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3:03 AM
Where my dogs at @chump
3 hours later…
5:38 AM
Q: How to talk reasonably to a stubborn person without turning them into a disaster?

BlackCrystalmy best friend, Liz, she is shy ,introvert and has anxiety so sometimes she asks me when i have free time To accompany her in parties, shopping and doing stuff so she feel more comfortable with me around. i like to be there for her. there's this friend of her (let's call her FA) that is sometim...

Q: How to handle someone who never gets important stuff done

FrankI have problems with my girlfriend taking forever to get stuff done. To the point where it really causes problems in our relationship. She took forever to get her passport (we almost missed a massive holiday if I didn't literally drag her to a passport station) She took forever to get her drive...

2 hours later…
7:52 AM
@Belle Ah, so it's dual screen your setup
That is why is not affecting you
Lets have some cat @chump :D
You aren't answering me :'(
Morning here though :D
Morning :)
Nvm Belle, the other answer on the question explains it quite nicely :)
8:37 AM
Morning :)
Morning from India
8:49 AM
@CaldeiraG Yeah, the second answer seems more likely. It's bothersome how many people are just claiming random stuff over there... WoW Classic needing a "old windows emulator"? It runs on the same engine as "retail".
9:03 AM
@Belle Yeah xD
9:14 AM
Red dot on IPS First Posts review queue
Me: Well, that queue must be with a lot of stuff in it!
The queue: 1 question that I already submitted an edit before
There was also a reopen review item. Can you see those yet?
@Belle Nope :\
need 2k for that I believe?
9:32 AM
@TanviPagare hey!
PEEPS! Manners? New face in chat and no one says hi?
Oh wait... not you Belle, you did ;)
9:46 AM
I won an internet argument today. That's like a double rainbow.
I added some backup to my almost 100 upvote answer. I hope it goes well with the rest of my post (@Tink If you want to take a look and tell me what you think?)
10:12 AM
@Ælis (I already upvoted it XD)
I'll look later today, I'm fixing a pretty stubborn bug with a tracer right now :(
10:28 AM
@Ælis +1 ;p
I hope you guys didn't miss me :P because chrome was stuck at clearing browsing data and making everything slow
Eventually I restarted the browser and all the data was gone
why did you get stuck chrome ¯_(ツ)_/¯
@CaldeiraG you need two backslashes for that one
10:46 AM
@Belle Ah thanks :)
Why though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
\ sometimes is a character with meaning, specifically an escape character, so you need to escape it to place it, which you do with another \
And Chrome is weird sometimes :P
11:37 AM
microsoft outlook has been buggy all day eugh
9 messages moved to Trash
and is still refusing to update our shared mailbox... fantastic
12:30 PM
I love this app xD it's just a watchfaces app for my Mi Band 4 lol
Does it work on the 3 as well?
12:45 PM
@CaldeiraG yeah, IPS is small enough that we use a red dot for any item in a review queue
I don't know but I don't think so because of the colored watchfaces but the app Notify and Fitness should have watchfaces for it, never had one to try, this is my first one
@Rainbacon I noticed xd
Is this common among beta websites or it's just here?
1:12 PM
Q: Polite way to do smoking

Allen HaleyWhen I want to smoke with my senior, how can I say? I've tried many things but I don't think they're correct way. "Would you like to take a smoking?" "Lets smoke." "Will you please smoke with me?" How to say politely for smoking?

I buy myself lunch today. Then I get back to work with it and realize I was unable to eat it (because of my eating disorder quicking in). Thankfully, a coworker was kind enough to switch food with me so that we could both eat. Long story short, eating disorder are fun (no)...
1:27 PM
you wanna know whats genuinely hilarious? i just got a silver badge and i STILL have yet to post an answer or question
@AlexRobinson Congrats! :p
10 people starred my messages in here ;P
@AlexRobinson Well, your procrastination joke was a nice one :p
why thank you ^^
@AlexRobinson can I see that anywhere?
or it's just the hat that triggered it?
1:29 PM
silver badge - have ten people star your messages. this then triggers a hat for earning a silver
oh alrighty
this is amazing
HA IPS comment bot has it
@CaldeiraG I think it's common on beta sites, but I can't confirm this since IPS is the only beta site I have review queue privileges on
@AlexRobinson :p
@Rainbacon I see :)
@Ælis late to the party but i love it!!!
1:32 PM
@AlexRobinson Thanks :D
Ooh, the options on the close question dialog have been updated!
@Rainbacon Yep, I was like "where is my 'too broad' reason?" ^^
new question is phrasing and already has an NAA answer
Also, this unicorn hat suits you very nicely @Rain
Oh, Thanks!
1:35 PM
hats for everyone!
welp, my lunch break is over, so i hope everyone has a wonderful afternoon!
I got a second hat, but it doesn't look as good
I must say, I find the silver badge hat kind of ugly ^^ (which is why I'm not wearing it)
Ugh, back in the conference room at the client's office today. I hate Tuesdays for this reason. Very cramped space and poor ventilation so they get super hot
1:56 PM
@Rainbacon I have a meeting with my manager in 5 minutes... I'm soooo sleepy and yawning every 30 seconds :(
Oh well.
var Tink = new Tinkeringbell();
There ya go. That should stop the yawns
Hahaha thanks :)
I guess by now even espresso with a boatload of sugar won't help though... Trust me, I tried.
@Tinkeringbell when I was in my late teens, I once worked myself up to a 12 hour caffeine and sugar rush.
probably would have lasted longer if we hadn't had a 24 km route march
2:26 PM
i'm just lucky the glasses fall on the eyes of the panther in my pic
@AlexRobinson You do know that you can resize and reposition the hats right?
... i do now
on an unrelated note: i just got a text from the stem cell donor organisation... i'm excited lol
2:50 PM
good morning all :)
@AlexRobinson to donate..? (can adults even do that?)
@EmC sure.
@EmC mhm! there are stem cells in your bone marrow
IIRC its from your bones. Its cord blood stem cells that's from babies, ands the use of that is slightly debatable if memory serves
huh! interesting
@JourneymanGeek yeah, that's the only one I remembered
If I recall correctly its often extracted from the hip bone?
2:55 PM
Wasn't it femur?
i thought it was femur though i can't recall too clearly
@AlexRobinson I think it might depend on the countries because in here it's from the spine
3:07 PM
3:38 PM
@JourneymanGeek "slightly debatable" ... Depends on where you live, I guess...
3:56 PM
Q: How to convince younger brother to participate in helping me and others instead of being too focused to something?

Mundane GelatineI. So, what happened? I fought my younger brother when he flat out told me that whatever my brother's doing at the moment is much more important than any problems that are not his and that it is too much of a hassle to even "open his door's room for me to pick up a few tools from his room" (said...

There might be a nugget of a good question in there, but it's going to take some work. If anyone's up to leave some good comments
I'm mostly just up to getting remote debug set up so that I can stop having to step through pdb on the command line in my docker container
Hey, that was fortuitous timing
4:48 PM
I had a very big thinky think and I decided to cancel my enrollment in the "brick" university
But I enrolled in an online university :D and I made a plan. I'm going to study at 1/3 of the normal speed, so 9 years.
Awesome! I hope it works for you!
Thanks! I hope so too.
Changed your name again?
I did! I never meant the other name to be global. I updated globally and then had to wait a month before I could fix it.
5:05 PM
@scohe001 its way too broad, i've made it more legible, but OP would need to clarify which question they want answered
i also left an ok comment
@brug In such cases... If it's just one or two sites, you can always ask a friendly neighborhood mod if they'd help out fixing it ;)
5:21 PM
Lux made a good edit to scrap the really off topic question
Not usually a fan of all the holiday stuff, but this one was particularly good gnu.org/fun/jokes/santa_comes_to_town.html
@Tinkeringbell I know. It was twelve sites and I didn't hate the name. Seemed like too much of a burden to ask of someone for something I didn't mind.
@scohe001 hahah I lost it at grep naughty >coal
@scohe001 That was great. can anyone explain: lpr why for me tho? It was the only line I didn't get.
@brug lpr is a legacy echo. Basically just a print statement
So "telling you 'why'" by printing "why" :p
5:32 PM
Or maybe it's a legacy cat? I think it reads a file actually and hands it to the linux print daemon (lpd) to print? I was looking it up as you asked since that was the one part I didn't get either lol but I'm only confusing myself more at this point
Yeah, looks like it will can send things to physical printers to be printed?
OH. That makes more sense. Guess I just assumed linux print daemon was for printing to screen. I'm a dummy. So it's printing a physical copy of the why file then lol
i think
1 hour later…
6:41 PM
Q: I dislike children. How can I avoid alienating friends who have had children?

The HagenI have never liked children or wanted any of my own. I understand how it feels to find something extremely cute and adore something at first sight (I get this feeling with many animals), however when it comes to human babies and children, all I feel is at best a complete absence of emotion, or wo...

@ExtrovertedMainMan Heh, they watched Baby Geniuses
Hmm, I'm starting to think that the vscodevim plugin might actually just be a useless piece of junk
No junk is useless
user image
Thought you might find this funny
@avazula Amazing!
6:53 PM
I love it
7:22 PM
Hey guys, how's everyone been? :D
I love the autism causes vaccines meme!
@TheTinyMan I'm really hot. But otherwise ok. How are you?
I've been spectacular! Work is going well, things with my new partner are going amazingly, and people keep telling me I'm good at my job! :P
@TheTinyMan That sounds great!
@Rainbacon oof what's it doing?
@scohe001 It was refusing to let me override keybindings that are native to vscode. I did finally figure it out. When you remap keys to a seuqence, you have to separate each individual key in the sequence you are mapping to. It's really obnoxious
I spent like an hour and a half just getting it to let me create a keyboard shortcut to add the necessary lines of code to enable my remote debugger
7:36 PM
Oh yeesh
Setup for anything tech related is always a hassle :/ but hopefully you won't have to touch it again for the next 3-5 years?
I probably won't have this laptop that long
Anyone who doesn't take their VS config files with them from machine to machine is crazy imo. I don't want to touch those again until we have to bump up to VS2021 or whatever they make us do next
Doing stuff on a home laptop or a work one?
Work laptop
Specifically one given to me by a client (I usually work for my clients for 3-6 months)
7:57 PM
Ahh, so it's not like you'll have profile settings preserved on the work network or anything. Heck, haha.
Q: How do I tell an older coworker I would like to become friends with him?

LerolimoI've been in my internship in a state-owned enterprise for six months so far, and this is my last month there. Since I started, they assigned me a mentor who would make sure I and the rest of my workmates who are on their internship as well are assigned tasks suitable for our skills. From the be...

1 hour later…
9:14 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan that sounds more like a mentoring relationship the way it's described.. not that mentorship and friendship are mutually exclusive, but might help OP to frame it? idk
9:30 PM
Woohoo finally hit 10k on SO!
Time to stalk ALL the deleted questions muahaha
Oof I forgot that meta rep lags behind. So still no deleted meta questions for me just yet :(
@scohe001 heh I was going to say, that's probably where the real interesting stuff is :p
I got 2k on MSE today! now I can edit with abandon \o/
I knowwww. I've been favoriting meta posts linking to juicy deleted meta posts for the last few months too, so I'm more than ready lol
Ooh congrats!!
9:39 PM
it's from my knitting picture, so not quite the same as getting rep on SO :p
Psh that's more impressive. I wouldn't want critical SO ppl looking at my art :p
haha well, save your upvotes for tomorrow ;)
did you get a fancy hat for getting to 10k? that seems like a hat-worthy event
Nah, but I did get a bigger shovel for some reason
9:56 PM
@scohe001 Ooh, I should have thought of that
I dislike pepperoni.
WHOAAAAA flagged as r/a how dare you
Unless you're talking vegan pepperoni because that's really not too great from the ones I've had :/
Now you're being pepperonist
Honestly, I don't think it's rude to dislike any of the aforementioned groups. It only becomes rude when you take discriminatory actions based on that dislike.
@chumpbot tp
10:02 PM
@chumpbot tp
Yeah, I suppose if I report something I should also mark it
@Rainbacon Sergeant Shadwell
@Rainbacon It has absolutely no meaning for a train of thought to be offensive but bad thoughts often lead to bad actions, unless they don't. So I guess you're right. But I wanted to say you're right by proposing that I'm right.
@Mithical eye roll everything is Sergeant Shadwell for you
Even pepperoni
But anyway, jokes aside, wasn't that comment removed because you/we disagreed with it?
I mean it's a can of worms I'm not willing to open, and it sure was contentious, but opinions and all
Whatever, I already got tired of thinking about it
Does it provide clear, actionable suggestions? Or clarifying questions? I'd say no to both. Doesn't look really constructive at all tbh. Either the flag they left will be dealt with or it won't. The comment didn't need to be there.

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