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12:54 AM
Q: A short story about a shipwreck in space

AlfredI read this story more than 40 years ago, but I think it was already old at that time. There was a shipwreck near a very small celestial body, with very low gravity. The survivors wanted to fall on that body, because there was a small but permanently manned station there and they would get help. ...

1:44 AM
Q: Was Sahadar Logoth designed to look like Osgiliath?

DaishozenWhen watching the new Wheel of Time series of Amazon I noticed a lot of visual similarities between Shadar Logoth and Osgiliath in The Lord of the Rings movies. Specifically, the domes and towers looked very similar to me. Here is Shadar Logoth: And here are snaps of Osgiliath that it reminded m...

2:09 AM
Q: Why does Elle remember a home in Los Angeles?

Nu'DaqIn the Blade Runner: Black Lotus episode City of Angels, Elle goes to Los Angeles guided by a faint memory of a building with an angel painted on the wall as "home". In the later episode the Doll Hunt, she learns she was one of multiple replicants created specifically for humans to hunt and kill ...

2:34 AM
Q: Scary stories book set 1970s?

jennifer rogersIn the late 70s I was obsessed with a five book box set that contained The Secret of the Sachem’s Tree and Timothy and the Two Witches. I can’t remember the names of the other books in the set ( all different authors). The one book I’m particularly interested in knowing the title and author is ab...

3:24 AM
Q: Animated movie with a cute little girl, a talking dog, and a talking humanoid robot

James MinorI'm sorry if this is a hard question to answer, but here's everything I remember from this movie: My family rented a VHS for a single weekend. I watched it three times. I can still picture some images from it, but I don't remember the name or the plot. The three characters I definitely remember a...

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4:41 AM
Q: Voight-Kamph test- how many questions do Blade runners usually ask?

Nu'DaqIn the original Blade Runner, it Deckard asks Rachel over a hundred questions before he confirms she's a replicant. Rachel is implied to be a special case- when administering the Voight-Kamph test, how many questions normally do Blade Runners ask before they're satisfied that someone being tested...

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6:02 AM
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/256855/4918 "If it was in the 70s, that doesn't help me narrow it down ... during that decade I read essentially all SF mags from mid-40s through 70s" – if that's true, we should get that user to solve story-id questions
6:21 AM
Q: Man playing computer in chess. Uses a book-opening with known typo to win one, uses deep lookahead for #2

Stan SielerSometime in the 1970s (?), I read a science fiction story about a human playing a series of chess games against a computer. IIRC, he had to win at least three games. One was won by finding a book of famous chess games...with a typo in a game. He played that game (e.g., very long book opening) u...

7:17 AM
@Marvin nice, Logic Dictates answered that quickly
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11:21 AM
Q: Where did Harry hide transfigured body

Zizy Archer(no spoilers, this is old enough I believe, but I still tried to avoid spoilers in the title) In Harry Potter Methods of Rationality, Hermione dies. Harry seeks to revive her and as the first step, he transfigures her into something and also produces a decoy body to leave behind. Final form of He...

11:46 AM
Q: Why is Picard Captain of the stargazer for 22 years? Should he not be moving back to other posts in Starfleet

user115566In the modern miltary senior officers would move between staff and command appointments. 22 years seems a long time to leave somebody in one position

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4:22 PM
Q: Cyberpunk book which had a minor side character with a cybernetic implant to give him a perfect broadcaster's voice

FuzzyBootsI think I read this in the early 1990s, as part of a paperback in the English language. One scene recently popped into my head and I'm trying to pin it down. The main protagonists had some important information that they wanted to broadcast (I want to say the scene happened around the midpoint of...

4:47 PM
Q: How do the space helmets work in The Expanse?

YellaksI'm Specifically referring to the TV Show, but not sure if the workings of the space suits and helmets are mentioned in the books. I've been rewatching the TV series again and wondered how the helmets work. There doesn't seem to be any sort of attachments that allow the helmet to connect securely...

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5:57 PM
posted on December 06, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Once you're done with the gifs, you get the gifs of the reactions to the gifs. Today's News:

6:27 PM
Q: Why does Joseph tell Elle she isn't a replicant?

MachavityJoseph manages to save Elle from her own folly after she She is clearly confused and worried she's a replicant. Joseph administers a Voight-Kampff test after failing to find a serial number in her eye. After she answers the question about being in love, he tells her she's not a replicant. The pr...

6:58 PM
Weird that someone I've never heard of can be described as "the most successful UK fantasy writer of his generation." Umm... JKR?
7:12 PM
Different generations?
Q: Short story related to space time and boy that grows old

PeteI'm trying to find a short story. I don't remember many of the specifics, but there is a boy that is exploring space and he doesn't heed the warning about flying too close to some object (maybe the sun or a black hole). After exploring the object he returns to find all his family and friends are ...

7:33 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, blacklisted website in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (267): Is Sisko referring to the events of First Contact here and if so how does it affect things?‭ by Beljunior‭ on scifi.SE
7:45 PM
@ToxicFrog They were literally born in the same year.
Oh. Huh.
8:26 PM
@DavidW Who's the other one?
@Spencer James Barclay, from this link.
Were he actually a big deal, his books would have been in the book store between Banks and Baxter and I would presumably have noticed them at least once.
@DavidW I think I vaguely remember something from a back-jacket description that made me put the book back?
8:57 PM
Q: Control take turns?

Guilherme Woolley In 18:11 mark The janitor says :we take turns to come for a visit Would you elaborate this phrase a little better?

@Spencer Oh, well yes, between the blurbs and the cover art I'd probably put those books down with more enthusiasm than I picked them up. But for comparison, I recognize Patricia Briggs' name (coming just before Brin and Brust) even though I'd never read any of those either.
Sure, there may be popular/successful authors I miss because I skim over their portion of the alphabet - there could be a really good author whose name starts with "He*" I've never even noticed because once I reach Hambly I tend to skip ahead to Hobb (avoiding Hamilton and Harris, for example), but there really isn't much space between Banks and Baxter for a major author to disappear into.
9:33 PM
@DavidW Was it Larry Niven who said "I will blurb your book, or I will read it, but not both"?
Heh. I hadn't heard that, but I like it. :)
10:02 PM
Q: Short story with a salacious piece of furniture being circularly regifted

RLHI'm looking for the title of a short story I read in the late '90s (but which I think was significantly older). The core element of the story was a piece of furniture with some kind of salacious carvings on it. One character (the narrator?) originally acquires it, but decides that the carvings ma...

10:16 PM
@AncientSwordRage Ahoy 'Sieur Rage! Fair Moon's Day to you.
10:36 PM
Did Babel fish just give us a question from a Douglas Adams novel? That sounds like something out of Dirk Gently
I don't recall that.
Maybe I'm just conflating it with the sofa stuck in the stairwell.
It fits the sensibility of Dirk Gently anyway.
11:02 PM
Q: Source of the quote "I will blurb your book, or I will read it, but not both"

SpencerThis is a quote I heard in the mid to late 1980's, attributed to a famous SF author (I usually think it's Larry Niven). I heard it either on a TV broadcast, or from the professor who was teaching our History of Science Fiction class. But the quote appears to have fallen into the dreaded Internet ...

11:28 PM
@Marvin I get nothing on that; I can't even find a close version of that sentiment.
Heh. I was just cranking through some code to Sisters of Mercy when the playlist ended and next up came a 12-part motet - it's like my brain hiccoughed.
11:46 PM
@DavidW ooof

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