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12:00 AM
Q: Minor visual artefact on profiles of unranked users

Lightness Races with MonicaIf you go to the profile of someone who is "unranked" (doesn't qualify for, say, "top 5% this year"), there's a visual artefact. The markup has an emptyish span: <div class="grid--cell"> <h2 class="grid gs4 fw-wrap ai-center fs-headline1 lh-xs fc-dark wb-break-all profile-user--name">

7 hours later…
6:43 AM
Morning lovely people
and noon to @AJ ;)
@avazula Good Afternoon! ;)
7:04 AM
@avazula Yes. Also going to a friend's wedding in second half. Nothing to push on server atm. So, overall it's good.
yay :)
7:48 AM
@JourneymanGeek I saw MSE this morning. Have a dog (@chumpbot)
@Ælis That actually went better than expected.
I'm glad then :)
8:04 AM
@Ælis what happened (linky link?)
Morning o/
Noon there :)
8:31 AM
Quick everyone! Hide!
that's it of xkcd :P
correct horse battery staple i think is actually one of my passwords somehwere....
2 hours later…
10:15 AM
Also, it's the morning, let's have a cat! @chump
"If I fit, I sit!" :p
The bot seems to knows what we want :)
@chumpbot cute kitty?
lol nvm :D
10:40 AM
The Call of the Wild (2020) Movie about a super dog
10:56 AM
Q: Etiquette question about "commun gesture" and quality of answers

ÆlisI'm talking about this question: Pointing the index fingers to one another as a way to excuse oneself: is this a common gesture? At first look, I thought this was a mostly valid question, however, after seeing the answers, I think there is a problem with it. Indeed, the answers seem to be opini...

16 messages moved to Trash
11:15 AM
11:34 AM
@CaldeiraG I don't understand why you are telling me this ^^'
@Ælis It's not really addresing the questions you asked but "common gestures" are very relative too
I definitively agree that "common gestures" are relative (which makes this question primarily opinion-based IMO)
IMHO it's a bad question, I think it should be redirected to something else like "How can I make sure my emoji pass the right message"
This sample question I did now has some issues though
Not sure how you can do that without avoiding emojis at all
@CaldeiraG I think it's too late to edit now (too many answers). But I definitively agree that it should be closed
I agree too
12:09 PM
@Ælis you have a typo on the title :)
12:43 PM
Q: How to spend less energy negotiating timelines for my social activities?

d33tahBackground I hate phone calls (especially to strangers) and might have a bit of anxiety towards them. It doesn't really cripple me, but the general rule is that avoid them whenever I can and prefer to stick to IMs and e-mails. Also, I don't use Facebook. I recently realized that planning my soc...

its an interesting question
12:58 PM
I'm a bit upset by the links to emojipedia (which i already linked in my answer :p) and the comments saying it's not universal. That's what I said in my answer.
Q: Is it rude to offer my prayers to an atheist?

luchonachoA colleague of mine commented me the other day he is having a serious (death-related) family issue. As a Christian, I believe in the power of prayer. As such, I want to offer him my prayers for his family. Yet, I know he is an atheist (not sure exactly the "type" of atheist he is). Can I offer my...

@avazula oh right, I forgot to check all links from your answer, don't mind me then 😬 (emoji for confusion :p)
@CaldeiraG I don't see it, could you edit?
1:15 PM
@Ælis Sure
@CaldeiraG no pb :p
@Ælis Nvm, can't suggest an edit, it's "common gesture", you wrote "commun" :)
@avazula "Welcome to IPS" to a 2,625 rep user?
@CaldeiraG Fixed, thanks :)
@Ælis OP's last activity here was on Jan 2 2018
It's fine
@CaldeiraG Yes, but it still feels weird. Maybe "welcome back" would be better?
1:18 PM
@Ælis You're welcome :)
@Ælis Maybe, does it matter? x)
@CaldeiraG I don't know, "hight" rep users sometimes don't like to be treated like "newby"
It is true
@Ælis my bad, that's a mistake
thanks for letting me know
No problem ^^
1 hour later…
2:32 PM
I hate it when I can't test my tests because the environment is broken (due to external stuff). Then I'm always afraid that I will forget to test it later ><
2:54 PM
Hmm sounds like you need a tester to test the tester testing the tests...
Sounds about right :p
3:35 PM
@chumpbot doggo?
nice dog, however, don't think that child can be on the photo
This answer looks awfully similar to the one that was deleted yesterday. If we decided it's an okay answer, do we want to undelete the other one? (or comment/moderate this one?)
@scohe001 Can we just reset to yesterday morning and run through things again
I went ahead and gave it an undelete vote
Q: partner temporary moving in, how to enforce it's temporary?

hundredcatsI live alone and I just love it. I also have a girlfriend that I also love (5 years), and since the start of our relationship I told her that "living together would not happen". To make a long story short: her parents are getting divorced and she will be homeless. So she asked (informed) she wou...

3:47 PM
I surely wanna buy {$title1}, looks very cool ;p
1 hour later…
5:17 PM
@scohe001 is undeleted now
if people still want to delete it again, I would recommend commenting with suggested improvements first though ;)
Agreed. Thanks Em!
np! it already had 2 undelete votes when I saw it anyways
I've been a little out of the loop because of a cold, looks like the site is hopping today
5:37 PM
Post is currently hot! With 10 comments in the last 3 hours: Partner temporary moving in, how to enforce it's temporary?
6:00 PM
@CaldeiraG No, I want title.. some instrumentals please.
6:18 PM
@chumpbot Yo, @scohe001 this looks nice!
@EmC Yeah, it's been busy yesterday and today
@Rainbacon thanks! The bug causing it to be reposted every time there's a new comment should be resolved now too (guess we'll see, if it stays hot :p)
6:54 PM
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/23520/… <- has 4 close votes as "too broad", but no comments about that.. is it because of question 1, no location/culture tag, something else..?
I am not a frequent concert-goer myself, but was under the impression there is some sort of etiquette about it, so it seems like a reasonable question imo
7:07 PM
@EmC "Is it kind of common" -> Seems primarily opinion-based (like our current HNQ). "Is there a way to prevent people from doing it" -> Doesn't look like it's about interpersonal communication here. I could see answers saying: "just push back and step on the foot of the people doing this"
Re phrasing to say: "How can I ask them to not do that?" would be better. However, we will still need to know why just saying "stop that" isn't good enough (maybe because of the noise they can't hear each other and need to communicate none verbally?)
hmmmmm... so there's definitely articles out there from reputable places about concert etiquette, saying the people pushing are rude, but haven't found so much about what to do as the person who is being shoved in front of...
maybe an edit like, "is it common" -> "is this good etiquette" and "is there a way to prevent" -> "how can I ask them to stop"?
7:33 PM
Honestly, I've been to multiple concerts and people won't stop even if you tell them
Either if a friend went to the bathroom and coming back to the place where the other friend was, etc
@ankii lol :p
@CaldeiraG lol, welp. that might be useful information too, so the OP can decide whether or not they want to bother
@EmC it's a frame challenge and I'm kinda used to frame challenges if you look around my profile xD
I'm going to have a company dinner in 30min so probably if I do answer it will be kinda late lol
@CaldeiraG hahah
@EmC That would be better indeed. Also, the title "how to behave?" currently looks like a "what should I do?"
@EmC it's true tho, like once you've been really low in life you just grow up I guess xD
The mobile responsive chat app is really cool, the one thing I don't see is how to upload pictures
7:45 PM
@Ælis oops, I just tried editing but of course missed the title xP
Ruh roh, looks like my answer's about to be invalidated :p
@scohe001 sorry :( I think it's not that far off?
Nah, I think it'll make my answer better to address those points anyways. Also it's a far better question now. Don't be sorry :)
@scohe001 ok, phew! I think your answer has a very useful perspective, comparing different types of concerts :)
@EmC Do I reset the counter ? ;p
of the close votes.
7:59 PM
@ankii hm? they'll either age away or get retracted, if it doesn't actually get closed
well some(one) retracted their's
Plan = fail
is it "their" or "their's"?
@ankii That would be me
ok I updated the title also, but if anyone else has a better idea, feel free :P
Also, I believe that it is theirs?
@ankii "theirs"
8:02 PM
> Sometimes I get frustrated, because I do not see their difference.
> I am a computer engineer so keep that in mind when it comes to proposing the obvious [troubleshoot]
How would you take it on IPS, when someone says... like.. I was an expert in communication (whatever field) so keep that in mind while proposing the obvious like talk upfront, or use I statements ?
I've seen exactly one user on IPS ever claim to be an "expert in communication" and IMO they were definitely not an expert in communication
A bit more generalized answer about any user in general:
There is a reason that one of the question criteria is what have you tried already
they might be in a job that involves talking to people a lot , or mass communication studies, or communication design, or just self-righteous about it.
If you don't tell me that you've tried something that is "obvious" I'm going to start by suggesting the "obvious" approach
yeah, if no-one has commented, I might just do that. Maybe just for making fun of the statement. Also, it alienates people. I didn't remove the phrase, just added a "please"
8:28 PM
If someone can embed this would be nice lol
Never fear, the power of kittens prevails!
9:12 PM
Ah, I thought the "offer prayers to an atheist" question might hit HNQ
9:32 PM
Q: How to stop needing to lie to my wife?

Anon Loves MrsMe and my wife have been together for nearly 10 years, married for nearly 5 and have two children - we got together when we were 15/16 years old. Now I've recently come to understand that throughout the marriage I've never truly grown up as immature acts such as masturbation, watching pornography...

@ExtrovertedMainMan Oof, that's a heavy question. I'm tempted to vtc because it might be beyond the scope of what we can help with.
9:47 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Tough one :(
10:04 PM
@chumpbot well that did not take long after HNQ -.-
@EmC Ain't that the truth.
@chumpbot aww, I knew you would understand
> If you truly believe in the power, the power will also unfold if you pray without him knowing ;)
Depending on your theological beliefs, this isn't necessarily true!
What does "unfold" mean in that context?
10:19 PM
@scohe001 Probably along the lines of "take effect".
@scohe001 reveal?
10:45 PM
Huh. Strange usage.

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