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12:11 AM
@DavidW We used to have an expert:
Oct 10 '18 at 16:01, by Alex
@Jenayah What happened to that women's intuition that tells you how old people are? Or does it only tell you if they are older than you without anything more specific?
12:49 AM
Is chat familiar with Madeleine L'Engle, A Swiftly Tilting Planet or other books from that series? Can they match scifi.stackexchange.com/q/251810/4918 Sci-fi novel involving an animal that could be ridden like a horse and used to travel through time ? I never read those books, but seen its cover illus shows someone riding a steed on it, and it has time travel.
And that book has apparently come up multiple times as a story-id answer.
I doubt it unless the memories are really garbled; the "riding a horselike being" scene from A Wrinkle in Time doesn't involve time travel (the book as a whole doesn't, really; tessering is more space travel, or maybe travel to alternate dimensions.
@ToxicFrog thank you, though the question body says “affecting different timelines and universes, and the different conflicts / wars occurring in those alternative timelines.”
looking at the question, the entire first paragraph rules out l'Engle
good, thank you
I can also say with confidence that it's not The Flight of the Horse by Larry Niven, which also involves time travel; the titular horse is not involved in the time travel, which is done mechanically, nor is the protagonist a soldier (his job involves going back in time to retrieve now-extinct animals like horses).
I have no idea what it is, but it sounds cool.
1:17 AM
@Alex That sounds like you're saying there isn't an expert, and you wanted there to be.
@DavidW It was a reference to a previous statement of hers:
Oct 4 '18 at 14:59, by Jenayah
@Alex meh. Women's intuition :p
Which was a response to me asking how she knew I was older than her.
So at one point she was an expert in , but then apparently lost the expertise.
Either that or you're just older than everyone and it was a simple cold reading.
Nah, if you dig dep into those conversations, you'll find that RDFozz (whatever happened to him?) was (allegedly) way older.
@ToxicFrog Plus "The Flight of the Horse," while not the worst short story in The Flight of the Horse/Rainbow Mars, is still screamingly bad.
2:11 AM
Q: TV show that had a golden lion with three tails, summoned by a red gem on the side of the main character's pants

Arky JoeTV show that had a golden lion with three tails, summoned by a red gem on the side of the main character's pants. The main character was a kid that lived in a different world. There was a battle on a riverside in the city where the villain was a female that had a giant bee. That villain had a ...

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3:27 AM
Q: What josei manga is this

I'd like to Be immortalMc is a girl with eyes that change depending on her emotions (it's a trait for all royalty) She was a slave that was called evil and cursed because of her eyes Her real family find her after doing a bust on a noble that is using slaves (because slaves became illegal when the mc's dad became emper...

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6:50 AM
Q: Novel about a plague that is released in modern times when an early Christian relic is removed from its receptacle

John OI read this sometime in 2003 or 2004. It was a modern novel, certainly younger than 20 years old at the time. One of the main characters is a paralyzed scientist (palsy, I think) who invents "meat trees" or anencephalic cows that have no brainstem. These are quickly banned because of how philosop...

7:15 AM
Q: Where can I find this fake seventh Harry Potter book?

ibidAt some point before the release of the seventh Harry Potter book, someone had taken the fanfiction "The Seventh Horcrux" by Melindaleo, and packaged it as an ebook intended to look like a leaked copy of the real book. I vaguely recall seeing a copy of this being passed around at the time (though...

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9:47 AM
Q: Has either Batman's or Superman's identity been accidentally revealed by someone in the comics?

ShreedharIn the recent animated movie Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1, Selina Kyle accidentally calls Batman Bruce, and thereby revealing his identity to Alberto Falcone (this is obviously different from the comics). Indeed Alberto dies within the next few seconds but Batman's identity was for a moment ...

Q: Superheroine and Supervillainess who oppose each other in day time jobs

FrankyA long time ago I saw a movie on television about a superheroine and a supervillainess. I do not remember much, but in the superheroine's day job her boss was the supervillainess. And the villainess was totally bossing the heroine around. Despite encountering each other in their paper-thin dis...

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11:04 AM
I have a question I want to ask, and only a half-answer... but I'd like to invite more detail than I can muster at the moment... do I leave it unanswered or do I put in a stub answer?
Partial answers are perfectly fine but I suppose it depends on the particular case. Sometimes that might work better as part of the question, sometimes a comment, sometimes a partial answer and sometimes it might be enough for a full answer just not a complete one
11:21 AM
@TheLethalCarrot it's about The Watch, and how/why it has been disowned by Rhiannon Pratchett
I know she's state that "it shares no DNA" with her fathers works (I have the tweet etc) but I'm sure I read more about it than that
I'd put it in the question then.
Contant Warning: Loud.
Q: Movie: Time traveller that goes back in time with his Recreational Vehicle (RV)

asdfgsdfvThe plot is about a younger man, who travels back in time. Somehow he's transported back in time with his RV. I remember only the ending. It shows a mural of his RV with an antenna. The language might be in German, but I'm not sure. The movie is from late eighties or early nineties.

Q: Animated film about giants abducting/eating children, and a girl being rescued by a benevolent older giant

KataiI'm not sure if the giants were eating children, or just their dreams. I can't remember any more of the plot. Some other random vague details I remembered: One older giant (somehow) ended up taking care of a girl, in his home The giant might have been vegetarian I think she was shown to easily f...

Or perhaps more like a content playback recommendation.
@Marvin well...
@SQB clearly inspired by Roald Dahl's BFG, if not the exact match
That was quick! Yes, exactly - it's the one. I'll accept the answer as soon as the timer allows me to :) Now I want to rewatch it and check how much of my memory was wrong. — Katai 4 mins ago
11:34 AM
@TheLethalCarrot yeah I saw
I'm wishing I hadn't given away the answer :P
Darn Clara and her time travelling shenanigans
Lol, it's like that Iron Giant id question
Show of hands, how many people instantly knew the movie just from reading the question title? — Stevoisiak Dec 21 '17 at 19:01
At 170 upvotes on the comment currently haha
Currently no hands showing on that comment
If only we had the Reactions feature(1)!
(1): plz no
@TheLethalCarrot grumble
also there is a new with a wiki!
I think we're on top of tag wiki excerpts again for now, I cleaned up the new ones recently
11:43 AM
just image descriptions...
and mistagged questions and spelling mistakes and link rot AND and and and and
Q: Besides 'not sharing any DNA' why was The Watch TV-series disowned by Rhiannon Pratchett?

AncientSwordRageI'm aware of The Watch, which is extremly loosely based on the The Watch discworld series but I've heard that Terry Pratchett's daughter has disowned it: Rhianna Pratchett stated it shared "no DNA with my father's Watch". - Wikipedia But I'm confident I've read more about why she in particular ...

12:10 PM
@DavidW TIL that there's a second Svetz collection
@ToxicFrog I didn't realise there was a first
The Flight of the Horse (1973), collecting the original Svetz stories (Flight of the Horse, Leviathan, Bird in the Hand, There's A Wolf In My Time Machine, and Death in a Cage), along with two unrelated stories (Flash Crowd and What Good is a Glass Dagger?)
Looks like Rainbow Mars is a much later collection (1999) that replaces Flash Crowd and Glass Dagger with Rainbow Mars and Svetz and the Beanstalk.
12:44 PM
Q: Is the name of The Master known?

FreeManOne of the great mysteries of the Whoniverse is "What is the true name of The Doctor?". Are there any hints or clues through Nu Who or Classic Who (or even books or audio) as to the true name of The Master? Is it as great a secret as The Doctor's true name?

1:07 PM
@ToxicFrog It's basically a replacement collection; there's only 1 story not in the first collection, and it was by far the worst of the lot.
When I read that I was still in my "finish every book I start" phase. And it still took me 3 tries to finish it.
I really regret that phase. I mean, I actually completed Battlefield Earth. In retrospect why?!
@ToxicFrog "Flash Crowd" and "What Good is a Glass Dagger?" were the stories that redeemed The Flight of the Horse; I didn't run across them anywhere else. (Somehow I never picked up the Asimov Magical Worlds of Fantasy series of anthologies.)
1:23 PM
"Glass Dagger" shows up in a few magic-themed collections that collect it along with other stories in the Magic Goes Away setting; I haven't seen "Flash Crowd" anywhere else, although you can see the genesis of it in "The Theory and Practice of Teleportation" in All the Myriad Ways a few years earlier
IMO Niven's best work is in those 60s-70s short stories; there's lots of cool ideas in them and the stories aren't generally long enough to be bogged down by his weakness at characterization, dialogue, etc
Q: Did Dumbledore have some kind of "back door" into the location that the Sourcerer's Stone was being stored in?

EJoshuaS - Reinstate MonicaThe final time that Harry went looking for the Mirror of Erised, Dumbledore informed him that it had been relocated. Eventually, it's revealed that it was used as the final protection for the Sourcerer's Stone. How did Dumbledore get in to the location that it was stored? Did he have to conquer t...

2:20 PM
@fez I'm surprised that was the only typo in my erised question
Q: How did Dumbledore know what Ron saw in the Mirror of Erised?

AncientSwordRageIn the Philosopher's Stone (Sorcerer's Stone in the US), Dumbledore says: "And it showed your friend Ron himself as head boy." About what Ron sees in the Mirror of Erised. However, when Dumbledore looks into the mirror he sees what he wants (which Dumbledore says is a pair of socks), not what R...

2:39 PM
@AncientSwordRage I was sorely tempted to remove the mention of the US version :P
@fez I've been tempted to do a find/replace on the site to set them all to Philosopher's Stone
@fez Dew it :palpatine gif:
@AncientSwordRage Replied to the wrong message
posted on July 23, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Relative dick moves have of course been possible since RNA world. Today's News:

@fez how did you manage that?
Is that not supposed to be able happen?
2:48 PM
@fez you aren't normally able to reply to yourself unless you copy and past the chat message number
@AncientSwordRage which is what I did here
@AncientSwordRage Ah I do have an extension installed that might add that as a feature?
@fez seems likely
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4:32 PM
Q: Manhwa: Ghost of the past helps the descendant of the one who sealed him

J SchofieldI remember for the manhwa that there's a ghost of the past helps the descendant of the one who sealed him, and there is a premise in the manhwa that there are powerful items called 'artifacts' (I think? I don't fully remember their name). After the MC gets out of a bar he finds a female agent who...

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7:54 PM
What's the max. size of a post? Something like 10k?
I think it’s 30k characters
Hmm, yeah, must be over 10k, since I'm past that already. Not enough space to add links then.
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10:40 PM
Good lord, Izkata has been shunted off the first page of users by rep.
I used to think of dlanod and Izkata as the gateway to being officially a High-Rep User™.
11:08 PM
Oops, that was me that did that.
Hey, I'm on the first page!
11:30 PM
Congrats :-D
Well, you and ibid pushed off Izkata and Skooba. I don't know in what order.
11:52 PM
That's interesting @Randal'Thor because on mobile I'm top of the second page.
The number of users per page is different on mobile, for some reason.
Usually 36, but 20 on mobile.

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