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12:04 AM
Q: Public domain images of Little Fuzzy?

Jeff DegeI've been rereading H. Beam Piper's "Little Fuzzy", and I had a thought for a t-shirt I might have made to wear to my next Con. But it requires an image of Little Fuzzy. Any ideas where I might find one?

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1:44 AM
Q: Live action movie, space station/colony destroyed by drones at end

Nu'DaqThis was a sci-fi film that I saw the end of on TV either late 80's/early 90's. Unfortunately I only remember the end where the space station (I think) the main characters live and work on is under attack by robot fighter-drones. The station's crew rally to defend the station, but it seems to be ...

2:35 AM
Q: In what short story did the protagonist have to convince a relativistic ship/cycler to not destroy life in his system as a precautionary measure?

Mark CThe setting is on a remote station or outpost on a planet I believe. The character whom the narration follows (1st or 3rd POV) has only objects like a telescope and a radio transceiver to communicate. The exact means the plot precipitates is not important, but I believe a coordinated war breaks o...

Q: Isekai manga where mc receives two blessings/skills

Royal ViperI was reading a manga where the MC was reincarnated into another world after receiving two XP related skills/blessings from two goddesses as they had a mix-up and both gave him a skill/blessing when he should only have one, I believe they were something like 20 times growth and 1/20 XP needed, or...

Hullo, how're weekends for every person?
3:00 AM
Q: What are the bosses references to in Violent Storm?

BuzzThe 1993 Konami video game "Violent Storm" features a lot of allusions to earlier works in various media. The whole game is patterned after Capcom's "Final Fight"—itself a game with characters named after Andre the Giant and Axl Rose—and other homages to Capcom include martial artists enemies na...

3:25 AM
Q: Story about a group of space travelers who landed on a planetoid, only to discover it was a spacecraft

Rule of 5sA story I read once years ago and would like to reread but do not know the name featured a group of space travelers who landed on a planetoid, only to discover it was a spacecraft. Gaining entry, they explored the interior and discovered a myriad of creatures, but none seemed self aware or posses...

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5:32 AM
Q: What exactly is this goblin doing here?

Abigail H.This goblin took wand from this person and handed it over to this person here: What exactly is this goblin doing here?

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6:47 AM
Q: Short story; Aliens look for Playboy bosoms

Danny Mc GIt was a short SF story I read approx 40 years ago. Unremembered anthology in the UK. An alien scout party beam up or abduct a man and a woman, strangers to one another, from some American road. The aliens strip them and inspect and then discuss their physique. The alien captain asks if the woman...

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8:02 AM
Q: How did Wonder Woman get Carter's mace back?

KorgIn Dark Nights: Metal #5 Batman Who Laughs shoots Wonder Woman with an eighth metal bullet, takes the ninth metal mace, part of the ninth metal they were after, and teleports away leaving Wonder Woman to fight the Dark Hawkgirl. After winning, she's got the mace back (and uses it in #6), how? D...

Q: Why did tom riddle to use patrificus totalis on harry in the chamber of secrets?

Andrew TravisWhy did Yom Riddle not use patrificus totals on Harry just to freeze Harry and let Ginny die do he can become alive again?

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9:21 AM
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11:58 AM
Q: Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee for the Emperor and his family only

AlfredI'd like to find a SF novel, "space opera" type, of which I remember just one scene. There is apparently an Emperor, either for the whole known Universe, or just some part of it. But this Emperor is probably just like the one of Japan now, he does not appear in the story except for this one refer...

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1:22 PM
@AncientSwordRage Well, in the 19th century trade unions started to push back on excessive demands on workers (e.g. 6 x 12 hour days)...
@DavidW thats the why not the how
1:44 PM
Q: Have the Little Fuzzy sequels been published as ebooks?

Jeff DegeI've been rereading H. Beam Piper's "Little Fuzzy" novels. He wrote three: Little Fuzzy Fuzzy Sapiens Fuzzies and Other People (which was lost and published posthumously) And then there were two unauthorized sequels, written before the third book was found: Fuzzy Bones, by William Tuning Golde...

@AncientSwordRage I grant you it's only the preamble to the "how," which goes off into traditional labour practices (craftsmen, as compared to factory workers), union and political action; too much even to really summarize. Hence the previous statement ending with an ellipsis. :)
@DavidW ok, but this weekend specifically...
Unrelated: how is your weekend going?
2:10 PM
Q: What does "the cost" refer to?

Abigail H.Langdon interfered Henry Shaw's meeting with Henry Shaw Jr: Langdon: There's strange things going on all over the city. The people behind this, they are not like you and me. This is witchcraft. Don't you see? Langdon. She doesn't want any money. Henry Shaw: Then either her story is worthless, or...

2:37 PM
Q: How did Will travel back to Alpha Centauri in the last episode of Season 3 of Lost in Space

AkashIn Season 3, episode 8 of Lost in Space, Will travels with Smith and the Robot to the Robot's home planet, where the Robot dies saving Will. On the way to the Robot's planet, they have the Robot to operate the alien drive. Since the Robot gets destroyed on its home planet, how does the Jupiter wi...

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4:23 PM
Q: How big exactly is the Millennium Falcon?

Louis HolmesThe Millennium Falcon is a pretty big ship. But what are its exact dimensions and mass?

Is there a way to hide Marvin and other feeds temporarily?
You can ignore him like you do with normal users.
"hide posts" does the same thing, but is temporary, unlike an ignore
(i.e. click on the user icon and then "ignore this user".)
Is that timed?
4:33 PM
Oh, so you mean just for the current session? Didn't even know about this feature.
It's odd seeing all of the "3 hours later" notifications stacked up.
With nothing in between, I mean.
I left and came back in, and now Marvin's back. Exactly as advertised.
posted on January 23, 2022 by tech

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@DavidW good!
5:31 PM
Q: Looking for a children's book about math, numbers, and puzzles

MatthiasI remember when I was a child or young teen (~late 90s / 2000s) I had two books that were illustrated in a cartoon style. One covered math topics like the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, googol. The other wasn't math related, but I remember reading about Zen, specifically that money rolls o...

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6:35 PM
Q: Looking for a book title - YA FICTION

Kristina WoodWhat I know- Protagonists name is possibly Jude or something starting with a J. Main character ( Maya maybe?) has powers and accidentally causes a building to collapse on her best friend while being assaulted. Said person assaulting her was belived to be dead ( they only found his arms when th...

@NapoleonWilson very nice!
How did you do the light?
7:04 PM
@SQB Radium? :D
7:24 PM
@SQB Thanks.
@SQB LEDs, specifically ones intended for use with LEGO. You can see the cable going behind the figure (and then outside under the wall).
Otherwise the light in the hallway comes from the photo box and the room is mostly light by daylight.
@NapoleonWilson Seriously, that is an excellent build. I love the details, like above the ceiling.
Thanks. Yes, I tried to capture one of these infamous air ducts from the game that the alien likes to pop out of. ;-)
7:50 PM
@NapoleonWilson that's awesome
That too, though! ;-)
@NapoleonWilson have you down anybody over on Arqade or the Lego stack?
Nah, I just dropped it here because it's scifi (and off-topic in the Screening Room). ;-)
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10:33 PM
Q: scene where cartoon boy cools down thermometer to prove he’s not sick

redmixThis has been bothering me for years but there was this show I watched when i was a kid and I remember one specific scene from an episode where there was the main character boy and he was sick with a fever so someone (his best friend or sister idk) said he couldn’t join a mission so he used ice p...

Q: Writer tries to discredit exorcism, gets haunted by demons

FuzzyBootsI think I read this between 3 and 5 years ago, so around the year 2018 give or take a year. The central plot was that the narrator is a writer, a so much notorious one, who has decided to write a book, or perhaps a series of articles, disproving the supernatural. Near the beginning of the book, h...

11:00 PM
Q: What is this tv show?

RabiI have a recording on old vhs from childhood, it is a show about the hosts giving a talk about kids around the world, we get to see a glimpse of their life. I have attached pics, I think it is called 'Whole world of children' but I cannot find anything on internet with that title. Please help if ...


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