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7:23 AM
Q: Why was Harry given his own roon?

Mike StoneDo we know why the Dursleys gave Harry a proper bedroom after Philosophers Stone? From their viewpoint it wwold seem to have been a mistake, as is rescue in Chamber of Secrets would have been harder, if not impossible, had he still been sleeping under the stairs.

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8:39 AM
Q: Indie horror movie set at gas station/Diner where people are killed in mysterious ways

Robert PeploeI'm looking for an indie horror movie set at gas station/Diner where people are killed in mysterious ways. They're trapped inside an invisible dome. I think there are three criminals, two who drive away from the gas station and smash into the invisible wall.

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10:19 AM
Q: Post-alien war story about a young man searching for his younger siblings and some kinda of fanatical Doomsday cult planning to end the world

James LoydI read this book in my school library a very long time back. Like around 2004 or something like that. Didn't get to finish the whole book through. But from what I could remember, Story takes place in 1999 during the final years of the 20th century. The book has an alternate history. It set in a ...

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11:59 AM
Q: Is it possible to stand still or fly backwards / sidewards in Warp?

ShadeThe description of the Warp Drive in Star Trek: Warp drive was a technology that allowed space travel at faster-than-light speeds. It worked by generating warp fields to form a subspace bubble that enveloped the starship, distorting the local spacetime continuum and moving the starship at veloci...

Q: Story featuring George Formby's song "Bless 'Em All"

John RennieThis is a question my mother asked me and I wasn't able to answer. She is trying to identify a short story she read as a girl. It would have been written in the 1950s or earlier, and almost certainly by a British author. An explorer is exploring a desolate world (possibly a future Earth) and find...

Q: Manga where MC kills a demon lord but his brother takes credit and casts him out of the country

GoksuraIts a manga where there are 4 heroes and the mc was the one wearing fullplated armor.. Killed demon lord but his brother took credit of it.. Then casted him out of the country...

12:24 PM
Q: Trying to find a Sci-Fi short story: World War 2, German scientists trying to find oil using wormholes

hestusI'm trying to find the name of the story, and any anthologies that contain it. I seem to remember it involved German scientists trying to find oil by using wormholes, but they end up finding water instead, opening a portal at the bottom of an ocean somewhere?

12:39 PM
posted on October 21, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Wait, the guy in panel 1, why aren't his fingers touching the buttons of the mouse? Today's News:

Q: What kind of safety building violations do you think Hyrule would have in modern society using US and UK laws?

KyleWhat kind of safety violations do you think the buildings and structures of Hyrule would be in if they were built today? Would they be shut down pretty fast in either US or UK standards? PS: I am not sure if this should be here or in Arcade but Arcade seems to have more troll responses and downvo...

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4:59 PM
Q: Why did Adama think he could break the endless circle this way?

ThomasI'm wondering why did Adama think he could break the endless circle by giving the Centurions free will / give them the opportunity to decide on their fate on their own? From what I understood from the cycle before...when the 13 tribes left Kobol the 13th tribe also were cyclons who had their free...

Q: Kids living with grandparents on an old space ship that doesn't need to launch from a cradle

JamieChildren's sci fi novel: space ship did not need to be launched from a cradle unlike the newer ships. children disappearing on school trip to uninhabited planet. Standing stones activated by music. It was a trading spaceship think the kids lived with grandparents and it was a really old ship

5:24 PM
Q: Short Story about Multi-Generational Societal Decay

John CI'm looking for a short-story about a society that experienced multi-generational decay (Earth, not a colony-ship), and the story was about two relatives confronting each other. It's at least thirty years old, probably in some collection that could be anything, like a book or magazine. The genera...

5:49 PM
Q: Manga where the protagonist need to solve girl's quests

Joao VitorCan someone tell me the manga in which the protagonist is teleported to an alternative world where he needs to make the girls fall in love with him, then he gains some skills like an invisible sword... Then when he finishes these "quests "he will be able to bring one of them to the real world.

6:31 PM
Q: Source of the Japanese story Joseph Campbell tells of a samurai spat upon in The Power of Myth

Vincent NotoI'm searching for the source of the Japanese story of a samurai spat upon which Joseph Campbell relates in The Power of Myth. (Oddly the book has no citation on this). . . . there is a story . . . of the samurai, the Japanese warrior, who had the duty to avenge the murder of his overlord. When h...

Q: bad military sci-fi; from fending off Zerg-like hive to fighting the reified multiverse/sum of history

Dana MaherEvery once in a while I recall reading this series, which was mostly notable for the number of trope and genre mashups it crammed in, and for diverging into silly fantasy territory at the end. I cannot remember the name of the series, of any of the books, or of the author. I consumed a lot of jun...

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9:35 PM
Q: Time loop or time travel in an aeroplane, where the main character disappears to save the others

Nathan BWhen: I recall seeing this when I was young so could have been early to mid 1990s. Setting: It is either based primarily in an aeroplane around the passengers and may also involve the airport but those details are a bit hazy. From what I can remember it wasn't futuristic but set at the current ti...

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11:41 PM
Q: Sci-fi movie in 80s or 90s

JuiceI remember a pool fight scene. Smaller blondish guy was getting drowned by a larger guy with dark hair and then out of no where a buff blond guy comes out of the water and lifts the dark haired guy off the smaller guy. I want to say the VHS cover photo was black with a man illuminated by some kin...


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