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12:25 AM
Q: Physics of Kryptonite -- atomic number, half life, etc.?

releseabeHow deeply have the comic books gone into what sort of radiation, whether Kryptonite decays, its useful properties besides injuring Superman. I saw that its atomic number is 126, so it is supposed to be a presumably radioactive element but the radiation it gives off are not (only) alpha, beta and...

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2:03 AM
Q: Manga or webtoon i cant think the name of

Appositives Gamingit's about a guy who has this aura that can't be suppressed, and all the demons want to get him. so he can't leave the shrine that he has been in because of the aura he amits. so he finds out that he has a small domain and he can control anything in the small domain so when a demon was in his shr...

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4:05 AM
Q: Did Snape have a failsafe method for giving his memory to Harry Potter? What if Harry wasn't around?

Kyle VDid Snape have a failsafe method for giving his memory to Harry Potter? What if Harry wasn't around? Since Harry wanted to find Voldemort to end him, finding Snape wasn't part of his current mission. It was just by chance that when Voldemort needed to interrogate Snape about the Elder Wand's true...

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12:42 PM
Q: Story set on a world where the law requires everyone to carry a gun

crip659I read a story, probably a short story back in the mid 1970s. In the story a man travels to another world, method of travel I have forgotten. The people of this world might have been ape like humans/human type. Not "the planet of the apes" On this world everyone over five or six years must carry...

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4:25 PM
Q: TV series about an incoming end of the world. The characters think they can only save part of the world, possibly a hemisphere

PrestoI have some very vague memories about a TV series (I think) that I used to watch as a kid back in the early 2000s. I don't really remember anything about it; the only important detail remaining in my memory is that the characters were making a big fuss over some incoming disaster, basically an en...

5:08 PM
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6:41 PM
Q: What novel was referenced in the pilot episode of Suits?

ClassifiedThis novel is referenced in the pilot of the tv show Suits. However, it was only referenced very quickly and the title of the book wasn't given so hopefully the scene from the episode mirrors the book enough for someone to identify. The scene from the show was a drug sting operation in a hotel. ...

6:53 PM
Q: What happens to those who were inside during the fidelius and they step outside? Are they under the fidelius, too?

Tina RoosaI was just wondering if the spell affects everyone inside the domicile as the spell is cast, rather than those who come in and out afterward.

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8:58 PM
Q: A short story in my head that I think I read long ago, but can't find it anywhere with google or other search engines

red sliderI write short-stories and this is in synch with the type of themes I've used. But this one seems a little too creepy, even for me. Here's the plot: I know the story, and thought I'd read it a long time ago. But several google searches and search engines come up empty. I do write short stories, an...

9:41 PM
posted on May 25, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: The one about the man from Madras is the main reason they kept us alive after we used nukes on ourselves. Today's News:

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11:41 PM
We keep getting questions about clearly non-SFF works. I wonder if Movies & TV's ID ban causes people to grasp at straws.
Q: What's this 90's hongkong movie about a team fighting crime?

initI remember seeing an action movie in the mid 90's. The movie was released by the name "The Plot" in my country. It was a typical 90's (or late 80's) Hongkong action movie. I remember a group of cops or detectives hunting a crime syndicate, and I remember a man probably in his mid 40s as their men...


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