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Q: Novel or webnovel about a guy whose brother is killed by a drunk driver. After killing the driver, he commits suicide and is reincarnated

Luke EvansThe book starts with this guy's super-depressing life. He's abused and taken advantage of; it's him and his brother vs. the world. His brother is killed by a rich boy drunk driver who gets of scot-free and continues to be a pos; he kidnaps and kills him then commits suicide I think. He is first r...

12:57 AM
Q: Two scifi books: soldier kidnapped from earth by spaceship stealing robot creates mercenary band. Earth invaded Earth's builds 2 lasers to kill fleet

Varikk#1 A Series of multiple books (recent still writing more in the series). An exsoldier living in parents cabin stumbles on a damaged spaceship in the woods, kidnapped by the robot captain (who himself stole the ship) taken to a slavehold to where soldier frees several other creatures and a robot (...

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posted on January 22, 2022 by tech

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Q: Short story by Stanislaw Lem about an astronaut piloting a mech on a frozen world

Lem4evaI'm trying to find a story by Stanislaw Lem about an astronaut piloting a big mech (golem) on a frozen world. He sets off to find another pilot that disappeared somewhere in the frozen waste. There are very cool descriptions of polymer rain freezing into bizarre and beautiful shapes. Eventually h...

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Q: Why does Jacob indicate "Expeditionary Forces" by performing a "digging" gesture with his hands?

Abigail H. Jacob: Yeah. I was part of the expeditionary forces there. Why does Jacob indicate "Expeditionary Forces" by performing a "digging" gesture with his hands?

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11:01 AM
Q: A short story where popularising math leads to people math like "muzak"

RiderOfGiraffesThe story starts with two math people in an elevator, complaining about the "Muzak" that's piped in and inescapable. They complain about how trite and shallow it is, nothing like "real music". Consider this some heavy-handed foreshadowing. Later they are enthusiastically discussing how they are...

11:26 AM
Q: What’s the threshold of power for a wielder of the one ring to defeat Sauron?

Jorge CórdobaThrough the series I recall there are different implications (or at least that’s my recollection of it) on who could use the ring to obtain enough power to defeat (and replace as Dark Lord) Sauron and who would mainly succumb and become a wrath or try to fight him but lose in the end anyway. Exam...

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Q: Why is Amanda Waller not aggressively pursuing the metahumans in The Flash?

FuzzyBootsI'm about three seasons into The Arrow and about two seasons into The Flash. In the second season of Arrow, Amanda Waller's reaction to Slade unleashing an army of Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers was to send in a drone to raze the entire city, under the idea that she wanted to entirely root out a sour...

4:06 PM
Q: Animation from the 1990s-2010s which happens on a planet with pandas who get powers from special objects to save a world

Vencislav KacarskiWhen I was young I used to watch an animation on TV somewhere between the 1990s and 2010s. If I remember correctly there was a peaceful kingdom on one planet but was attacked by an evil being so the royal family sent their daughter to a different planet to look for special objects and people who ...

Q: In Dune, how much did spice cost for a non-Arrakis citizen?

Michael StachowskyI'm taking about the original book, before the Atreides took over. Was spice only for the mega rich? Could a middle class Caladan citizen for example buy it?

4:56 PM
Q: When was the Japanese film Rodan (1956) shown in the USA?

M. A. GoldingAccording to Wikipedia, Radon/Rodan was released in 1956 in Japan and 1957 in the USA. The King Brothers Productions 1957 theatrical release of Rodan was quite successful in its first run in the United States. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rodan_(film)#U.S._release I remember going to the Germa...

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posted on January 22, 2022 by tech

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Q: Thor comic book about 1960

M. A. GoldingIn or before 1961 I spent some time at a Boys Club in Philadelphia, and one thing I did there was read comic books. I remember a Thor comic book in which aliens (possibly the Kree or the Skrulls) were on Earth and Thor was opposing them. I remember a scene where the aliens were using their great...

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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Linked punctuation in answer, potentially bad ns for domain in answer (69): What is the first work to base Hogwarts uniforms on modern school uniforms?‭ by kayenmarry‭ on scifi.SE
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Q: What is the title of the short story using the plot device of a Film archive found on earth's moon by aliens

Philip BeebeShort story published in either a magazine or more likely an anthology. Probably published in the 50's or 60's. Earth is dead and aliens land on the moon. While studying the moon and earth, an archive of visual records (films) which were believed by the aliens to reflect life on earth. I reme...

9:08 PM
Q: English-language version of film of Heinlein's "The Door into Summer?"

user149068The Door into Summer is a 1957 science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein. Apparently it was made into a Japanese-language movie in 2021 by producer Shinji Ogawa and director Takahiro Miki. The lead is played by Kento Yamazaki. Rottentomatoes links to an extremely negative review in The Japan Times...

9:58 PM
Q: Carnival/Muses short story?

WomanwildeAnyone know of a short story that takes place in a carnival with the Muses as central characters? They each use their particular talents to compete for the attention of a handsome new member of the troupe. The unlikeliest wins. I remember it as a Bradbury tale, but haven’t been able to find it.

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Q: Why didn't the Celestials stop Thanos (spoilers)

Mr. BoyIt's briefly mentioned in the film that the Eternals are forbidden to interfere in human affairs re:Thanos. But given the Celestials role is to create life in the universe wouldn't Thanos' quest be a problem? And for that matter, wouldn't half the Celestials have been killed? Again, a good reason...


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