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12:11 AM
Today I Learnt (TIL) that LaTeX is so much better than Acrobat, Word and Illustrator.
sorry for weird capitals Ælis
@ExtrovertedMainMan please don't close it..
12:35 AM
5 hours later…
5:34 AM
@ankii I feel like this question is lacking a bit of details right now. But this answer, arg
@Ælis normally when there's a DV, I become reluctant to comment, but this had to be commented upon
@ankii For those kinds of situation, I find it generally simplier/better to ask for external sources. These, you don't have a pointless argument about "everyone know that" and "it's commun sense"
Also this is just inverse question of this
Q: How to talk about my comfortable lifestyle without sounding like I'm bragging?

ThirdPrizeMost of my friends have gone down the marriage with 2.4 kids route. Great for them but it does eat most of their time/money. Not having done that, I can afford a decent house, to have a couple of holidays each year, and to spend money on luxuries. Sometimes when they ask what I have been up to,...

@ankii Maybe you could put a "related" comment under OP question then?
Also, nice new dog picture!
yeah. Dumbo is very photogenic..
5:43 AM
Also, also, when do you sleep? You were here when I go to bed and you are here when I wake up @ankii :p
@ankii For a second, I wonder why you were talking to me about an elephant and what was his link to the conversation xD
@Ælis I might not.. before close votes reach 3. OP is on just opposite end of the spectrum
@ankii Doesn't mean the advice on this old one can't help him. But do as you feel :)
I am yet to watch that movie.. might do this weekend
@ankii I didn't see the movie either, just the old animated movie
I have to write a non plagiarised paper by looking at an old research paper
Trying to submit it before 12 hours(deadline)
So didn't sleep last night
Otherwise, the bedtimes would be close.
5:47 AM
@ankii Ouch :/ You might still want to take a nap though. The brain works better when it's well rested
Also, a very good luck with your paper!
I slept for 2 hours before that.. And then took 2 coffees
so I'd be fine for another 6-7 hours
And thanks!
Not a big deal really, just paraphrasing it from a lecture and wikipedia
Latex is lovely though!
@ankii Still sounds very boring :p
oh you got it very right...
I don't like what I am majoring in either.
But that's another day's topic
will be around!
See you!
Also, have some cute dogs to help you go thought that @ankii
They don't last in front of Dumbo and Speaker do they? ^^
But yeah, they are so small <3 <3
5:53 AM
Dumbo does look very cute :D
6:05 AM
This "only one flag per post" is annoying >< Also, it's Monday, where are all the mods??? We need help here (cc: @avazula @Tinkeringbell )
It's monday morning, give them some time to wake up
@JAD They are usually awake before me, this is very unsettling
To be fair, I usually don't wake up so early. This is very unsettling :p
6:34 AM
@Ælis I already flagged and DVed.
6:44 AM
@avazula And you don't want to delete? I already put my delete on this, I don't think it would be such a big deal if we were to delete it with only two people instead of three (but it's your powers, I understant if you don't want to be accused of abusing them)
6:55 AM
@Ælis We'll see if it's still here in an hour, but I doubt that
Hello @Ælis!
@Feeds This feels weird ^^
How about now? :P
@AJ Also, hello, time-travelling friend (if you are in the afternoon and I'm in the morning, you must be time-travelling, aren't you?) :p
7:07 AM
(tries hard to keep it secret ) No!
Good morning :)
good Afternoon!
@Ælis Looks like you're doing fine there :)
So I'm going to get a coffee before standup :)
@Tinkeringbell If you are not gonna stand, then how you are supposed to be going to get coffee? ;P
Oh, I usually get a coworker to push my desk chair over to the machine
7:14 AM
@Tinkeringbell I guess my brain tends to see urgency and fire everywhere nowadays :/
@Ælis Patience, Ælis, patience!
@AJ "Pa-what?" No idea where to find those :p
eBay or Amazon. :P
@AJ ::facepalm::
7:22 AM
@AJ Nah, I don't like buying stuff there, it tooks too much time before getting delivered :p
@AnkitSharma o/ What brings you here or you just came to facepalm? :P
@AJ Just wanted to say I am not sure about tagging so left for others to edit it.
Rest you can catch me on screening room :P
And some meta for you to see there :/
Q: How to initiate a conversation with a person who recently had transition but you were not in touch with them?

GaucheI had a family friend/classmate/neighbor who I am not in touch with for more than a decade and we were never friends but on friendly terms in childhood. Two years back I got to know that she had a transition from male to female and it didn't go well with her family, relatives, etc. Even within my...

7:37 AM
@Ælis Breathe in, breathe out. Make sure you position yourself in such a way that both your face and behind feel comfortably warm but don't get burned! :)
Oh... and don't inhale too much of the smoke, it's bad for you :)
7:52 AM
Morning :)
8:14 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Wait a minute, I read that same question on Friday
What magic is that? :p
@CaldeiraG Sandbox vs main ;)
8:32 AM
Oh right!
I did not do my homework :D
8:54 AM
i was about to say the same thing lol
9:08 AM
Ha, homework... that's way behind me :p
1 hour later…
10:14 AM
who knew that transmission wires could crosstalk? they must be having buzzing talks, no?
@ankii xD
@ankii Oh, you have a different doggo pic :)
yup.. This was posted here already.. and its cuter. ^^
Oh man.. Some developers just don't make it clear... "All that needs to be done is to hook this system to that system".
As if I didn't know this.
10:37 AM
@ankii Sure it is :D
Hi there;)
@AGirlHasNoName Morning-ish, almost midday here
One thing I noticed is that even you hide a certain account on the Network profile, if you go the reputation tab, it shows the hidden account (cc @Ælis)
@CaldeiraG Yeah, 'hidden' accounts are pretty broken. :(
The best thing we can do is act like we don't know them when interacting outside this room :P
(And that we don't know they have hidden profiles)
11:03 AM
Yeah the hidden profile thing is really just for casual observers.
11:44 AM
@Tinkeringbell :(
2 hours later…
1:28 PM
Q: 36y me, 30y wife, a screwed up life, low confidence, and heavy feelings for someone at work

AnonSydneyI need help. I don't know what to do. I'm 36, married, from India, recently moved to Sydney. I just wish there is someone out there, reading this, and wanting to help me. Below, is a big text, and has everything I want you guys to know before answering my question. I sorry it is long. I am start...

@ExtrovertedMainMan aw a fellow Indian.. I could edit it after 2-3 hours. go ahead if someone's saving me the trouble :)
1:42 PM
That title smells like a life-advice question
@JAD It probably is :(
(can't access the pastebin here)
"SE blocks my post as spam, so I wrote it somewhere else and am linking to it"
@Rainbacon to be fair, it's not spam. So assuming it's a genuine question, I wouldn't blame them for that tbh
1:59 PM
@JAD While that appears to be true based on reading it, I wouldn't expect the average user to click on the pastebin link and read through it
Also, we should probably help them figure out how to get it into a workable shape for the site
@Rainbacon oh no, it's by no means a good question
Q: How to deal with my mom's insistence that eight people are harassing her, even though there's no actual evidence?

waxahgolsI'm 26, female, moved back in with mom and dad in April after a breakup with my ex-girlfriend (the relationship ended as she got a job elsewhere... I couldn't afford to live in NYC, but she could). I live in a large town in Texas. For the past few weeks (well, since early August) my mom has been...

2:18 PM
@AGirlHasNoName How I feel today (it's mostly only targetted at the people who want to argue in comment, though):
Also, maybe probably I should stop talking about MSE
Let's have some kitten instead:
2:40 PM
@Ælis <3
3:05 PM
@Tinkeringbell Since it's now clear I won't answer your question, I have this for you:



> Here are some guidelines for giving compliments:

- Be specific

- Don’t overdo it

- Use appropriate tone


Culture and complimenting, the differencies:
@Ælis These seem like good sources. Is there a specific reason that you won't answer Tink's question?
@Rainbacon I feel they are still don't answer her main question :/ Also, I probably could find something good with a little more digging but I'm not interested in that anymore. Feel free to you use them, though
Perhaps they don't, I didn't fully read all of them, but I might give it a shot later
I had a 3rd round of interviews with a company over a week ago, and I still haven't heard anything back from them. They mentioned that they had a couple more interviews to run though, but I'm starting to get nervous
3:27 PM
Oh crap, this is a really bad time for this sort of NHQ /me scare
@Rainbacon :/ I don't know what it's the etiquette in the USA, but in France, after a week, it's perfectly acceptable to ask for update
Yeah, there's certainly some potential trouble that could come with that post, but so far, OldPadawan's answer is excellent
Yes, but I'm afraid of all the trolls that are currently hanging around in the network just waiting for an opportunity like that
I just posted EmC notice, it might help reduce the noise
3:47 PM
@Ælis I just got a notification an answer was posted. I'll review that tonight :)
@Tinkeringbell Not sure the answer you got is up to your critera. It's not really detail (but I haven't read it, though)
1 hour later…
5:00 PM
@user58 thanks for sticking up for me.
5:20 PM
Okay I need to stop
Probably not worth engaging at this point
...I go to eat and things explode
yeah no I am backing off now.
Hopefully the whole thing gets cleaned up.
I keep falling for the bait and it makes me feel embarassed.
@Ælis We have been posting a lot of pictures of cats lately, but I wanted to add one of a catgirl:
user image
[checks room name] ...huh, this ain't the Maid Cafe.
5:36 PM
We could post more anime pictures and fool people, though
I approve, cat pictures are awesome but catgirl pictures are even better!
Also morning room! :D
oh, wait, it's the afternoon now even here.
afternoon from me too
I also approve of the subtle LGBTness there :)
hey I just blocked my first chaser acount on Twitter w00t
5:39 PM
It's subtle because I'm bad at remembering flags. ;) But maybe not because I actually remembered this one?
ohh yeah I have to look the flags up.
Yeah that's hardly subtle
Im wearing a bracelet of that one though so I remember it.
I know some of the flags. If you remember what the colors generally stand for, you can figure them out
Anyway, that's not subtle. You want subtle, look at this picture @avazula drew of me:
user image
@AGirlHasNoName Ooooh, this one is verey, very cute <3
5:48 PM
(also just look at it. like in general.)
But that one is a literal flag!

Also it IS super cute, and I am happy that I get an opportunity to look at it!
@user58 +1 For that!
6:00 PM
@user58 oh that is subtle. I always liked that.
6:15 PM
@user58 you know they're trying to tie is up now
I wish it didn't work :(
Finally did the paper. Plagiarism =13 % < 24 % yay!
tex.SE was heaven for the assignment!
6:52 PM
@user58 Yay! I can star that again
7:09 PM
@AGirlHasNoName I'm... going to suggest a teeny-tiny MSE break. Some of your latest comments aren't doing you favours :)
But we can chat here ;) Did anything fun, besides making even more avatars? :)
7:28 PM
@Tinkeringbell Because I'm angry and insulted and having people upvote answers that tell me that my fears are invalid when i've laid them out in excruciating detail on numerous occasions and only then have someone else compare being afraid of bigots(who actually go around killing people like me) to being afraid of insects makes my blood boil!!! /rant
@AGirlHasNoName I understand. But it would be so, so very very sad if these people succeed in getting people like you off the site, because they managed to piss you off to the point of breaking the CoC yourself :(
I'm being scoffed at, mocked, ridiculed, and derided and then when I get emotional it is used against me. I have been painstakingly holding back my emotions and being as objective as I can but it keeps getting cloudier and cloudier
@AGirlHasNoName Not sure, you have seen it, so here you go: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/52222137#52222137 (also lots of love and support to you <3 )
@AGirlHasNoName 'when I get emotional it is used against me' > Sadly, yes :( But as a mod, I can't just excuse one side as 'only emotional' without the other side being able to lay claim to the same favours :(
@Ælis <3<3<3<3
7:31 PM
@AGirlHasNoName <3 <3 <3
@Tinkeringbell I know. I was already planning to make that my last post on MSE. In fact I had planned to stop before that but I know that user from over at Writing and I have seen her put up with a lot of abuse over there so I wanted to answer her.
Q: An Unusual Gratitude

RaktTLDR; This is a very unusual communication conundrum that I have struggled with for some time now. It is about an unusual connection (or so I thought) I made with a girl. She is a friend of an old crush of mine. She did something once, which unwittingly helped me. I want to thank her for that. B...

@AGirlHasNoName You're a bit too kind for this world, you know that, right? :) <3
@Tinkeringbell It's a good thing I'm not a dev at SE Inc. If it were up to me, I would completely disallow the comment function on MSE for as long as necessary (like, at least two weeks)
@Ælis Sounds like a plan :-)
7:33 PM
@Ælis to be fair I have been using comments to argue against people who post nasty questions
@Ælis I mean, if it were up to Shog, I think that would be done
@AGirlHasNoName Then I would encourage you to write an answer instead ^^
If I were a mod I'd be nuking everything from orbit
^ that
@Tinkeringbell That's an extremely nice thing to say to me. Thank you.
7:35 PM
@AGirlHasNoName Working on it. But I can't do miracles :) People have been handling flags like crazy, yet sometimes I handle three and the counter actually goes up :(
Now I am going to walk away from MSE and hope that the people who need to see what I wrote do see it.
And anything that gets added is for others to stand up to. Im out of gas.
Take some time, get a good refill. There's probably (SADLY!) plenty left next week :(
@Tinkeringbell I can tell. My answer was cleared out multiple times. I've been apart of many of the purges. Seen many others.
@Tinkeringbell Isn't there an announcement planned for tomorrow?
7:38 PM
@Ælis I think so. I hope it'll be mostly good :)
@Tinkeringbell Even if it's good, I'm afraid there will still be ugly reactions :/
^ that
I'll try and get some of them :) CMs are trying their hardest too...
They definitely seem to be keeping up with newer posts, at least.
On unrelated news... I just cut out the stitch. It was itching too much.
@Tinkeringbell So... You are a bad patient then, right?
@Tinkeringbell uh oh? Or is it ok?
7:44 PM
should I bring up one more of Dumbo's photos, to lighten things up? I clicked quite some, that day.
@Ælis Really bad!
@Rainbacon Of course it is. It was pretty shallow to begin with, and I was allowed to take it out Wednesday. So I'm only a day and night early!
@ankii Oh, yeah, I love seeing pictures in this room!
user image
Today must be double uncomfortable no ? @Rainbacon ;p
Ooh, that's a good one
I changed my dp too
7:47 PM
@ankii Why do you say that?
Sep 26 at 12:40, by Rainbacon
@ankii I'm quite jealous of your access to dogs
Well, I am very uncomfortable, but that's because I have a sore throat and it's spreading
ohh.. it was a long time ago, I had that
I don't know how it feels xd
but our local cafe had a short-circuit and got some coffee machines blown up. :(
Is it just me or SE has been unusually hard to load for the last 4~5 days?
charge is unclear to me...
lack of caffeine affects me badly
7:55 PM
@ankii That's because it was a french word :p I wanted to say "load"
ohh lol!
I get that periodically, but it doesn't seem to be related to the past few days. I've been seeing loading issues off and on for ~6 months
Maybe it's just my parent house then :/
the voodoo steps are always there, flushing cache (not history!), restart etc
oh also, some update, I was able to shape that accent answer better apple.stackexchange.com/questions/373107
@ankii Oh nice! It's indeed way more complete than the last time I saw it!
Also, I just found this picture and I find it so cute I wanted to share it with you:
8:00 PM
@Ælis I haven't had a problem
Comic artists reach so much more audience than novel writers, though it can be shallow feeling
8:11 PM
@Ælis today
Well, I'm going to bed. Please be kind to each other while I'm sleeping :)
@Loong Oh dear
@Tinkeringbell no promises ><
whelp its here
Thanks :)
8:45 PM
@Loong I kept reading "recuse" as "rescue", this made the posts a bit weird x)
@AGirlHasNoName imagine all CMs waiting for the time now -36 minutes with their answers ready..
I'm just imaging the TL blowing up now.
I'm glad Im not there
So'm I. ;)
8:53 PM
@user58 well you could say that for tavern, meta and workplace too, no?
TL actually isn't blowing up! :)
TWP is crickets ATM
Tavern too
@El'endiaStarman I'm shocked
I am asleep.
In any case, I think it's a good time for some kitten (but when is it not a good time for cat pictures?)
@ankii Also, why TWP would be specifically blowing up?
8:55 PM
@Ælis TWP had one of the most visceral and knee-jerk reactions
something something reinstating something something
well I'm off to sleep as well, don't burn the place down in the meantime
not that it wouldn't be interesting, but there'd be paperwork
me too.. awake for ~26 hours.
@AGirlHasNoName Hum, true, I remember that >< I though some other chatroom would have been worse though?
We'll see
9:00 PM
@AGirlHasNoName Well, I hope I won't x)
I hang out at TWP. If it explodes I will watch silently
If it actually explode, it's probably better to take cover, otherwise, you might be injured :p
9:16 PM
9:28 PM
that was brave. I don't think that room is very friendly right now
@AGirlHasNoName Oh no, I really don't find it friendly either. But some people over there are still nice people, I'm hoping there are enough nice people to out-weight the "not nice" ones
Well the nice thing about that room. They aren't all very sympathetic to us, but almost all of them want the conversation to remain civil
you know until they break out into a fight because that happens too
@AGirlHasNoName poof'd when I flagged it ;)
@EmC \o/
9:33 PM
yay \o/
they even explicitly say on the FAQ post that they're going to delete extra comments/answers on the policy post, sooo I think pretty much anything there will qualify as NLN
This is a frustrating time to be out of flags comment votes and votes all at once
The good news is, we are all winning "the right to use flags" at a very quick rate ^^
yeah, I didn't even know there was a comment vote limit until this all happened :P
I know I said I'd stay away from MSE but this doesn't count
9:38 PM
By tomorrow I should have a hundred flags a day on MSE.
@AGirlHasNoName You might want to do like me and just post one custom mod flag asking for the entire conversation to be cleaned up (if, indeed, several comments could be removed)
@AGirlHasNoName I had only one flag left, I custom flag the first one
Hi @HDE226868
It's time for me to go to bed. Have some cat love from me:
9:53 PM
@AGirlHasNoName Hey there!
@Ælis g'night

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