(
Except maybe one of my answers that has 94 upvotes
If you don't share it, you're never going to get those last 6 ;)
wait, you guys are posting answers
2:09 PM
Ah, that already has mine!
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/10979/… < That's mine that's closest to reaching 100
@AlexRobinson Yep!
@Tinkeringbell 3 upvotes to go!
hmm, my closest is at 88 :O
@JAD Oof, that's going to be a though one!
@Tinkeringbell it's on an old question of yours: interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/6817/…
My highest is at 70
2:13 PM
@JAD Yeah, I already upvoted that one too...
@Rainbacon my highest is at 423, I don't think I can get much more out of that one XD
My highest is 4 :'( XD
I don't mind
my highest is undefined :)
I will be lucky if i get any hat XD
@JAD That's probably the highest voted post on IPS
Wow, I didn't realize we had so many answers with such high vote counts
good old HNQ days
Yeah, there's definitely a difference in having it stay in there for 3 days vs. a week :D
And my answer did a pretty good job catering to the HNQ crowd tbh
you know when you find a one character typo?
and you have to meet the min. character criteria for an edit
2:20 PM
I generally leave a comment if it's a bad typo
i normally find some way to edit the formatting to get the character requirement
that's also good if it actually improves the post :)
the one character edit is the improvement, but it often ends up being preference rather than strict improvement
There was an important email I needed to send for a few weeks already and I kept pushing it forward because I dreaded the response, which only made matters worse. I guess nearly everyone here can relate...
i really should fix my procrastination, i'll get to it later
2:30 PM
So I finally sent the email this morning starting with "First I want to apologize for not sending this email sooner. I'm autistic and these things are really difficult for me.". I got a very friendly response back, which started with, "I'm proud of you for sending the email after all." From a person I don't even know personally :)
2:55 PM
@Belle Oh, that's very nice!
@Tinkeringbell It's not backed up >< (it's kind of sadening to go through all those all answers that aren't up to today criteria :/ )
@Belle That's nice :)
Thanks for the bump on the answer that needs upvotes @Ælis :P
3:13 PM
@Belle I'm always happy to help someone get a hat :p
Oof, found a 17 upvote wrong answer on a HNQ question as the only answer
A: Black screen for 1-2 seconds while alt-tabbing a fullscreen game or using a Windows key

Vincent CunninghamThis is normal for exclusive fullscreen games. It has to reinitialize DirectX and have it take over the display again. Try using Borderless Windowed instead of Fullscreen if the game supports it if you don't want to have this issue. I'm not sure why this would happen when changing the volume how...

Left a comment explaining why it is wrong
3:29 PM
huh, i was convinced that was correct
well i'll retract my updoot if thats possible
Yeah, it sounds very convincing, but it's essentially "try this".
the alt tabbing thing does ring true for... well lots of things
3:55 PM
@Belle I don't want to prove you wrong but did you actually check that it's wrong?
Because some borderless windowed games for me behaves like fullscreen, they take some seconds to display it
Does the hat giving script lag behind the badge giving script?
(i'm not a fan of WoW so I can't tell)
@Rainbacon i'd imagine it would only check for hats after badges yeah
4:23 PM
@CaldeiraG Yes. I play wow regularly and have a dual monitor setup so it's easy to verify.
@Belle you don't come to Gaming SE ?
or its chat
@ankii Not really. I only got to that question because of HNQ
4:41 PM
I just posted my first ever knitting
My knitting came out slightly freakily.
@Rainbacon You did that by hand? Impressive.
@Ælis that's a very silly rule. something must be verified by yourself, or you can say you did something once. Community wikis aren't rules, they're guidelines. As the asker, I have no want or need for an anecdote, or outside sources. — tuskiomi 50 mins ago
5:01 PM
@Ælis eh. I replied but will try to remember to delete as NLN later
I thought we're not deleting answers from before May 2018 or something?
I think the meta result was put notices on them instead
5:16 PM
@Mithical Do other people do it not by hand?
6:02 PM
My knitting contribution (I think you will like it @AGirl and @Alex ^^ )
@Rainbacon There are ways. (:
6:51 PM
@Ælis ohhh nice!
yall making me want to knit something
But I don't know what
7:35 PM
It's been awfully quiet today
I'm still here :)
That's why it's so quiet. Everyone's afraid of the parrot in the corner
Ah. I'll hide then ;)
Sharp beaks and talons are scary
Yeah, I know.
Sorry, I've been chatting in the Tavern all day again and forgetting about y'all :(
7:48 PM
Yeah, I'm afraid I've been rather focused on MSE as well...
I mean, I should probably be more focused on my failing test cases than IPS chat, but you know, priorities
@Mithical Well, last night I realized I wanna stay away from the Tavern
@Rainbacon You think that's bad, you should take a look at the Puzzling.SE game rooms... the things people push off...
@M.A.R. I can't say I blame you
Just the peaceful melancholy of other chats
Meanwhile, can someone tell me how S. cerevisiae resembles prokaryotes in any way? This is driving me nuts.
@M.A.R. You're always welcome here :)
7:53 PM
(/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ┻━┻
@M.A.R. Ehhh.. isn't the first one an eukaryote?
@Tinkeringbell I think that's why Mar is confused
It is, but our teacher implied it's some sort of a linker, something in between, and I haven't been able to find anything satisfactory
God . . . these cryptic teachers
How's life?
Kinda boring actually... except for the regular fights with mom over wardrobe choices.
We're going out soon and 'I need fancy clothes'.
Clothes are the worst
7:57 PM
@M.A.R. Is it the asexual reproduction? :P
Sorry... that's all wikipedia gives me XD
Ha, well that's complicated
@M.A.R. Well, I do like wearing clothes... just not the kind that mom considers 'fancy'.
But they usually undergo meiosis and their asexual reproduction is different from bacteria anyway
"usually" meaning researchers screw them over until they have no other choice. Is there no end to slavery?
I'm sorry. I never had much biology classes so I'd say... they're all tiny, they all reproduce asexually, and they can all cause you to get ill.
@M.A.R. Poor single celled organisms :(
Lemme push the boundaries. If testing things on mice is awful, then how come no one is talking about Baker's yeast or E. coli?
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