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1:35 AM
Q: Does the Fidelius charm prevent Apparation?

AlexWhen Harry, Hermione, and Ron leave Shell Cottage in Deathly Hallows we are told that they needed to leave the bounds of the Fidelius Charm in order to Apparate: All three of them glanced back at Shell Cottage, lying dark and silent under the fading stars, then turned and began to walk toward...

2:13 AM
Q: Copy rights for movies

asmgxThere are many movies that took the original Lord of the ring characters. Like there are human, orcs, and elves. one of these movies is Bright for Will Smith to make such movie, do they need copy right approval from anyone? or anyone can use any character they want without permission will it ...

2:57 AM
@Marvin I guess that could use and . They're not the greatest tags ever, but they're still rather ok and in use so why not (@Alex)
3:21 AM
@Jenayah I didn't even bother to see if there were other applicable tags before posting. There usually aren't, and my general philosophy is that pretty much all sub-Harry-Potter tags don't add much. But I guess I'll edit it; thanks for pointing it out.
3:38 AM
Q: EMP Kindle ebook series where the prepared dad is home alone while his family are scattered far away

Susan BouchardI read an ebook that was the first of a series, but I can't remember the author or title. This story is different from others I've read, in that the prepper father is home and his daughter and wife are each in different locatiome far from home. Browser searches return too many results to whittle...

4:26 AM
Q: Why didn't Fred and George discover Pettigrew first with the Marauders Map?

Asif IqubalIn Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Fred & George gives the Marauders Map to Harry. And then suddenly Harry discovers that Pettigrew is alive and in Hogwarts. But it is very strange that Fred or George never even discovered a Peter Pettigrew staying with his brother always. Was it mere mi...

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5:43 AM
@Alex you're welcome!
@Jenayah Though, unless it was because you don’t like editing on mobile or something like that, I have not heen known to attack anyone for editing my posts.
6:15 AM
@Alex rather a matter of these rags not being mandatory, and HP subtags being sometimes polemical because of their unusefulness
So to the discretion of OP ;)
@Jenayah Ah, okay. I was starting to think you might be scared of me.
these rags not being mandatory Pretty good description of Harry Potter tags.
Q: What is the duration of the power of the heart shaped herb?

Asif IqubalIn Black Panther movie the black panther of Wakanda consumes the heart shaped herb to gain powers. But what is the duration of that power? If a black panther eats the herb once, will it be effective for his whole life? Has there been any female black panther?

6:42 AM
Do we have an opinion on the Disney Wikia?
I've received an interesting answer based on it. Before accepting and asking a follow-up, I'd like to see some indication that it is indeed true and not just the figment of some editor's imagination.
6:58 AM
@SQB General rule: everything written by "some editor" lacks a presumption of correctness unless supported by evidence.
Yes, unfortunately.
If anyone happens to see my avatar leaving this room, can you post a message noting it so that I can see the exact time it left?
@Alex woops, autocorrect
@Jenayah Is there such a thing as a Freudian autocorrect?
@Alex if I'm on computer at that time sure
7:02 AM
@Jenayah Thanks.
7:15 AM
Q: Is the Black Sky unique or are there many Black Skys?

Alex KinmanIn season 1 of Daredevil, But then in season 2, and then in the Defenders So which one is it?

Q: Why does the Doctor not believe in Satan?

AdamantIn S011E08, the Doctor says, offhandedly, that she's "not a great believer in Satan." However, in "The Impossible Planet" and "The Satan Pit," the Doctor met the Beast, which, while not precisely the same entity as the one from Abrahamic lore, has the general physical appearance, possesses peopl...

7:31 AM
Q: star wars game? from 2010ish

LukasI seem to remember an old star wars game from maybe 10 years ago. I know it was based off of the cartoon network series from back then. I also seem to remember it having something to do with Macdonalds. I cant find anything online, and now it's bugging me. Thanks for any and all help.

7:46 AM
Q: Why was the authority of the Witchfinder General accepted so readily?

AdamantIn Doctor Who, S11E08, when the Doctor is challenged in 1600s Britain she whips out her psychic paper, which says that she's an official Witchfinder General. Thus, Mistress Savage bows to her authority. However, the only Witchfinder General (self-proclaimed) in Britain seems to have been Matthe...

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9:34 AM
A bouquet of pets.
Funniest thing is if the cat turns out to have fleas and transmits them to the dog ahah
> "funny"
doesn't seem very funny, especially for the dog...
Meh the ironic kind of funny
Owner should notice in any case
So Zaphod's kind of slow today isn't it
One was bountied three hours ago
Well... It might be even more than that
9:45 AM
Yeah, saw that.
Seems to be a rather common trope
Q: Colonization ship arrives to the planet to find it already colonized by a faster ship built after they departed

M. L.Read this when I was a kid - I think it's a pretty famous story probably by Heinlein or someone well-known - it's about a group on a rocket ship sent to begin the colonization of a distant, uninhabited planet. While they are years in cryogenic sleep, technology advances and a faster rocket ship...

Q: Story Identification - Sublight Starship "passed" by FTL

Just4FunI'm a huge fan of SF from the golden age of SF, so this could be a fairly old book. It was a story about a "generation" starship or sublight starship. I believe most of the story was about their journey and some of the problems and difficulties. I believe that something strange is observed alo...

Q: A story about an expedition to a nearby star, on arrival finding out humans are already there

PetersaberI can't remember the title of this story. It was about an expedition in a low-tech spacecraft to a nearby star with a potentially habitable planet. The journey would take several hundred years. Along the way, each astronaut would wake up from cryogenic sleep from time to time, to perform some d...

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11:25 AM
12:00 PM
Q: How did Han join the Empire at the beginning of Solo?

Shehnaz AmeerHow does Han join the Empire at the beginning of Solo: A Stars Wars Story?

1 hour later…
1:09 PM
Q: Harry Dresden - what impact breaking his word had on his power?

AcePLIt was mentioned first in "Grave Peril": "Poor little poppet. All of your efforts to learn and you still know so little. Harry made a bargain with me long ago - and broke it, once then, and once a few nights past. He swore to uphold it again, last night, and broke it thrice. Now he reap...

1:35 PM
@Alex In case anyone is wondering, it apparently takes ~30 minutes to leave the room naturally.
Do you mean if you close all connections to the room?
Not sure what "close all connections" entails. I just closed my computer.
Well turned off computer, closed tabs, closed browser etc.
Well my computer was technically still on, and all the tabs were still open. They were just in suspended animation until I opened my computer again.
Well suspended is probably the same as closing them then
1:55 PM
Q: How did Ron enter into the Chamber of Secrets?

HardRockerIn Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Ron enters into the the 'Chamber of Secrets' by mimicking parseltongue. How exactly could he enter into Chamber when he is not the one. Does the magic on doors not recognize whether the person is really s parseltongue or not? What is certain is that by ...

@Alex It should be about 10-15, though. It was probably a mixture of not "closing" properly and the normal SE logout delay.
@NapoleonWilson Well I can test it again the next time I leave my computer.
That seems immenseley elaborate, especially since you can't really test anything, since your computer will be off. Just close the room tab and see when your avatar disappears from the chatroom stats.
Q: Laughing at Dr Alexander Murry's presentation

BCLCIn the 2018 film adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time, there is a scene where Dr Alexander Murry (henceforth Dr Murry even if his wife is also Dr Murry),played by Chris Pine, gives a presentation where he seems to be laughed at. Part of the scene can be found in the 1st 50 seconds here, but the laughi...

Can't he wrap something up with incognito browsing?
2:10 PM
Not so elaborate. I just have to check on my phone (which is how I calculated the 30 minutes in the first place).
@Jenayah Also a possibility. But entails not leaving the computer, too.
Also, it may work differently if you actively close the tab.
@Alex See, that brings oddities like phone issues into it. Does your phone log you in/out properly? How do notifications factor into it? Does the mobile interface work differently altogether?
@NapoleonWilson On the phone I have to login again every time I go to Chat.
On computer I'm logged in for perpetuity.
uh what a bother
2:13 PM
So when I go to Chat on my phone after closing my computer, and I don't log in, I can still see my avatar for half an hour.
But I just initiated the close tab method anyway. We'll see what happens.
Uh...you didn't...apparently. ;-)
(Unless that's the joke.)
@NapoleonWilson In case you missed it the title bug is status completed and I don't think it was to do with the new theme anyway
2:30 PM
See, mine took about 10 minutes.
@TheLethalCarrot Yes, I saw your comment, thank you.
Probably not theme-related, but responsiveness-related.
(Afterall the "theme" isn't much but a colour and an image anyway, nothing to break there.)
@NapoleonWilson I did it in another room.
And I'm currently still in it 15 minutes later.
@Alex Yeah, well, as long as you're still in one room, you don't get auto logged out of the others.
Is that so?
Yes. At least on a normal (i.e. desktop) system.
I guess we'll find out in 15 minutes.
2:34 PM
Might be that mobile logs you out at unexpected intervals. But that'd be unrelated to auto-logout then.
@NapoleonWilson Nothing technical at least!
@NapoleonWilson It sounds like they've been changing the way the CSS is stored so probably to do with that
3:00 PM
Q: Please clarify my question on why the audience may have been laughing at a speaker

BCLCThe question is Laughing at Dr Alexander Murry's presentation. I initially got an upvote, but this was followed by 1 downvote and 4 close votes for "Unclear what you're asking". I have edited between the 3rd and 4th close votes. Please help me improve further, if need be.

3:12 PM
Q: Why did Picard use a tractor beam to stop the cube from going back in time?

QueenSvetlanaAfter the Enterprise engages with the Borg cube, it witnesses a Borg sphere heading towards earth and then go back in time. Picard knows all too well the Borg are not allies and any Borg entering federation space must be investigated and handled accordingly. Why didn't he deploy a tractor bea...

3:32 PM
@Slartibartfast Not really sure how that was unclear tbh
3:50 PM
Maybe they confused speaker with speaker.
4:05 PM
Got to use a freehand red circle for work when replying to a customer.
Q: Roles to play when tailgaiting into a residential building

VoracFollowing people into a large RFID protected residential building is ridiculously easy, as not everyone knows everyone else. Just the other day I was let in with a rifle (an airgun, but how could have they known). But standing helplessly in front of the door, looking in sorrow at the lock, is no...

Q: Defence methods against tailgating

LithilionThis is a follow-up question to this one: Roles to play when tailgaiting into a residential building How do you protect yourself or your company against tailgaters? What is the best answer when you are asked by, let's say the delivery guy, to let you in?

5:02 PM
Argh, why is my tab not showing that there are new messages in this room?
5:28 PM
@Jenayah Only 6 to go right? Shouldn't take long :)
5:39 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I hope people are not actually closing questions without reading them. — Alex 2 hours ago
That's overestimating some people...
@TheLethalCarrot yep, just trying not to clog the homepage with SG as usual :)
@Jenayah If true that's unfortunate.
that's not above everyone unfortunately...
Q: Looking for a book title from 40+ years ago involving Occams Razor

NadrachThe plot involves the investigation of a area of SW Ireland closed off by an unusual and secretive company that has negotiated a tax arrangement with the Irish Government. Anyone who goes into the area to work does not come out, but unusual advanced products and developments are coming out, along...

And malintent would be kind of hard to prove.
And malignment even more so.
5:54 PM
Hard to prove, yeah, but y'know, gut feeling sometimes... (I know, I know, you're itching to reply with that transcript with me describing intuition or stuff :P )
@Jenayah I probably wouldn't have thought of that had you not mentioned it. But since you did:
Oct 4 at 14:59, by Jenayah
@Alex meh. Women's intuition :p
Q: How did the system know about The Doctor, and in particular the fez?

MarthaIn Doctor Who season 11 episode 7, "Kerblam!", the Doctor receives a package via a Kerblam! postman. In it is a fez, like her/his previous incarnation used to wear. It turns out that the package was sent by the computer system that runs space-Amazon [ahem, sorry] Kerblam!. How did the computer s...

@Jenayah But in later messages you severely limited the intuition's abilities.
well yeah, nothing's perfect
6:03 PM
Well something that can only tell you whether people you've chatted with are older than you and whether people close questions without reading them, has quite a ways to go.
(Especially since we haven't proven that it was correct on either of those counts.)
Oh, c'mon. You know how much I value my bad faith :D
I actually never understood what the bad faith was referring to.
See? That's the beauty of it! :D
I'm afraid you might have lost me there.
Mission accomplished!
6:12 PM
That reminds me. Have I earned an equal share of the cake yet?
Oh wow, that's from a while ago
Can't be bothered to check whatever conditions I may have put in place at the time so let's just say yes ;D
Aug 17 at 15:20, by Jenayah
@Alex if that's any consolation, you have 214 days to make up for it, get your normal-sized piece back and who knows, maybe even earn a bigger one :)
6:31 PM
Q: What are the TARDIS's security features regarding transmats/teleports?

Nemon27Inspired by this question here, I began to wonder how the TARDIS protects itself from hostiles simply teleporting themselves aboard, or enemies teleporting the Doctor and their companion(s) out of the TARDIS and into a hostile environment. For instance, in the TV episode Bad Wolf the Doctor, Ros...

2 hours later…
8:03 PM
Q: How can the crystal foxes in "The Last Jedi" be living?

Skylor EmberHow can the crystal foxes in "The last Jedi" be living? they are made of minerals and crystals as far as we can see what holds them together is it the force? What makes them living they are made of minerals which is non-living material.

8:19 PM
Q: Names of first colonized planets in science fiction stories

user107584what I'm trying to find (or compile) is a list of planet names for the first non-Sol system planet that's colonized by humans in various works of fiction. To be specific, I'm not looking for "Proxima Centauri B" or that sort of scientific nomenclature, and no Europa or Ganymede or other Sol-sys...

Why was scifi.stackexchange.com/q/199363/98028 upvoted when it's obvious off-topic -_-
You're asking why users did a thing? They're users. Murphy's law applies several times over when considering what users will do.
Anyway, that seems a little ambiguous on a once-over, can't look more closely at the moment
guess I'm just a little jumpy tonight
8:25 PM
not that kind of jumpy :P
@Jenayah Perhaps as simple as the user involved thinking the question was interesting. And, it's a list with limits; it's just that the limits aren't limited enough (as they encompass any book with space colonization, that happens to mention a first planet colonized outside the solar system).
@RDFozz eh, if we start thinking this way every list has limits as there's only a finite number of books in the world :p
@Jenayah Which is why I said it's not limited enough. With a recent meta post on a character identification question, I can understand someone maybe getting confused. I certainly agree that the question is off-topic; just trying to see how someone could have upvoted, maybe even as part of a review.
@RDFozz difference with the char-id question is that well, the works are here already, and afterwards it's a guessing game fair and square. In this kind of questions, the works aren't already there :/
8:41 PM
@Jenayah And, as mentioned in the meta discussion, that sort of character ID question has been greatly enjoyed by we stack inhabitants (I know both of us had fun with Egor's poster a few months back).
Oh yeah :D
I had quite some fun with the latest one too
There was basically all of Carpenter's filmography into that :D
Except for maybe The Fog
2 hours later…
10:44 PM
Q: Why does Ramsay Snow engineer a sham escape for Theon Greyjoy?

Tyler DurdenI have watched Season 3 of Game of Thrones twice now and I still don't understand why Ramsay Snow engineers a sham escape for Theon Greyjoy. Just to recap for anyone that does not remember, Ramsay, who is the adoptive son of Lord Bolton, pretends to be a menial servant after Theon is betrayed an...

Q: what are all the lightsaber colors? can there be other rare colors?

Skylor Emberwe all know of red, blue green and then there are the other ones like purple, yellow, white, and black(the Darksaber) but could there be others? and what would those colors depict of their users? like pink and silver and gold (if that was possible. could it be?)

11:32 PM
In a comment on this question: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/199242/80867 , someone says "Welcome to CV!" Does that make sense to anyone in our context, or did they maybe enter the wrong stack abbreviation?
11:48 PM
*shrugs* it's a very chatty comment anyway and can probably just be deleted

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