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12:01 AM
@RDFozz Well there is a Cross Validated Stack Exchange site... but the user does not seem to have an account there.
Maybe it stands for Close Vote.
Or maybe we're a Brazilian criminal organization:
Comando Vermelho (Portuguese for Red Command or Red Commando; Brazilian pronunciation: [koˈmɐ̃ŋdu veʁˈmeʎu]) is a Brazilian criminal organization engaged primarily in arms and drug trafficking. The group was formed in 1969 when a collection of ordinary convicts and left-wing political prisoners were incarcerated together during the military dictatorship of 1964-1985 and formed Falange Vermelha (Red Phalanx). In the early 1980s the group changed its name to the Comando Vermelho and is said to have lost its political ideology.The Comando Vermelho controls parts of Rio de Janeiro and has fought several...
@Alex An understandable misapprehension, given all the Portuguese you see on the site....
"SFF to Red Leader, do you read?"
1:01 AM
So, following up from a close as duplicate vote, I see that this question:
Q: Kids’ show with toys to shoot at the on-screen images

ClassifiedWhat is the name of this kids’ show from the late 80s? It was based in space, and I think it was some sort of live-action TV show. Some of the images looked like TV static, and you could buy some toy spaceships shaped like a gun to shoot at the images (and somehow get hit) to gain or lose points....

is considered a duplicate of this one:
Q: 1990s sci-fi series where humans in armed suits fight robots

Islam WazeryI'm looking for the name of a sci-fi series, intended for children. Robots have control over the humans. There is a squad of humans who attack them. Every member in this squad has a badge on their suit, and when they touch this badge the suit becomes armed. This series was not cartoon series, it ...

However, the answer to the "Kid's show" question seems to provide more detail that the one to the "1990s sci-fi" one.
I've submitted a vote to reopen the "Kids' show" question, so that we can make it the primary, and the other the dupe, based on that.
Hrm - is this something I should've discussed on meta first?
1:40 AM
@RDFozz You can perhaps flag it so a moderator can switch it instantaneously.
2 hours later…
3:43 AM
Q: what would a lightsaber do to Captain America's shield?

Skylor Emberwould it cut through,or melt some of it or would it just make little marks over time? what kind of damage would a lightsaber do to his shield?

4:16 AM
Q: What purpose built functions (besides nurseries) do the alien hive structures perform?

Major StackingsAs we have seen in the film franchise, xenomorphes are constantly building onto the the resin hives that house thier egg nurseries. What other specific purposes are demonstrated in thier architecture?

4:47 AM
Q: How could Gandalf become the White and Saruman have no colour?

Asif IqubalIn "Lord of the Rings : The Two Tower" Gandalf casted Saruman out of order. He had become the White. How could Saruman have no colour? What is the requirement for being white in the order and what is the crime for which someone can lose his colour in the council?

5:02 AM
Q: SG-1 Torment of Tantalus: The book and universal language

Steven McdonaldDid Jackson or anyone else ever specifically ask the Asgard, Nox, etc. about what was inside the "book", the "atomic language", etc?

2 hours later…
6:34 AM
Aaaaand with that, folks, after 25 days of work, clean-up is finished :D
7:04 AM
Q: Sci Fi book about aliens who abduct people on the eve of a nuclear war, send them back periodically to check whether Earth is survivable

Quentin CavanaghI'm looking for the title and author of a book (possibly from the 60s or 70s) where the world is on the brink of nuclear war and aliens abduct people from around the globe and put them in suspended animation. They are then woken up in small groups at intervals of time to be sent back to Earth to...

@Jenayah What’s the next project?
Gotta bunch of questions to fix, that's what favorites are for ahah
But you need a long-term project.
It's a long-term project of short-term projects.
7:15 AM
7:42 AM
Q: Why and how does the assassin end up using Tyrion's blade?

Shehnaz AmeerIn Game of Thrones,Is it ever explained why the assassin who attempts to kill Bran (he finds Catelyn Stark and tries to kill her as well, only to be killed by Bran's direwolf) uses Tyrion's blade in his attack, as identified by Littlefinger? Tyrion claims he's innocent, despite the damning eviden...

Q: Short story involving a robotic pilot in a futuristic war facing anti-robotic sentiment

MooI read this short story during the late 1980s to early 1990s in an English language collection. It's a standard "racism but dressed up" story of a squadron of pilots involved in a war against an enemy receiving a robotic pilot as a replacement for one of their recently deceased comrades. The ro...

Q: Identify a short story involving art thieves given a device which can significantly slow time

MooI read this short story during the late 1980s to early 1990s in an english language collection. This story involved an art thief asked by some mysterious clients to acquire a priceless piece of art that was on display in a high security art gallery. When the thief suggests it is impossible, he ...

8:06 AM
Q: Short story involving a crashing alien spacecraft and a blind girl

MooI read this short story during the late 1980s to early 1990s in an English language collection. An alien space ship is crashing to earth, with its crew terrified of their impending death. Their only cargo, an alien creature, senses their terror and does what it can to ease their suffering telep...

Out of curiosity @TheLethalCarrot why polish scifi.stackexchange.com/q/199376/98028 when it's going to be roomba'd in ~1 week anyway?
(if it doesn't get user-VTDed first...)
9:02 AM
Cos it was on the homepage, and I'd just woken up so wasn't paying too much attention to if it was closed or not :P
9:18 AM
9:30 AM
@Jenayah is that [stargate] sorted now?
3 hours ago, by Jenayah
Aaaaand with that, folks, after 25 days of work, clean-up is finished :D
That involves reading the transcript ;P
Well done!
this is literally a scroll up away :P
@TheLethalCarrot eheh thanks! :D
8 mouse wheels away, do you know how much effort that is?
you poor soul
it's probably only one or two CTRL+- away
9:34 AM
Ew no tah
or less if someone stars it :P
2 page ups away but then I have to page down to read the replies so ugh
y'know for the sake of future readers
If I had to put all this effort in then future readers should as well
@AnkitSharma The canon of the cooks from the books. — TheLethalCarrot 4 mins ago
9:39 AM
Ugh I hate those people
tell me about it
but that was kind of what you were doing, mate :P
@AnkitSharma Do Jaime and Cersei have the conversation in the show saying they think it was Joffrey? I thought that was only in the books...
Either have a comment or don't have a comment but at-least don't have a vague/confusing or useless comment
Code should be readable without comments though
9:42 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I think so or am I confused O.o
I will dig more wait
I can only remember it in the books but it may have been in the show
It's been a while since I've watched the early seasons
@TheLethalCarrot the way some people code can be qualified as natural source code encryption
Once I got a process where comment was

some process start

some process end

Now what the fish is this some process
@Jenayah Though if you want me to be pedantic that is probably obfuscation ;P
@AnkitSharma Haha, I rarely comment my code tbh and when I do it's generally to make some joke
9:44 AM
meh y'know what I mean... But yeah while @Rand and @Alex are away we need a pedant :P
@TheLethalCarrot ooops I was wrong I guess
@Jenayah I know, t'was funny but someone has to do it surely
Q: What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered?

Thomas BrattWhat is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered?

//When I wrote this, only God and I understood what I was doing
//Now, God only knows https://stackoverflow.com/a/316233/1311977
@AnkitSharma oohh I thought this got deleted, I saw it with archive.org
It's history locked isn't it?
(I haven't opened it yet)
9:46 AM
@Jenayah they can't delete it due to historical significance
thought I Saw that on main Meta...
will check some day
//This code sucks, you know it and I know it.
//Move on and call me an idiot later. https://stackoverflow.com/a/185550/1311977
there are so many funny answer there
Now you're gonna make me dig mine out, I can't even remember if it's funny
link link link \o/
nvm was thinking of:
Q: What happened to "What's your best programming joke?"?

EtherOne of the most popular questions on Stack Overflow, What's your best programming joke? has recently been deleted. Why was this done, rather than migrated to programmers.SE? Does this not fall into the broad purview of Programmery questions, or is it really off topic? I'm somewhat neutral on th...

9:53 AM
From our code at work... my comment because I am "hilarious"
//catch (StationException sex) //The variable 'sex' is declared but never used... thats what happens when you get married
//    //Let it be handled elsewhere
//    throw;
Obviously I commented out the code too cos it's a pointless catch block
If I remember correctly I changed the variable to sex from sEx when I commented out the code just to make the joke work slightly nicer ;P
10:42 AM
I'd vote to undelete in light of latest edit.... scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/199370/revisions
That whole post is a mess, canon answers doing equally as well as some IRL answer that doesn't even relate well if I'm reading it right
Can't even see the post
@TheLethalCarrot not saying the opposite but answer is rather ok now
Also that answer is another real world answer rather from canon so I'm happy with keeping it deleted
Sure it deviates from the original one-liner but y'know
10:45 AM
Meh it's a fair enough edit
Q: Did Gellert Grindelwald actually die in the movies?

QuIcKmAtHsReading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, it is mentioned that Grindelwald refused to reveal the location and who truly possessed the Elder Wand, thus getting killed by Voldemort. However, in the movie (which I have watched again for leisure), it is observed that Grindelwald did in fact divu...

11:02 AM
Q: Has anyone ever made a superhero story / movie of chess pieces?

dkellnerI mean, it's very much like Marvel or DC: there are characters with certain abilities & traits, they think and move together as a team, one side against the other, all with their strengths and weaknesses, and possibly some higher mastermind behind the scenes who is practically indestructible but ...

Q: Short story about one side building better weapons for a space battle

kolufildI'm looking for a short story about a two factions engaged in a space war where scientists of one faction figured out a better weapon, but they decided not to waste effort producing it, because, by the end of designing that weapon, they figured out they can actually build an even better weapon. B...

Q: Why is Khal Drogo willing to give Viserys an army in exchange for Daenerys?

Shehnaz AmeerIn Game of Thrones,Why is Khal Drogo willing to give Viserys an army in exchange for Daenerys? Until she is almost poisoned, he seems to have no real interest in the Iron Throne or the Targaryen dynasty, considering how she has to beg him to cross the Narrow Sea. Why didn't he just marry a native...

11:18 AM
@AnkitSharma I've written code somewhere that, after I left, acquired growing comments to the effect of "yes, this works, leave it alone", according to a former cow-orker. I'm not proud of it, but I do find it amusing.
11:40 AM
Q: Did Voldemort know about this character being a maledictus?

Marvin van AalstIn Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, we learn that Did Voldemort know about this? Since he used her to kill Snape, then if the Elder Wand did belong to Snape at that time, as Voldemort believed, technically she should be the owner of it. Or does this change due to her being a Horcr...

12:02 PM
Q: How are servants of the Many Faced God employed?

userHow does one employ the services of a servant of the Many Faced God? In the show (I have not read the books) we see that Arya is tasked with murdering two people, an insurance salesman and an actor. In the case of the latter it appears that another actor somehow paid to have her murdered. What ...

Q: Would Nagini have become the master of the Elder Wand?

VoldemortVoldemort ordered Nagini to kill Snape in hopes of claiming the Elder Wand's ownership. Let's suppose that Snape was indeed the owner. In this scenario, would the Elder Wand's ownership truly pass to Voldemort? I ask this because, after all, the one who overpowered Snape was Nagini, not Voldem...

Partial dupe.
@Marvin Also, several questions in that question.
The Elder Wand Q could probably be edited out but they answered it themselves so I left it
2 hours later…
2:11 PM
@Jenayah That Q has multiple Qs in it....
@TheLethalCarrot I missed the button because mobile sucks and went to close manually from the question itself
Ah gotcha, I do that a lot too on mobile
Do we need the despoiled title? It's in the film's trailer. — SQB 14 secs ago
Trailers are spoilers for some people
Anyway, I've edited it down to just one question; can we reopen it now?
2:14 PM
No offence if any of you are those people but those people are sort of daft ;P
It it is only 1 Q aye, could change the title too if you want... up to you
Nah, left the title alone. Edited it down to "did Voldemort know what Nagini was?"
...which would be a better title, actually.
2:29 PM
Q: Does Deadpool ever go on the Haunted Segway Tour?

TheLethalCarrotAt the start of Deadpool when Deadpool first gets into Dopinder's taxi he picks up a leaflet entitled "Haunted Segway Tours" and pockets it. You can see this at the start of this clip. Does Deadpool ever take the Haunted Segway Tour?

@Marvin What a top notch Q </s>
What's the spoiler, Nagini's existence?
Either that she's in the film or that she's a maledictus
I suppose some people would find both spoilers
Hmm, I guess.
3:00 PM
Q: When clones died during battle what would they do with them afterwards?

Skylor EmberWould they have someone bury them there or would they leave them there or would they be taken somewhere else? We know they take count of casualties but I don't remember ever seeing anything with them after the battles, including burial grounds. Have we ever seen that and I just don't remember?

Heh, I remember some kind of space police show, too, with Admiral Akbar type rubber mask aliens and an alien partner. They lived in some kind of ring station.
Interesting to actually see a "too broad"-closed ID question, though.
We've had a few, generally when it is only generic tropes mind you and even then it depends on which >3k users are around
3:19 PM
Coffee tropes?
Or coffee from the tropics maybe. mmmh!
Tropical coffee does indeed seem to be generic, though. Or does coffee actually get grown outside of the tropics, too?
Hmm, maybe the southern Andes?
4:09 PM
My late answer has been accepted a good few months after I answered it and years after the question was posted :)
A: Is the Alice at the end of "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" a clone?

TheLethalCarrotYes @Valorum's answer is correct in that it states that, that Alice is the real one. However, it has been revealed in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter that Alice herself is a clone of Alicia Marcus. Alicia is the daughter of Professor James Marcus, the creator of the Umbrella Corporation. ...

4:22 PM
I recently got an answer after >3 years and accepted it 2 months after I got it.
Aye, always nice though even if it is months later
A good story for your grandkids when they're afraid of "resurrecting dead threads".
Exactly! I can tell them "It used to happen back in my day so no need to be 'sorry for posting this, I know it's an old post'"
5:05 PM
@TheLethalCarrot always a nice surprise and a good feeling.
Q: Monks know how to drive a car?

master ArSuKaIn The Iron Fist S1 All Danny mentions about any transportation in Kun' Lun is carts, (donkey carts or whatever), However note that when he and Davos arrive at The Hand's compound to kill Bakuto, Danny mentions that he didn't let Davos drive as he did not have a license. All I ask is how Davos o...

I think there's a scene in Deadpool 2 where you see Negasonic flying it but can't find a clip of it right now. — TheLethalCarrot 2 mins ago
@TheLethalCarrot Just don’t forget to tell them that this only happens 1/1,000 times.
Can anyone fact check that for me? Been a while since I've seen the film
@Alex Gotta let them young whipper snappers work out some of it for themselves though right?
5:15 PM
Oh yeah. Especially if it generates an additional 999 answers.
Can we come up with a better tag than ?
ReBoot is a Canadian CGI-animated action-adventure television series that originally aired from 1994 to 2001. It was produced by Vancouver-based production company Mainframe Entertainment, Alliance Communications and BLT Productions. The animated series was created by Gavin Blair, Ian Pearson, Phil Mitchell, and John Grace, with the visuals designed by Brendan McCarthy after an initial attempt by Ian Gibson. The series follows the adventures of a Guardian named Bob and his companions Enzo and Dot Matrix as they work to keep the computer system of Mainframe safe from the viruses known as Megabyte...
Or that, yeah.
@SQB Sounds like...a TV series reboot, too.
I saw it the other day and was considering renaming it but I didn't have edits at the time and then forgot haha
5:20 PM
Given how it's CamelCased, perhaps ?
If it's one word, it is one word, hyphenating it implies two
it is, then.
@SQB whilst you're at it, this answer wants some edits
@SQB plain link, http, alt text etc etc
on both
I think I've gotten all of it now.
5:31 PM
Aye though FWIW the wikia isn't https but does redirect
Yeah. I always make it https unless that errors out (ISFDb, I'm looking at you!)
has no usage guidance. Have at it, folks!
Well, what is the usage guidance? ;-)
5:56 PM
Q: Why didn't Heimdall save Thor instead of Hulk?

Asif IqubalIn Avengers: Infinity War Heimdall sends Hulk to earth. Hulk was beaten badly by Thanos. And I don't think Heimdall didn't know Hulk much. Why didn't he save Thor by sending him to Earth? He is Heimdall's rightful king and an Asgardian. So why didn't he save Thor instead of Hulk?

6:24 PM
Didn’t we just have this Q asked here?
Hah, so that's where I've seen it!
posted on November 27, 2018 by CreationEdge

Ralph Breaks the Internet, aka Wreck-It Ralph 2, is decent sequel full of fun moments and occasional laughs. While the overall plot is clear for all audiences, the computer- and Internet-related references are going to be lost on younger viewers. This wasn’t an issue for Wreck-It Ralph, as the cameo characters weren’t necessary to “get” ... Read more

Q: Novel with space suits made of strange material, disruptor knives that melt people, and nonhuman characters

DapperSheepI am looking for a science fiction novel I read at least 16 years ago, when I had a used paperback copy from a library or used book store. One of the main characters was a person who was part of a military/police organization. He flew a spaceship/personal space suit that I think was described a...

Melting people, like a Vulkan Mind Melt? ;-)
Or more like a Subway Tuna Meld?
7:05 PM
Q: Obliviation of New York, and in general

Ver NickIn the first Fantastic Beasts film, the entire city if New York is obliviated with a rain storm to wipe the memories of all Muggles who were witness to the events that nearly destroyed the city. Later, in The Crimes of Grindlewald, we learn that Jacob didn't have his memories erased because it o...

Dafuq wut!
(Next time, make sure you don't also answer it at the exact same time to bump it onto the frontpage.) ;-)
"SpongeBob SquarePants creator Stephen Hillenburg dies at 57"
I've spoken with the artist. The image used was never licenced for their use. He's making his own enquiries but I think we can assume that this is proof-positive that the image was simply re-purposed without permission — Valorum 52 secs ago
@Jenayah that's the other album cover.
That band is going to be in hot water.
7:23 PM
@SQB I've seen that just now, yeah
But wait, I thought "Red Wizard" was by Fields guy?
What's the relation between Ciruelo and Fields?
oh nevermind Valorum updated his answer to my question
Those are really shitty ethics, sheesh
My guess would be the background. But I'm going to read the update.
It didn't even cross my mind that the stalactites and stuff could be stolen too
So any chances the wheel thingy behind the dragon is "borrowed" too?
@Jenayah So, pretty safe to say it's not a stargate - I imagine you'd recognize that by now....
Excellent work by @Valorum.
7:37 PM
And he's correct, perhaps the band had tasked an artist with creating a cover for their album, with the artist ripping off their fellow artists. Unlikely, since there seems to be no credits at all for the artwork, but possible.
Also, their record label should know better, too.
Sure, it could just be an artist mashing up stuff and them being unaware of, and I'm no lawyer, but it does reflect poorly on the band
@Jenayah follow-up question. We do need a .
As for the label if I am to believe metal-archives.com/labels/Ferrrum/32976 it's even less of a thing than the band ahah
@SQB we... might do, actually.
It didn't even cross my mind that the stalactites and stuff (on Frozen Sky's cover) could be stolen too, and I guess it's kind of "lucky" Ciruelo could ID it. Now I'm wondering whether the wheel thingy behind the dragon is "borrowed" too... — Jenayah 4 mins ago
@Jenayah - I'm working on that as we speak — Valorum 2 mins ago
Anything on this looks familiar? ferrrum.com/label (it's the label's site)
Isn't asking for the castle a little bit much though? :p
@Jenayah nope.
7:48 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I guess transcripting in the book's summary would be more useful than reposting the question, no?
@SQB eh maybe they've hired an original artist then
or a better crook :P
Reposting the question? Eh?
Oh didn’t even realise cos I’m on my phone
I'll do it no problem
lemme just get to a checkpoint :P
Or even the clouds behind the wizard. I'll bet you dollars to donuts that those have been copied from somewhere too.
7:58 PM
I think we may need a new site proposal for identifying stolen artwork.
there, checkpoint
@SQB harder to identify though
@Alex ahah!
beat me to it eh :P @TheLethalCarrot
Whoops sorry didn’t realise you said you’d do it, took forever on phone and I haven’t checked for mistakes
no problem
well upon further inspection it also happens to be the Goodreads summary so y'know
<---- was too lazy to type, tried Googling the first sentence, worked
I thought of that when I got to the last paragraph but was too far through to go back haha
8:10 PM
@Alex - WRT my suggested dupe swap from yesterday - I did flag for a mod's attention, and Null took care of things.
Ah was wondering why he did that
The answer to the old "primary" was the show name and a clip; the new "primary" has an actual description of the show. Not sure why it was closed that direction in the first place, except on a date posted basis.
People naturally close new to old
Q: What happens if two guests in WestWorld want to do the same thing during their stay?

Schrodinger'sStatIn the universe of the show, WestWorld is one of the most luxurious vacation/resort/theme parks in the world. It caters to the ultra-rich, who desire immersion past that which Virtual Reality can offer. For an exorbitant price, your (Cowboy/Shogun/Safari/etc.) fantasy can come true. You will ...

3 hours later…
11:27 PM
Q: Why didn’t Dumbledore’s protective charm stop working on 4 Privet Drive?

RogendWouldn’t the protective charm Dumbledore placed on Number 4, Privet Drive to protect Harry stop working when he died? In the books this occurs many times (Prof. Slughorn’s fish that Lily has given him disapeared when she was killed, and Dumbledore’s immobilising charm on Harry was lifted upon h...


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