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12:14 AM
Q: First to portray computer-controlled plane or other vehicle?

releseabeI read that This Island Earth had a computer-controlled plane and this sounds extremely sophisticated for 1955 not just because computers were huge things in those days but also because it seems to me that computers were thought of as devices which performed mathematical calculations, not interac...

Q: Why is the code to open Tony's workroom a three-digit number and does it have any meaning in or out of universe?

Peter NielsenIn Iron Man (2008), Stark calls Pepper down to his workroom to help him with his ARC reactor. When she comes down, she types in the code "106" into a keypad, seen at 49:13. Why is the code only three digits? That makes for a very insecure code - did Tony not care about security protocols? Or is i...

Q: Why did people in Digimon Season 2 forget what Digimon were?

Osakabe-HimeIn the second season of Digimon ("Digimon Zero Two"), there were several instances, in which the Chosen Children hid their Digimon from other people or pretended that they were dolls. This seemed very strange to me, as during the events of Season 1, Tokyo was invaded by Digimon. Many people were ...

Q: What song is Obediah playing on the piano?

Peter NielsenAt 57:50 in Iron Man (2008), Obediah comes to visit Tony and is playing something on a piano. It sounds slightly classical. What piece is he playing?

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Q: A novel about people marching against the wind. Possibly in french

AlfredI read this fantasy novel about 10-15 years ago. I know I read it in french, possibly in the original, but it might be a translation, and in that case probably from english, but maybe some third language. It is about a world where the wind is always present. Sometimes it is moderate, but often th...

2:20 AM
Q: In the Time Machine (2002) did the fiancée have to die?

releseabeIn some respects, the idea that somehow a new "story" is written (By whom? the Guardian of Forever? The mind of the Creator of the Universe?) each time The Time Traveler tries to save his fiancée in which she nonetheless perishes is profound and I don't think any other version of Wells' book has ...

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3:35 AM
Q: Manga about a noble girl who's banished by her parents and school, then later dies, goes back in time, and does it all again

sleep_easyThere's this manga I read a while ago. It's about a noble girl (villainess). She gets banished from school and her parents kick her out, and then she gets picked up by a merchant envoy. Fast-forward, she dies (?), goes back in time to her banishment, goes through it all again, except this time sh...

4:00 AM
Q: What were the other champions doing during the Ruined King event?

AdamantIn the Ruined King event, the titular character, Viego, with his powers increased by the yordle Vex, becomes able to manifest his mists throughout the world. This enables him to corrupt a number of champions, such as Shyvana and Karma, while a number of others join forces to stand against him: Se...

4:15 AM
Q: Song (perhaps from around World War II) about a young woman being offered a coat, and requesting "just the sleeves"

Sean DugganRecently, I was recounting to me wife various songs that my grandmother used to sing, because I'm trying to ensure they get passed on to our child, and one of them popped up that I have not been able to track down. My grandmother has since passed, and my grandfather does not remember the song. Th...

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5:46 AM
Q: Kids sci-fi movie from the 90s

Dvora Leah BaharDoes anyone remember the name of a movie from the end of the '80s tor '90s about 2 kids that are trying to save the world from aliens, that have acquired the shape of humans. They found a scientist that lives inside of a sphere , and these aliens are trying to capture the scientist. The kids are ...

6:06 AM
Q: Was Rolf Scamander ever supposed to appear in the books?

ibidJ.K. Rowling has said in interviews that Luna married a character named "Rolf Scamander". No character of this name ever appears in the novels. Did Rowling just invent him for the interview? What happened to luna, did she get married who to? J.K. Rowling: Luna became a very famous wizarding natu...

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Q: Looking for a Sci-fi movie that’s on VHS

Zack MI was young when I watched it so sorry for the vague details. The movie was in color and I have a guess it was released in the 90s due to the visual effects but that is just a guess. To my memory there are red/orange dragonfly like ships kind of like personal helicopters. I believe there was arou...

9:27 AM
Q: How should I tell about new online ebook reading tool I'm making since almost all reader's forums have rules against any sort of promotions?

requiruntSo far I've tried a couple of reader's forums and got banned or my post was just removed. It's suddenly hard to tell about something new and useful for readers. On the contrary, it was absolutely ok on the forums for makers and founders. But it's not just my target audience. So what do you think ...

10:17 AM
Q: Wrong physics in the Star Wars Universe

MagicsowonThere are some issues with the consistency of nature laws in the Star Wars universe. For example, the speed of light seems infinite, or, in any case much larger than in our universe. When the First Order shoots the Republic's planets, the energy blast from the Starkiller base seems to travel at a...

11:11 AM
@Marvin "Did JK Rowling make stuff up in an interview?"
shakes magic 8-ball
> all signs point to yes
Q: Movie about a scientist that lives on a sphere with two kids

Dvora Leah BaharMovie about a scientist that lives on a sphere and two kids are trying to protect him from aliens that look like humans. The scientist is trying to communicate with the kids through mirrors in a truck.

11:57 AM
Q: Does the German movie translation of Lord of the Rings intentionally use 'du' in this way?

AncientSwordRageOver on the German Language StackExchange, RDBury asks Is Gandalf really on 'du' terms with the Balrog? (Odd 'duzen' example) I don't speak German, but I get the impression from their question: Gandalf says "Du kannst nicht vorbei!" [...] The grammars say that the 'du' form is used for friends a...

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1:58 PM
Q: What's the name of this shot?

J Mac BrownIt's a shot from Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince (2009): Is it a establishing shot?

Q: What does "this" refer to?

Garvin RonWhile hailing a cab, Joe says to himself: Joe: Man, this would be hard even if I wasn't wearing a hospital gown. What does "this" refer to?

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4:53 PM
posted on December 05, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Also dracular, meaning that it pertains to small vampires. Today's News:

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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer (77): What is the meaning of 'Nor' in Cardassian?‭ by Ardi Kule‭ on scifi.SE
6:14 PM
Q: Help me find the title of a sci-if apocalyptic movie following a brother-sister duo, but the sister is different somehow

EzraI need help finding the title of this movie I had to have watched sometime between 2009-2016 where the movie takes place in the middle of some kind of zombie apocalypse. The main characters are this brother and what I think is his little sister (?) but nonetheless a young girl who is traveling wi...

6:39 PM
Q: During the Cycle of Foundation, were there any robot helping humanity?

Itération 122442I finished Prelude to Foundation (after reading The Cycle of Foundation), and we learn that: Considering that Daneel intervenes only when necessary and that, in the prelude, we are only before the collapsing of the Empire, I came to wondering if, during the existence of the Foundation, robots w...

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9:09 PM
Q: How does the communication in The Expanse find its way to the receiver?

ShadeIf two persons in the Expanse are communicating and don't know where the other person is, how can the communication find it's way to the target? This goes double if people think the person is on another location than thought, as displayed in S05E07 around 11min 30sec when the Rocinante (Holden) r...


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