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12:17 AM
Q: Young male lead who lives in a VR video game

TstyBrgrThis may be a long shot, but here it is. I remember reading a story/novel fairly recently (few years) about a young guy that gets to beta test a new VR style video game. It is set in a futuristic dystopian society. He lives with his mom who seems to be an addict of some sort. He keeps his room lo...

12:42 AM
Q: If the purpose of the first Anomaly in The Matrix films was to get rid of too many freed humans in Zion, then who freed all those initial humans?

Matan A SimhiWouldn't the anomaly only have been created after there were too many freed humans? If that wasn't the purpose of the first anomaly then what was it? Or if it wasn't the first anomaly who freed all the first humans then who was it?

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2:47 AM
Q: A fantasy novel under London

AlfredI read this novel only a few years ago. But I still had my old normal life then (as most of mankind…), so no later than January 2020… The main character also lives a normal life in normal London till the day he saves a mysterious young woman who had appeared mysteriously and, I think, soon disapp...

Q: Was Hulk and Loki's fight in Avengers (2012) based off of a comics battle?

Peter NielsenIn Marvel's The Avengers (2012), Hulk fights Loki towards the end of the movie, smacking him into the ground several times and then commenting, "Puny god." Was this battle or its dialogue based off of an exchange or battle in the comics? NOTE: I'm only looking for a comics reference pre-movie; an...

3:12 AM
Q: A sci fi/ horror movie with black stones that cause bad luck/ curse

ShakirAll i can remember from this movie is that at some point the dad drives to a house where the driveway was made out of those black rocks, and in another scene i think their kid brought one of the black stones in the car and they got in a bad car accident. the movie could have been made around 2012...

3:37 AM
Q: How did the Oracle survive Smith taking her over and appear at the end of the Matrix Revolutions?

MartyskipThe Oracle is taken over by Smith and yet survives and is seen at the end of the 3rd movie.

4:03 AM
Q: Movie with people being eaten in sleeper pods on crashed ship by monster

CodeShaneI'm trying to rediscover a sci-fi movie from I'd guess at least 15-20 years ago that I saw most of by coincidence. It might have taken place on a crashed spaceship, possibly surrounded by some sort of dome or forcefield that was possible to burrow underneath. For a large portion of the movie, the...

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12:48 PM
Q: Help with title of book about catlike people

JoeyTrying to track down a book I read as a teenager. I seem to remember the book cover having catlike females that may have been in minimalistic/Amazon clothing. It would have probably been between the '60s to the '80s. The book focused on a human/catlike species. I think Katrina or something simila...

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1:57 PM
sigh I edit and old answer to fix a mistake, and it instantly doubles the score of that answer from 4 to 8.
2:36 PM
@b_jonas That'll teach you to leave well enough alone. :)
Seriously though, traffic these days is low enough that people are probably clicking on a greater fraction of the stuff that's active instead of skipping them, so it probably attracted eyes that didn't look at it the first time around.
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3:43 PM
Q: LF Jurgens’ “Thor, Lord of Asgard” era story involving (Banner green) Hulk and (traditional male adult) Loki?

Silly but TrueReference this question for context. I recall there was a comic book story involving Thor, Loki, and the Bruce Banner green Incredible Hulk, probably circa early 2000’s. The story was likely in an issue of Thor (likely vol. 2), and specifically included the Jurgens’ bearded “Thord” era — bearded ...

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4:53 PM
posted on December 07, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: You don't wanna see what he did to the pants. Today's News:

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7:59 PM
Q: Short story - addictive hand-held video game

TevildoThis is a short story that I read in about 1982, and probably isn't much older. I'm fairly sure I read it in an anthology rather than a magazine, but I can't remember any other stories in the collection. The story is set in a near-future (that is, late 20th-century) USA. A hand-held (holographi...

8:49 PM
Q: What does it mean that Neo is the "sum" of all the rejections in The Matrix?

MartyskipHow did the machines "put" all of these rejections into Neo and what does this mean? Does this give Neo his abilities? What is the overall purpose of putting all these rejections into Neo?

9:14 PM
Q: First use of the term "belter" in sci-fi

StephenGObviously the series "The Expanse" has brought the term "Belter" to relatively common use. However I have seen the expression used in Larry Niven's great novel "Protector" (strongly recommended if you haven't read it) and this naturally brings the question up : So what was the earliest use of th...

9:39 PM
Q: If having no purpose is how Smith died, how did Sati survive without a purpose?

MartyskipSmith died because Neo was dead and therefore he had no purpose, so wouldn't that mean that Sati shouldn't be alive?

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