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12:08 AM
Q: Harry Potter fanfiction where Harry is taken back in time to witness his younger self being abused

TwimmyI don't know if you can help but I'm looking for a fanfic where Harry was heavily abused since he was younger, and he was at Hogwarts (he was older). Harry had gotten cursed or something and was taken back in time to when he was younger (but he wasn't there, he was just watching). Harry was put i...

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2:29 AM
Q: Looking for a Sci-Fi short story from Aliens’ perspective that ‘cure human racism’ (cheeky)

WordGypsyOk, so the details are vague but the ending gives a strong hint. What I remember is that humans are suffering and either: A) Send out humans out into space for help from other life to get help and they eventually find help but come back much later in the future to see humans barely alive. And the...

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4:52 AM
Q: I can’t remember the name of this book. It’s about Harry Potter and serverus Snape

Kit_rosy29I don’t remember too much about this book. I do remember that Harry is still in Gryffindor and that Snape still doesn’t like Harry. They’re not father and son but I do remember that it had tags where Snape adopts Harry. They don’t get along at first cause dumbelbore took Harry to Snape to take ca...

5:17 AM
Q: How did Weyland-Yutani already know about the warning beacon on LV-426 before the events of Alien?

SagierianIt's obvious from Special Order 937 that Weyland-Yutani had somehow already detected the warning beacon emanating from the derelict on LV-426, and had at least partially deciphered it. Is it ever explained anywhere how and when they managed to pick up the signal and decipher it? I've always assum...

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6:56 AM
Q: Late acceptances of story-identification answers

user14111This story-identification question was asked on June 16, 2013; I answered it on July 1, 2013; and my answer was accepted today, April 23, 2021, almost 8 years later. Is this a record?

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8:28 AM
@Slartibartfast Story ID yes, but the absolute winner is @AncientSwordRage with this one:
Q: What evidence supposedly supports Tau as related to the Necrontyr?

AncientSwordRageI've heard of rumours saying that the Tau from Warhammer 40K are in fact the Necrontyr. Is there anything that supports this statement, in WH40K canon? I just found this, on 1d4 chan1: Helping Necrons? Or are they Necrontyr descendants? An often overlooked issue is that Tau have no warp...

I've just wrote a query to see and yep seems true
Takign a while to post the answer cos of table formatting though
Already answering as well.
I didn't bother with tables, I just gave the link to the query.
Similar amount of time in the end
Similar but different queries as well
@SQB what do I win?
I blame those damn pesky mods from taking away your victory! — TheLethalCarrot 25 secs ago
@AncientSwordRage Getting blamed?
8:35 AM
Sounds about right
8:46 AM
A: Late acceptances of story-identification answers

SQBLooks like it. The previous record was about 7 years. Short story about two brothers leading an expedition to the prehistoric past, one (Orren? Owen?) is killed and erased from history Our overall record of over 8 years hasn't been broken, though. What evidence supposedly supports Tau as related ...

So all links work in preview, yet in the post... *le sigh*
Shortened URLs are always a bit funky like that
Weirdly enough, the acceptance dates as found in SEDE are truncated (perhaps rounded) to midnight. But if you hover over the checkmark, a time is shown.
So the time of acceptance is known, but we can't find it.
Thus we cannot find the quickest acceptance (that is not a self-answer).
Q: An old movie about space and fireballs

KittenI remember watching a movie in the mid 80s on our local TV channels, so it might be a 1970's movie. I got scared and decided to go to the store with my mom... but have wondered about the movie ever since. What complicates my memory of it is that I did not speak english at the time, so I actually ...

@SQB if you want a markdown friendly version:
Just grab the line and copy and paste in, you'd have to do the tags yourself though
9:04 AM
O, nice.
I just grabbed the csv and did some regex.
9:16 AM
Q: Is the Mecha-Godzilla pilot (Ren Serizawa) related to Dr. Ishiro Serizawa?

ShreedharIn Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) movie, Walter Simmons introduces the character played by Shun Oguri as Ren Serizawa: Walter: Walt Simmons. Nathan: I know who you are, sir. It’s an honor. Walter: No, the honor is mine. As is the urgency. Godzilla has never attacked us unprovoked before. These are dan...

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10:44 AM
Q: What Do Sam and Bucky know?

rosendsDuring the events of episode six of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Bucky, Sam and Sharon remain in contact via those earpieces that the Marvel Universe seems to have in oversupply. They speak to each other simply by speaking, even in the midst of combat, in disparate locations. During the cou...

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12:42 PM
posted on April 23, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Technically all cars are self-driving, for at least a little while. Today's News:

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2:21 PM
Greetings, Earthlings, Robots, et al.
@Donald.McLean Ahoy!
2:55 PM
Q: Why was Fiona shaving her face at the beginning of Shrek 2?

Alex DownsAt the beginning of Shrek 2, both Shrek AND Fiona were shaving their faces. Why was FIONA doing it? Do ALL ogres in this universe shave their faces, regardless of gender?

3:19 PM
Q: Who and when was this Action Man villain in constant pain?

jManThere was a cartoon, probably Action Man, several years ago with a central villain (not Dr X) who felt constant pain (but didn't behave like it). He could share/fire/distribute his pain via some kind of black and white lava-lamp-esque energy. I remember he was a very strange villain because in on...

3:38 PM
Q: Now that I know the answer to my closed question, should I reopen it?

sigilMy question was closed as opinion-based. Yet, one of the comments (provided by a person who has read the book and hence understood what I was talking about) suggested the answer and, after thinking it through, I agree with it. Now I have a dilemma: On one hand, I have my answer and can as well d...

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5:19 PM
Q: Trying to find name of anime tv show which I seen few years ago

Dev kumarI seen a anime in which monsters come in human world. I think there are cards ,which is used for summoning monster. They are also divided in one star,two star, three star ,four star. Also there are two different monsters fused and become new powerd monster. It's goes until monster become ultimate...

6:05 PM
Q: How can a Pokémon not know how to use attacks of its own type?

Elisa ElisijaIn "The Winner By a Nosepass", Brock says "There's a small problem and that would be Treecko doesn't know how to use any Grass attacks." But Treecko is a pure Grass-type Pokemon. How is it possible that a Grass Pokemon can't use Grass attacks?

6:19 PM
Interesting, we've got a whole load of pairs of users in the top rep group.
153k, 153k, 131k, 131k, 124k, 124k, 109k, 109k, 107k, 106k, 103k, 103k.
Just @Praxis and @Adamant being combo breakers.
Quick, start upvoting Adamant before Carrot earns 600 more rep!
FuzzyBoots'll soon overtake Jason Baker, that's the big news here. Jason's been in the top five since 2015 or so, and was one of the first people to earn the Legendary badge. Sadly dormant for a few years now :-(
I picked Carrot because he's slightly ahead of Fuzzy, (relative to the next rounding point) and earning points (in general) slightly faster, but I missed user14111, who is a matter of days from jumping up to 132k.
So, in short, enjoy your pattern in the randomness, because it won't last. :)
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7:37 PM
Q: Whats the name of the novel where an Epileptic Time Traveler assumes the role of Jesus

Simply_ Sara DanielsThe one where the Protagonist is an Epileptic who time travels to just a few (6?) months Before the Crucifixion only to discover that Jesus was actually one retarded dolt among 10 (?) offspring spawned to a hard laboring Joseph and an even harder philandering Mary, and multiple "Travelling Salesmen"

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9:12 PM
@Marvin no robots?
9:29 PM
@DavidW sounds like life advice...
Q: Why did TaleSpin reuse characters from The Jungle Book (1967)?

AncientSwordRageTailSpin is a 1990s adventure cartoon featuring Baloo and few other characters from the 1967 The Jungle Book film. Why did the creators of TailSpin decide to reuse those characters rather than create new one? And why that film and not a different one?

10:08 PM
@Randal'Thor Interesting, four of the top five users have been pretty much inactive for several years.
@Marvin I'll finish that tag later....
10:50 PM
Q: Im looking for a manga

Jessery GuzmanIm looking for a manga i read a long time ago but cant seem to remember the name i need some help It thise manga the mc in a cave with 2 other men and while resting a monster attacks them but the cave was clossing in so the mc took it opone himself to fight the monster while the other get to sage...


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