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3:15 AM
Q: Manga about an MC who heals a demon princess that was being tortured

Kirito KuragawaI only remember some part of the manga. I remember that the MC saw weak life light? And ran toward to it. Then the prisoner thought the MC wanted to kill the demon girl (maybe demon princess) that was being tortured until she was half dead, but the MC healed the girl without waiting and saved all...

4:06 AM
Q: Why does the aspect ratio in Transformers: The Last Knight change?

Donatello SwansinoIn Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth film in Michael Bay's Transformers series, the aspect ratio change multiple times, often within scenes. Of course, I am not referring to changing from regular to IMAX for the sake of action--the ratio changes within a scene of two people having a conver...

4:54 AM
Q: Can anyone identify the source of SCP-008-B?

user73910I came across a Youtube video called SCP-008-B "Crystal Plague". It's a reading of an SCP that is similar to but not exactly like the "Zombie Plague" SCP-008. Unlike the SCP-008 that people are more familiar with, 008-B is supposed to be a radioactive crystalline parasite. However, I do not know ...

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6:57 AM
Q: Can an alien civilization thrive on a super massive planet with an extremely hot core?

Abhay BhaiCan a planet's core become hot enough to power a civilization on the crust without burning it?

7:20 AM
Q: Novel with a paid assassin who travels with a variety of older companions

JackThe book starts off with a guy who was hired to kill a royal family member. He travels through a tunnel under a wall, with an old man he met with a bird (parrot?), to arrive where the procession was going to be traversing across a planet. Later he travels with an old women on a spaceship, who was...

8:10 AM
Q: what is the name of this movie

wanjaswillyThere is this movie which is based on a young director. the director requests funding to create a movie but almost halfway the funds are gone. the movie shows Hollywood culture, involving parties,and other actors coming together. the Director is creating a movie by the name "hype". Can anyone be ...

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9:49 AM
Q: Book about a kid who's invited to a magic school and is hunted by werewolves

Dnomyar96Sometime during my early teens (I think) I read a book about a young kid who got invited to some magic school. There was also a heavy focus on him being hunted by werewolves. I unfortunately don't remember much from it, just that I really enjoyed it. Here's what I can remember, but I don't know h...

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11:28 AM
Q: Why don't stillsuits protect/retain fluid from the wearer's eyes?

SnowI saw the new Dune (2021) movie last night (astonishingly good BTW), and I noticed that the stillsuits don't typically cover the eyes or upper faces of the person wearing the suit. When the suit was introduced, there was a lot said about how much they retain: Less than a thimble full of water pe...

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12:42 PM
Q: name of a classic arkanoid like game

user145690I think its from year 2000 when I first played it on PC. Some of the power ups I remembered are: The ball can be bigger or smaller. If you hit a certain place, it will release and infinite number of balls Reverse the gravity You can shoot infinite balls for a certain amount of time

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2:22 PM
Q: What was the first example in film and television of lights inside a space helmet, illuminating the actor's face?

Zeiss IkonWe've all seen this -- Battlestar Galactica space helmets have lights inside the helmet, illuminating the actor's face, so the audience can identify characters. I don't recall for sure, but this may have been the case with 2001: A Space Odyssey as well, and it continues to the present day in The...

3:07 PM
posted on October 19, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: You can also do this if someone says the methods used for a linguistics paper were invalid. Today's News:

@Marvin off topic.
3:36 PM
Q: Short story about humans captured by aliens, kept as pets

Raeee_MarieeI read this short story years ago so the details are hazy but it is about an alien who is talking to someone else (presumably another alien) about his pet. All this time it is assumed that the aliens are people and the pet is an alien. Then at the end you finally "see" the pet in the cage and r...

4:01 PM
Q: can buzz really fly in toy story?

MintvbzToy story; my favorite movie; I have some questions;: can buzz fly? i saw at the end of the movie 1 that buzz flied at the very end even though he wasn't really able to fly at first. why? peraps; he could fly all along; or not?

4:18 PM
Q: Young adult/children's TV series where a character's memories of a sporting loss are 'corrupted' into a win

AncientSwordRageThe series was sci-fi, possibly on ITV between 2000-2001. There's only scene I remember was dark, in a warehouse or storage facility with metal standalone shelves. The main characters were either on the run or invading enemy territory. They had to retrieve someone's memory with an experimental...

any takers for the bounty?
4:51 PM
Q: How did rangers make a living in the Lord of the Rings?

TGarHow did Aragorn and other rangers make a living? Were they employed by some kingdom? If so, which one? Or if not, did they just eat what they found/hunted in nature? In that case, was the motivation of all of them to do their job purely altruistic? In short, how did the lives of the rangers work?

@Marvin Eh. They're "noble" so, in classic romantic fashion, they don't need to "make a living;" the lower classes are only too happy to support them.
(I'd scare-quote "lower" too, but there's enough in that sentence already.)
@DavidW they pillaged lived off the land?
5:29 PM
It's not theft to take some peasant's chicken if you can call it a "levy." :)
@Marvin I imagine The Last Ring-Bearer probably answers this, in some deeply cynical way :-)
6:11 PM
Q: Are the English subtitles for The Thing (2011) wrong?

FiksdalI understand both Norwegian and Danish. The English subtitles for many of the the Norwegian and Danish lines in this movie seem quite off. For example, "Sitt stille" is subtitled as "Turn on the lights" instead of the correct "Sit still". What are they really saying?

6:56 PM
Q: How to destroy someone who is indestructable?

JefffafafaWhat is the first case of a character being indestructible/invincible and being killed/destroyed in scifi history? Note: I will accept all books, movies, etc. Indestructible is defined as more powerful than even most superhumans.

7:46 PM
Q: Right before Luv destroyed the mobile emitter she says, "I hope you enjoyed our product" -- addressed to whom?

releseabeUntil I saw a video discussing Joi's consciousness or lack thereof and the possibility that when Luv was about to crush the emitter that the remark was to Joi about K, I had not considered this. But the idea that Luv was saying to Joi that she hoped that Joi had enjoyed K the replicant is a prett...

8:00 PM
@Randal'Thor I'm still yet to read it
8:11 PM
Q: Teenage boy in space with a female robot?

PuggyBoi672It’s about a teenage boy traveling space with a female robot. I only remember one scene and that’s when he goes in the spaceship he leans over and pukes. I remember that humans have like space bases and shops and stuff. I think he gets into a fight with people with knives at one point, but I am n...

@AncientSwordRage This is my shocked face.
@DavidW strange, it looks the same as every other time I've claimed not to have read something... 🤔🤨
Oh my, what a coincidence!
9:11 PM
@AncientSwordRage I haven't read it either, but I've heard good things.
It can be very interesting to see a new take on a classic from a different point of view. See also: Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea.
9:25 PM
Q: High fantasy books series with telepathic avian race and armadillos

therailsThis series has at least 3 books. I read the first 2 or 3 in 2013/14 and I think the 3rd or 4th had just recently come out at the time. All I remember are small details. The MC met an avian race that communicated telepathically through images. At some point, the MC also found a race of undergroun...

9:50 PM
Q: How did Dr. Mann recognise that Yorick had a Y chromosome?

Princess AdaIn episode 5, Mann Hunt, Yorick and Agent 355 meet up with the Harvard geneticist Dr. Alison Mann. She initially attacks them, but on seeing Yorick’s face she is shocked and asks “you got a Y chromosome, don’t you?”. This almost sounds like an awkwardly-written “sciency” way of asking “you’re a m...

Q: Identification on a vague memory of a golden tomb and a stagecoach chase

Captain KirkAbout a year ago, late May 2020, I think, I saw some show or movie on TV. I watched a little bit of it, then changed the channel. That was about the time I began to really like Indiana Jones, and as the movie/show kind of had that vibe, I later wanted to know what it was. All I can remember about...

10:15 PM
Q: A childrens or young adults space opera series about war with aliens in the future

MooI read these books in English during the early 1990s, it was a series of two or possibly three books. The general story line is one of alien invasion in the future, with the protagonists being a group of human freedom fighters working for an organized resistance or underdog free government. The p...


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