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3:38 AM
Q: I'm trying to remember the name of a story

MaxtafI'm trying to recall the name of a short story. A spacefaring society had split the military groups of technicians and pilots. Pilots were prohibited from learning to repair their mechs, and techies were prohibited from learning to pilot them. During a millennia long war, a techie outpost planet ...

4:03 AM
Q: Was the casting of Marlon Brando and Trevor Howard in Superman (1978) a reference to, or inspired by, Mutiny of the Bounty (1962)?

BuzzI just noticed that in the 1978 Superman film, Jor-El’s main antagonist on the planet Krypton—the Moliom who orders Jor-El not to create panic with his theory of the planet’s immanent destruction—was played by Trevor Howard. Very little the key scene between Howard and Marlon Brando as Jor-El ma...

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6:53 AM
Q: What's the title of the background music played when The Doctor flies Earth back home?

Umbrella CorporationIn the Journey's End, when The Doctor flies Earth back home, a background music is played which is my favorite. I just wanted to listen it on Spotify, but didn't know what to search. Finally, I found it on YouTube by searching "Doctor flies Earth home", but I still don't have its title. ...

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8:06 AM
Q: Superheroes alternate names/titles?

SonOfElFlash = Scarlet Speedster Green Arrow = Emerald Archer Do other superheroes/villains/anti-heroes have similar alternate names? Both DC and Marvel. I guess 'Man of Steel' and 'World's Greatest Detective' fit into the same category.

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10:35 AM
I think (unless I've missed one) all the remaining tags without an excerpt (~35) have been cleaned up this morning except 1 just because I think that tag should be renamed to the full name and the question wants other tag edits and also alt text edits and other things done at the same time
If I'm honest I can't be bothered to do that yet though so someone else feel free to get the last one :)
I'm not sure if that query finds tags where an excerpt was created and later "emptied" though... would the tag still have the excerpt post linked to it but with no text in it?
11:21 AM
Q: Waving goodby to 'aliens' and suddenly realizing they were humans

Vaughn OhlmanIt was an old story, maybe in the 70's, and it had aliens land, and some kids found them and kept them as pets, they were very small, obviously, but eventually their parents told them they had to let them go. The kicker of the story was the last scene, where the kids and their parents were standi...

11:49 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I went into that thinking it must just be renaming to MacGuyver ... oops
That’s what I thought it was from the SEDE page haha
That sounds promising. I'll look it up, thanks! — batgirl Jun 28 '17 at 15:27
^ Different kind of frustrating from the usual "OP never returns" story-id questions. OP has certainly read the answer, but left afterwards, so we don't know if it's the right answer.
12:09 PM
Q: 79’s Short story, found in a US or UK anthology about an old man that thinks the electricity in his house is talking

David DorrellThe story concerns an old man who lives alone in the country. He becomes convinced that the electricity that is crackling through the 'cables' of his home are talking - indeed they are planning something. I think he is found dead in the end - a case of 'knowing too much' perhaps. I thought it was...

12:48 PM
@AncientSwordRage Got round to it, think that's all tags done now :)
@TheLethalCarrot where'd the question go?
Q: Are there any plans to continue the story of The Guyver?

RusshiroThe series Bio-Booster Armor Guyver is a long running manga series and franchise, that has been around since 1985. It's an interesting franchise, combining sci-fi fantasy with themes of war, power, corruption, pre-destination, the purpose and nature of mankind, ancient aliens, corporate greed an...

I "renamed" the tag
1:37 PM
@TheLethalCarrot This cries out for a test, but I don't have the patience to wait for the DB to update. :)
I tried doing ISNULL on the excerpt Body but I couldn't get it to work properly, my SQL is a bit rusty
1:50 PM
in The Reading Room, 46 secs ago, by Gallifreyan
^ Audiobook adaptation of The Sandman, to be released on 15 July
2:01 PM
If you don't think this is why the characters have the white streaks in Marvel then is this really an answer? And if you do think that's why you should edit in some evidence from Marvel canon to back this up. — TheLethalCarrot 2 mins ago
Note that the question was specifically asking for out-of-universe reasons, i.e. why the artists decided to depict them this way, not why the characters' back-stories justify it.
Marvel canon was used loosely there
Ah, fair enough.
2:59 PM
Q: Where was Rufus Scrimgeour before Harry Potter book 6 (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince), and what was he doing?

Ken_To_2018In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, when Fudge went with Dolores Umbridge to arrest Dumbledore for supposedly setting up the "Dumbledore's Army", Fudge brought 2 aurors (Dawlish and Shacklebolt) with him. Why didn't Fudge bring Rufus Scrimgeour, as the latter was supposed to be the Head o...

@Marvin biting people's necks
3:48 PM
Q: Children travel back in time to the Great Fire of London

Susan brother and sister get caught in a rain storm they travel back in time to right before Great Fire of London another rain storm brings them back

4:34 PM
@TheLethalCarrot sneaky but smart
5:25 PM
Q: Does anyone know of a way to download from Royalroad?

Pulse RebornWith android Or is there a way to use the webtoepub desktop extension without a desktop?

@AncientSwordRage I do wish there was a proper way to rename a tag, makes it annoying when there’s quite a few
@TheLethalCarrot you make it a synonym then delete the old one. But that's easier for a mod
A normal user can’t even do that for the majority of tags
even for the popular ones you essentially have to round up a group to do it together before even trying
5:46 PM
@TheLethalCarrot it's annoying isn't it
6:21 PM
6:32 PM
thoughts on this answer:
A: First fictional programming language in sci-fi or fantasy?

TonnyProgramming a computer is often mentioned in (Science) Fiction but rarely any details are given. It usually isn’t needed for the story itself. And many authors themselves had only a vague idea how ‘programming’ worked. Even if they did know most would realize the vast majority of their reading pu...

> It makes reference to ‘Symbolic Logic’ as a tool for structuring information and entering it in computers for automatic processing. It is maybe not a programming language by itself, but if I recall the novel correctly, its usage is vague enough that it could actually be the name of the programming language.
The "Symbolic Logic" in the book is almost certainly symbolic logic, which is very much not fictional. — Mark Jul 3 at 1:17
@MarkMorganLloyd I reread Voyage just last year. Not really an instrument as I recall. More like a ambient sound generator that would "open" susceptible people to hypnosis. The real hypnosis came later. The ambient sound had various levels of success. Most people would not consciously hear it, just become susceptible. Some woudl need a slight adjustment to the sound before it came really effectively. On others it just wouldn't work at all. (Or require a special session with the sound fine-tuned specially to that person.) — Tonny 20 hours ago
@Marvin did you miss those? @Alex
@AncientSwordRage I'd say that symbolic logic is not programming.
Unless you want me to post "The Roaring Trumpet" (1940) as an answer. :-P
7:03 PM
Q: Are there any instances in the original Spawn comic where he replenishes his Necro counter?

RusshiroIn the Spawn comic, Necroplasm is a will-controlled magical substance created by the Grand-Mal Demon known as Leviathan. Necroplasm is one way that the otherworldly material and energies of Hell may manifest physically in the Earthly plane. Spawn (Al Simmons), symbiotic suit is itself supposedly ...

7:28 PM
Thank you a lot for the the suggestions! They look great and reasonable. Could you please add some clarifications on The warning text shown in the "Review your question" sidebar. If I understand it correctly we can set up the engine to show a warning if it detects a match by a regex. If it correct we need a pair of things as a site setting: (1) warning text and (2) condition for the regex. Could you please add a condition to each of the warnings you've listed? — Nicolas Chabanovsky 13 mins ago
Oooh good news @Jenayah @SQB @DavidW @AncientSwordRage
7:47 PM
8:22 PM
Q: RIP, Ennio Morricone

BuzzItalian composer Ennio Morricone, one of the most prolific writers of motion picture scores, has died at age 91. He was perhaps best know for his work on Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns, but he wrote a huge number of film scores, in virtually all genres, including science fiction and fantasy. ...

8:35 PM
@TheLethalCarrot @Randal'Thor @Null !!
Q: What EXACTLY are the powers of a Slayer in the Buffy verse, and what are their scope and limits?

RusshiroJoss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire slayer started off as a bit of a parody of the Vampire and damsel in distress narratives all the way back with the original movie in 1992. There, the titular heroine's abilities were kind of limited; she was unusually quick, agile, somewhat stronger than average, w...

9:06 PM
posted on July 06, 2020 by Jack B Nimble

Stats Top Question: The top question was “Does Sauron have any dialogue in any of the books?” asked by DJ Spicy Deluxe and answered by WOPR.  Top Answer: The highest voted answer was to the question “What did Frodo and Sam eat when they crossed Mordor on foot?” asked by LincolnMan and answered by Mark ... Read more

9:40 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Nice. I had exactly your changes plus the link, so my changes applied cleanly on top of yours without having to muck around with copying my edits to a buffer, updating and re-applying them.
9:57 PM
Love it when that happens
I usually have to come out and re-edit after someone does a single tag edit that my edit also does which is super annoying
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11:15 PM
@Jenayah Depends which meaning of "miss" you're using.

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