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Q: I need the name of a horror movie about a robot kid

Naru 606this is the first time that I ask something here a long time ago I saw a horror movie and I dont remember the name, I have been looking for it for 3 years but I never found it I think I remember that the film was about a man who made a robot kid or something similar, with big claws. The man died ...

3:43 AM
Q: In which Looney Tunes sketch does Yosemite Sam jump off of something while firing both guns?

Peter SchillingI remember fondly watching the original Looney Tunes on VHS as a kid in the late 90s and early 2000s. One scene in particular sticks in my mind, but I've come up empty so far on identifying it. What I recall is our main characters engaged in some kind of competition with judges, and I am nearly c...

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Q: A little doubt on what Kira said to Vedek Bareil

BentoE2, S2. You get: BAREIL: It's not important. I was just wondering if I was part of yours. KIRA: No. No, you weren't. I'm wondering why Kira denies, considering that in a previous scene she clearly met him in her vision. The only idea that pops into my head is for modesty, reserve, shyness, disc...

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Q: What does it mean for a question to lack focus?

C.KocaI asked this question as I was curious if elves were still procreating. The question was simple and obvious, it basically asked birth rates of elves near the destruction of the ring. I did my research, found two relevant questions and included in my question. I read Silmarillion, Hobbit, LotR but...

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A: Help identifying either an anthology or specific short story contained therein

Organic MarbleNothing seems to be an exact match but I suspect this is the 1973 Roger Elwood anthology Way Out In a world where most people have become smaller to combat overpopulation/crowding, 2 siblings live in a cave with their father. One of them has a stuffed teddy bear "Teddi" by Andre Norton. Has ...

^ Nice detective work
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Q: Movie identification: female robot gives birth to baby

user122973I watched a Sci-fi movie when I was young, I remember there was a robot rebellion fought against human, and what's important in the movie was a female robot giving birth to a baby. The language was English, could be an American movie. Can anybody give a hint? Thanks in advance. EDIT: it was aroun...

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Q: Poem about a joker with disorganized attire

ShivCKI remember from my childhood a English poem about a joker with disorganized attire. He has worn a cooking pan as hat, (probably) socks as gloves and he's travelling in a train and leaves his station behind. I guess, This poem must be at least 15-20 (or more) years old. Please tell me name of the ...

Q: Is "Hiding Among Zombies" an idea from Walking Dead or has this existed earlier?

ShadeIn the TV series The Walking Dead, I've for the first time seen the idea of hiding in hordes of Zombies using some of their traits. In The Walking Dead, there are currently two ways to do this: Wear clothes full of Walker blood / innards to have the apparently very distinct smell of Zombies. We ...

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Q: Looking for 90s scy-fy series which at the beginning a teen fell trough a hole into a spaceship kinda

Paulo PT90I'm looking for a scy-fy series I watched in the 90s that at the beginning a teen fell trough a hole in the sand into a spaceship kinda. Later on a group is formed called the children of something that I don't remember. I know that at some point in the series there's an Egyptian theme where they ...

@b_jonas I went for something generic
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Q: Did the non-military Star Wars space ships have shields?

VienLaA while ago I have read that in the new canon TIE Fighters do have life support and their pilots wear space suits to ensure survival in the case of a quite likely damage and resulting decompression. I'm not sure how true is that, but I have also recently learned of a TIE Fighter modified starship "...

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Q: How did Thanos and the Black Order know where the time and mind stone where so precisely?

Enrique Moreno TentDuring Infinity War, Thanos seeks the infinity stones. How did he know where to find them? Power stone: This is arguably the easiest one, since he knew Ronan had it, and he died in Xander. It is not so hard to find. Reality Stone: The collector had it... How did he know? Space stone: He kinda "s...

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Q: Movie with an alien that infiltrates a space station. Eventually the entire facility gets nuked

MikeI saw this movie on TV, it was around 1995 - 2000? The general plot is that an alien life form is a stowaway on an Earth ship. It escapes into a NASA-like station and is hunted down by the staff. In the end it and the entire facility and staff are destroyed by a nuclear blast as the creature howl...

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Q: How was Hogwarts' house point reward system fair and why didn't MoM intervene?

Umbrella CorporationIn the first year, Slytherin had literally won.. by large margin. And then, Dumbledore went ahead to award Gryffindor enough points based on a classified event so that it could win. How in the name of sanity is this fair? My problem with this: Smells like favouritism (Dumbledore himself was a Gr...

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posted on October 20, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Thanks, ultra-satanist reptiloids! Today's News:

Q: I am looking for a cartoon, old one, with ?virtual reality?

PokolokoI am getting nostalgic memories about a cartoon/anime that was in the tv when I was a kid, approximetly 17 years ago. However lately I was thinking about it a lot and it got my attention, I woukd love to find out about it. I only have some some scattered memories so I apologize for that. They we...

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@Null scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/a/13148/1148 I specifically put in this quarter's question that if people wanted to say things they consumed during the pandemic (movies, shows, books, whatevs) they could mention them.
So we can probably undelete that person's response.
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Q: Where does The Handmaid's Tale take place?

OsnahIs which town or region does the Handsmaid's Tale take place?

5:46 PM
IMHO a tag is unnecessary, fluff, etc the usual "useless tag criteria". I'm asking for input before I cede to the tag-removal itch.
Same with BTW.
Why do you hate Batman do much?
@Jenayah Yeah, I'd agree with that.
@JackBNimble I don't
I do, however, see no value in cataloguing every instance of the Batcomputer with it's comic source but that's another matter.
I suppose we could go the other way, and create all the required bat-* tags; , , , , etc.
posted on October 20, 2020 by Jack B Nimble

Stats Top Question: The highest voted question was “Why does Tony Stark not like being handed things?” asked by Baby Yaga and answered by TheLethalCarrot. Top Answer: The highest answer (at 156) was to the question “What unit system does Middle-earth use?” asked by PNS and answered by LAK (beating the accepted answer by more ... Read more

6:02 PM
tags like that which are used on only 1 question. I have no issue with removing them to let the tag die.
meaning tags like
@JackBNimble Okay then. That wasn't obvious to me or to the community, though, since the answer has 3 downvotes and two NAA flags.
Q: Story about two men walking through the forest

simon_smileyThis is a story (fable) that I remember reading or hearing when I was young (UK, probably between 2000-2010). It felt more like a fable than a story written then. The part I remember is of two men who were going for a long journey. This journey would take them through a large forest and based on ...

Q: Story about two men walking through the forest

simon_smileyThis is a story (fable) that I remember reading or hearing when I was young (UK, probably between 2000-2010). It felt more like an older fable than a story written then in the 2000s. The part I remember is of two men who were going for a long journey. This journey would take them through a large ...

6:21 PM
@Null I agree; I guess I skimmed the question and missed the last bit. It does seem like not the best fit, though; perhaps a separate question would be easier to manage?
That was just something I threw in, thinking maybe it would open the door for a little more participation (which it didn't really). It will not be a recurring thing.
@DavidW Yeah, that's what I was thinking. It's sort of related but really different enough to be its own question.
I guess in a way it doesn't matter, since I can see the deleted content anyways.
7:03 PM
I look away for a few minutes/hours and people start using chat for chat?!
@Null @Jack I pinned it thinking you wanted to advertise that fact up in chat, not tell Null about something, let me know if I want it unpinned?
FWIW the Pandemic Suggestions seems to be a great way to get less enfranchised posters involved (based on some of the rep of the posters)
7:28 PM
@AncientSwordRage Kids these days.
Umm. it is too late.
@AncientSwordRage You can unpin it.
@JackBNimble someone beat me to it
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Q: What's the canonicity of Star Trek: Lower Decks?

ThePopMachineHow is it intended that the audience interpret the canonicity of Star Trek: Lower Decks? It seems quite clear that this series is intended to be humorous and makes reference to events of the other series. However, I assume that events in this series are very unlikely ever to be considered histo...

@Marvin nah they're canon
Roddenberry-style canon
9:13 PM
Q: Chivalry by Neil Gaiman

AuiWhich of the following elements of “Chivalry” by Neil Gaiman best aligns with the fantasy genre? a)The description of unusual objects. b) the appearance of magical elements. c) A plot with a bizarre conflict.

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@Null I actually tried to vote to undelete it a few days ago, but got a rejection message that I can't undelete something that was deleted by a moderator.
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Q: How does Sonic know what this is in Ralph Breaks the Internet?

user132588When the Wi-Fi router is plugged into the Game Central Station near the beginning of Ralph Breaks the Internet, this scene occurs: RALPH: "Whiffey"? Or "Wifey"? Well, it’s either whiffleball or an arranged marriage game. SONIC: It's actually pronounced "Wi-Fi", Ralph. RALPH: Yeah, that's what I ...


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