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12:43 AM
@Tinkeringbell if I accept the offer, I should arrive in Tibet by February or July. Yeah, learning different prayers, meditation, chanting - that'll be the new norm for me. Also required to do volunteer work, like teaching English :)
February or July? That's quite the spread...
Yeah ... that was negotiated between them and me, just in case I don't want to bail on my current teaching offer here in New York - which starts next week ...
(... and ends in May ... )
the monastic living program starts up every six months ...
@CaptainBohemian sorry, I went to bed early last night and just read your messages ...
3 hours later…
3:57 AM
I hate philistines.
brb, gonna get a chai latte :)
4:23 AM
@D.Hutchinson I am reading the publication abstracts of a professor in cosmology. The group has open position. But I found the publications seem not to be much of my favor.
I see
@D.Hutchinson they seem not to be as theoretical style I like. They seems to be the applications of fundamental theories.
so should I apply?
@D.Hutchinson The answer I want is usually not just a simply ''I see." I usually need answers including wise advice. I wouldn't ask others a simple question whose answer is so obvious.
@D.Hutchinson my question usually contains entangled contexts.
4:54 AM
sorry, I'm multi-tasking a bit
if you want to, sure
you should apply everywhere that you are interested in ...
for instance, one of my former advisors went from New York -> France -> Cape Town, South Africa, where he is currently a number theorist.
you should apply everywhere ...
otherwise, don't waste time ... and find an industry job ...
5:49 AM
but I think I am not my interested in that
@D.Hutchinson and in the same institute there are positions in theoretical physics
I tkink industrial jobs are waste of time
@D.Hutchinson Their only function is making money and I will ose time studying physics.
@D.Hutchinson does one really need to apply for positions which are not my interests.
@D.Hutchinson It requires to write potential research interests. So if I am not interested in the themes in publications what should I write?
it may also require interview.
@D.Hutchinson You should think closely before giving advice.
@D.Hutchinson it's not everywhere has open positions.
where does the funding of individual supervising PhD fellowship come from?
@D.Hutchinson you can check the publications. Which publication is pure theory?
I'm thinking closely, given the time constraints right now :(
it's a nice night here in New York, so I'm trying to enjoy it rather than spend too much time in a chat room :)
(it's been freezing cold the last couple of weeks, hence why I've been in here so much ...)
@CaptainBohemian I would strongly urge you to move on
I don't think that I can help you any further, at least not now ...
6:06 AM
do you see the same institute has position in theory?
you may think applying for more positions no matter if they are my interest increase opportunity, but I may lose time in making useless application.
I lack time looking for researchers whose research is of my interest.
@D.Hutchinson a lot of themes are not what I am familiar with, and I have spent much time studying them in order to identifying interesting themes.
I see ...
be back later - bye :)
6:35 AM
@D.Hutchinson awkward silence is indeed not worthy spending time in because the questions here seem generally not critical.
6:49 AM
...but here you are having conversations? I'm confused.
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11:21 AM
Q: How much minimum time is suitable react to answer in SE?

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4:47 PM
5:38 PM
There have been 36.5k comments in the history of the site.
18k of them are not deleted.
That means that there have been 18.5k deleted comments.
More than what is currently extant on the site.
And the site has only existed since June.
really staggering numbers
The mods have only deleted about 8 k, though... so I'm not sure where the other 10k are.
@ExtrovertedMainMan This is a cross-post (productivity.stackexchange.com/questions/18527/…). That's against the SE rules, plus it's a bad fit for the site and has been closed. Delete votes anyone?
5:53 PM
@Mithrandir How sure of those numbers are you?
@Catija Pretty sure.
The total comments come from the comment IDs themselves.
I guess deleted questions... and some self deleted...
The number of extant comments is from data.SE.
Oh, but the comment ids aren't all used.
5:55 PM
There's blocks of them that get skipped, I thought... post ids are like that.
Huh. I've never heard that.
They were talking about that in the TL recently, I think.
That's why total questions plus total answers doesn't equal total posts. User ids are the same.
All the comments that I see posted by the bot go sequentially
Something about allocating the ids and then having the servers restart ... any unused get skipped...
Not sure. I think only the CMs could confirm.
We can ask.
Q: Dealing With A Friend Trying To Get Me A Girlfriend

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5:58 PM
Fun with letters
Q: How do I support my partner's return to her career after a five-year child raising hiatus?

HertzMy wife is a medical professional coming off a five year child raising hiatus. This is major change that affects her interpersonal relationships, as well as mine. What kinds of creative things might I do to support her return to the work force?

edit didn't improve it in my opinion
Still idea generation.
It made it worse.
Regarding comments and how many you mods have to delete
What is the best course of action for regular users like me? (apart from not writing unnecessary comments)
flag more, flag less or something else?
Flagging. Anything you think shouldn't be there.
If you want to use Mith's auto comment asking people to not write answers in comments, feel free to do so.
6:04 PM
Thanks. I'll flag like there's no tomorrow
I think we're working on a test that will check for comments posted after that auto comment text is posted... that will tell us if it's effective or not and how many comments posted after it are still bad comments.
:D Also, remember if there's more than about half of the comments are bad on a long comment chain, feel free to use a custom flag on the post and ask us to review the comments... Saves you some flags and we're going to look at the entire post anyway.
That's good to know!
6:42 PM
@Catija I'm currently being notified whenever someone posts a comment after I - and only I - have left a comment including literally https://interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/q/1644/31.
(Yes, I know that URL by heart.)
It was implemented... yesterday.
@Mithrandir Is there a reason that it's tied to you? If the URL is the same, it shouldn't matter who posts it?
So far, I've gotten two - one by someone answering in the comments, the second you telling them off.
@Catija Because I kinda wanted to limit the amount of notifications I get :P. I've already got several bots pinging me and I often get notifications in the double digits... I'm trying to avoid getting too many.
@Mithrandir :D
Was that mean?
@Mithrandir Well, I wasn't asking you to be notified... all I wanted was a spreadsheet with all of the times you've made that comment so that I could review whether there were additional comments posted afterward.
6:45 PM
I was tempted to leave a snarky comment when they posted it but resisted the urge.
@Catija currently looks like this when that's triggered:
in The Closet, 29 mins ago, by IPS Comment Bot
#9255 Catija (8694 rep) | Q: How do I deal with a coworker who unplugs my monitor because I didn't turn it off? (score: 88) | posted 4 days ago by Cashbee (1563 rep) | edited 57 hours ago by Cashbee (1563 rep) | @Mithrandir (has magic comment)
Ah... hmmm.
Actually, the first comment triggered two things.
It triggered the 'magic comment' notification, and it matched a regex pattern to identify potential answers-in-comments.
@AnneDaunted NAA? I don't see a flag right now but the NAA flags are delayed for mods.
6:52 PM
Ah, same thing. It will go to the queue.
@Mithrandir Are you trying to make a version of Smokey for Answers in Comments ? :P
This has actually gotten a lot more complicated than I had originally intended.
I particularly love the "What about this solution, would that work for you?" comments... just post the answer, don't ask if the answer works first.
Afraid of DVs :-)
People don't really DV much here... well, except Mith... and me. :P
6:58 PM
I plead guilty as charged
Downvotes are a really important part of moderation. Bad content needs to be signaled to others that it's bad by voting appropriately. Questions get free downvotes and answers require 1 rep but it's a small price to pay to show that posts are a bad fit for the site's policies.
You are correct
You're about 80/20%... that's not bad as some. I'm not saying that you should downvote everything... but some people don't use DVs at all.
I officially passed 4x the amount of downvotes as upvotes.
I will try to improve
7:11 PM
7:34 PM
@AnneDaunted You can find my three IPS auto comments (for "Try this" answers, "What should I do?" questions, and answers in comments) at Pastebin.
@Mithrandir When will people learn to just keep their filthy paws away from the moderators? :/
Why did people review this as Looks Okay (disputing my flag)? It doesn't accomplish any of the goals that the OP wants.
And this? It provides no explanation or backup for its claims.
Same here.
@Mithrandir Time to get out the mod flags I believe
And again here.
7:55 PM
@Tinkeringbell You're sweet :)
I know, I had too much candy this weekend :)
Hello there children!
You're younger than me.
7:58 PM
@Catija :P
BTW - request to the room: If anyone notices any pattern that commonly shows up in answers-in-comments, please tell me. E.g., if I were you is one that I've identified.
I was quoting Chef from South Park.
@Mithrandir not really an answer, but :P
@apaul If it's not "Chocolate Salty Balls", I don't think that I'd recognize it.
@Tinkeringbell Hmm. I'm having trouble searching for that in the chat transcript :/
8:01 PM
@Catija Hmm...
@Mithrandir Oh.... so it's not that common? I thought I'd seen it quite a few times as the start of an answer-comment :)
I think I've seen it as well, but chat search is horrible.
Well, let's see what happens.
in The Closet, 17 secs ago, by IPS Comment Bot
Added regex an?\W?answer\W?\Wbut for post_type q
Oh, I see it all the time. I can try to find an example but I concur... "Not an answer but..." "not a full answer..." etc.
So... since there's a few of you here... right now, the only feedback I have on the Help Center page text is some upvotes, an answer from apaul and a couple of comments. Does anyone else have anything to say?
Should I interpret the upvotes as meaning "this is fine"... ? I know it's work but I'd really like to get this pulled together and I know it's not perfect... Monica's mentioned that it's too long when I've asked her about it... is there stuff missing? Is there stuff in it that's wrong?
We can change it as we go - that's not problematic - but some additional feedback would be awesome.
Can you put it in blockquotes please?
Put what in block quotes?
8:14 PM
The actual text.
The actual text is everything between the two sets of triple dividers. I don't really feel like putting arrows at the front of every section. :(
Q: How to approach someone that you barely know?

BooleanI attend a college in which I share a large study space with the rest of the college students. I have been wanting to introduce myself to one of the other students but I am unsure how to approach them for several reasons - My current friends do not overlap with any of their friends so I cannot ...

That's not even the OP.
10:24 PM
Q: How to stop my ex wife from pressuring relationship between our son and my new partner?

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