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12:40 AM
Q: Looking for a old ps2 or og xbox video game

Tank ps2 or og xbox game sorcerer has to take control of knight's armor that is on display to use to get across a bridge. the first mission of the game you start off in a battle you play as knight then though the mission you meet the elf and the Wizard or sorcerer the enemy of that mission were kinda ...

1:04 AM
Q: In the movie Man of Steel, could General Zod have killed Superman by stabbing him with his blade?

user255577In the movie Man of Steel, General Zod kills Superman's father Jor-El using a pop out blade that was embedded within his suit of armor. I am wondering if General Zod could have killed Superman using this same blade, or was Superman's skin most likely impenetrable due to having being exposed to th...

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7:58 AM
Q: What's at the other end of the Forbidden Forest?

TheMadHatterThe Forbidden Forest is unquestionably massive. As the title implies, what's at the other end of the forest ? Surely the forest must come to an end somewhere - so what exists beyond the forest ?

8:22 AM
Q: Is the other Magnus supposed to be straight edge?

SQBFrom what we see of the other Magnus' room, we can see he's into punk (flyers, texts on the wall). He also has quite a number of tattoos. He also has a prominent black X on the back of his left hand. A black X on the back of the hand is well-known symbol of straight edge, a punk subculture that ...

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9:59 AM
Q: How do centaurs sleep?

TheMadHatterThis question applies not only to Harry Potter centaurs but generally all centuars - how do they sleep ? They can't lie down like humans . Lying down like a horse would also be difficult due to human body. So how do they sleep ? Do they sleep at all ?

Q: Why did the time freeze not work on this vinyl record?

Jorge SIn Artemis Fowl (2020), the time freeze didn't affect this playing vinyl record: Foaly activated a time-freeze capsule in the restaurant in order to catch a full-sized troll. Why did the time freeze not affect the record player?

10:48 AM
Q: How did Nicholas Knight become a cop if he couldn't be seen in the day?

RusshiroForever Knight was a mid-90s supernatural crime drama surrounding Nicholas Knight, a French-born nobleman turned vampire living in modern times and working as a police officer. As the opening narration states: He was "Brought across" in 1228... preyed on humans for their blood. Now, he wishes to...

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11:59 AM
@AviFS the lurker becomes the lurked
@AncientSwordRage Hahahaha, too funny!
@AncientSwordRage How did you notice me?
It's my super power
@AncientSwordRage I actually found out about this room by stalking your profile! (Looking at the rooms you were in yesterday!)
Do you know, or anyone know, how they changed the CSS here?
@AviFS we graduated
@AviFS thought it might be the case
et tu @Third-party'Chef'
@AncientSwordRage Haha, you were right!
@AncientSwordRage Haha, yup! @Third-party'Chef' & @Lyxal
12:02 PM
It's the best background pic on the network.
@AncientSwordRage I posted a link from The Tarpit, our room for anyone interested in the discussion & creation of esolangs for those who don't know, asking if anyone knew about the hows of the CSS magic. (That's why they're both here, since you pointed it out)
@AncientSwordRage What does that mean?
@AviFS It used to be, that after a certain amount of trafic a SE site would go from being a beta, to being a fully fledged site
which mainly meant getting a new CSS style
The design of the chatroom is inherited from whatever site it's parented to (in this case, Science Fiction & Fantasy).
I knew it. I knew it was based upon site design!
@AncientSwordRage @Mithical Ah, I see! Thanks!!
12:06 PM
@mypronounismonicareinstate is lurking here from The Tarpit link too, haha
Although I think Codegolf did graduate, but maybe after they stopped being so generous with CSS
@AncientSwordRage Thanks, makes sense!
so what Sci-Fi/Fantasy stuff are all the new people from Tarpit reading/watching/consuming?
@AncientSwordRage Haha, I wish. I was just showing the neat CSS though. I don't know that there's necessarily a reason to stay!
12:08 PM
We don't bite. Generally.
@Mithical :)
@AviFS come for the CSS, stay for the lively chat*
Thanks! Will definitely come here when anything sci-fi comes up!
*chat may or may not be lively
@AncientSwordRage XD Exactly!
12:09 PM
@AviFS same
Bye for now
Thanks everyone! And congrats for having the best aesthetic of any chat room of the entire SE community, that I'm aware of ⍤/
12:25 PM
@Mithical Just my first impression though, now I'm getting used to it.
Wait, the only correct opinion about the chatroom's design got deleted? :'(
@NapoleonWilson Think of it as an opportunity to claim it for yourself!
I thereby did already.
@NapoleonWilson no it got pinned ;)
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2:27 PM
Q: Comic book short story about man trying to escape Hades

Rex Eric EngstromIt is a story from a comic book that had to be published before 1967. I remember a splash page which shows, in a bird's eye view, a bespectacled man climbing a sheer, rocky cliff face with a trail of people climbing behind him. Below is a narrow, stark valley or gorge in which a crowd of people a...

2:46 PM
@Marvin "very well, thanks"?
@Marvin Dafuq, though?
Someone probably wants to figure out how they can have Harry spoon a centaur for their 'fic. #WhyIIgnoreFanFic
thse comments look very different when you have marvin set to 'ignore'
3:01 PM
@DavidW To their defense, they were after all da centaurs ever and not just Harry Potter.
@DavidW I don't think that's a helpful assumption
@AncientSwordRage TBF, I wasn't trying to be helpful; but if your comment is intended to say my comment is inappropriate I will delete it.
@DavidW it's not inappropriate
@xkcd Hmmm...
At worst, someone who joins chat and likes HP Fanfic (for whatever reason) and sees it stared up might think they aren't welcome
3:17 PM
I assume you'd...want to avoid that line of thinking?
Oh wait, with "they" you mean the person and not the fanfic, okay.
@AncientSwordRage Ah, I see.
Perhaps we'll need to post half a dozen new pithy comments really fast then.
@TheLethalCarrot And experts?
@DavidW sounds like a plan
or I can unstar it
@NapoleonWilson have a star
3:27 PM
@DavidW not as bad as that time someone was quite interested in Leia's time with Jabba the Hutt.
need I mention time travelling robots?
Well, were they "leisurebots"?
@NapoleonWilson maybe in one timeline
@DavidW very cool
1 hour later…
4:47 PM
I can't remember the name of the old feed bot.
But he sure is lazy today.
@DavidW awesome photo!
@AncientSwordRage @Jenayah Thanks! Trying to take action photos of a dog makes you really appreciate digital cameras; I get about 1 good picture for 20 or more attempts. :)
posted on July 14, 2020 by Jack B Nimble

IMDB’s sad description: The people tasked with creating a sixth branch of the armed services: The Space Force. First and foremost, is Space Force science fiction and/or fantasy? A recent question on Scifi.SE “How realistic is it that a Russian agent would be working at Space Force?” forced (pun intended) the issue. The question was ... Read more

Well well well, look who finally showed up.
5:04 PM
@JackBNimble I would also accept "Look what the Jack dragged in"
@DavidW I assumed this was a generic photo from a professionals blog, kudos for fooling me
5:18 PM
Q: Help me with name of this manga/webtoon

WolvanStory about male protagonist with special eyes that tells him if thing are safe or not; green = safe. Can’t remember if it’s a manga or webtoon. It start with a male protagonist who was dying on a battlefield, goddess took pity on him, sent his emotions back into younger self, (not memories). He ...

6:12 PM
It's worth noting that the use of "video" and "audio" was cited by someone in comments as their reason for downvoting. Apparently it's important for some people. — Rand al'Thor ♦ 42 mins ago
Correct spelling is important to me, but I refrain from downvoting everyone who spells "colour" wrongly. :)
@DavidW I think that's a geek thing. I'd call it "video" and "audio" too.
@DavidW Also photographing animals in the snow is particularly difficult, as I found out at a particular zoo visit.
Very true.
@AncientSwordRage It's also clearly a plush dog, you can see it in its fur.
6:30 PM
@b_jonas Nice photos! (I had the advantage of being able to pick a good day, so I got full sun, but lots of shady patches to break the background up.)
Q: 1970s YA Sci-Fi novel with plot similarities to "Saturday, the Twelfth of October"

VeeI read this book in the late '70s, years before I came across Norma Fox Glazer's Saturday, the 12th of October. This protagonist is a girl in her early teens who's insecure and not popular. One Saturday (I think), she has a big fight with her brother, and I don't know exactly what happens, but sh...

@NapoleonWilson It's a he. :)
Now dogs have pronouns, too? ;-)
@NapoleonWilson when have they not?
6:38 PM
I don't know. I thought 'n English they're all "it"s, although that's a pronoun, too. ;-)
They are all monsters from a Stephen King novel?
That anyway.
For every Cujo, there's some dude telling you they "just want to play". ;-)
6:53 PM
@NapoleonWilson I think the difference is until you know gender most animals are an it.
Q: Is the concept of "zones of thought" specific to Vernor Vinge work?

odaletI'm currently reading Vernor Vinge's "A Fire upon the deep" (in French though...) and feel I'm already familiar with his idea of the deepest you are in the galaxy, the longest time you need to travel and the simplest your technology needs be... I'm nearly certain I've read something similar somew...

@NapoleonWilson "He's just a big suck, tell him to get off you." "It's his way of showing you he wants attention."
@davidw wireless is another term for radio, but video and images are different, at least in my estimation. A better analogy is if it was a question cars and traffic. Yes they're related but one is more specific. — AncientSwordRage ♦ 28 mins ago
@DavidW you rang
I haven't wanted to get too far into the weeds by dragging in my own language preferences, but in a choice between "video" and "images" I'd come down firmly on the side of "video."
Tolkien uses "scenes" which implies (to me, at least) moving images.
Video killed the radio star. They could never get a conviction on Images.
7:03 PM
@DavidW when use you eyes, do you see images or videos?
Video is pre-recorded
Ah, perhaps that's the problem.
Video, to me, doesn't necessarily mean "recorded."
And "images" (to me) are static. As in "after-image." (To your point about eyes.)
@DavidW I think of palintir as being like a window over a TV screen
And yes, with my eyes, video. (Perhaps taking Latin was a mistake.)
Even if it's not recorded in advance, I still see it as relayed in some way
("video" == "I see" and "audio" == "I hear")
7:10 PM
@AncientSwordRage I think of it like a Zoom call...
@Mithical That's not a bad analogy; I always thought of it as peering through a spyglass.
And a Zoom call is unambiguously "video."
@DavidW That'd be for when e.g. Saruman was using his palantir to look in random places. When it's being used for two-way communication, though, it's like a video call.
@Mithical and like a zoom call it's just as safe
that's an insult to the palantir
7:26 PM
Q: RIP, Grant Imahara

SkoobaUnfortunately, this is not a myth to be busted, Grant Imahara has passed away today at 49 years old (reportedly from a brain aneurysm). Grant was best known for his role on the Discovery Channel's Mythbusters, however he got his start working for Lucasfilm’s THX division and Industrial Light and...

7:43 PM
Well, on the one hand with a palantir you only need to worry about an attack from the other end; on the other hand your Zoom call isn't going to crush you and enslave your mind.
(On the gripping hand that last might not always be true, especially if we continue to let companies like F**eb**k buy their way into the communications infrastructure.)
Hmm. Actually, if you use the video call analogy for communicating by palantir, then using it for surveillance would be like surfing through all the CCTV feeds from London, trying to find something relevant.
8:12 PM
@DavidW lotr was cyberpunk?
8:23 PM
Nah, you've got it backwards: The Mailman was Sauron.
Q: Why did Tolkien describe religious cults in Numenor only?

Erik HartIn most of J.R.R. Tolkien's works, no organized religion exists, no prayers and no worship sites, temples, churches, holy groves or similar. The monotheistic-style god Eru Iluvatar is mostly passive, and neither he nor the Valar, nor Morgoth, are subject to actual worship. There is only some hono...

2 hours later…
10:59 PM
Q: Who are these red cloaked figures?

Manni GrewalDoes anyone know if these red cloaked figures seen standing behind Zyn Javeb have an official name?

11:23 PM
Q: What episode or season does Oliver tell someone to “Go to hell” and then the person fires back “Can’t. Already here”

MollyI was just thinking about Oliver telling people to go to hell but someone says they are already there. Who is it?

11:48 PM
Q: "That was a man"

Vaughn OhlmanThis was a short story, probably written well before the 90's. A human was called before the ruler at some alien planet, I seem to recall like at a trading port. He was about the only human there. The conversation didn't go well, and the human stalked off, and the alien ruler's soldiers eventuall...

scifi.stackexchange.com/a/234491/101407 Not sure if this username is acceptable; it's definitely hewing close to the line at least.

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