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5:05 AM
Q: Comic about a human with two small telekinetic dogs named Eric

DavidWIn the mid 1980s I borrowed a stack of comics from a friend. Most of them were standard Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, etc. but there were a few odd ones too. This one has stuck in my head, possibly because of its very detailed inking. The protagonist is a human, I believe the only human seen, in...

5:30 AM
@Marvin Is the human called eric, or are the dogs?
6 hours later…
11:02 AM
@JourneymanGeek "dogs named Eric," not "human named Eric."
That would get confusing fast
(Both dogs were named "Eric" as best I can recall.)
Ok, that is strange
(I was expecting the human to be called eric and made a funny)
@JourneymanGeek I think when the human needed something he just said "Eric!" but the dogs addressed each other as "Eric."
TBF I don't recall if the human could hear Eric talking, or if that was for the audience's benefit.
@JourneymanGeek So you were out-weirded by SF? :)
Shouldn't be surprised
the "really good inking" makes me wonder if its a european or other non US comic translated
11:19 AM
Q: Where is House Ordos in the 2021 movie Dune?

Rebecca J. StonesBack in the 90s, I used the play the Dune 2 RTS computer game, and I recall there being three houses: Atreides (blue), Harkonnen (red) and Ordos (green) (along with an unplayable Emperor). But in the recent (2021) movie Dune, I didn't notice any mention of House Ordos. So... Question: Where is ...

@JourneymanGeek That's certainly a possibility, but doesn't help me very much. :)
12:03 PM
@Marvin My comment was probably rightfully deleted, but fair warning, this one has several search terms that can pop up some very NSFW results in your first page.
@FuzzyBoots Someone flagged it but I did give it a bit of thought before deleting it
12:42 PM
Q: Required rep values for privileges appears as '$Privilege-<PrivilegeName>' in help center search results

PureferretThe parameter for rep values required for privileges is not resolved in the help center search results StackOverflow: Sci-Fi and Fantasy: This should probably be resolved here, or not reveal the variable name used at least.

this is fun ^
1:01 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I ain't even mad, bro. :-D
@Marvin I @DavidW I did an edit, but please rollback/re-edit to your hearts content
1:21 PM
@AncientSwordRage Hmm. I actually wasn't sure if the dogs were collectively or individually named "Eric," but I'm not sure how to succinctly express that in the title. I may add a bit more commentary in the body, though.
@DavidW good plan, apologies if my edit was a bit of an overreach
Thought it might be clearer, given the conversation in here
@DavidW There was a period in time when Steve Ditko (or another comic inker?) was pushing for high detail art
@AncientSwordRage No, you're absolutely right; it obviously needs more detail or explanation.
@AncientSwordRage Ah, but it's different if you need to produce another 30 pages of art next month. And again every month following.
1:49 PM
Q: Sci-fi short story about a man visiting relatives on a ranch, but finds they have been captured by creatures from another dimension

babareebopThe protagonist is a young man visiting his Uncle (or maybe Father) on their ranch and discovering that they have accidentally established a portal to another world, the inhabitants of which are now preparing to invade and conquer our world.

Q: How should we tag the Dune movies?

MachavityWe now have a third movie for Dune (ostensibly a movie series... if they ever get the latter parts made). There are questions now being asked specific to this movie. Normally we'd do [dune-2021] or such, but this is supposed to be a movie series. Do we want fragmentation into [dune-2021], [dune-2...

2:06 PM
@DavidW from what I've heard it didn't last long
2:39 PM
Q: 1970s or older movie with Revolutionary War ghosts and young male protagonist

Zeiss IkonI remember seeing (part of) this movie on American television in the early 1970s -- I saw it in black and white, but that may have been due to a B&W TV set rather than being filmed in B&W. Dialog was in English, not dubbed as far as I recall, and the modern potagonist had an eastern US accent. I...

3:34 PM
I'm thinking of announcing the November topic challenge soonish, but there's currently a tie between Samuel R. Delaney and Elizabeth Moon in the list of proposals. Anyone want to cast a tie-breaking vote?
3:52 PM
@Randal'Thor done
4:33 PM
@Randal'Thor done
4:57 PM
Awesome, that's a pretty convincing difference now.
I'll type up the meta post in a bit. Good to announce it ahead of time and give people a chance to prepare. In retrospect, we should've used the missing month as an opportunity to start announcing topic challenges way earlier.
posted on October 22, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: The better approach is offensive optimism. Today's News:

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6:23 PM
Q: A Wattpad original story might be otome game or Isekai

Brown SugarSo the girl is a red hair general and she has a friend who controls dolls and she fakes her death

2 hours later…
8:03 PM
Q: If Niander Wallace was a replicant could his interest in the replicant child be more personal?

releseabeI did not find Wallace's impassioned speech about taking over the galaxy with replicants if they could reproduce very compelling -- how could he, given that replicants reproducing "naturally" was such a surprising result, be guaranteed that the offspring of replicants would be obedient to him? Fu...

8:28 PM
Q: Legal rights of replicants?

releseabeIt appears that replicants can live on Earth and move freely but one needs permission. The hookers (owned by a human "pimp"?) can ply their trade. I guess Sapper Morton was a prohibited model? (The hooker asks K if he will kill her and he replies, iirc, it depends what model number you are.) I do...

8:53 PM
Q: Is Boo really a miniature giant space hamster?

Silly but TrueThe sidekick of the Barbarian, Minsc, who famously “goes for the eyes!” Boo https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/baldursgategame/images/7/76/Boo.gif/revision/latest?cb=20130811101329 Boo is described in the game text thusly: Boo is a fuzzy little hamster. While Minsc believes Boo is a miniature gia...

Q: Coming-of-age/portal sci-fi book about a teenage girl and her younger brother, who are transported to another realm and have to complete a quest

JessicaDefinitely a long shot, but I remember reading this book in the late '80s or early '90s. It was about a teenage girl and her younger, early-teens brother, and they somehow got transported to another realm. In this realm they have to complete a quest, and maybe she has magic powers now (?). I see...

9:43 PM
Q: Who owns the replicant hookers?

releseabeI assume they primarily offer their services to humans but of course we see an exception when the arrangement Joi effected occurs. The "doxies" (as I think they are referred in the script seem to have a lot of freedom of movement but I do not believe replicants who do not have owners (K's owner, ...

10:03 PM
10:38 PM
Q: November 2021 topic challenge: Samuel R. Delany

Rand al'ThorThis post is for the tenth of SFF.SE's new series of topic challenges, encouraging the site's community to take part together in asking and answering questions on a particular topic each month. According to community votes on the topic challenge proposals thread, the November 2021 topic challenge...

11:23 PM
Q: Been asking and looking forever... Seems it must be a dream or smth

Tempest 89It was 1995 or so. Saw a film about some monkey man wich was some sort of secondary character, main character probably a human, and maybe some other weird shit i dont quite remember. There was a toy store a couple of blocks from my house (South America btw). Soon after seeing the movie i find the...

11:47 PM
Q: What is the winged entity that Tikki produced?

AdamantIn the Season 4 episode "Dearest Family," we see Tikki While doing so, she is enveloped in a column of pink light in which the image of a winged entity is visible. What is the nature of this winged entity? Is it Tikki's "human(oid) form," as some people have claimed? A shadow from some other ob...

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