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Q: Did Kylo Ren know that Rey would wreck his TIE Fighter?

Stainless-SteelIf Rey's Sith Wayfinder to get to Exegol is in the TIE Fighter wreck on Pasaana, wouldn't it be destroyed with the fighter? Or did Kylo Ren know she would destroy his ship? Or did Palpatine foresee the wreck happening and tell Kylo Ren to choose a different ship (which didn't have the Wayfinder i...

1:39 AM
Q: On which occasions in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" has Data lied?

SDHThere were two instances in The Next Generation where Data can be said to have lied or at least severely distorted the truth that I can remember: "The Most Toys" (Season 3 Episode 22) - Data misrepresents how a weapon was discharged. "Clues" (Season 4 Episode 14) - Data is ordered by Picard to l...

Q: Is Ariana Dumbledore's death different in the movies compared to the books?

BCLCI can't find any mention of this in 'Behind the scenes' in the HP fandom. What I understand is: In books: There was a 3-way duel (or 2v1 ?) and then Ariana was caught in the cross fire. More info here: What exactly happened to Ariana when Dumbledore and Grindelwald fought? In movies, specifical...

Q: SF short story, maybe from 50s or earlier, man visits place (planet?) where vendors at a market buy minute things, like fingernail clippings

AustinI read this story when I was a kid in the early 1960s. I don't remember the plot, but I was struck by the idea of this market where vendors wanted to buy (and sell?) things (namely pieces of human bodies, it seems, like single strands of hair, fingernail clippings, etc). My recollection is that t...

2:27 AM
Q: Alien deduces everything about human Earth culture (including English language) from only a wardrobe & a coat hanger with the name of a cleaners on it

Austin BruceI think it's a short story. I probably read it in the 1970s. Somehow an alien finds a wardrobe containing one wire coat hanger that has a paper cover on it with the name of a dry-cleaning business. From this meager evidence, the alien deduces everything about humans and the English language. Othe...

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Q: Isekai manga where the MC and his class is summoned to another world but is kicked out. Later he fights a mimic and a vampire and gets stronger

user152263I am looking for a specific manga that the main character and his class gets summoned to another world. I think he does not have good stats and his kicked out. But the main point is that he fights a mimic (chest monster) I believe and later a vampire in the vampire's castle. The vampire says that...

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10:18 AM
Checking in with my chat stackizens! How're we doing!?
10:38 AM
Way too busy.
Trying to summon the will to get out of bed and shower.
10:59 AM
I can relate to both of those things!
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Q: What type of portal was used in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

codeczarIn the movie, What kind of portal it is? Is it similar to the ones used by TVA in Loki series? Does it work on quantum energy for teleportation?

@SQB I've been feeling that lately too
@FuzzyBoots My showers are in the evening, but otherwise yeah that's an issue
12:29 PM
Side note, did you hear about the SFWA kicked Mercedes Lackey out again, right after giving her an award? It's kind of a weird situation where she used "colored" as an adjective for a Black author and no one said anything until someone posted on Twitter and the SFWA immediately turned around and said that it was unacceptable.
You know... maybe the moderator at the time ought to have said something, or clarified that she hadn't meant to say "of color" or one of the other current accepted terms? Instead, there's that kneejerk reaction with zero attempts to talk.
12:48 PM
@FuzzyBoots I mean, there are places in the world where 'coloured' is the accepted term, right? I might be wrong, and I don't use it myself but different places have different norms...
@AncientSwordRage Translated versions certainly. So I can get the confusion. I also used it as a euphemism before being told about the context. I mean, it requires special knowledge to counter the logical conclusion that "people of colour" are by definition "coloured". That knowledge obtained, you know how to proceed. But without being told so, it's a common conclusion.
But that's just how social media works. Colour...uh...me unspurprised. ;-)
Referring to people—in 2006 British anthropological surveys by Peter J. Aspinall et al, out of 75 general population respondents who identified as “mixed race” and one who did not, none found the term “coloured” offensive. Out of 311 student respondents who identified as “mixed race” and 15 who did not, 11 found the term “coloured” offensive.[1]
1:05 PM
{nods} So it's one of those things where it's an addressable moment, not a "Oh, that's horrible that that word was used and we didn't realize anyone was offended until much later. Let's punish someone to make us feel better about this."
Q: Valerian movie question

David SheltonFollowing the creation of Alpha, how did they create the scenes of human-like people in the idyllic land at the beginning of the film, who came under attack.

@FuzzyBoots feel better/save face
2:02 PM
@FuzzyBoots That's pretty much my feeling too. I mean, sure, the term shouldn't be used. But Mercedes Lackey has long had a fairly progressive viewpoint, so I wouldn't expect her to actually intend to use an offensive term.
And there are lots of valid reasons (tiredness, intoxication, age, etc.) why someone might misspeak, especially when using a word that was probably the polite term they learned when they were growing up.
I've uttered a few baffling/hilarious malapropisms over the years (don't try giving a presentation to clients on less than 2 hours sleep!) and what I've found is that sometimes, if I'm not actually consciously composing/reciting what I'm saying (so basically automatic speech, like small talk) my brain will just dump some random bits in various places.
It's like parity errors for speech.
2:44 PM
I think the word is considered quite offensive in American English, and has been for some time now.
Especially when used as a noun.
I think that was what made it offensive.
Well, yes, it's largely an American thing due to its use during the segregation times, I think.
Q: British TV show from 1970s set after a nuclear war

NeilI vaguely remember watching a British TV show (possibly only one show, but maybe a series), where nuclear war has occurred. A family (maybe in Wales) has survived because they live in a remote valley, where the explosion/fallout missed them because the valley was steep sided. I think the premise...

3:19 PM
Q: Children's book: family of explorers with a spaceship, use gas-filled seedpods to fly after a crash

TobyLLI remember reading a children's book in the 1970s/1980s about a family with their own spaceship exploring new planets. I believe there were 2 parents, 2 children, and a dog-like pet. The main plot point was that their spaceship had become disabled somehow (crashed or run out of fuel), and they ...

3:44 PM
Q: Do homes have protection from unauthorized access?

IBringYoutheSunshineIn Picard Season 1, Episode 1, Dahj and her boyfriend are alone in their apartment, when four soldiers beam in to capture Dahj. When the proper shields are raised on ships, beaming in and out can be blocked. I'd assume that homes have builtin protection of some sort. If Dahj and her boyfriend did...

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4:52 PM
posted on May 24, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Today's News:

Q: What is the most accurate depiction of the Stealthx X Wing

Mahmoud SalaheddineIm creating a lego model based off of it, and wish to know what is the most accurate depiction in art, games, or videos. ive been going off this picture so far since it's the most detailed, but i dont get the whole picture.

Q: Uneducated and simple-minded character creates device to draw gold from sea water and a force field that wards off enemy missiles

Mike AdamsThe character in this book is a simple-minded savant who has a knack for making things as he needs them. In the course of the book, he invents a device that draws gold from sea water (or any substance the device samples). By the end of the book, a nuclear war begins, and he invents a device that ...

Q: Why did Kylo Ren drag his TIE fighter on the ground?

Milo PIn The Rise of Skywalker, in a scene first shown in the trailer and taking place on Pasaana in the final film, Kylo makes the strange choice to fly his TIE whisper directly at Rey on the ground: This doesn't seem like it would accomplish any of his goals at this point in the film. If he still wa...

5:48 PM
Q: What's the location on Coruscant we've seen that's farthest from the Jedi Temple?

Milo PIt seems like most of what we see of Coruscant in the Canon Star Wars films and TV shows takes place within the Federal District, which includes the Senate Building, the Executive Building, and the Jedi Temple. Even in works that take place in the underbelly of the city-planet, it doesn't seem li...

6:13 PM
Q: What happens if you eat the Shiekah Slate drop in Breath of the Wild?

asdkvcuhs9d8cvya9sed8ycIn the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link carries a smartphone-like device called the Sheikah Slate. Throughout the game, Link can find other devices that "distill data" into a droplet of glowing blue liquid that imparts information by splashing onto the Sheikah Slate. What ...

6:38 PM
Q: In Star Trek (2009), was Checkov actually wrong for calling Spock "Commander" instead of "Captain"?

Michael StachowskyAt some point after Spock becomes the captain but before Kirk does, he gives an order to Checkov who replies "Aye, Commander", then immediately corrects himself, saying "Ah! Captain, sorry, captain". Although Spock was in command and was made "the captain" by Pike, he still retained the rank of c...

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9:32 PM
Q: What was that movie with flying eel like creature and some weird gooey alien

initI saw this movie back in the 90s. I suppose it was a horror movie, but there was nudity. I remember a blonde actress, who was chained, clothes were stripped and swallowed from head down by a creature that looks like a gooey alien. I also remember seeing something like flying eels. That's all I re...

The second half of The Lark and the Wren was pretty offensively bad.
10:28 PM
@Spencer TBH I haven't actually read much more than the first Herald-Mage trilogy; not that it was bad, just not really to my taste. (Well, that and the stuff she co-authored with C.J. Cherryh, or in Cherryh's Merovigen Nights universe.)
10:51 PM
is pretty picky
Hehehe. You don't know the half of it.
"I don't read urban fantasy, books about vampires, or anything with a thing-with-wings on the cover." <== I have literally said this.

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