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3:35 AM
@ankii Well, I'm currently in the middle of an insomnia (it's 4 am), so you are not alone with this issue ><
@Ælis Good morning/Good Night ?
3:59 AM
exams test how much we can chug up a night before and how much of it can we retain.
4:20 AM
@AGirlHasNoName I guess it's more of a good morning now. I do hope that I will be able to fall back asleep though
2 hours later…
6:18 AM
@Ælis yay! So glad to hear that
@avazula Morning!
Hello everyone, hope you all had a pleasing weekend :)
6:34 AM
I watched the latest episode of Young Sheldon and started watching a new series, The Mandalorian, based on Star Wars. So, it was pretty good.
How about you?
Oh, that sounds like a geeky hell of relaxed weekend. :) I was to a party (might call it having had a date) with a friend whom I know for a year. The party was great and we got quite close in an emotional sense, I'd say. Overall it was very lovely and even after the 5hours cartrip back from the party we had quite some struggles saying bye '^.^ So my weekend was great, too :)
6:53 AM
@dhein Yeah, I am a movie person as you can see my reputation on Movies & TV. ;)
7:19 AM
@AJ Yeah, saw your name a few times in the related HNQ's every now and then already even before IPS was founded :D I am myself not so much into movies. I need interaction in actvitys to not bore me. So either it is gaming for the interactive entertainment, or watching movies in company for the social interaction in the meantime :D But as said, glad to hear it was enjoyable :)
7:36 AM
@avazula Yeah, I'm thinking "maybe I could have a life?" But it's been so long, I'm not sure what to do with that anymore ^^
@Ælis you mentioned joining a choir? That could be nice :)
7:52 AM
@avazula Oh, I completely forgot about that! Yeah, that could do it! Or finding a place to play board games with other people. Or maybe some benevolent activities (I'm not sure about this last one, it sounds pretty tiring)
@Pseudohuman o/
well that doesn't work
@chumpbot cat?
@chumpbot Monday morning face ;p
> That's what I've been saying for $(AGE_OF_BOT)!
9:01 AM
So, I just realized I can't post a bounty if someone else is already doing it. I feel cheated on >< (note: this isn't about IPS)
You can do it after that one is awarded :)
I was already afraid I would forget to award this one, if I have to wait a week to do that now... well, let's just say that I don't really trust myself on that ^^
Put a note in your calendar ;)
Yeah, I might do that ^^
@avazula Every time I see you writing "blblbl" I imagine you making bubble in the water :p
9:18 AM
@Ælis :D
9:52 AM
@ava I think you are going to like my new meta IPS question, but @Tink might not :p
@Ælis Hmm. I'd have to think about it, and look at some stuff like how quickly y'all have been at moderating the existing stuff ;)
@Tinkeringbell Oh, you can see that? That's so cool, I want to know!
Q: Is it time to increase our number of HNQ question?

ÆlisAs you may know, when returning to HNQ, IPS has decided to limit itself to one HNQ question at a time (source: Let's go back to HNQ!). It has been quite some time now (6 months) and I believe that things are doing fine. In my opinion, all the most recent HNQ questions where handle nicely by the ...

@Ælis I'm not sure if I really can... ;) but we'll see :)
@Tinkeringbell Oh, data from CMs, that's even better! * - *
10:46 AM
@Rainbacon If you still want to give a bounty to this answer, now seems to be an adequate time :)
Also, after more than 24h with nothing happening on IPS, we finally have some activity \o/ (someone just posted a question)
@Ælis That is a looooong answer
@CaldeiraG Yeah, definitively, I was scared the first time that I saw it x) But it's also very worth reading :)
the new question is not bad at all
Atleast it has a goal "How can I ask this without making them feel defensive?"
@CaldeiraG It still needs some editing since there is a primarily opinion based question on it (Am I paranoid?)
@Ælis For sure but other than that
10:52 AM
It seems fine indeed (well, so far I just read the question to know how on-topic it likely was ^^)
Where is Extroverted Main Man? Are you sleeping???!!!???
Q: Two people from small group of friends want to have a "meeting" with me. The circumstances are strange and give me a bad feeling

hectorpepperI have a small group of friends that get together and hangout. Usually we hangout on Fridays. We usually go to the same person's home. One person from this group (call him Bob) contacted me. He said he and one other person from the group (call him Joe) want to have a meeting with me. He said it...

@Ælis There ya go, here now :D
It's Monday, even Main Man is slow :)
@ExtrovertedMainMan OP rolledback my change, now I have to close vote the question :(
11:19 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan I feel a bit sad for the OP. The last time something like this happened to me, it was because my "friends" were ditching me :/
good morning all! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends. How are people?
Mostly waiting for things to happen ^^ How are you?
I'm alright :
nice; i am doing better after experiencing a 200% delay on my train into work... a 30 minute journey should not take 90 minutes
that sucks
11:27 AM
@AlexRobinson Ouch, that's definitively not nice indeed!
@ankii @AJ Oxygen bar opened in Delhi. 299 for 15 minutes of pure Oxygen.
far from ideal lol. But! atleast the day can only go up from here ^^
11:47 AM
@NogShine Read about it a long time ago. :P Besides, I don't live who live there. ;P
@NogShine That sounds scary
@AlexRobinson I ran around 50-75 meters this morning, just to have the door shut before my nose :(
So waiting for the next one... that was also delayed for about 10 minutes.
Luckily, the bus was too, so I didn't miss that one :D
12:04 PM
Isn't pure oxygen unsafe to inhale?
@user58 depends on the pressure
@Tinkeringbell damnnn that sucks lol
at atmospheric pressure pure oxygen will make you lightheaded but is largely safe? (don't take my word on this if i'm wrong), but yeah, at higher pressures it becomes very toxic to inhale
12:21 PM
"get mad at me for something" that sounds like you have something in mind already. If that is the case, did you ask if the meeting is about that? — XtremeBaumer 2 mins ago
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
@chumpbot wrongo
oh wait i need to reply don't i, not just tag
12:39 PM
@AlexRobinson You're replying to the bot in the matched regexes message, you should use it on the comment itself like this
@chumpbot fp
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1:17 PM
@CaldeiraG Yeah
@AJ Yeah. I read about it. I mentioned it here because we talked about Delhi pollution a couple of weeks ago. Many are actually visiting that bar.
1:40 PM
one day i will get it right aha
My heart is crying right now
Q: What does this docker log entry mean?

Philip Z.Some minutes ago my computer crashed because apparently my hard drive was full. After booting in recovery mode I then found out that my syslog file in /var/log was 64GB large. I saved the end of the file on another partition and then deleted it. Apparently docker seems to have been the problem be...

Canonical screwed up with a docker release that generates gigabytes of log per hour
This is what caused my VM to crash last Friday u_u
sometimes i generate that much file space when i'm doing video recording... but thats about it lol
1:56 PM
@AlexRobinson my syslog grew of 100G within the one hour of my lunch break o_o
good god
that would fill up my work laptop's hard drive in 4 hours flat
@avazula Do you have a more permanent fix for it rather than just erasing the logs?
@Ælis Just put up the bounty. Now I have to remember to go back in a few days and award it
@Rainbacon I uninstalled the snap version of Docker which seems to have calmed things down. We'll see in an hour I guess :p
sometimes i wonder how these sorts of things get past QA / testing
2:11 PM
@AlexRobinson You'd be amazed how many places don't have QA / testing
I interviewed for a job last month, when I mentioned testing in the interview, the engineer conducting it mentioned that they'd never written a test in their life.
Also, just because you have a QA process doesn't make it a good one
there is so much truth in what you just said
I once worked for a company that had a large set of automated tests. The only problem was that the best tests they had were poorly written. About 40% of the tests failed regularly, and their QA team spent most of their time comparing results of test runs to see which tests changed from passing to failing, because with the amount of tests they had failing, they could only spend time on the "new" failures
@Rainbacon You will receive a notification 3 days before the end of your bounty. So, if you don't trust your memory, you can always awared it at this moment (that what I didn't with the answer to your question ^^)
unrelated note: never keeping my metal water bottle near the laptop again... my water is a horrible temperature lol
2:15 PM
I did an internship for a company that had 1 QA person. They worked part time (I think 2 days a week) and most of our code went to production without any testing other than from the developer who wrote it
@Ælis Ah, yeah that's a good idea
@AlexRobinson I've been consulting as an engineer for 4 years, and in that time I've seen a lot of things done very wrong. The easiest explanation for how things get to production without being fully tested is that testing takes both time and money. Typically, the people in businesses who have decision making power care about 2 things: how fast can we do this and how little money can we spend on it.
Next thing you know, you're shipping code purely because it compiles
@AlexRobinson I honestly feel like most companies don't have QA/testing and that not having it is the norm rather than the exception
@Ælis My experiences match this
makes sense
i'm still kinda new to the world of work and i forget that there is often a large difference between "best practice" and actuality
2:32 PM
Yeah, I was shocked to discover the truth after my academic studies. There was really a big gap between what I was taught and what was the actual truth in the industry
i work finance and sometimes my jaw still drops at the state of some actual practices
I'm not surprised. I have worked with really sensitive data in the past and let just say that they were handled with a lot of careless, IMO
within my first week i found an unpaid, overdue invoice worth 7 figures... that was a real shock to the system
Sometimes I wonder how companies survive
2:44 PM
The same as humans, I guess...
completely and utterly winging it 25 hours a day?
@avazula I believe that my current job requires me to answer that question by saying that they hire consultants
*note these views and opinions do not actually reflect those held by Rainbacon
in an ideal world my job doesn't need to be full time... in reality there is me and someone else working the job full time because we have to put out fires lol
number of times today a supplier has threatened us with suspension of service: 3
2:59 PM
@AlexRobinson I think in an ideal world most jobs aren't full time
hahaha that is very very true
3:21 PM
Hmm, i just set up an appointment to get a haircut in the middle of the work day. When did I turn into a functioning human being?
that is very efficient... i like actually getting a haircut because i go to a decent place that washes your hair and its a good experience - however i hate booking it lol
3:36 PM
okay, so ... Mister Ava basically begged me to decorate the Xmas tree tonight
Do it. There's research that people who do so are happier, apparently ;)
He said it's a good thing for Fedora x)
I bet it is, she'll rip every decoration off...
Mrs Bacon got really excited when we saw trees for sale the other day
I refuse to put up a tree until after Thanksgiving though
@Rainbacon I usually make mine on December 1st
But every additional year I spend with Mr Ava we set it up even earlier in the year
Here, we'll likely have to wait until after Sinterklaas (December 5th). If mom is going to put it up at all. I have string of lights, I should make work of adding those to my desk ;)
3:42 PM
When I was little my family would always wait until around December 10-15
@Tinkeringbell St Nicholas?
@Rainbacon sounds like torture
It was, but that was back when I actually liked Christmas
@avazula Yep :)
@Rainbacon oh yeah, you mentioned that before ... what happened, if you don't mind talking about it?
christmas prep for me doesn't start until it actually reaches december... if it weren't for halloween, christmas would start in august for some people
3:46 PM
I don't like Christmas but I actually like having a interior decorated tree (mine is made off plastic but still)
I started dealing with depression in high school (didn't realize it until I was diagnosed during college), and when you are depressed, the holidays are an awful time because everyone around you is happy, and you know that you're supposed to be happy, and everyone expects you to be happy, but you just aren't
I've mostly overcome my depression now, but the holidays I spent with depression have left me unable to really enjoy them even now
@Rainbacon oh ... I understand. I'm sorry you had to go through this.
Something will be different this year though ... it'll be your first Xmas with your wife (at least, as a married couple) ... maybe it'll help lighten your mood (I hope so) :)
@avazula Thank you. I'm just glad that it is mostly in the past
Yeah, maybe. She's already started with the music
@Rainbacon she plays the piano IIRC?
i was just in the middle of putting out fire A... someone from a different department asked me about fire B which took a few minutes to resolve... now i have to re-put-out fire A because i've forgot eveerything
3:53 PM
@Rainbacon oof the music is what gets me every year :(
@AlexRobinson Multitasking! Office's biggest curse 🎶
i don't even want to make a list of my current tasks because its just... so so so many
I keep backlog with sticky notes. I currently have seven of them around my screen. My coworkers tease me because of my old school way of working :p
I just can't seem to be able of getting used to planning apps and everything
I like paper too much I guess
@avazula ahh you're that dev! Every office I've worked in always has one :p
@scohe001 don't make fun of me! :p
3:58 PM
i just grab my bucket of water and throw it on whichever fire is screaming the loudest
I hate JIRA ... so sticky notes it is :3
if my macro enabled spreadsheet crashes right now i will be so sad
@avazula hey if you're anything like the girl at my last job, I'm just impressed. She had literal stacks of old stickies on her desk that were 15cm high. Idk how she kept everything straight but she somehow always had the answer to everything
@Rainbacon How large are we talking here? One of my coworkers recently did a major refactor and fixed 1500 tests (out of 1800 total).
it only took 278 seconds to run... didn't crash though... just wasn't responding
4:03 PM
@scohe001 Oh no, I regularly dump stuff. I can't evolve in a cluttered environment.
Otherwise I lose focus (silly brain) :p
Oh psh then you're not that bad
clutter is hard to deal with
oh btw @scohe001 I just saw your Link joke ... you like that game?
I was a fan growing up and made cosplays of him and Zelda :D
Uhhhh "like" is an extremely massive understatement :p
@avazula whaaaat!? That sounds amazing!
link is an NB icon
4:17 PM
@scohe001 really fun to sew! Not easy though :p
Ooh I can imagine. I feel like hats in general are tough
It actually brought my grandma and I closer together as I really needed help in sewing that stuff
That was the only times in my life where I was blond haha
you ever went to comic or Japan-centered cons?
@avazula wait are you dyed black/brown now? Or did you dye blonde for that lol
@scohe001 I'm a natural brunette. I used wigs for those cosplays. I've wanted to dye my hair in all possible colors but was too afraid for that :p
Fun fact: I was born bald and got my first hair at about 4y.o.
@avazula While I was growing up in Southern California we went to Comic Con a few times, yea. I always love to see the effort and love people put into their costume designs
4:23 PM
that was also around that time that I finally accepted to dress up. Clothes were overrated for the rebel girl that I was o/
@avazula Oo
@avazula huh. That's an actually awesome random fact. You must win ice breakers often with that one :p
@scohe001 I do have a few of those :p
@avazula I was born with a lot of hair (like, more than I currently have x) )
@Ælis darn. That's a lot :p
4:25 PM
pro's of long hair: literally none. Lordy. its so much effort
@avazula Yeah, my sisters were born with a lot of hairs too. So, when I see bold babies, it kinds of weird me out and I'm like "you didn't build this tiny human correctly. There is still some piece missing" :p
@AlexRobinson It....looks sexy?
Here's my @AJ contribution this week:
> A Cable repairman was on my street today and he asked me what time it was. I replied "It is between 1 and 8 pm."
@AlexRobinson braids are fun though!! but yes. much effort.
@Ælis I was born with my entire body covered in hair. Literally.
....of course, that was because I was born really really early.
4:29 PM
@Ælis hahaha. that makes me think they're like Lego minifigures, and you can just pop on a wig
ok, admittedly i much prefer the look of my hair when its longer, but having short hair is a blessing
easy to wash, quick to dry, easy to brush and maintain
@user58 wow! Like 6 months?
10 weeks early
@AlexRobinson I second that. I don't feel pretty with short hair though... it just doesn't fall nicely around my face :(
@user58 Oh, I didn't know that premature babies had those kinds of "issues(?)". I would have expected them to have less hair, not more!
4:31 PM
@user58 ooh, right... that's early
i don't think its possible to be 6 months early...
I was born 9 months early. My parents thought of me and then I appeared in front of them.
Damn that'd actually be a great line if I was adopted
@AlexRobinson I meant, being born at 6 months. My spouse was born at that "age"
@scohe001 That's be even better if adoption was that easy :p
@user58 Oh, apparently eating disorder can cause lanugo too. That's a bit weird ^^
4:36 PM
@scohe001 I didn't get you.
@user58 Ahah x)
@scohe001 haha!
@user58 lol
> Interviewer: Tell me why should I hire you?
Candidate: Because that's your job!
4:37 PM
@avazula She does, but she was just playing a Christmas playlist on Spotify
@avazula aha that does make a lot more sense
@El'endiaStarman I think there were around 2000, I know that the entire test suite took 10 hours to run
@Rainbacon Yeeeeesh. Ours takes no more than 25 minutes.
@El'endiaStarman Wow, lucky you!
Yeah, I'm getting that sense more and more...
4:40 PM
I recently learned that in my country, cable operators are paid per operation and not per hour... which makes it difficult for them for have time to do their job
@avazula :'(
This word is really not nice
@El'endiaStarman Well, part of why it took that long is that they ran the suite 3 times. The test environment was really flaky, so they ran each test 3 times and counted it as successful if it managed to pass 1/3 times
@El'endiaStarman Thankfully, multi-threading is a thing and it can help a lot in reducing the time that my tests take (I do end-to-end, it would probably help less with unit test though)
@Rainbacon ... This sounds terribly bad...
@El'endiaStarman Did I mention that being a consultant means you get to see some really bad things?
4:43 PM
i'm excited to see if AMD can pull off 4 threads per core in x86 architecture
i know its certainly a part of their plan
@Ælis which word?
i think they meant world ^^ @avazula
@AlexRobinson ooh, okay. Slow brain tonight haha
@avazula The one without an "L" missing in it >< (world)
@avazula Well, me too since I wrote "world" without the "l" ^^
god i love our OCR scanner's word detection sometimes... poor thing thinks we just got an invoice for... 13 figures in south african rand - about 12 figures in usd or gbp
4:46 PM
Changing subject, I'm surprise than my newest IPS meta question hasn't spark more reactions. Maybe HNQ isn't such a hot topic anymore (tadame dum :p )
i briefly saw it earlier, could you link it again?
Q: Is it time to increase our number of HNQ question?

ÆlisAs you may know, when returning to HNQ, IPS has decided to limit itself to one HNQ question at a time (source: Let's go back to HNQ!). It has been quite some time now (6 months) and I believe that things are doing fine. In my opinion, all the most recent HNQ questions where handle nicely by the ...

i think a limit of two - at minimum on a trial basis would bring more benefits than cons
its just whether it drastically reduces the moderation workload or not i think
3 hours later…
7:44 PM
I'm so bored, I really hope that we will have a HNQ soon that as to have an increase in activity. But maybe I should just write and post a great, HNQ potential, question myself. This way I don't have to wait for an outside event. Too bad I don't really feel inspired though
@Ælis I'll give you a new Sandbox q to tear into in a few...if you give me good enough advice, maybe it'll hit HNQ and you'll have some entertainment :p
@scohe001 Ah it would be nice. Having a question sandboxed is better than nothing but having it post on main is even nicer and having it hit HNQ is even nicer, nicer!
Just one bored person doesn't really warrant that ;) If there's more people 'bored' with current levels of activity, or if people think they personally couldn't/wouldn't spend much more time and are happy with the current levels, that'd be nice to hear on meta.

Also, remember that closer to the holidays there's always a bit of a dip in activity, that's why winter bash was invented :P So think back for more than just the past few weeks when considering doing this :)
Ah, @Rain just posted his question! Maybe we will finally have something to do (it's not controversial, so it doesn't have a great potential, but still)
@Ælis I posted my question from the sandbox
@Ælis Hold on, let me go edit "what is the etiquette of" to "why do these people not act right". That should generate some controversy for you :p
7:49 PM
@Rainbacon Ahah xD
Q: What is the etiquette around greetings in online communication in India?

RainbaconBackground I work with people from a rather diverse set of cultures. We are spread across several cities, so most of our communication takes place on Slack. I have several co-workers who are from India, and I have noticed that they communicate a bit differently than my other co-workers. Specifi...

@Tinkeringbell I would gladly hear anything on meta, that would mean more activity! :p Also, we are only in November are you saying that I have all the time to die of boredom between now and the middle of January? :'(
You might. I don't really have any clue how long the 'dip' lasts, but I have a feeling it regularly is from somewhere around Thanksgiving all the way to New Year.
Welcome to the "holiday season" in the US. The lights go up. The music starts. People stand on corners holding buckets ringing bells.
Madness. The lot of it. :p
7:58 PM
@scohe001 I stood on a corner ringing a bell once. That was the day I first had coffee because it was so cold
Oh, we have a HNQ! \o/
(that would explain the two~three most recent comments)
@Rainbacon dang. I've always wondered how that is. Was it worth it?
The coffee or the bell ringing?
@Rainbacon Why would you do that? (stood on a corner, ringing a bell)
Lol the whole experience I guess
8:00 PM
Also, go moderate (or vote, or whatever) this answer people!
@Ælis it's usually for charity I believe. People are more likely to give around this season.
@Ælis This is why
@scohe001 Well, I still drink coffee. I do not still stand on street corners ringing bells
Fair enough
@Rainbacon Oh, we don't have those in France, that's nice
It was an ok experience. It's definitely always nice to do something for others.
8:05 PM
Do you all want to know the latest "complot" theory? Apparently, this tweet is "not nice"...
Whoa hey. How do you think Snow feels about that post?
flagged R/A
@scohe001 I'd star this but I think we've had enough oil put on that fire ;)
OTOH, fire is good against snow
Lol yea plz don't. No reason to draw more attention to that
Oh, and we made that christmas tree
@scohe001 Hey well, everyone knows that Snow is just a snowflake who takes offense at everything!
8:08 PM
Gah now I want to star your fire vs. snow lol stop being witty here
@avazula Picture! Picture! Picture!
Also, I love snow (and strongly disagree with that tweet!). Just seeing snow makes me happy :D
@Ælis I like how pretty snow is, I just wish it were warmer
please be aware that a- this is my slipper in that tree, and b- I wasn't the one putting it in here
@avazula Is it Fedora? xD
8:11 PM
@avazula Did Fedora put it there or Mr Ava?
Fedora has nothing to do with this
She's an angel
In fact, she just be put on top of that tree
soooo ...
Apparently she doesn't want to cooperate with my angelic plans
At least you still have a Christmas Tree some cat's gardens can't say the same (according to facebook) :p
@avazula I'm not surprised. I think Giselle would claw my arm off if I tried to put her on top of a tree
8:14 PM
@Ælis why do you think it's on a table? :p
@Rainbacon I don't know. Snow always feels warmer than rain to me (no offense :p). What I really like about it though, is have quiet it makes everything
@avazula Well, that doesn't sound like a very strong protection. I wouldn't be surprised if something happened to that poor tree ^^
@MonkeyZeus As a verb, "#metoo" has replaced "Kafkatrapping" as a reference to, well, the thing "Kafkatrapping" referenced. — No U 2 mins ago
@Ælis Mrs Bacon says that I'm warm, so that's enough for me :)
Awww <3
8:21 PM
@Ælis You've clearly never been in a hot and humid rain O_O
@chumpbot tp
Marked this comment as caught correctly (tp). Currently marked 2tps/0fps. beep boop My human overlords won't let me flag that, so you'll have to do it yourself.
@chumpbot gnu gnu gnu do it yourself
@scohe001 I was thinking specifically about the winter rain but, yeah, I don't experience hot rain often :)
@avazula x)
@avazula better be careful there, or I'll up the bot's sass :p
/me read the newest question title Oh dear...
8:25 PM
I'd like to go moderate that question, but I think it would be best not to click that link on my work computer
@Ælis you mean Rain's one?
Based solely on the title, I think that there is potential for a good IPS question, but it will need some work
@avazula Nope
@avazula There's a new one
@avazula 23478
8:28 PM
I have a sprint retro in 3 minutes, so I'll let those of you who are on your personal computers moderate it
huh, funny, it doesn't appear on my newspage
Q: I desire to try intercourse with a sex worker. How do I bring this up with my partner?

unfaithful tiger IIII would like to try intercourse with a sex worker. How can I bring this up with my partner without damaging the relationship? I am curious what it is like to have sex with another person than my partner. I am curious what it is like to pay for sex or to attend a sex-oriented entertainment venu...

@ExtrovertedMainMan Sooooo, I don't want to be a coward, but I think I'll pass and let other people moderate this one ^^ (I'm thinking that we are maybe missing details or that it could be a phrasing request, but I'm not sure so... I guess I'll just for other people to "show me the way" ^^)
Is that one pointing up and one smiley face? Now we're mixing them in the same message?!
@ExtrovertedMainMan Good first edit to the title, but I think we may want to edit it it further
8:36 PM
@Rainbacon what do you think?
@scohe001 Don't worry, I'll always use them as smiley :p
Haha I'm just teasing. Use them how you like to, just don't be surprised if I poke fun :p
@ExtrovertedMainMan This has all the wrong details :/ I hope OP responds to the comment and add the 'right' ones ;)
(in the meanwhile... perhaps that's a reason to vtc?)
@scohe001 Oh don't worry, I was just afraid that this was a genuine question that I had to answer genuinely ^^
I think we may want to remove the reference to sex workers, seems like it could be a problem starter
8:40 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan maybe someone could make this "Discussing bedroom fantasies with my partner" or something similar and a little more generic?
@Tinkeringbell Ah yes, definitively! That's why I like people asking for clarification in comments. If there are enough questions, you know the post is lacking details/is unclear
@scohe001 That's definitely a good direction if OP adds the details about how they already did the previous ones ;)
@scohe001 seems like their goal truly is about having sex with someone else though ... seems like more than bedroom fantasies to me ...
Is it a dupe of the polyamory question?
@Tinkeringbell Agreed
@AGirlHasNoName Which one? I think we've had a few
8:41 PM
@AGirlHasNoName Link?
let me find it
I'd not make it too generic probably... there's a whole 'range' of fantasies out there if I trust my sex-ed, and some of them require much more specific talking skills/careful talking as others...
nvm. The answer would help the OP but the question is entirely about approaching the other person.
@AGirlHasNoName Maybe you could post it as "related" then?
@Tinkeringbell oh I mean by all means go into more detail in the Q itself. But I think a little less brazen a title might be nice
8:46 PM
@scohe001 Ehh. Sure? Though too obfuscated and they'll all look alike and people won't know what they're getting themselves into...
They might expect something 'more innocent' when opening the question...
So, people are asking for clarification under our current HNQ and it makes me think that it might be too broad? What do you think? interpersonal.stackexchange.com/q/23474/21067
#offtopic I'm trying to build a vision board ... darn that's not easy haha
I have to know what I want to achieve in life in the first place o_o
@Tinkeringbell meh, fair enough. Idk what our title policy is
Something in between, I guess... lemme look ;)
I'm almost tempted to leave the word 'sex' in there, as I'm 90 percent sure that's filtered out by a blacklist for HNQ titles.
@Tinkeringbell I was wondering if "suicide" was in there too, which would have explained why the "Sunday question" didn't hit HNQ? (or was it just because it was Sunday, so bad timing?)
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