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1:54 AM
This totally sounds like the lead-up to an MLM pitch. If you have trouble saying no, I'd suggest insisting they let you know what the meeting's about or you won't go. Otherwise you'll be trapped at a very uncomfortable dinner they were "nice" enough to invite you to, and they can pressure you into buying something you don't need. — Seyren 2 mins ago
#23474 Seyren (101 rep) | Q: Two people from small group of friends want to have a "meeting" with me. The circumstances are strange and give me a bad feeling (score: 41) | posted 2 days ago by hectorpepper (419 rep) | edited 2 days ago by hectorpepper (419 rep) | Toxicity 0
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3:18 AM
Q: How to Alleviate Misanthropic Outlook On Others Without Being Taken Advantage Of

zurielbastionTo start I've had a long history of acting in an anti-social manner towards others. I'm not exactly sure what the underlying diagnosis cause is however I've been professionally diagnosed with major depression and am presently seeking therapy with a counselor specializing in Asperger's syndrome or...

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6:17 AM
Hey all :)
morning! :)
How are you doing my dear? :)
Heh ... tired. I work too much :p and you?
Hello zurielbastion, welcome to IPS. Your question kind of sounds like being about intrapersonal views and asking us to validate them, sadly IPS isn't about intrapersonal topics but about interpersonal ones (The problems involved in social interactions). If that is not the case and you are asking something about the specifics of the interactions you mentioned before, try to rephrase it that this gets a) clear and b) try to avoid such broad questions as "How can I make people [...]" or "What should be done?" Then this might have a chance to be on topic here. As it is, currently that's difficult — dhein 2 mins ago
#23511 dhein (2317 rep) | Q: How to Alleviate Misanthropic Outlook On Others Without Being Taken Advantage Of (score: 0) | posted 3 hours ago by zurielbastion (1 rep) | edited 6 minutes ago by avazula (12847 rep) | Toxicity 0.0 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
Hahaha yeah consumed by work, too. just ahving to attend a meeting in 2 Minutes. so almost gone again. And then attending a workshop about setting up a jira system for the whole day. So I see through your eyes :P
@chumpbot Really?
6:28 AM
Invalid feedback type. Valid feedback types are tp, fp, rude, and wrongo
@chumpbot huh?
Matched reason "possible-aic" for regex sounds\Wlike
@chumpbot LOL what a good reason. Pretty sure I'm the reporter of this one
@dhein ooh, sounds hard. Are you okay?
CHumbot, where is good ol intro main man? he did a better job :O
@avazula Yeah, I love it :D Keeps me busy and not having to think too much about what to do when, if my agenda is filled with apointments :D
@dhein Introverted Meta Man is still around, he's ... just always been pretty slow. Unless you meant IPS comment bot? That one is down indeed
6:30 AM
But I have to be gone now. Tty :)
@dhein have a nice day :)
@avazula trhats who I meant, yeah x'D
@avazula u2 :)
@dhein I wish I could feel the same ... being absorbed by work leaves me with no energy at the end of the day and I honestly struggle with the other daily life stuff like cooking, showering or sleeping. I began to use alarms and schedules to remind me of doing the basic stuff on time and it helps a bit, but I'm still doing poorly when it comes to self care.
6:47 AM
@avazula :/ <3
@chump give us a (cute) cat
Ah, this is perfect! Exactly what I wanted!
See @ava, even chump is giving you hug <3
cats! yay <3
@avazula Well its kinda same for me. Maybe its just more easy for me to prioritize worklife higher than selfcare '^.^ I usually use my weekends to catch up with self care >.<
@chumpbot Ok, thats a good job :D
@dhein I'd be okay with doing that as well... But I live with someone and have obligations towards them to do my job in cooking and keeping a clean house :p
(They do theirs too of course)
6:56 AM
@avazula Yeah doesn't change the fact that you have obligations. I get you point. I am quite sure, that would be messing me up, too... And what about communicating to them, that you need one day for it for yourself, as otherwise you get too stressed?
I mean, on the one hand it might result in uneven chore distribution, but on the other hand, shouldn't they be interested in you being well, too?
@dhein Idk. I think they'll put it on the overtime (they have a hard time accepting my diagnosis and I can't blame them) and then scold me for working too much
Hmmm .... I see :/
Honestly what would relieve me is not to have to make dinner at night. I have to find a new house where I could plug my freezer in, so that I can have tons of dished prepared beforehand :)
@avazula Earning enough to rent a cold storage room? :D
@dhein ooh, I ... don't think we have those over here?
7:04 AM
I'd bet you do. But yeah.... It was kinda meant to be a joke :P But being serious again: Would you have space to place a deep freezer somewhere in your house?
@dhein Here's the thing: I do have a deep freezer... but I live in a old flower shop that hardly has any plug on the ground floor (kinda crazy right? o_o)
So is it about the powersupply would trigger the fuse? Or really just the lack of plugs? If the latter, can't you just lay out a cable to the box?
I literally have no plugs available :p
also one would think a flowershop would have all the plugs
Or as people keep correcting me, sockets. Pedants, the lot of em
@avazula Ok, I just assume a multiple socket system wouldn't solve the problem, as I consider you being capable of comming up with that idea yourself '^.^ Sounds tough, tho, having to look for a new house due to the lack of such stuff '^.^
7:26 AM
@JourneymanGeek TIL. Thank you! :)
@dhein I am indeed xD
Yeah well, I also miss a garage and a place to store firewood. And I do want to buy and have a place of my own :)
@avazula Then that seems to be the way to go to get rid of the stress. But keep in mind, with having a own place the amount of chores does rather increase than reduce.
@dhein Does it though? My place already is 105m2 big (which I think is huge) and we're in charge of all chores... idk. Maybe I'm idealizing :p
@avazula Well, I can't report from my own experience. But my best friend bought a house a few months ago and sheep keeps reporting that holding your own house in shape is a full time job and they are glad they are incapable of work, so they now have a fulfilling activity to use all the spare time for. And I mean, chores is one thing.
But reapair works, and land related things where the commune contacts the owner, are all things that I'd assume be more significant if it is you having to do the paperwork rather than just reaching out to the landlord. I might be wrong, tho ^^
@dhein I see what you mean, right... well, we'll see. I'm honestly quite anxious not to own the place I live in... I think it exceeds the cons and chores
@dhein well, the act of buying a place for your own does for sure not reduce stress :P
7:42 AM
@avazula As said, then thats obviously what it should be :)
and as for repairs, that entirely depends on the state of the house you buy. If it's new or nearly new, upkeep shouldn't be nearly as high
@JAD Might be. Still even new houses age over time :D :P
But as said, can't really report from own experience
well yeah, but they don't demand as much attention all the time
lol. depends on the house.
Also the place btw. Over here, if you buy an appartment, it's very likely it's going to be a part of a HOA, which is responsible for a big part of the maintenance
taking it out of your hands
Also note that in my experience, HOAs are not as evil as they are in the US
7:52 AM
Home owners association
home owners association
Basically a club for the owners of appartments in the same block. Together they generally deal with stuff like maintenance and cleaning the common areas
(or at least, that's their role in the Netherlands)
Hahaha, and would lead to a handfull of new IPS questions in regards to how to itneract with them x)
I see where you are comming from ;P
Morning :)
7:54 AM
Before I bought, I lived in an appartment. The HOA had bimonthly windowcleaners, biweekly maintenance of the stairs and entrance, and every now and then the paintjobs for the woodwork and stuff
(I think they also managed the home-insurance, but I'm not 100% sure on that, since I was a renter)
@CaldeiraG morning :)
8:29 AM
@JAD HOAs were pretty useful back when I lived in an apartment too
Well, in the two+ years we lived there, they hadn't managed to put our name on the tag for the doorbel, but ohwell...
Can't admit I really pressed the issue much after the first month.
Q: How to print A5 as A6 on A4 in MS Word

RenAs title says, I have a Word document with flash cards, question-answer alternating odd-even pages, all those are A5. I'd like to print them on A4 paper but 4 pairs per sheet, to save paper, also, those are short questions, so A6 is enough. How do I set the printing job, to not only fit the pages...

print a5 as a6 on a4 :p, that title got me
@CaldeiraG A4 AJ. ;P
9:04 AM
@ava Since you are not on probation period, how you consider doing less overtime? Also, your manager doesn't seem very good. They should know doing too much overtime is bad for someone's health, well-being and productivity. I can understand doing overtime from time to time, when it's needed, but doing it none-stop for months really doesn't sound like a good idea and your manager should know that. IMO, they should 1) not pressure you to do overtime and 2) even stop you from doing so much of them.
(to be clear, I'm not blaming you here. I'm blaming your manager. They should care more about the people below them. Having healthy employees is important if you are planning on staying on business)
Oh didn't really realize that part before. yeah, @Ælis is wrong on that one it its entirety.
@dhein I'm not sure I understand what you are saying ^^' Could you rephrase?
@AJ Catching up on old questions/answers, are you?
@Ælis Just saying I 100% agree with you '^.^
@dhein Ah, right, the "Ælis is wrong on that one it its entirety" kind of confused me ^^
9:18 AM
I wrote wrong?!
I inteded to write right
and on isntead of one
I think I should take a full can of coffee, a cup won't be enough.
@Ælis Huh?
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/q/23511/32 why this is still open? Am I missing something why this might be on-topic? Or are we just slow today? :P
@dhein Just slow ^^
@AJ this edit and this edit are both on "old" stuff
@Ælis There were suggested edits for those posts. I clicked Improve Edit button and fixed other remaining issues I found.
@AJ Oh right, I guess someone else is digging up old posts then ^^
9:28 AM
@Ælis You have a point. But sadly, it's true for all of us. I really wouldn't want to work as much as they do themselves.
@avazula I guess that it is the big boss who is to blame then. Also, I hate presenteeism
@avazula But it is not your problem that they are understaffed... Or at least it shouldn't be and you shouldn't make it your problem. Speaking ideally
^ that
Also, they might not be that much understaffed. If everyone is exhausted because they work too much, they are likely (much) less efficient than if they were working less. So maybe if they all just stop doing overtime, they would actually do more work per day (I know, this won't happen, but still)
@Ælis we do are understaffed IMO
Probably, but that still not an excuse to make everyone do overtime
9:41 AM
anyway. It'll be Xmas break soon :)
At least with all that overtime I'll be able to take 2 weeks vacation without having to go on unpaid leave o/
@avazula Gonna nail you on that :P Xmas is at home not at work xP
@avazula \o/
Oh that sounds at least like something :3
@dhein For me, Xmas is at work not at home. ;)
@AJ Are you santa? :O
9:45 AM
Oops! I spilled my secrets. ;P
Muhahahah, don't worry Santa, I'll keep your secret :)
@AJ Do you really celebrate Xmas?
That's what I thought ^^
Q: Getting back in touch with an ex- colleague

WonderWomanI have worked at an office as a contractor and got relieved a few weeks ago. I had fun while working there and at the same time my manager developed negative notion towards me for reasons best known to him. I had expressed his behavior to other colleagues and found that everyone had a similar op...

1 hour later…
10:54 AM
The issue with brainless tasks is that, sometimes, you might need a little bit of brain to do them. Except that, since it's mostly brainless, you might forget to "activate" your brain at the right time and end up doing some stupid mistake ><
(Yes, I just made a stupid mistake in production. Thankfully, it's not that big of an issue.)
Maybe we should add a regex for "Godwin"?
@Ælis you tell ;)
11:27 AM
13 messages moved to Trash
Q: Pointing the index fingers to one another as a way to excuse oneself: is this a common gesture?

Nicola SapI grew up in Italy, and there is a gesture I use that I'm wondering whether is strictly Italian or is used/understood elsewhere. It means either of: "I know this may bother you, but I'd really appreciate if you could help me" "Sorry: that was probably my fault" And it looks like this:...

@ExtrovertedMainMan I saw this gesture on Japan anime, but not otherwise. That might not be a European gesture
11:44 AM
@Ælis I do use it not to mislead people about my intentions when I struggle expressing my feelings in my voice tone :p
@avazula Honestly, as long as the other understand when you use it, I don't see any issue with using non-verbal-gesture that aren't broadly used/understand otherwise
I got acess to moderator tools. has this allways had been at 2k rep? Then this priv arrived quite delayed ^^
@dhein Could it because of the retroactive increase of rep gained by question (from 5 to 10 points)?
@dhein Depends whether you're on a beta site, or one that has graduated :)
@Ælis Yeah could be, thats why I said in that case its quite delayed. :P Got all the privs for other sites already last tuesday ^^
@Tinkeringbell Well, talking about IPS specifically :P
11:54 AM
@dhein Then it's at 2k, yes :)
On Movies & TV, I reached 1k in 7 months, 2k in the next 3 months, 3k in the next one month, 5k in the next one month, and 10k in the next two months.
Here, 1k in a month and a few days, 5k in two months and a few days, 10k after three months :P
You got no personal life? ;P
No, I do... that's what made me so good here :P
12:10 PM
I've since slowed down a bit ;)
On that note, there was a pretty interesting Dutch news article on 'how to play Sinterklaas' today, that was so neat I'm almost tempted to turn it into a self-answered Q&A.
What's that?
Sinterklaas is basically a version of Santa Claus, but different.
Sinterklaas (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌsɪntərˈklaːs]) or Sint-Nicolaas (Dutch pronunciation: [sɪnt ˈnikoːlaːs] (listen)) is a legendary figure based on Saint Nicholas, patron saint of children. Other names for the figure include De Sint ("The Saint"), De Goede Sint ("The Good Saint"), and De Goedheiligman ("The Good Holy Man") in Dutch; Saint Nicolas in French; Sinteklaas in West Frisian; Sinterklaos in Limburgs; Saint-Nikloi in West Flemish; Kleeschen and Zinniklos in Luxembourgish; and Sankt Nikolaus or Nikolaus in German. The feast of Sinterklaas celebrates the name day of Saint Nicholas on...
@Tinkeringbell would that be on topic?
@AJ my rep is mostly in short bursts of activity: stackexchange.com/users/9176804/jad?tab=reputation
12:24 PM
@JAD IPS are behaviours people use to interact with each other so I'd argue that 'behaviours Sinterklaas should use' might be? No way to know but to try though... I might drop a more international one (about Santa Claus) in the Sandbox for posting around christmas ;)
@Tinkeringbell might be a slippery slope towards acting though
I wonder where the line should be
All the more reason to put it in the Sandbox, I guess :)
But you're right, it might open things up too much... 'If I want to play Iron Man/Jack Sparrow/be more like Mark Zuckerberg, what kind of behaviour should I use?' :(
@JAD If at all problematic, I think it only problematic, as learning how to mimic someones behavior might touch the area of being manipulative. But except from that I agree with Tinki and don't see why this shouldn't make a good post :)
We'll see. I can put it in the Sandbox, and there's plenty of time to discuss whether we want it on the site or not, even in a separate meta question if needed :)
12:45 PM
yeah, and I'm hardly the one to make any ruling on topicality, since I haven't really been involved in IPS much.
topicality here is whatever questions I personally happen to like? :P
There comes the monkey out of the sleeve
I wish I had monkeys up my sleeves. Would be warmer :P
Hi :) It's been a while, I thought I'd show my face. How is everyone?
1:01 PM
@Belle Hey you! How's it going?
1:13 PM
@avazula Pretty good. I've been at my new job for 3 weeks now. It's like leaving a bad relationship. I didn't notice how much I had needed to leave until I actually left.
@Belle ooh... glad to hear it's better now :)
So many subtle differences. In the previous company we were with 60, with 58 straight white males. I felt very alone there. Now we have a nice collection of different people. There are multiple women, non-white people and LGBTQ+ people. It feels so much more welcome.
When I used to do something wrong, I got told something like "oh we're not expecting you to be perfect, you're just a junior", now even senior developers will tell me something like "oh, I've had that happen to me too". Both mean "it's okay to make a mistake, you're still learning", but there's a big difference in how they make me feel.
1:32 PM
Glad to hear you like it so much :)
I'm glad too. I was very nervous at first. Many of my old colleagues who had already changed jobs a few times would tell me how much they loved my old place, how it was perfect and how they would never want to leave, because that one was the best job they ever had. They told me the usual 'grass is greener' thing and generally made me doubt my decision. But I realize now that is just their opinion, based on their experience, and what is true for them is not necessarily true for me.
@Belle while they mean the same they have different interpretations and while the first one is not unpolite the second one means they been through the same and learned with their own mistakes :)
so maybe that's why it feels better
and hey there :D
And btw, the user behind the backup-needed, their last answer was in 2018 and there seems to not apply backup on there either
So the user doesn't know the citation rules yet :)
@chumpbot what kitties do you have today?
1:47 PM
yay :)
@Belle It often differs a lot between people, because everyone values different things in a job ;) I'm getting a vibe from you that your co-workers being good people you can relate to might be a bit important to you ;)
@Tinkeringbell A little. Not as much as you may think though. I think you could call the behaviour of some of my ex-colleagues bullying.
2:03 PM
Oh, that's definitely not as nice as just people that think the grass is green enough where they are...
2:33 PM
Q: How to say 'NO', When someone offer you better opportunity with better salary?

Bhavesh PrajapatiI am a professional Magento Developer, and I have completed my one year and continue my next one year bond. When someone offers you a better opportunity with a better salary but you have to continue with your older company than how can I say "No, I am comfortable with my company and in fut...

Wow, so many new questions this morning
quarter to 4PM in here already :o
2:48 PM
Same here :P Just an hour more and I can start packing/leaving :D
My new job is till 5:30 :( an hour longer than my previous one
Dang I just got in like 20 minutes ago. Sometimes I wish I could get into the office, hop into TAS and then body-swap with one of y'all so my day will be over lol
But I also start an hour later. By choice. I have flexible hours, so I could get in an hour early, but I like to come in after rush hour and leave after rush hour :)
40 mins here :)
@Belle Do you get to start an hour late too? Or just longer days?
2:53 PM
@Tinkeringbell I start an hour later too, so it's not so bad
Okay, I shouldn't have read this question, just the idea of blood makes me dizzy ^^' I definitively won't be moderating this one
Q: How to behave on concerts

randomGuyI have some experience with music concerts (mostly heavy-metal ones, but pretty sure it's the same for any genre). And every time there are people who try get to front rows either by just walking as they have a spot booked for them, or standing next to me and getting closer and closer to me and ...

Q: How to tactfully tell a martial arts instructor that I was freaked out by his lack of action?

SanyifejűThe other day I joined a martial art/combat sport class. Apart from the many positive aspect of the experience there was unfortunately one thing that really freaked me out. When the sparring session came somebody started to bleed heavily (his foot, next to his fingernails). He was an extremely mo...

Also, hey @Belle! Glad to hear you are doing good at your new job!
I have dinner at 19:00-19:30 now, but my biological clock is not quite used to that yet, so my stomach starts growling at the McDonald's I pass at 18:00 (my previous dinnertime) every day.
And now I'm out since it's time for me to go home (don't steal my body, @scohe001!!!)
2:56 PM
Hehe I'll try to resist the urge...this time :p
....that's a bit of a double-take inducer without context.
3:10 PM
Am I the only one that gets spooked by automatic lights? I hate it when they go on when I pass.
I'm more annoyed when they turn off while I'm still there but not moving ;)
I'm like @scohe001, except I've been at work for about 2 hours now
3:30 PM
Weeee! For going home early ;)
Oh I can now see site analytics :O shiny!
4:09 PM
Conversation of the day between a co-worker and I:
C: Hey Rainbacon, can your team do this user story?
Me: Yeah, we can put that in 2 sprints from now, or re-order our work. How high priority is it?
C: It needs to be done before we release the feature
I don't quite understand. When do they release the feature?
The feature is set for a beta release in January, followed by a full release in April
2 sprints from now should be okay then, right? Or am I missing something?
Mostly, saying it needs to be done before the feature release is a pointless statement. It's obvious that we have to finish the feature before we can release it
4:13 PM
That makes sense. Or doesn't.
It's like saying "When do you want this done?" "Before we give it to the client" "...okay?"
I guess your coworker doesn't mind when you do it, as long as you do it :P
Are here any Docker experts? So, I want to build a home server and many people recommend using Docker for everything, one container for Plex, one container for storage, etc. I want to understand how Docker will make things different than just installing the software directly into the machine :D
Maybe, but I would prefer that they say that. The way they phrased it sounds extremely snarky to me
@CaldeiraG It's been a while since I used Docker, but I believe the advantage is scalability. If you need another machine in the future, it's easier to set it up the second time.
4:18 PM
@Belle Ok so, I can create snapshots of the Docker environment and deploy it in another machine but I also can clone my disk to somewhere else :)
I understand the point if you want to emulate a production environment when developing (so no conflicts with libs, etc), I don't understand the point of having multiple small things running separately (home server purposes which is basically a NAS/Plex/something else)
I dunno what it'd be like for personal development but for a company like mine where we deploy to tens or hundreds of machines, Docker had/has a lot of promise with regards to being able to take a snapshot and copy that to every machine.
I understand that, I'm interested in a personal scenario which my google searches are not helping me much
The benefits of docker are mostly about scale
For the case you are talking about:
Yeah I got nothing there. I wouldn't use Docker for local development.
Having things in separate containers makes it easy to split them between machines later. Say for instance that you have 6 different services deployed on one machine. Time goes on and you start getting a lot of traffic and your machine can't keep up. You can then take those docker images and deploy them on six different machines without as much trouble
4:26 PM
Ooh that is cool indeed
It's great for something that you plan to scale, but I wouldn't recommend it for a home server
Got ya :)
One other benefit you would get from it is separation of things. If someone hacks one of your services, they only have access to that docker container, but not the others
Homeserver seems like the perfect idea for my use case scenarios since I can't believe a 200$+ NAS only includes a fancy interface
@Rainbacon Well that can be useful
that is expected if each program is running on its own bubble :D
4:54 PM
could you tell me why you think this was worth deleting?
It has personal xp as backup, it answers the question... sure it's short and only gives insight for one country but ... still?
well, apart from the "The grimace face is a fairly universal apologetic expression" statement that is not backed up, ofc
Meh I think the answer is fine, it just shows how poor the question is. "Is this common?"/"Does this get my message across?" is really asking for yes/no answers
5:13 PM
5:39 PM
@avazula "I've never seen this" doesn't seem like great backup to me. Perhaps Scohe is correct that it points out how poor the question is
Though I'm not in a great head space to judge at the moment (I'm having a particularly autistic day)
2 hours later…
7:19 PM
Q: How to explain I will not apologize to someone who is apologizing to me?

WrokarRecently a friend and I were texting and they said something fairly rude. I told my friend that I thought that what they said was pretty mean. They apologized, I accepted the apology and I thought we were ready to move on: Me: Are we okay? Friend: Well, I'm feeling pretty crappy now fro...

@chumpbot "wat?" sums that one up fairly well
1 hour later…
8:37 PM
@Rainbacon oh no, I'm sorry :( hope it gets better by the end of the day! Have all my support <3
@avazula Yeah, it's gotten a bit better as the afternoon has gone on
Which is good because my team has a code review in half an hour
I'm glad to hear that.
@Rainbacon oh, but this doesn't sound really nice :/
@Ava your answer on that new HNQ question rings true to me. It's something I've seen a lot in anime so I'm not surprised you've seen it in Japanese culture. It may help if you could find a picture of an anime character making that gesture (though I couldn't from a quick search)
@scohe001 heh, I wondered how long it'd go till it hits hnq...
Heh... I wondered about doing that... But mangas seem really stereotyped for comparing to an IRL situation... Or is it just me?
@avazula No, it's a constructive exercise. Each developer shows the code they've been working on for the other devs to ask questions and make suggestions.
8:43 PM
Eh I mean I guess, but I think it does show that that culture (and others who consume that medium) clearly understand what it means, even if it is a caricature.
Besides, I'd argue emojis are caricatures too 🤔
@Rainbacon huh, if your team has theirs in a peaceful state of mind that's nice I guess :) ours are a pain in the coconut...
In 4 years I haven't seen one go bad yet
@scohe001 well if you find one then I'd be happy to have you edit my answer with it :)
Lol I was worried you'd say that. A quick search didn't show what I was looking for and I don't want IT to know what a weeb I am on my work computer :p
Maybe I've just been really lucky
8:49 PM
I personally do something only slightly similar... which is keeping my hands together in front of me, not fingers pointing at each other but more holding fingertips... Usually when I'm a bit unsure about the stuff I'm talking about...
Hmm maybe it's just fidgeting with your hands in general then? I can perfectly picture what you're saying and the emotion that goes with it too, Tink
@avazula I'm with Rain on this one. I don't think I've seen a bad CR yet...and we've had to tell devs to completely scrap a task and rewrite it at times
@scohe001 Maybe @Ava has been really unlucky then
Maybe they just have bad coconuts...
@scohe001 fidgeting sounds like a bit more movement... I generally hold them pretty still,
8:55 PM
It's just that before that I used to work alone as a researcher and now I'm working with someone who can't accept they might not go for the best solution every time... Thence CRs are a nightmare.
Everything I do is cheap according to them but they can't admit they did something wrong
@Tinkeringbell hmm, maybe I'm imagining something different then
@avazula Ah, sounds like they have an ego problem
@Rainbacon I think so too. Sadly it doesn't seem like its going to end soon...
Well, maybe you'll get some IPS questions out of it :)
Haha ;)

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