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12:50 AM
Q: How long did Harry's belief that he would live with Sirius last?

AlexPrisoner of Azkaban Chapter 22 But the thing that was lowering Harry’s spirits most of all was the prospect of returning to the Dursleys. For maybe half an hour, a glorious half hour, he had believed he would be living with Sirius from now on . . . his parents’ best friend. ... It ...

Wow, mixing up an hour and a half hour must be a Harry Potter thing. In Philosopher's Stone when Uncle Vernon yells at Harry for about a half hour, in the Hebrew translation he yells at him for about an hour.
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2:15 AM
Q: How long is the Nijni-Novgorod trade fair?

b_jonasIn Jules Verne, Michel Strogoff, part 1 chapter 5, when Michel arrives to Nijni-Novgorod, there's a huge trade fair going on in the city. The text seems to give two contradictory numbers about how long the trade fair is. Nijni-Novgorod, qui en temps ordinaire ne compte que trente à trente-c...

@Alex The translator uses JKR maths to be faithful to the original.
Q: 2000/2010s SF trilogy about a techokinetic kid taken by authorities to fight far-away battles

Jeremy DockterI read a trilogy of sci fi novels in highschool that I really want to read again. I know the first book started with V. The story was about a kid that was living with his dad, had some technokinesis ability that he used to help his dad win gambling. He was taken in by authorities and put into a ...

@Marvin guess who had a doubt and didn't put the "clcik the chechkmark" comment fast enough...
Ah well too bad for me, gotten used to hit-and-runners :P
@Alex maybe Hebrew yells are twice longer than English ones? :P
(switching topic fast) if you wanna gold-tag-badger-dupe-close scifi.stackexchange.com/q/200081/98028...
2:38 AM
@b_jonas If that was the only example of the translator messing around with things, then perhaps.
But it is far from it.
@Jenayah The Hebrew word used is less than half as long as the English word used.
Though you might be right.
Speaking of which, in the same chapter it says that Uncle Vernon took off of work to nail up the mail slot. Exactly how long does it take to nail up a mail slot? He needed to take off of work to be able to do so?
It's Vernon
He'll have nailed planks on top of the first plank
Though it does say that he was "trying to knock in a nail with the piece of fruitcake" so he might just be really inept at such activities.
3:07 AM
Thanks @FuzzyBoots ;D
3:43 AM
Q: Is Jonas Quinn typical of his species?

OmegacronIn Season 5 of Stargate: SG-1, team member Daniel Jackson was briefly replaced by Jonas Quinn, a human from Langara. In addition to an optimistic, almost child-like curiosity about everything, Quinn shows numerous intellectual abilities above and beyond the average human. He can read quickly, rem...

4:15 AM
@Jenayah (For the record, "Leviooosa" and "Leviosaaaa" are spelled differently.) — Alex 56 secs ago
spelled or emphzasizedd? @Alex
@Jenayah Well when you spell out the emphasis the spelling is different.
it's basically the same spelling, you know what I meant :p
@Jenayah When has knowing what you mean ever stopped me from misinterpreting it?
point taken
5:00 AM
Rereading scifi.stackexchange.com/q/199940/98028. The question is basically "could every wizard be Harry", right?
Q: Can the Next Avatar After Korra See Aang and Others?

Lily XOXOh no. So the next avatars won’t be able to ask Kiyoshi, Aang, or Roku anything! Right?

5:12 AM
@Jenayah Given certain circumstances.
5:46 AM
Q: Did Soran succeed?

Donatello SwansinoAccording to Memory Alpha, which itself was referencing Star Trek Generations, the Nexus is an extra-dimensional realm in which time and space have no meaning. The main antagonist of the film, Tolian Soran, wants to enter the Nexus so he could be reunited with his deceased family. His plan succee...

6:43 AM
Q: Was Voldemort an idiot?

Sky's On Ur HeadWhy did Voldemort wait all those years to kill Harry Potter? It would have been a lot easier for him to kill him when he was still a toddler. The reason why I am asking this I read only the first novel and saw only 1st, 3rd and 5th part. So i did not know why the heck he waited for so long jus...

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9:24 AM
Q: Looking for old black and white SF movie regarding a alien laboratory underneath a small bridge

EvelienWhen I was 6 years old I saw this black and white SF movie and it made a big impression on me. It tells the storybabot normal looking people that lure innocent people to a small bridge in someones backyard and then they get sucked into a alien laboratory. The only thing that distinguish the good...

9:41 AM
@Alex borderline POB
@Jenayah aaand I take that back :)
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12:07 PM
Q: novel about a man who makes his broken spaceship into a spacesuit

summerstayIn around 1986 I asked my dad what the paperback he was reading was and he told me the plot of this book. A spaceship breaks down and the man inside builds a spacesuit from the working parts of it, and flies through space in this tiny one-man ship-suit. The cover had an illustration of this sarco...

12:45 PM
Q: In "The Possession of Hannah Grace" what's the name of the work that Meghan did in the morgue?

Elisa ElisijaWas she a mortuary assistant? A medical examiner? A coroner? What kind of career includes taking pictures of the deceased and their fingerprints?

1:03 PM
Q: Using Ansible during FTL travel

LodewijkI just finished Ender's Game. In the book there is the concept of an Ansible, a device that allows for instantaneous communication across the universe. Traveling to the stars still adheres to the laws of relativity. So if someone from earth wants to facetime to a spaceship traveling at near ligh...

1:28 PM
Q: How could Thor become a part of Earth's mythology despite he didn't come to Earth before?

Asif IqubalIn the first Thor movie Odin explains that they rescued the earth from frost giants and then settled in Asgard and stopped venturing in other realms. At the time of war, Thor was too young to go to the war. So he didn't come to Earth. But later Erik Selvig describes Thor as a hero of Norse Mytho...

1:54 PM
Q: Why did it take so long for Jacob to recover his supposedly happy memories?

TheAshIn "The Crimes of Grindelwald" it answers why Jacob recovered his memories: NEWT: But you were supposed to have been Obliviated! JACOB: I know! NEWT: So . . . But . . . JACOB: It didn’t work, pal. I mean, you said it, the potion only erases bad memories. I didn’t have any. I me...

2:44 PM
Q: Does Ba Sing Se and the Other Cities Still Exsist?

Lily XOXIn The Legend of Korra, we only see Republic City, the Spirit World, small villages, etc. but what about he big cities in The Last Airbender. Does Omashu, Ba Sing Se, and other cities still exist?

3:26 PM
Q: Why didn't Thor take Loki's staff with him?

Asif IqubalAt the end of The Avengers, Thor takes Loki with him to Asgard as a prisoner. He also took the Tesseract. But why didn't he take Loki's staff? Seeing that S.H.I.E.L.D. used the Tesseract to make weapons of mass destruction, he will surely realize that the staff was of great power and earth's peop...

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4:59 PM
Ironically, lots of downvotes may help a question stay open.
@Jenayah It gets kicked off the front page, so closevoters can’t see it.
There's the close queue...
But it only takes three vites to kick it out of there.
noth sure clsoevoters don't see it anyway
5:15 PM
Why would they?
Unless it takes a while to amass three leave open votes.
And even then, it’s possible that the question would get closed but then re-opened and they wouldn’t even realize that it got re-opened.
6:00 PM
Q: Why was the Alpha Gate/Tau'ri symbol important to the Ancients?

Martin HandrlicaWe know that the Alpha Gate, the one with the famous symbol , was brought to Earth by Ra, at a time when the Ancients were more or less no longer active there. But the symbol is still used quite frequently by them: 1) "At" - an ancient phoneme, used as a Stargate glyph 2) Not just one that appe...

6:30 PM
Q: Story about a medieval cartoon

Externilization GenocideSo yeah, theres this show I watched as a kid but I completely forgot it's name it starts with a blond prince that literally only wears blue sent into exile with his parents whom are the former king and queen of the realm and their protective knight that wears a crown of some sort. the prince's p...

Q: Pro-mortal mythological gods = Tau'ri allies?

Martin HandrlicaIn SG1S1E10, Daniel describes 2 types of Star gods: the Tyrants the Culture bearers The Tyrants were equaled with the Goa'uld. While on the other hand there was Thor as a friend and protector of humans. But is this distinction sufficient? What about Athena, Isis, Osiris, Horus/Heru'ur, Olokun...

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8:17 PM
Q: Trilogy with giant (6') earthworm like aliens in the first novel and, cannibalistic people in the second novel

Paul PlatoI am looking for the author of a trilogy, possibly from the 80's or 90's. The "hero" is attacked early in the first novel by a gang that has genetically modified themselves to be like werewolves (or use some kind of electronic disguise). Next, he is contracted by aliens who are basically like 6'...

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10:20 PM
Q: How did Jon Snow descend the wall in Season 3, Episode 7?

user108041We see him climb the wall, but how did they come down? The same way they got up or are there any stairs belonging to the Night's Watch? If so, then why did the red-haired girl say "It's a long way up and a long way down" just in the prior episode?

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11:36 PM
Q: How did the world of the Mortal Engines, in the aftermath of the Sixty Minute War, manage to do something we can't do today?

HesterCrumbIn Mortal Engines, the Sixty Minute War devastated civilisation as we know it, leaving most 'old tech' completely inoperational. Yet, despite the collapse of technology as we know it, they managed to do something that literally could not be done today: put cities (most astonishingly, London!) on...

11:57 PM
Where can I rant about 1/ a plain link 2/ a plain link with HTTP instead of HTTPS :( in the tag excerpt help center? Certainly not worth taking it to main meta but it should be fixable easily enough

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