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2:05 AM
Q: What exactly ARE Iron Man's Repulsor blasts?

RusshiroIn all versions, Tony's various armor is capable of firing off multiple energy attacks, from microwave to light, heat, electrical, sound wave and frequency, plasma bursts and focused laser. His arguably most iconic are the Unibeam---- a powerful charged blast fired from his chest---- and the Repu...

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3:26 AM
Q: True or False: The Batarang and the Bat Shurikens are different weapons?

RusshiroAs a fan, I'm putting this forth more for clarification, and to simplify, sticking to the post-Crisis versions of Batman. There's a reason for this, and you'll see why in a minute... It's become popular these days to think of the Batarang as the mini throwing blades Batman uses in Battle. Essent...

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8:12 AM
Q: Is there any material which cannot be cut by a lightsaber?

RANSARA009In all the Star Wars movies till now we can see many Jedi & Dark Side characters using various types & colors of lightsabers. As per the movies, lightsabers can cut through everything & anything. So my question is, in the Star Wars movies is there anything mentioned about a material that cannot...

8:56 AM
@Jenayah edit jinx
Can we compromise somehow?
@Randal'Thor I did
TBH though I'm mildly bothered by your edit
I linked to a whole Wikia just for Ten Prism.
@Jenayah ?
It doesn't include the story description in the body of the post, which the original version did; albeit, sure, inside an image, which isn't optimal (but it tries). The added image had no alt text. Wikia or any link can be fine but again there was no info about the thing directly inside the post, and you left the all-caps shouting
For the story description, mea culpa - I think I meant to do that and somehow forgot. Alt text and all-caps, meh.
(meha culpa?)
@Randal'Thor no, it's "mea culpa" (or you're making a pun I don't understand)
9:05 AM
@Jenayah Yes, pun: combining my responses "mea culpa" and "meh" :-)
Yeah Jen's edit was much better. ;)
@Randal'Thor alt text... Accessibility... I'm sure that's a chorus you've heard before, so if you "meh" about it, can't see how I could do any better.
@Randal'Thor oh right
All-caps is of the lesser importance among the rest, hence why it was the last I gave
@Jenayah I know, it's better to include alt text if you remember it, but I wouldn't go so far as to be "bothered" by an edit that doesn't.
So I stick with my "meh" for the last two points, while accepting mea culpa for the first ;-)
@Randal'Thor if the edit is otherwise bothering, stuff like that will make it even more bothering. By itself I agree it wouldn't; it might, depending on whatever the current mood is, but not so much I'd go about "TBH I'm mildly bothered by your edit" like the above
I was going to say "otic snow detector", but nobody would've got it :-P
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1:56 PM
Q: Two astronauts killed on a water planet

G.BuziI read this very short story on the Italian sci-fi magazine "Urania" in the late 80s /early 90s but can't remember the author or title. The synopsis is about 2 astronauts that landed on a water-covered planet and get brutally murdered by the local amphibian residents. After that a crowd of the ...

1 hour later…
2:56 PM
Q: Is there a Tolkien ,,church"?

curiousI once remember, long ago, finding a ,,church" that believes Tolkien wasn't writing fiction...but HISTORY, as archangel Gabriel dictated it to him. This ,,church" believes that everything Tolkien wrote chronologicaly happened before the Grea Flood. They consider Silmarillion a holy book and the H...

2 hours later…
4:27 PM
@Randal'Thor Arctic Otic?
3 hours later…
6:59 PM
Q: Can a human eat the flesh of a sandworm?

Michael PernaIf fremen ride them, couldn't they also eat them? There some passages from Kyenes about the ecology of dune that dive deep into the biomechanics of worms but maybe I am missing something. Someone that has made the change could feasibly eat a sandwich and not be poisoned. Alternatively, it could b...

4 hours later…
11:02 PM
Q: 1980's, Victoria Wood played WordWitch, who played SuperSign?

DannyMcGThere was a children's programme weekdays on UK television in the mid 1980's. The idea was to help children to read. Maybe twenty minutes twice a week. Lots of short sketches. Victoria Wood played a Witch called 'WordWitch' and she needed an assistant in episode one, she therefore cast a spell, ...


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