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4:00 PM
@Jenayah So it doesn't matter about answer topics.
@Alex sure
good old dilemma of expertise or broader scope I guess... Anyway both are fine as long as everyone's having fun
@Jenayah Sounds like a topic we have discussed several times.
There's a Stack Exchange message of "We appreciate a laser focus" or something like that.
> We respect a laser-like focus on one topic.
@Alex well I give you a laser focus diffracted on several topics :p
4:03 PM
or several laser focuses as you wish
@Alex wtf is that even supposed to mean, actually
@Jenayah It means you've only posted on one site.
@Alex ah!
well then the "topic" is SFF
with different subtopics
Actually, my top three network posts (when viewing from here) are on three different sites.
My top 3 from here are SO, PPCG and MTV
If viewing from Arqade, for example, it would be SFF, SO and SFF
If viewing mine from somewhere else, no other site would make my list.
That's how disproportionate voting is here.
4:09 PM
> That's how disproportionate HP voting is here.
@TheLethalCarrot True.
What the... My network posts (from a blank site) suggest I'm an avid Superman fan (I don't really like the guy, it's comics I enjoy), that I'm fairly versed into Dragon Ball (read like 3 chapters, it was actually a Pokémon character), and that I'm a big HP fan (well I like it, but I'm no Bellatrix or whatever). Only my very top answer is really something that I both enjoy to the core and might qualify as a pro of sorts :D
@Jenayah Venom?
@Alex yeah
That's the problem with the HNQ
4:12 PM
not a pro pro but I didn't have a better synonym and expert was too much
Aug 17 at 17:49, by Rand al'Thor
To match pedantry with pedantry, you're not a professional if you're not getting paid for it.
From here there's two posts on Main Meta and my only answer in Puzzling... which was a bad one :roll_eyes:
two posts on main meta?
is it because it's a bug report?
Don't you have six Meta posts?
@Alex yeah but other aren't UVed enough to make it to TNP
@Jenayah Is there a minimum score necessary? My profile shows me the top seven posts.
4:16 PM
@Alex I only got three and the bottom one is 5 votes so I guess
@Jenayah Interesting...
by the way I have the same problem you had a while ago meta.stackexchange.com/q/315761/398063
no big deal though
@Alex Mine only shows top 7 so likely capped at 7
@Jenayah Well Catija was able to fix mine in a jiffy. You can probably just ping her instead of posting about it.
But she's technically on vacation I think.
@TheLethalCarrot nope, 5
A: What are the criteria for posts to be included in "Top network posts" on new profile page?

SomewhatshA.t's answer has pretty much nailed it, and the summary from the blog itself is the key: And if you’re active on multiple communities, your1 best stuff2 from those sites3 will show in the sidebar, too. Numbering is added to clarify the point The specific criteria are: Not community wik...

@Alex meh I won't post
and not worth pinging someone for that
If it drops in a conversation why not but no problem
4:20 PM
@Jenayah I mean the number of posts that show there not the minimum score
@TheLethalCarrot ah!
yeah 7 here too
Or you could just upvote my Meta post.
pretty sure I already did
Ironicallly, now there's a discrepancy between the score in the screenshot there and the score in the screnshot here.
I hadn't
@Alex yeah 'cause it's fixed
4:22 PM
@Jenayah Well even without that. Because the score changed.
Today in fact.
For the first time since then.
Probably because that's the question I changed the italics to bold.
By the way, "Ralbag" in that post is actually your friend Gersonides.
Q: Was The "Something Wicked This Way Comes" Tag Line to the Prisoner Of Azkaban Movie Poster Taken From A 1962 Ray Bradbury Novel?

azoundriaI remember seeing this Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban poster when I was younger and thinking that the "Something Wicked This Way Comes" tag line was very catchy and incredibly clever. I was always somewhat mildly curious how they came up with the line: However I've most recently toda...

@Jenayah Edits that change title case titles to sentence style are discouraged
@Alex waves at Gersonides
@TheLethalCarrot ... there was a tag added too? :p
4:30 PM
@Zev Found Chat on your first day?
Oh hey @Zev :)
lol yup
Hey... and bye I'm off :P
it appeared in my feed thingy, that I was "allowed to chat"
4:31 PM
@Zev welcome to the party then!
And congrats on a great first story-id question!
@Zev Well you better say everything you want really quickly, because they usually take that away after a couple of hours.
I'm amazed at how quick you guys are
Just kidding.
@Zev there are some story-id fast guns here indeed!
Thanks for the idea, I added a few quotes. edit - did I just respond to a now non-existing comment? or did that comment disappear when I edited the post... I'm finding this a tad disconcerting ; — Zev 25 mins ago
I posted and next thing I know there's an answer to a question that's bothered me for years, in fact I only stumbled across this specific exchange, b/c google sent me here when I was searching for a different book
4:33 PM
^ I'm guessing whoever commented before kept an eye on the post and deleted their comment when you edited in new info
(@TheLethalCarrot if I had to make a guess? Confirmed?)
I guess, should I delete my comment then?
and yes
@Jenayah Yes.
it was a lethal carrot :)
Actually I was pinging him so that he'd reply, but he said he's off for now
looking at the clock it's around the time them Brits leave work :p
@Zev I took care of it for you.
4:35 PM
Welcome to the site, by the way.
Thanks! medium time lurker of stackexchange in general, decided to sign in, and have not been disappointed
alright, well I'm off, nice to meet you all and I'm sure I'll be back :)
@Zev see ya! Always nice to see new users :)
Q: B-class SF horror movie set on post-apocalypse Earth with a group against a killer-cyborg

Prophet89I have been looking for a movie that I've seen as a child. That must've been around 20 years ago now. I think it must have been from 80s or 90s - but not earlier than '84 I think. I would characterize it as horror SF. It was 99% English language and most probably US-made. From what I remember th...

Q: Has it been confirmed yet, from which Universe Commander Landry is from?

Darth LockeIn three early episodes of Star Trek Discovery's first season (Context is for Kings, The Butcher's Knife Care's Not for the Lamb's Cry, and What's Past is Prologue), viewers are briefly introduced to Lorca's right hand woman, Commander Landry being Chief of Security of the USS Discovery vessel. ...

4:57 PM
Q: Speculative or educational TV show about interplanetary space travel

zabeusI'm afraid this might be too broad, but I remember watching this old show on US TV (basic cable) in the late 1980's or early 90's, but it looked even older, perhaps from the 1950's to 1970's. Portions may have been in black and white. (or that may be my faulty memory) I don't know if it was a ser...

It is happening. #TheThing https://twitter.com/skynews/status/1054978369333403648
Twitter oneboxing is meh
@Jenayah yeah ‘twas me
5:33 PM
@TheLethalCarrot - Has anyone suggested that your image, in the shrunken down form, resembles some sort of image of Gargamel? That's what I see, even though I know it's a bunny on a GoT-style throne.
@RDFozz I grew up reading the Smurfs but I can't see the Gargamel in that
@Jenayah I see a black robe, a white head, some darker hair; even a touch of shading to indicate a largish nose.
@RDFozz squints even more
Of course, it could be as simple as my brain trying to apply some sort of logic to an image too small to make out well.
Maybe wearing a Carmen Miranda-ish fruit hat.
Carmen Miranda GCIH, OMC (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈkaɾmẽȷ̃ miˈɾɐ̃dɐ]) (born Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha, February 9, 1909 – August 5, 1955), was a Portuguese-born Brazilian samba singer, dancer, Broadway actress, and film star who was popular from the 1930s to the 1950s. Nicknamed "The Brazilian Bombshell", Miranda is noted for her signature fruit hat outfit she wore in her American films. As a young woman, she designed hats in a boutique before making her first recordings with composer Josué de Barros in 1929. Miranda's 1930 recording of "Taí" ("Pra Você Gostar de Mim"), written by Joubert...
Only Carmen is Carmen Sandiego :p
5:46 PM
@Jenayah Hah! Wait 'til you're in your fifties, and college students have no idea what you're talking about :-P
(OK, She's a bit before my time as well....)
@RDFozz eh... even today roommates are all "who's the lady?" when I laugh at this picture:
Do they recognize Waldo, or just Mr. Fett?
nah they recognize both guys but Carmen Sandiego is a big unknown :(
I suppose it doesn't take to long for older pop culture references to pop like a balloon :-)
might come back a bit
apparently there's a Netflix stuff planned
5:57 PM
@RDFozz Not had that one before haha, it is of course the mighty King Rabbit Bunratheon or as the owner calls him Wallace the Rabbit.
Not my rabbit, just found it one day haha
This is my normal one on other places but again I “borrowed it” from somewhere else
@TheLethalCarrot Again, totally clear it's a rabbit at larger sizes, but at smaller sizes it looks like a guy in a blackish robe, dark hair, maybe with an orange-trimmed party hat. For some reason, my brain translates him to Gargamel.
That is if you can upload on phone
i sort of see what you mean but I’m too used to the rabbit to tell for sure haha
If you noticed the darker sole of the feet, it just comes across as beard stubble.
I’ll just grab it off steam instead
6:04 PM
I see: Fruit Ninja II: Revenge of the Carrot. Makes me think of Bambi vs Godzilla II
@RDFozz I didn't know Bambi vs Godzilla. This is awesome :'D
6:48 PM
Q: Short story: humans become protoplasm, then re-form as new and improved humans

NicholasThis was a 1970s short story, which has something in common with Damon Knight's classic "Four in One". Random individuals on Earth start to dissolve into pools of protoplasm. This naturally gives the impression that some hostile alien has eaten them, leading to violent reactions. However if the...

7:19 PM
Q: Late 70 early 80,s horror with time paused

Stuart Brown This film had a woman going into a bar and time freezes, light bulb explodes and brings her out of pause..bald bad guy sees her and gives chase..she escapes but during the film time keeps stopping...not sure of year ..I thought bad guy was Robert Tessier, but nothing in his filmography

Q: Fantasy story with war and magic usable via stones

DamnBoyICan'tRememberI'm looking for a book, i'm not sure if it were a series or a single tome. I can remember about it is that in that world magic was usable via stones (i'm not sure but it could be real-life minerals, like quartz), and the main story was very closely tied to a big war. Two more thigs i remember is ...

2 hours later…
8:53 PM
Q: Length of a cubit in Ted Chiang's Tower of Babylon

Bob CarnageMy question is about the length of the cubit in Ted Chiang's Tower of Babylon story. The ancient cubit was, give or take, 20 inches. In his "Tower of Babylon," Ted Chiang describes the tower's platform as 200 cubits on a side, and the tower itself as 60 cubits on a side. This works out to a to...

Oi @RDFozz any idea for that one? scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/66283/… been browsing through 90s Flash runs and Impulse ones but not much shows up so now I'm really curious whether it was an actual issue :p
I don't even remember Max Mercury having another love interest than whatsername guy's wife
with whom he had a daughter
but I don't think the mother died of gunshot did she?
More likely to be Impulse than Flash - Max was a more important cast member there. And, I suspect it's something told in flashback, rather than a then-current event.
However, I'm a little behind on some of my reading. I've got the full 90's Flash run and Impulse, but I've never actually sat down and read them.
I try and save the best for last - I may croak before I actually get around to reading Peter David's Hulk run, because I have high expectations for that, from what I have read.
90s Impulse artwork is awful...
Humberto Ramos is something of an acquired taste.
Of course, I don't always think highly of highly-thought-of artists.
What happened with 90s comics artwork anyway? A good bunch of these take on a "modern" style which is not only very different from earlier versions, but also quite... ugly?
9:07 PM
Chris Bachalo has often shown a minimal ability to actually tell a story
Two words - Image Comics
@RDFozz Impulse drawing style is quite different from Spider-Man drawing I mostly know him for
@RDFozz true
Q: Are humans in Pokemon as strong as Pokemon or as weak as humans?

gaazkamPokemon are known to be able to withstand tremendous physical abuse before being KOed (death happens very rarely, if at all): being burned, shocked with millions of votes, subjected to Light That Burns the Sky itself, etc etc. What about humans, though? They seem to be far more fragile than Poke...

The guys who went on to form Image started to have more control over the books, with the actual writers demoted to second-class citizens, in some cases. - it led to Chris Claremont's departure from the X-men
They'd find ways to put in more posed shots and full- or double-page spreads, because they could seel those in the secondary art market for big bucks.
Other artists saw this, and tried to mimic their success (and, sometimes, their style).
Oh hey it never quite hit me but White Lightning's look is reminiscent of Black Cat's. Homage?
And, I suppose once you've pissed off the writers, it can be hard to get them to come back - may be why many books (Marvel in particular) started being written by editors and colorists who weren't necessarily great writers. (Gregory Wright and Terry Kavanaugh coem to mind immediately).
9:12 PM
@RDFozz aaahhh... Money money money, must be funny... (♫)
@Jenayah Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys ... must be funky ... in the rich man's world.
@RDFozz :P
@Jenayah Not impossible. Although white hair and black costume is pretty basic, I suppose any two females with the same outfit would seem similar.
@RDFozz sure, especially if the costume is black skimpy latex
@Jenayah I did leave it unstated that I meant within the world of comics. Where, as far as skin coverage goes, Black Cat (and Black Widow, though her hair's red) have some of the least skimpy female outfits. Technically, when you ignore the fact that most of the female costumes could just about be body paint instead of cloth.
9:24 PM
@RDFozz yeah, it's the good old theorem of "gold bikini somehow protects you from everything" :p
but aye, should've double-checked the word's meaning, turns out I was actually thinking of slinky
WordReference what would I be without you
@Jenayah the distraction principle - helps as long as you're mostly fighting straight men and lesbians, I guess :-)
Slinky is a better fit. And leaves you the option of mistaking it for a wimpy spring. (the toy, as in Slinky Dog)
@RDFozz "logic" issue being that it also protects from arrows and guided missiles :p
No, that makes sense - if the bikini is properly fortified and can actually deflect such items, then as long as the opponent hits what they're looking at :-)
Unless the guided missiles also have quite some taste for Powergirl/Starfire/She-Hulk etc
aaaand upon writing that I realize that the three examples that first come to mind have bodies way more likely to resist a guided missile to begin with
Should've gone for Black Canary
@RDFozz Yeah. Slinky Dog with white hair and a black latex costume. Thanks for the mental image, RD! ;D
@Jenayah Bwa-ha-ha! hold on gotta catch my breath!
9:34 PM
@RDFozz well it would be a shame to damage such pretty faces so better aim for the heart I guess... And gotta check the "heart" area before launching the... missile... :p
Like the average guy notices the face before the "heart area"!
I don't know, I don't aim guided missiles at She-Hulk :^)
Me neither!
@Jenayah I should note, I'm sort of assuming you're not a "guy" in the first place.
Nope I'm a girl
9:53 PM
Anyone know enough of to write the tag guidance?
Q: Geometry of Ted Chiang's Tower of Babylon

Bob CarnageIn his "Tower of Babylon" story, Ted Chiang describes his square tower having two "intertwined" and recessed ramps, one going up, the other going down. He said that, "The upward and downward ramps wound around each other without touching, but they were joined by the corridors through the tower's...

John Rennie or Valorum from what I get in chat stalk and previous answers but 'course can't ping them here
ah well
@Jenayah They're both active enough that you can leave a comment on any of their posts.
"the writings of Ted Chiang" - S'pose that's a bit generic, though.
@Alex meh don't want to sound preachy
I guess either of them will notice the new tag and if they don't sure I'll leave a comment
@RDFozz a bit... :P
10:40 PM
Q: Was the "Something Wicked This Way Comes" tag line to the Prisoner Of Azkaban movie poster taken from the eponymous 1962 Ray Bradbury novel?

azoundriaI remember seeing this Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban poster when I was younger and thinking that the "Something Wicked This Way Comes" tag line was very catchy and incredibly clever. I was always somewhat mildly curious how they came up with the line: However I've most recently toda...

I don’t know much about Shakespeare and I know the answer...
@CorvoAttano well, people who know even less will have learned something :)
<--- is one of these people
(admittedly though, the few Shakespeare I've read, I've read in French...)
10:59 PM
Q: Searching for fantasy book of girl with magical stones used for flying

user106488Maybe adult or could be teen story of girl being groomed for possible induction into witches circle that uses magical stones for healing, flying, etc. Slaves are made of abducted villagers around lake area. Lake has monsters that attack and eat people.

11:38 PM
Q: Episode of Star Trek in which passenger learns very quickly

Tyler DurdenThere is an episode of the original Star Trek in which the Enterprise takes on a passenger who somehow becomes super intelligent. At first he satisfies himself by reading through the encyclopedic knowledge of the ship's computer at lightning speed, but later he begins to develop supernatural powe...


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