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3:23 AM
Q: if vampires dont age then why does Kain look so old in Soul Reaver?

ExplorerOfMystcorrect me if I'm wrong but I think the Soul Reaver takes place 1500 years after Blood Omen yet in Soul Reaver Kain appears very old and deteriorated compared to how he looks in Blood Omen. I really thought vampires did not age so could this mean that Legacy of Kain universe does follow this law...

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4:58 AM
Q: Why did Dumbledore have Harry stick his arm out when Barty Crouch Jr. was revealed?

GlelandIn the scene where Barty Crouch Jr. is revealed (movie, not books) to have been impersonating Mad Eye Moody, David Tennant makes a weird remark, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". He then sticks his arm out to show the Dark Mark. Dumbledore then reacts by having Harry stick his arm out,...

5:15 AM
Q: Just how much of The Cursed Child is JKR's?

Au101Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is marketed as The eighth story. Nineteen years later. In big block caps on the back of the book. The front cover also proclaims Based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling John Tiffany & Jack Thorne A new play by Jack Thorne With R...

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6:46 AM
@SQB ah, the image is showing now. It didn't show at first, hence my comment.
7:32 AM
Q: Why didn't Golumn go take the ring back from Bilbo between end of Hobbit and before Lord Of the Rings 1?

esoinilaJust wondering, here is a capable murderer able to sneak into Mordor. How hard can it be to Find Shire with :"Shire Baggins"?

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1:23 PM
Finally I found the chance to post this one, @YvetteColomb :D
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3:29 PM
Useless statistics: data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/718953/… Users with many questions in a single tag
so indeed, FuzzyBoots has the highest number of story-identification questions (98) followed by Helbent IV who has 50
And thegreatjedi has the largest number of questions in any one tag, star-wars in that case, followed by Slytherincess and DVK in harry-potter.
Also I'm confused by all these repeated username changes.
1 hour later…
4:55 PM
@b_jonas Should je forbidden, right? :P Or users should at least list former usernames in their about-me section...
5:28 PM
@b_jonas Whose? :D
3 hours later…
8:05 PM
@Narusan No, ideally I should just download the dumps every three months and save the usernames on my end and quietly look them up. Though user merges make that a bit difficult, but even those can be tracked form looking at posts, because posts rarely change owner.
@Gallifreyan Look at data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/718953/… , run it, and pick the usernames that are unfamiliar to you. They won't be quite the same as for me, but you'll probably get the idea.
8:20 PM
I totally no longer understand the difference of how scifi.stackexchange.com/q/51572/4918 got closed but how the similar question scifi.stackexchange.com/q/135929/4918 stayed open with 19 upvotes.
@b_jonas First one is deleted, so that link only works for 10Kers
@Catija Yes. It got auto-deleted because it got closed quickly at zero score.
@b_jonas Do you know how long it took me until I figured out that Richard and Valorum were the same user? I was always wondering who this Richard with allegedly so many badges and so many rep was...
@Narusan And that's just one example. Some users change their name three twice, their avatar every two months, and then get their user deleted so you can't even directly see their reputation
@Narusan Huh.
8:29 PM
Valorum is at least consistently the highly reputed user of the site when he isn't banned, always has a woman on his picture, banned from chat half of the time and is in trouble the other half, and hasn't yet deleted his user. That's almost the easiest one to figure out.
And I recognize Often Right throughout his name changes from how he's our most active star-trek user and ... wait, didn't he used to have some explanation about Data and his creator or something on his userpage? Damn, now he is no longer recognizable either.
But I keep confusing some of the other often renamed users, and the five or six high reputation users who left the site.
The Jonas guy who was higher reputed then me, he's has at least three usernames too, maybe four.
At least this is only a minority of users. Most of the high reputed users never change their name and never get their user deleted.
Oops. I'm also wrong above. Praxis is about as active in star-trek as Often Right.
And scifi.stackexchange.com/tags/star-trek/topusers actually says Often Right is only the fifth most active, so it's even more complicated.
@b_jonas Yeah, yet everyone addresses him as Richard. Profile pictures are not as confusing because you still have the name (well, kinda, unless both is changed).
3 hours later…
11:33 PM
@Gallifreyan I'll let you get at least every second day :)
11:55 PM
Q: Why did the portkey take Harry and the other Hogwarts contestant to Voldemort?

naturalIn Harry Potter the Goblet of Fire (2005), during the hedge maze, you must have quick reactions otherwise you can get taken out by sudden traps. Both Harry and the other Hogwarts contestant as shown below: Have to run to make it to the portkey to avoid being swallowed by the maze walls. The ...

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