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1:49 AM
Q: Illustrated editions book tours

Ion FreemanMy sons really like the illustrated editions of the Harry Potter books. Two are coming out in October -- Quidditch through the Ages and Goblet of Fire. I would like to find author readings & release events. Do you know where I could find some of those?

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3:28 AM
Q: In Netflix's Another Life, S01E07, Nico releasing oxygen in space and making a big "rescue flare"

SidIs there a science behind that or is it fiction? I asked this because when "The Martian" did that, he boosted himself in above orbit. In Gravity, they used it like a jetpack. I wanted to know who is closest to the real thing... I am making a short story about something like that. Thanks.

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5:09 AM
Q: When does The Truman Show take place?

StormblessedThe Truman Show never mentions, as far as I noticed, when it takes place. There are some technologies that definitely don't exist, but none of the outside world other than extremely brief sequences is shown. Did the creators say anything about when it takes place, or is there any indication of wh...

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7:48 AM
Q: Were Hecate and Miss Cackle's personalities based on the books?

AdamantIn the TV show The Worst Witch, two of the teachers are Hecate and the headmistress, Miss Cackle. I couldn't help but notice that their personalities seemed slightly similar to two characters from another famous series about a magical boarding school. Hecate is tall, dark-haired, has dry and bi...

8:47 AM
Q: Fantasy horde website like World of Warcraft but wasn't that

MikeCI'm looking for information regarding either a website or the works it was based on. I believe it had green text on a black background. "Horde" was a part of the name, I believe "the horde". It was a description of a unified "evil" humanoid horde, with separate entries for each fantasy race, incl...

9:07 AM
Q: Are Pokémon like Throh and Sawk wearing clothes, or is it part of their physical bodies?

yuritsuki As seen above, the two Pokémon Sawk and Throh have on what appears to be karate gi uniforms. Gameplay-wise, when a Throh or Sawk is bred through the Daycare, the baby Throh/Sawk will always be born with a karate gi on. What I am curious then is, is the gi an actual layer of clothing they ...

Q: Artist-ID from artwork sample or artwork description. On-topic?

TonnyThere is some specific Fantasy artwork (1980 or earlier era) for which I would like to find out who was the artist. The style is extremely distinctive and I remember back in the day such imagery was used on book-covers and illustrations in books and magazines. In this particular case I don't actu...

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12:49 PM
Feige confirmed Cap could always lift Mjolnir for those interested: scifi.stackexchange.com/a/217579/58193
Wasn't this already clear from the scene in Age of Ultron and Thor's exclamation in Endgame?
Well people were still unsure
But Feige directly confirming it is clearer obviously
Obviously. ;-)
The Russos also "confirmed" it last week or so but their word has less say so on it, or at least that's the argument I've seen some make
1:37 PM
Aaaaaaand expanded the answer quite a lot haha
Q: Ghost house where the house only appeared once a year for it was the ghost

sedstevoI remember reading a short story in a Marvel annual many years ago where a group of young adults were bet they couldn't spend a night in a haunted house. So they took the challenge and spent the night there. In the morning they went to collect their bet. The challenger then took the group back...

Q: In The Expanse (TV), why was this station so poorly guarded?

Michael StachowskyDuring the in Season 1, there was only I know that However, all that explains is why there weren't more "special" weapons. Why weren't there conventional ships guarding the station? It seems to be an extremely important facility that is absolutely central to the ongoing plans...

1:57 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Russos will be the next JKR
Anyways +1 for complete answe
2:14 PM
Lol, they do seem like that a bit
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3:30 PM
Q: Let's take a moment to congratulate some user milestones

TheLethalCarrotNot too long ago I made a couple of posts congratulating some of our highest reputation users hitting some of the big milestones. Recently I've noticed a handful of users have reached some lower but still very impressive milestones at a similar time. They are: 10k - DavidW and Shreedhar 20k ...

~15 mins, not too bad
3:44 PM
Q: Why was Jacob still hanging onto the bucket?

The Dark LordNewt and Jacob travel to Paris by Portkey in Crimes of Grindelwald. The Portkey in question is a bucket. Yet, some time after they've arrived in Paris and gone to Place Cachée, he's still hanging onto the bucket. The bucket wasn't exactly a precious or sentimental item for Jacob. So why didn...

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4:58 PM
@Slartibartfast hey can I get a mention for rescuing 5K?
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Q: horror/killing spree film at a gas station

PatrickI am looking for a horror film, probably from the '70s about a couple killing people at a gas station in the middle of nowhere (America). A car load of people stop for gas but begin to find bodies and then eventually are attacked. The killer accidentally shoots his girlfriend when he is sprayed w...

9:22 PM
Q: Science fiction with a "parasite crystal"?

anolI recall having heard about something similar to a "parasite crystal", but I cannot remember whether it was a book, a movie, or just my memory mixing things up. In any case, I'd gladly accept any indications of a story dealing with such a concept. It was somewhat similar to Ice-nine, but instead...

10:21 PM
Q: How much did Hobbits of Middle Earth during the Third Age know about Vala, Maia, and the events of the First of Age?

WaterMoleculeThis question is prompted by a previous question ( When did Bilbo and Frodo learn that Gandalf was a Maia? ). My initial instinct was that Bilbo and Frodo had no idea what a "Maia" or "Vala" was. They probably knew more than the average Hobbit about these things, but I would guess they know less ...

10:43 PM
Q: Is The Truman Show on-topic?

StormblessedI recently asked this question about The Truman Show. There are three close votes saying it’s off-topic. Is The Truman Show a work of science fiction or fantasy?

@NapoleonWilson slow day on Movies?
11:07 PM
Q: Is The Truman Show on-topic?

StormblessedI recently asked this question about The Truman Show. There are three close votes saying it’s off-topic. Is The Truman Show a work of science fiction or fantasy?

11:41 PM
Q: In the Matrix Revolutions when the Sentinels Are Massing to Destroy the Dock Building Why Do They Curve Away Rather than Directly Attack

hydroxyIn the Matrix Revolutions at approx 67 minutes into the film, there is a battle against the Zion dock and the Sentinels attacking. The Sentinels get torn to shreds before they can touch the dock building, however after a while they get sufficient numbers and momentum in their forces to push forwa...


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