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1:00 PM
That leaves us with a grand total of 4 questions actually using the tag the right way
talk about a dummy tag
how do I downvote a tag? :P
Most of our tags are improperly used and pointless to be honest
But a lot of the usage is now ingrained in the way the site works and it would take too much effort to sort out
@TheLethalCarrot stuff like or is way broad but okish
@TheLethalCarrot I tired fixing and got backlash, then started concentrating on small tags
Q: What other Imperial targets did Rahm Kota attack in the months leading up to Force Unleashed?

ThorneNichIn Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Starkillers first target is General Rahm Kota, a Jedi gone guerilla leader that has been attacking imperial targets in an attempt to draw Vader out. As you encounter Kota, he utters the following: "...a boy? Months of attacking Imperial targets and Vader s...

I can't possibly be the only one who used [story-identification] [movie] [aliens] is:q answers:1 to try and choose what to watch some day
1:03 PM
@AnkitSharma It's easier to sort out specific tags on your own over a large period of time, if you want to fix it all you'd have to go to meta... I'd imagine the response would be something like "It costs too much effort to sort out and isn't doing that much harm so not much point"
@TheLethalCarrot I tried to bring big discussions but failed so changed the path and picked smaller targets and ignore big tags which I have issues with
Q: Do we really need this many generic character related tags?

Ankit SharmaI have discussed this before but it was a little broad and came with no proper conclusion. So I am bringing the major part of it back as a new question, so it's not really a dupe. Generic character tags we have right now: characters character-motivation character-development female-character...

And now it's a great story-id answer o/ scifi.stackexchange.com/a/197335/98028
Those tags all need to go in my opinion but meh... effort again - my edits are generally all taken up in a day just from new stuff now
@TheLethalCarrot this meta got enough support and I pinged mods to atleast merge those tags but they ignored so I moved on
Like [plot-explanation] on movies which I think is completely pointless
1:07 PM
Urgh is one dull tag
@TheLethalCarrot I don't fully agree as it's used in uniformity atleast nut here tags are used with personal choice
Maybe but still pointless I'd imagine most questions will boil down to plot explanation
@TheLethalCarrot not necessarily, don't they have "worldbuilding" question on Movies?
even if main goal is analysis and stuff
@Jenayah I have more issues with individual character tags like in past we had vs both and it took a long effort to fix it
@AnkitSharma oh yeah I stumbled across recently
ugly tag
1:12 PM
There's such a great community over on PPCG... if I could ever be bothered maybe I'll answer some new challenges again
I mean it could make sense if they were applied properly when the character has several incarnations which differ
@TheLethalCarrot not always some are analysis, film-technique, dialogue, production, title specific, credit etc
Like The Flash, Barry Allen and Wally West don't always have the same approach to things for instance
@Jenayah better solution is don't have character specific tag as you can never use them properly
@AnkitSharma sure
1:14 PM
Suggest synonyms.
@Mithrandir I'm deleting it on a question right now :p
Do while you're burning things too
Not just for the sake of it eh, I'm actually adding a frnachise tag
(Star Wars)
We have a tag? xD
Q: Superman/Batman/JLA continuity

rb304288So, I've recently begun collecting comics again so that my newborn son can grow up reading the same comics I did and sharing in the same joys as I. I'm focusing mostly on the big 3: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. My question is in regards to the formation of the Justice League of America. ...

1:16 PM
Oh my, we do
example of individual character tags
@AnkitSharma I struggle to see if that's a suggested order, chronological order or off-topic recommendation
@Jenayah from long time and discussed many time in chat
> Food, it's the stuff we eat. Tacos, cookies, salads, red meat, disgusting vending machine sandwiches... all of it. Maybe even us, if we're not careful.
@Jenayah and the vague title
1:18 PM
ahahah who wrote that tag wiki
John O mainly
@Jenayah Keep the tag just for that.
@Jenayah someone who is laughing on whole community to even entertain this tag in first place
@Jenayah Unfortunately.
1:20 PM
@AnkitSharma oh hey wait that's grand
gonna sugest names as synonyms :p
oh, they have to exist first
Who's in to ask a question? :P
cough cough
I'm on five other sites that have but the description here is by far the best one.
20 hours ago, by Gallifreyan
I am officially amazed you've bothered to check this
1:24 PM
@Alex lol
We have a tag... xD
@Jenayah only one question, edit it away till tagsaver see
@AnkitSharma yeah answer could use a bit of editin
For those who are interested: 1) worthy of being eaten. 2) Nothing 3) Questions related to food, nutrients, dishes, drinks and other things that humans and other animals consume for sustenance. 4) Any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth. Questions with this tag should be about the historical practices of growing, preparing, and eating food, or about the historical origins of modern foods.
5) relate to laws of food or anything pertaining to food.
1:27 PM
5) Mi Yoedya?
4) History?
2) PPCG? :p (kidding)
666) Devil
@Jenayah Correct.
(by the way, I'm not looking at your communities, actually trying to guess)
@Jenayah Correct.
Hey, worthy of being eaten is actually a lot larger than just food. ;D
1:28 PM
@Jenayah Incorrect.
1) Islam 2) Christianity 3) English Language Usage
@Alex ELU makes sense
Of course I didn't count Seasoned Advice which has a dozen tags with the word food in them.
Islam - is that then the Muslim way of defining food?
@Jenayah I'm not an expert in Islam, but it could just be that they're defining food in general.
@Alex 'k
funny how the tag wikis reflect their site
1:32 PM
@Jenayah Hinduism have too but ti make sense , more sense the previous tags and
ELU: "we have a fancy definition using various subsets"
@Jenayah Indeed.
But food related question make sense for religious sites
History: "we look into the history of why food is what it is today"
Mi Yodeya: "the relation between food and our religion"
Hinduism: Questions related to food.
1:33 PM
SciFI: "lol, we eat ourselves sometimes"
And poor me has to relate to it in five different ways.
And now when I look at starred messages all I see is food.
@Alex one more :p
let's make the pinboard a foodboard
wow movies.se have only 9 question and all asked by me
That enough to inspire me to ask more :D
You guys stopped talking about tags now? I tuned out for a second there...
@TheLethalCarrot well tag brought us to a deeply meaningful conversation about food, its usages, how we perceive it etc
but mostly how cannibalism is funny
1:40 PM
My definition of deeply meaningful seems to be different to yours ;P
@TheLethalCarrot there's no accounting for taste :D
Looks like we are in Science fiction, fantasy and
Actually there are an additional four sites that I'm on that also have .
The only one with an explanation is: For questions about sources and types of nutrition for a living organism.
@AnkitSharma neat, we've come from SFF to SFFF
@Jenayah That doesn't count as using an old comment, by the way, since it was sitting right there starred.
1:46 PM
@Alex all the more easy to access :D
Did someone bonk me on the noggin'? All I can see is stars...
@TheLethalCarrot oh! One more star!
@TheLethalCarrot Eh, someone will remove them all shortly.
@Alex nuuuuuh
@Alex if no offense then not needed
1:48 PM
@Jenayah Yeah, and I think they can be removed faster than they can be added.
@AnkitSharma Some people with the powers don't like it so cluttered.
@Alex meh
Q: Fantasy story where a young girl (I think) discovers magic, but must then hide from all magicians

ThorneNichI remember reading this story many years ago (at least ten). A young girl (at least I think so), discovers that she has magic by throwing something. However, magic is restricted (or maybe even forbidden) and she must now hide from all magicians in her city. I think the local Thieves Guild helps...

I call it over sensitivity
My pet hate about stars is using them to "favourite" your side of an argument
@Alex you could even say they don't stomach it
Or that they have a beef with it
1:51 PM
@Jenayah This is a restaurant, after all.
@TheLethalCarrot there is no arguments here, it's healthy discussion about food and how to survive if your fellow SE user trying to eat you
Not saying there is one now haha
Shit Young Justice: Outsiders is coming in 2019, uff I can't wait
@AnkitSharma aw, nuts
but hopefully it will be worth the salt
Young Justice is love \o/
We still need to figure out why Impulse's future is apocalyptic
I am sure they will not reveal this season either
2:20 PM
Q: Book in which children escaping London get sent to an alternate reality

ZevI'm looking for the title of this book I read, at least 10 years ago. It had a siblings escaping London during WW2 and instead of reaching the countryside they enter this odd alternate reality. In this reality the people there decide to take care of these kids, and they have some sort of credit b...

Q: Could Godzilla's atomic breath feed the MUTOs with radiation?

GipsyDComing from this question here, would Godzilla's nuclear/atomic breath not feed the MUTOs with radiation, seeing that his breath is, as the name suggests, nuclear based? Seeing that the MUTOs do infact eat nuclear ordnance as a source of food and "fuel", it would make sense that any form of radia...

Off-topic, bordeline offensive as it seems to associate religion with works of fiction scifi.stackexchange.com/q/197343/98028
And unclear
Probs best to VTC it
@TheLethalCarrot kinda clear, it's a quizz
Aye... I couldn't work out what the note meant but I see what it means now
@Jenayah flagged R/A.
2:31 PM
@TheLethalCarrot you can also see it in the markdown
I wouldn't say it deserves to be R/A flagged
it's formatted without break lines but it was meant to be a list
@SQB Was it marked as helpful or declined?
well it's deleted now
@TheLethalCarrot probably helpful since posts' gone for reasons of moderation
I always miss the fun questions.
2:35 PM
perks of being a <10k
@Jenayah That just means deleted for any number of reasons... in this case a mod deleted it
@Alex basically it was someone asking a quizz question about who created the Earth (God/Jesus/Ghost saint) in a A/B/C format
@TheLethalCarrot oh I thought it got like 5 R/A flags
@Jenayah Ah, thanks.
but peeking into Charcoal HQ it wasn't reported
Nope wasn't caught by SD and deleted by a mod
2:37 PM
May be off topic, but I wouldn't think it's offensive.
Unless it was phrased ina specific way?
if mod-deleted it's robably helpful flag
It does have the "This question was marked as spam or rude or abusive and is therefore not shown - you can see the revision history for details." text on it but I think (not sure though) that might show up even if it's just been flagged
@TheLethalCarrot I love it when I see those. It's like begging me to click on it.
Oh I always look
I mean I knew what it said in this case and I still looked
@Alex site policy is to flag "religion being implied to be fictional"
Q: Proposal to modify the policy on answers that cite religious texts

NullResult / Summary of policy Answers which state or imply that a religious work is fiction should be flagged for moderator attention. Moderators will delete such answers. The only exception in which an answer is permitted to cite a religious source is if the question clearly states that non-ficti...

> Answers which state or imply that a religious work is fiction should be flagged for moderator attention. Moderators will delete such answers.
I mean the baove is for answers but obviously applies to questions as well
maybe not the best meta post about it but well
2:42 PM
To be honest this question only implicitly implied religion is fictional by being on the site... I personally wouldn't say it was bad enough to warrant a R/A flag
@Jenayah Was it asked in a way that implied religion to be fictional?
@Alex as TLC said, posting that on a sci-fi site kind of implies they thought it fictional
@Jenayah Unless they don't understand the scope.
Or like me, have open tabs on Mi YOdeya and Science Fiction and sometimes mix them up.
@Alex Which is exactly why I didn't really think it was worthy of a R/A flag
@Alex they clearly hadn't given any shit about it
Question wasn't just poor, it was also bossy
2:46 PM
@Jenayah Okay, I'll take your word for it, not having seen it myself.
To me it seems like it was copied text rather than much else
@TheLethalCarrot still bossy and not quite welcoming
Not arguing otherwise, I think it was just someone taking a quiz somewhere, didn't know the answer so copied it here hoping someone would help them
Not with bad intentions or anything but misinformed sure
@Alex basically they wanted people to answer with no capital letters, no punctuation, but phrased "NOTE:only small letters a instede A also no punctuation"
@TheLethalCarrot lack of good intentions is borderline bad intentions
@Jenayah Ah, well that's a horse of a different color.
2:49 PM
In real life when asking a pal to help you with a quizz you'd be "hey mate what do you think the answer is?"
@Jenayah Right but neither good nor bad intentions doesn't warrant a R/A flag that's all I'm saying
Hey/Please/Thanks are to be removed but still
Also good memory on how they worded the note
@TheLethalCarrot not stateful enough for it to be R/A, that I agree
I mean something can be bossy, not welcoming, stern etc. without being rude too
2:51 PM
@TheLethalCarrot deleted as S/R/A.
Got to remember R/A flags carry -100 penalty and other things with them so it is something to apply carefully
@SQB Was it though? I thought that showed up even if it wasn't marked as R/A but had R/A flags
@TheLethalCarrot lol I guess I don't like being bossed around by newbies with off-topic, poorly formatted, one-liner unhelpful questions... Oh my I'm starting to sound like the guys on Meta Stack Overflow am I? :(
Unlucky haha
Yeah, marked as helpful.
Interesting... I mean it doesn't really matter for an unregistered drive by user but yeah... interesting
2:53 PM
@Jenayah I think you have a way to go for that.
@Alex whaddya mean?
@Jenayah You have a way to go before you start to sound like the guys on Meta Stack Overflow.
I.e. you're nowhere near there.
@Alex well I don't have an account on Stack Overflow to begin with, so I guess that helps.
@Jenayah That would be a good place to try to get out of your "cocoon stack".
@Alex basically all the time I think of asking a question on SO, I do enough research for it not to be dupe-closed that I find a solution
3:00 PM
@Jenayah And now you've discovered the point of Stack Overflow. Make it so hard to ask a question that they have to find the answer first on their own.
And in answers, since there are many hit and run users I wouldn't want to give a meh answer which helps OP but is flawed
Wow someone actually understands the point of SO/SE
Sep 9 at 21:51, by Napoleon Wilson
@Jenayah I guess we're at a point where you could basically freeze and archive SO and have it have the same value.
@Jenayah I don't know enough about programming, but I imagine there can be infinite possibilities of questions just by changing a few letters?
Unless those would be considered duplicates.
If they were the same underlying problem.
3:02 PM
Depends what you change but broadly speaking dupes aye
Also they have the typo close reason
@Alex if it's only to change a variable's name it'd still be a dupe
@TheLethalCarrot they do? x'D
> This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved in a manner unlikely to help future readers. This can often be avoided by identifying and closely inspecting the shortest program necessary to reproduce the problem before posting.
@TheLethalCarrot We should have that close reason on other sites too.
@Jenayah progamming issue: "I have this variable called foo which doesn't behave the way I want because when I treat it with function dostuff() it ouputs 1 instead of 2"
Real life analogy: "I told Mark to make some coffee, but that moron made tea instead"
Basically if you replace Mark with Carmen and coffee/tea with lasagna/omelet it's kind of the same underlying problem
@Alex I think we don't because it's "rare" enough it isn't needed
3:08 PM
Of course there can be a gazillion different functions but half the time it's an obvious dupe
25% of the time it's a dupe which needs two minutes to search for and after that it decreases exponentially
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah but it would still be fun to close a question "Why did Voldemort want to kill Harry?" with "sorry, we can't reproduce your problem."
^mathematical model I just made up but it seems right
@Alex "we killed Harry just fine, maybe Voldemort is just a dummy"
@Jenayah Took me a while to get that. I was reading it with a different usage of dummy.
oh like a puppet dummy?
3:11 PM
3:22 PM
@Jenayah They've done studies, you know. 25% of the time, it's a dupe every time.
@TheLethalCarrot Are you sure about your data? I'm just asking because as you may know, 73.6% of all statistics are made up.
@Jenayah They've done studies, you know. 73.6% of the time, it's made up every time.
Last one I promise....
You're just unlucky I watched that film again not long ago
How is SciFi relevant to IPS? :o (and conversely) — Jenayah 2 days ago
@Jenayah I was about to ask that here but then I saw your comment.
3:27 PM
@Alex ehehe
FGITW... with a 48-hour advance :p
@Jenayah I only just saw that answer now.
Oct 17 at 20:53, by Alex
Is there a good English word that describes the phenomenon of thinkng of the same thing as someone else, as in this situation?
My only comment on the main meta HNQ post got nuked :/
@TheLethalCarrot Exciting! What did it say?
Just saying Shane's reply tweets weren't helpful with a bit more fluff
Aeg's reply to it is still there mind you
@TheLethalCarrot get to I don't remember hoow much rep before him this week and that offense will be cleaned, you'll be able to sleep better knowing that justice has been served. You poor thing :p
3:32 PM
You gonna have to reword that cos I haven't got a clue what you;re on about
yesterday, by TheLethalCarrot
@Alex And risk not overtaking Aeg by the end of the week? You're out of your mind man!?
if you get to that goal, ^, the offense of your comment being nuked but not Aeg's will be cleaned
I feel bad for the guys who have to post those questions. 100+ downvotes?
@Jenayah He only has to earn a few points but I have to hoola hoop on a unicycle on a tightrope to avenge my honor?
Oh did that yesterday... jeez keep up
@Alex actually I don't understand the DV on this one
DV on left nav and new design sure
@Jenayah "People are mad"
3:37 PM
but asking what we want now for HNQ isn't really DVable... sounds like retaliation DV
@TheLethalCarrot okay, I'm going to serial upvote Aeg :p
Q: Were the "non-Japanese" Kaiju negated from the threat analysis in Uprising?

GipsyDThere is one scene in Uprising where Jack is discussing the Kaijus' supposed target based on previous data collected during the first Kaiju War. He mentions, more determines, that the Kaiju's main target is Mount Fuji, where they plan to start a chain reaction to wipe out the Earth. Now, that ma...

The DVs are from people who are annoyed for all sorts of reasons, to name a few: ignoring meta for years, responding to twitter and not meta, calling out mods for being trolls with no evidence, insinuating the mods involved will be fired, removing IPS with not so much as a thought about it etc.
@Jenayah Interesting thought, if you decide to go read though his profile and he happens to have lots of awesome answers and you upvote them is that serial upvoting?
@Alex Ah the good ol' Jon Skeet problem
@TheLethalCarrot yeah, so, retaliation
@Alex I guess it depends on the number of upvotes you give, how fast you give them etc
3:39 PM
@Jenayah Well yeah but because of what caused the meta post it is related
probably also something like how much it is diluted into your votes for other people's posts
@Jenayah I'm not so much asking whether the system's algorithm will flag it. I'm more asking if there's anything wrong with doing it.
Nothing wrong with doing it
@Alex meh if you're not robo-voting and read the QAs and basically upvote in good faith it's perfectly ok
Yet it will probably get flagged.
3:40 PM
Depending on how much you do it has a likelihood to be raised to the mods and if you keep going automatic vote reversal
Which seems... unfair?
Not really, it's there to combat voting rings and socks and what not. All of which usually happen more frequently than someone finding a users profile page and going through old stuff
(also yes that is part of the 73.6%)
Say I decide that I only have 5 minutes a day to spend on the site. Instead of wasting it by reading content which might be good or bad, I decide I will only read your posts because I know from past experience that they are good.
And then of course I upvote them all because they actually are good.
It looks like a scam, but it's not.
Well that's the problem, anything you put in to combat fraudulent votes will almost certainly affect users doing that... I think it's worth the trade off though
I think I've done something like that actually, with Bellatrix.
3:45 PM
I'm pretty sure mine to Jon Skeet were reversed when I first started on SO
There's an old SO meta post that talks about it... not be me like
@Alex check out her rep page frequently then :p stackexchange.com/users/10592607/bellatrix?tab=reputation
@Jenayah I don't think any of them got reversed.
@Alex yet
Though its as likely as not that she already had 200 for the day when I did it.
@Alex I don't think that influences the algortihm
technically speaking you still gave her something, score in HP tag
3:48 PM
@Jenayah Good point.
(as if she needed it :p )
She's only got 8.4k score
I recall once even feeling bad that I was upvoting when it wouldn't add any reputation, and thinking if I should come back the next day instead.
Maybe they could use a log scale for Jon Skeet's rep chart stackexchange.com/users/11683/jon-skeet?tab=reputation
@Alex doesn't she hit repcap daily anyways?
@Jenayah Not every day.
3:50 PM
wait until UTC 23:50 and upvote
meh actually that might be a pattern of "let's get sure I repcap so I get this badge" gaming
@Jenayah Why do you think I sometimes bump old posts to the homepage?
@TheLethalCarrot yeah with almost invisible formatting editing... Don't think we didn't see you mate :p
Nah always some format improvement
Especially considering my quote style has changed quite a lot since I started answering
sure until you decide you don't want to go for italics, rather bold ;)
3:53 PM
@Jenayah I just edited one of my old posts yesterday and changed italics to bold.
My new style is a bit awkward though when it comes to annotated scripts
"oh too bad, I might have to rebump all these posts for 'format improvement'" :p
@Alex you evil game cheater!
Lol, if you want I could bump all ~200-250 or so that need improvement
@Jenayah 1)Wasn't on this site. 2) There was a good reason.
I had originally used italics for emphasis. Then I italicized all the foreign language words so the italics as emphasis didn't really work anymore, so I switched it to bold.
@Alex why would my comment only apply to my cocoon stack? :p
3:56 PM
@Jenayah Because here you're afraid I'll catch up to you.
@Alex comparing oranges with apples
@Jenayah How so?
would be valid if we both had the same "scope" of answers but we don't really
like 97% of your answers are HP if I am to believe user profile
got a grand ttal of twelve HP answers :P
@Jenayah Yeah, I have one Artemis Fowl, one Hunger Games, and one Comic I don't even know the name of.
(it's still my third tag, though...)
3:58 PM
@Jenayah But I was talking about overall reputation.
@Alex yeah I got that

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