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Q: Worm fanfic where Taylor and Danny move into an apartment building and Taylor becomes friends with Lung in his civilian guise

FuzzyBootsThis was probably read within the last five years or so. For some reason, Taylor and Danny don't live in their house, but rather in an apartment building that has a majority Asian occupancy. One of her next door neighbors is an aloof, and somewhat frighteningly large Asian man who we, as the read...

1:10 AM
Q: taking cat and old lady?

lizin the mid 90s.... specifically 96 iirc i watched a show with my baby sitter it had an old lady and a talking cat that i beleive was an alien it spoke telepathically it seems a lot like the cat from outerspace but it was a weekly airing tv show it may have even had a coller like the cat from out...

2:00 AM
Q: Warcraft - suggested order for reading

RajI've played World of Warcraft, I've seen the film, and now I'm interested in the books. Should I just read them in chronological order?

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8:42 AM
Q: How did William Stryker control Jason?

Didi KohenIn X-2, Jason is convincing Charles to concentrate on all Mutants, but why would Jason listen to Stryker in the first place? I doubt that Jason's spinal fluid would work.

9:07 AM
Q: Links Triforce Hands

G A N O N D O R FIf you cut Links Hands off would he still have access to his triforce of courage In some of the games links hands glow yellow For example he gets captured by bokoblins and they get out a medievil saw and cut off his hands Would he lose his triforce of courage or would it glow from somewhere else

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posted on September 23, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Later, as a punishment, she gives him the sex talk. Today's News:

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Q: French comic about kids accidentally summoning a monster

FuddI remember this comic from a library in the 90s/early2000s. It was a bunch of kids, possibly classmates, in a small village that would venture out in the woods and pretend to be druids. At one point they accidentally summon a monster without realizing it. The monster appears later and stalks the ...

Q: How does Captain America return the Reality Stone when it was inside Jane Foster when it was retrieved by Thor and Rocket?

Roberto HernandezWhen Thor and Rocket retrieve the Reality Stone, they went back to the events in Thor: The Dark World, and they got the stone by removing it from Jane Foster. Supposedly, when Captain America has to put back all the stones to the moment they were taken, I have to imagine that he is going to put b...

Greetings, Earthlings.
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Someone must have been interested in reading our thoughts about - three of my answers were just upvoted. I'm the number one Twilight expert on this site - for all that's worth.
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Q: Was the book they read with a flying saucer burning a house, based on real events?

Rob Jackson(Within the universe of the movie, not actual real life) I'm just curious. In the movie Graham, Bo and Morgan read a book about aliens, and find a page with a saucer burning a house with laser beams. Did this happen within the universe of the movie. I can imagine it happened in real life (within ...

Q: Korean manhua about love between female lead as student and male lead as professor

Rj MaddyIn this story female lead is student whose boyfriend betray her when her boyfriend mother break their engagement and her father was actor who was having affair however her mother stayed with him knowing and male lead is professor who is of age 30& mature,wear glasses,calm and his father is author...

Q: Are there any age-appropriateness rating systems for scifi/fantasy novels?

UuDdLrLrSsFor instance, something similar to the various ratings systems for movies & TV. Where some independent group publishes their determination of what age range of young people the book is suitable for. I'm sure we all may have instances where we disagree with one or another rating, so no system is p...

7:34 PM
Q: Can the Thing infect non-living biomatter?

LincolnManThe scene from 1982 movie, The Thing, where Palmer burns Child's weed farm didn't make it into the original movie. According to this question, Palmer sprays the plants with a flamethrower fearing that they were (or could be) assimilated. "Don't get near 'em. The plants! They're alive. Those thin...

8:13 PM
Q: Who is the most powerful character in the MCU?

diegokafieI think the strongest contenders are Captain Marvel, Thor, Scarlet Witch, and Hulk. Is there a definitive answer?

8:24 PM
Q: Why is it that neither Graham nor even Bo say the word "aliens" or "UFOs"?

Rob JacksonGraham always avoids saying "extraterrestrial" or "UFO" or "aliens" - it seemed kinda like an artistic choice. Like Graham had a phobia of saying those words. Merrill doesn't but he says "War of the Worlds" indirectly trying to say aliens. Why is this? Bo says "monsters" not aliens. I know Graham...

Q: Were there hints of the aliens' hostilities very early in the movie? And were they willing to hurt people before the invasion?

Rob JacksonIt's a two part question. I don't know so much about the dogs and their barking (cause in any case it could be they sensed it but not really because they sensed their hostility, at least not yet), but I do know that when the alien was spotted on the roof, you can clearly see it clenching its fist...

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