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12:02 AM
Q: Story identification: Absurdist/comedic novel about the behind-the-scenes of the universe

HearthSometime in the mid- to late-2000s, I remember reading a book that was about an organization of extradimensional beings who control the minutiae of the universe. I remember very little about it, but this is what I do recall: It's a YA novel Main character is a human recruited by said extradimen...

12:26 AM
Q: Vaguely remember a book

Professor Idiotic ActionsI have a vague memory of reading a book where young people around the world are chosen to go to the moon (I guess like Charlie and the chocolate factory or a competition or something along those line). While I don't really remember much else, all I know is they got to the moon where there was a s...

1:14 AM
Q: How often is Chris Evans wearing a wig as Captain America?

Donatello SwansinoSteve Rogers' hair varies throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. In Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers, it seems very blonde and wavy. In later films like The Winter Soldier, his hair seems spikier and more of a dirty blonde. My question is: in what MCU films is Chris Ev...

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4:05 AM
Q: Why were there so many Daisy Johnson LMDs?

Retract apologise reinstateIn Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Season 4, Episode 15 "Self Control", SHIELD is infiltrated by LMDs (Life Model Decoys) with specific agents replicated and replaced. Daisy finds twenty LMDs of herself, all in standby mode and all in one room. Why would AIDA build so many Daisy LMDs?

@Marvin Unrequited love!
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5:43 AM
Q: How come travelers from future in 12 monkey series not carrying virus

Scorpio84In 12 Monkeys the TV series, how come travelers from future (Cole, Ramse) are not carrying virus. Though they are immune it doesn't mean their body doesn't have that virus or they cannot infect others.

6:00 AM
Q: Insight into a Book Similar to "To steal an ancient melody"

Vil IgnobleI am looking for a book such as the title "To Steal an Ancient Melody", or a book that uses the phrase "To steal an ancient melody". I am interested to see the story as it discusses what befalls the individual that steals the ancient melody. The book is along the lines of "The Bards Tale," except...

Q: What are some indoor games which are played in Potterverse?

codeczarWe know that Quidditch is one of the most famous games in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. It is an outdoor game. What are some of the indoor games played by the wizards in the wizarding world. Has there been any mention of these games in the books or movies?

6:58 AM
Q: What was your last purchase?

John12MY last purchase was a t shirt from juice wrld merch. As a fan of Juice wrld I have many collections of his songs and merchs .Juice wrld material is good.One of my Favorite brand.

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8:25 AM
Q: First Posts reviews not working/coming in anymore

TheLethalCoderI don't know if I've missed something but as of sometime yesterday First Posts seem not to be coming in anymore. I noticed this on SFF, my main site, for example, this story identification question. A very quick look around some other sites I frequent shows similar problems, for example, this Min...

Q: What science fiction movie legitimately has an air-tight plot?

Abstract AcumenI am looking for a science fiction movie that has NO plot holes. I am looking for it as a reference for excellence in science fiction writing. NOTE: This does not necessarily mean that it is scientifically accurate. It means that once the rules of the film are established, they are not violated....

9:29 AM
Q: We're switching to CommonMark

Ham VockeYesterday, I announced on Meta Stack Exchange that we'll switch all sites on the Stack Exchange network to CommonMark, a standardized and well-supported Markdown flavor. You can read up on the details in the post on Meta.SE if you're curious. We'll maintain an evolving migration schedule to sho...

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12:12 PM
Q: Why does Jack Sparrow look for the actual key to Davy Jones' chest instead of trying to recreate it?

JenayahDead Man's Chest has Jack Sparrow carrying out the following plan, in precisely that order: Steal the drawing of the key to Davy Jones' chest Locate and steal said key Retrieve and open the chest Now if for some reason the key cannot be forged again, that makes a lot of sense. But for a compl...

Q: Short story about people who live on a beach, bodies wash up and they have holes in the bodies created by tree roots

daven11This was a short story from around the 80's or 90's, it may have been in an Australian sci fi anthology. There was this guy who appeared from somewhere (the main character), and this group of people who lived in a beachy sort of area, bodies appear with holes drilled in them which seemed to be ...

12:34 PM
Lorendiac's bountied story-id question is quite well-written: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/230744/4918 A story about a doctor who travels to a parallel universe to seek a cure for bubonic plague
1:03 PM
@b_jonas It is a really good question. I spent a lot of time looking for a possible answer when it first went up.
1:15 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Are there any conditions where a FP answer to a 4+ year-old question shouldn't show up in LA? I've noticed a few cases where they haven't shown up, like this one
@Marvin Maybe the drawing of the key only has writing on one side.
@DavidW rep based, it’s 50 max I think
So anyone with the association bonus won’t come into Late Answers
1:43 PM
Ah, okay. That makes sense. I feel like there were other glitchy things, like the odd post not showing up in FP, dating back to last week, but I don't have the time to trawl through the history to check.
1:58 PM
I believe if they’re closed before the review happens they won’t come in
2:48 PM
A: First Posts reviews not working/coming in anymore

TarynYup, this was a bug that was introduced to the query yesterday and a fix is rolling out shortly. TL;DR; We've been dealing with a lot of query performance issues since we upgraded to SQL Server 2019 at the end of March. The query to populate the First Post Review Queue has been a nagging probl...

3:01 PM
Q: Story identification: YA novel about the place things end up when they're lost

HearthSometime in the mid- to late-2000s, I recall reading a sort of urban-fantasy YA novel (or perhaps series?) that involved a parallel world where lost objects end up. I initially had it mixed up with memories of The Seems series, but after asking for help identifying that one I'm thinking it was pr...

Q: Novel of time travel and pirates

HiddenWindshieldThis was a short novel (maybe YA?) that I read back in the 80's or 90's. I'm pretty sure it was part of a series. Legend has it that there's a pirate treasure buried on the beach just outside of town. Unfortunately, the coastline has shifted in the centuries since it was buried, and now, wheneve...

3:25 PM
Q: What happened to B'Elanna Torres' holographic baby?

argendoyglerIn the two-episode Voyager arc The Killing Game, B'Elanna Torres plays the role of Brigette, a French Resistance fighter who was impregnated by a holographic Nazi officer. Once the crew regains their identities in The Killing Game, Part II, B'Elanna is still evidently pregnant and even comments t...

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4:41 PM
Q: What did the rings of the Nazgûl do?

applesandorksThe One Ring can corrupt its wearer and make them invisible (potentially with other powers?), but I'm unsure what the other rings of power could do. Were they only able to make the Nazgûl immortal, or did they have other powers?

2 hours later…
6:17 PM
Q: Is Vader's force choke specifically a dark side power?

Michael StachowskyForce choke appears to be just that - the use of the force to restrict the airways. In that regard, it is similar to force levitation or other actual "force" based Force powers. I'm wondering two things: Has any Jedi ever used it, either in canon or in Legends? If not, is that because it is s...

Q: Who did Kylo Ren think Rey was in "The Force Awakens"?

Sophie the Jedi Knightcontains spoilers for The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker I know there have been questions such as "Why was Kylo wrong about Rey's parentage," but I'm not asking about that. I guess I'm looking for an answer here that would be either from the disjointed movies or J.J. Ab...

7:45 PM
@ I recently saw a "floof" YouTube video featuring echidnas
Q: Young-adult novel about cursed wishes from the 1990's or earlier

cwallenpooleI'm struggling to find a book that I read in the mid-1990's (published before 1995, probably, definitely before 1996). It would have been geared towards teens or pre-teens. It is set in a small, impoverished town, in the middle of a drought and features someone (or something?) going around and ...

8:08 PM
There's that weird bug again.
When you submit something to chat, it eats the first word, which then appears in the edit box for the next message.
It ate the "Jenayah" in my message at 15:45. I think it happens when you go back to correct spelling or something and leave the cursor in the middle of the message before sending.
8:49 PM
@Spencer Do you have any extensions installed, such as Grammarly? That's never happened to me.
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10:16 PM
Q: Many years ago, (45 years or more) I read a book about a tin can shaped space station

Richard ANovel years ago, tin can shaped space station, different levels were color coded to indicate the different "gravity" on that floor. They built the station by building a space wheel, then another, then building "tin can" walls between them with the space wheels acting as the ends of the can. As ...

10:40 PM
Q: Book on civilizations in different geological periods of the Earth

BebopI am trying to remember the name of a scifi book, the only thing I remember is that in the history of the book, there was a civilization in every geological period on earth. Unfortunately this is the only thing I remember, I read about it a long time ago, I already researched it and I couldn't fi...


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