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12:11 AM
Q: My mom is Hufflepuff and my dad is Ravenclaw, but I'm Slytherin (and proud) and they don't accept me. What should I do?

OllieI always thought I was a Ravenclaw but the Sorting Hat marked me as Slytherin. At first, I was sure it was a mistake, but after reading the acceptance letter I felt much better and was ready to show off some Slytherin pride. I figured it was fitting since my favorite colors are green and silver a...

1:07 AM
Q: How did Richy Rich's family BECOME the richest family in the world?

RusshiroRichie Rich has been a Harvey comic book "Richest boy in the world" character for decades. And his family was rich, it seems, some generations prior to his birth. I could see them growing more wealthy with successive generations, but how did they get their initial wealth?

Q: star kings book

John WI remember a series of stories in an anthology that was based on a group of star explorers from about 55 to 60 years ago. They had small explorer ships and if anyone injured or damages one of their ships a signal was sent out asignal and the other "star kings" in the area would travel to the loc...

1:52 AM
Tell them that the bravest man you ever knew was in Slytherin. — Alex 37 mins ago
@Alex nice comeback
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4:55 AM
Q: Is there an origin story for the Iron Giant?

axsvl77The Iron Giant was a remarkable film. In that film, the Iron Giant is a remarkable character. Was he a manufactured weapon? Or just a member of a species of living robots, and suffering from PTSD? What was the cause of the war he fought in? How did he end up on Earth? Are other of his kind on th...

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8:00 AM
@Jenayah Oops finished the main missions already
Q: How did Richard Rahl managed to turn Nicci on his side?

Mor ZamirI am reading Wizard's First Rule series for almost a decade now, at a slow pace. The question I am asking is about what's happening on the 6th book, Faith of the Fallen, when I read this book about 3 years ago, and today I am back to reading the 9th book, Chainfire. The book reminds us many t...

8:21 AM
Q: Who is the First Person to Escape the Matrix?

PartureThe First Person to escape the Matrix from the 1st Matrix iteration had to have built the Nebuchadnezzar and Zion, which is the Temple under the Law of the OT. But where would He get the resources or gain the knowledge for all the technology? He is anthropomorphized in the OT. Therefore, He must ...

9:17 AM
Q: What is Real Money?

PartureTo the extent these money creations are fantasy... To me money is velocity of money and the money multiplier all rolled up into one. Velocity of money is GDP / M1. And the money multiplier is M1 / Fed Reserve. The thing to notice is that these two figures keep falling. The more the government ...

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10:50 AM
Q: In Alien 3, where is Fiorina "Fury" 161? (pre 2012 sources)

MikeCIn Alien 3, where is Fiorina "Fury" 161? I'm looking for an in-universe source (excluding Prometheus, including everything else) indicating some connection to the real-life night sky. In various wikis they mention "about 19.5 light years", which would be a nice clue - any idea where that is sour...

@TheLethalCarrot ahah
Go enjoy the side quests
Aye, was focusing on them as much as possible first
At the level gap problem now though
What level are you?
11:09 AM
Oh 64 :P
Well at least you can fly now, so th'll make thing faster ;)
Oh yeah that certainly helped
Just being able to walk on water sped it up so much
11:36 AM
Got to say the new follow thing is really throwing me off with button ordering
I keep pressing the wrong one haha
@TheLethalCarrot write a userscript
Especially terrible when it leads to line breaks.
@NapoleonWilson ?
@Jenayah ??
I don't understand what you mean with following stuff and line breaks
11:45 AM
He was talking about button ordering, so I complained about the fact that the new follow button can cause linebreaks in the button list.
Oh right, mods have more options there
I doubt you need to be a moderator to see that.
A: The Follow Questions and Answers feature is now live across the Network

cubickstatus-declined Access as a moderator, more menu items are displayed, so if the post is edited, the display will be corrupted. Edited post: Unedited post:

@NapoleonWilson so far I haven't
@Jenayah You can, though.
It's not happening everytime, of course.
Certainly not on phone though
11:48 AM
Well, on the phone everything is different anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I doubt you can get that to not break just with thinking the first link away.
Though, maybe I wouldn't have used effin' Japanese to demonstrate it on meta, I give you that. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson that wasn't line split before?
I'd think I would remember if that list ever had line breaks before.
But maybe it did.
12:22 PM
@Jenayah meh I’ll get used to it
Or they’ll reorder them and it’ll be fine
@NapoleonWilson used to anyway with a small enough screen and extra options
@TheLethalCarrot Small enough screens don't count, though. They screw up everything anyway.
It should only line wrap when there's not enough space
In your cropped screenshot there doesn't look like there's enough space
Well...yeah, of course.
That's...kinda...the point.
Right but if there's not enough space where do you expect the options to go?
Unless I'm completely not understanding your complaint/issue
I don't expect them to go anywhere. I'm just saying it looks kinda ass.
12:31 PM
Better then missing options, half words or scrolling
But if I wouldn't have accepted that as a consequence of the additional button, I would probably have turned it into a bug report.
It's the only reasonable fix and it looks decent enough
@TheLethalCarrot You might not grasp the idea of complaining about an issue without simultaneously having a better alternative in mind. ;-)
I frequently do that so no worries I get it :)
Q: What had Rey understood in The Last Jedi?

R SIn The Last Jedi Yoda said that there is nothing in those books that the girl Rey hasn't understood. Is there anything specific behind that? What exactly had she understood? He also said: "We are what they have overgrown." Was it about the force or certain wisdom?

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2:17 PM
Q: Bigger-on-the-inside multi-dimensional alien/precursor storage device

DavidWI don't remember much about the story in which this comes up, except for the aforementioned device. It feels like a scene-setting bit of a larger story rather than an actual MacGuffin, though I think it shows up more than once. The device is a fairly non-descript approximately cuboid block, eit...

3:09 PM
This joke "answer" wants downvoting so it can be nuked: scifi.stackexchange.com/a/229204/58193
3:23 PM
Sure it wants that?
Considering it's a clear joke comment posted as an answer and now the "non-canon" bit has been taken out of the question... yeah
3 hours later…
6:10 PM
Anyone around?
6:29 PM
6:39 PM
Q: How does Invisipperal from Eureka ( 2006 ) work?

JordanTheCynic''Eureka'' was a little known and occasionally weird American sci-fi TV series that ran from 2006 to 2012. It involved an isolated American company town known as Eureka. The town was owned and operated by a federally owned company known as ''Global Dynamics'' which employed the greatest minds of...

1 hour later…
7:49 PM
Q: Is there any John Williams-derived music in "The Mandalorian"?

DrubbelsWhen I watched The Mandalorian, I was pleasantly surprised that the show had chosen to go its own way musically, with a very unique sound for its main theme, rather than only borrow from and build on John Williams' original work as so much of Star Wars media does. However, given that Star Wars a...

8:16 PM
Q: What is the reference that Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption makes to Talon Karrde?

DJ Spicy DeluxeIn the video game Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption there is a reference to Talon Karrde from the Thrawn Trilogy (according to Wookieepedia). I love the characters Tyber Zahn and Talon Karrde, so I was curious what this reference is. What is it?

8:35 PM
'Sinteresting. I honestly expected traffic to pick up what with all the people on lockdown...
All those people with massive amounts of time to binge shows must have some questions, no?
They're afraid of social gatherings?
Last I heard virtual fun was forbidden, too. ;-)
8:55 PM
Well, we're fine as long as there are no more than 10 of us here at a time, no?
(Of course that means we can't let any Aussies in here, 'cause their limit is 2!) :)
10? Are you crazy?!
Those 10 will scatter about and hug 10 more people each.
Last I heard it's 2 people (not including housemates). Though, we don't quite achieve that at work, while keeping our 1.5m away, so maybe it's only for public areas.
9:24 PM
I heard 2 people for the UK, Germany and Oz, but 5 for France and 10 for the US, and I was going by SE's location. :)
@DavidW yeah, France isn't very clear on that but when asking the national information phone number, they told me my moving out was 3-4 persons max. So I guess it's more 4 than 5
Not like I actually have anyone who can help me anyway :/
How is 5 in France even possible if people oughtn't leave their house for the most menial of tasks anyway?
@Jenayah I found this wonderful quote "each French person to limit human contact to a maximum of five people a day."
So, depending how you count human contact you may have to leave chat if a couple more people show up. :)
@NapoleonWilson well, for instance if you have to move stuff like I do, I guess. Other than that, preventing the groceries from being a family trip?
I thought you oughtn't move?
You can still shop groceries? At least that's something.
9:31 PM
Do you have a rule like Italy's where each household must designate a single person for things like shopping?
@DavidW That would make sense if that person wouldn't hug half of the rest of the household and have sex with the other half before and after going shopping.
@DavidW A lot of people spend time on SE while bored at an office.
@NapoleonWilson well, now that lockdown has been extended, the chorus on that one has changed a bit, so, well, I'm moving out piece by piece. Got the certificate, evidence that I'm moving out, etc.
@NapoleonWilson I don't think I want to know any more about how you were brought up.
If I get checked, I'll explain. Police officers, I've been told by the national information phone number, ought to be okay with it if I don't do more than one trip per day.
It's not like I'm just jerking around, so I guess I should be okay.
Of course, if I encounter a jerk officer who issues me a fine, I'll just stop
9:35 PM
Jerk officers? To check of you're jerking around?
Q: Is Richie Rich on-topic?

ValorumRichie Rich, the star of 50+ comic serials, multiple TV shows (and at least one truly terrible film) is famously the world's richest boy and scion to a vast fortune. But someone merely being grotesquely wealthy despite having no obvious talent is hardly the stuff of fantasy, so is he on-topic as ...

Well, jerking around in public tends to be pretty obvious...
Herm, to explain or not to explain...
@DavidW Not sure. I think it's a case-by-case basis. If you're acting like you just don't care, it probably won't pass. If you look like you really have to, it may be ok. In both cases it's discouraged anyway
wouldn't know for sure, once again it's not really the kind of info I've been eager to check as I'm not concerned
@NapoleonWilson jerking as in being a jerk who only goes out to take some air and outright violates lockdown
9:38 PM
I see.
@Jenayah Ah, so taking air is forbidden at least.
@Jenayah And we hope you don't have to discover any unpleasant interpretations of the rules first-hand.
I wouldn't think the police would go out of their way to be assholes when everyone reminds everyone to be strong together all the livelong day.
@NapoleonWilson it's authorised (though discouraged) to go out for some exercise, up to one hour, in a 1km radius from your home. That's mostly jogging, then. If you get caught and try to justify you're taking some air and it's necessary for you, or waking is your kind of exercise, that probably wouldn't pass (even if sport walking is an actual thing, and elderly people need to walk, etc etc)
That's struck me as unnecessarily harsh. Presumably it's considered necessary to get everybody making a good-faith effort to follow the rules off the streets in order to identify the scofflaws, but it seems rather throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
@DavidW eh, the group thing I'm sure I won't violate, because I literally can't. The only people I know in this city now that my roommate is gone are my colleagues, who I wouldn't ask for help with my moving out even in normal times, even less on lockdown, and they all live out of the city anyway
@DavidW I do agree it's harsh, but TBH expecting 60 million of French folks to show good faith and responsibility is too much of a reach.
@DavidW unrelated but "scofflaw" is exactly the kind of term I wanted to express, without knowing it even existed. So, thanks for that!
9:56 PM
@Jenayah I don't think France is in any way unique in that. Every country is going to have some groups of entitled people (by birth, wealth, connections, whatever) who will figure that the rules don't apply to them.
Having a dog is one of the few things helping make this tolerable. Going out for a walk twice a day isn't a frivolous thing, it's a necessity. And it keeps me from sitting at the computer more than 3h at a stretch too...
@DavidW oh, most certainly. But I won't speak for other countries, just relate the global tendency of mine
@DavidW yeah, that. Quite frankly, there are way worse situations, but sitting in front of a computer stays the only thing I can actually have as an occupation so far.
I exercise once every two days, but you can't really exercise for 8 hours straight. Well you can (hiking, for instance), but not really inside a flat in the middle of moving out, with very little gear
I cook (heck, I'm cooking. I hate cooking), but once again that doesn't last forever
@Jenayah It's not a bad occupation; there's lots of scope for learning new stuff, in fact it's kinda required. The pay's pretty good, occupation injuries aren't really a concern if you're not stupid...
Can't you read books, too? I thought you're all super book people.
I've read my books and have had a policy of not buying too much these past years precisely becaus eI knew I'd have to move at some point, possibly in a different city (turned out not to have to switch towns eventually), and moving too many books could be hard
It's just the inactivity. And you can make up for that in your off time - if you (a) have off time (a requirement for a decent job) and (b) can get out of the house. Which is where it all falls apart right now. :)
10:04 PM
@NapoleonWilson see above; the books I've these last few years are mostly ebooks, scanned comics, or physical books I've borrowed from friends or libraries
@Jenayah I needed to do some cardio intervals; I ran downstairs and back up 20 times in each interval. It was boring and as I tired out, I started to run the risk of missing stairs, or not stopping fast enough and slamming into the wall.
Working out indoors is really not the same.
Mar 19 at 17:17, by Jenayah
And spending the day on a phone/computer doesn't quite have the same taste when in the back of your head, you know you can't really do anything else, 'cause no going outside and all
Can't really focus on learning stuff with that in my head ^ it was a bit better when I could work again, but now we're on forced vacation so well...
@NapoleonWilson Oh sure. In the past week I've re-read the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy, The Peripheral (Gibson), Doorways in the Sand (Zelazny), Unseen Academicals and The Last Continent... However, due to 90% of my books being in storage, I read half of those on the computer. Which is kinda the problem in the first place.
@DavidW yeah, that's what I wanted to do at first, but the risk of a stupid ankle injury's too great. I'm fortunate enough that the building's entrance hall is quite large, so I can continue some shadow boxing there
Oh, and speaking of indoor exercise, there was apparently some guy who completed a marathon distance running back and forth on his balcony. I just can't...
I was thinking of picking up a bike trainer, but it seems that everyone else has had the same thought, and everywhere close enough not to have extortionate shipping fees only has the top-end, seriously pricey, smart trainers left.
10:15 PM
@DavidW how the duck. You have some much u-turns to do, your ankles will get even more strained than in an actual marathon oO
@DavidW look at the bright side, once lockdown has ended, it's likely a good chunk of these folks will realise they won't ever climb on the thing again, and there'll be a bunch of bike trainers for cheap on eBay, Craigslist, Leboncoin, whatever
@DavidW *facepalm*
Part of the stuff I miss the most is talking with colleagues at lunch. But I'm also already a bit annoyed that I know there will be at least two weeks of lockdown-related discussions, exclusively.
@Jenayah 'Tis true. Of course by then (I hope) I won't be stuck indoors, and I won't need it...
@DavidW you'd be prepared for the next lockdown ;)
Or there's the alternative: get another dog, and walk them one by one
Now that's an idea I can get behind!
10:28 PM
Q: A fairytale movie with couple meeting in dreams

Rick SanchezI recently remembered a movie I watched about 15 years ago as a kid, and have been trying to find out the name without luck. What I remember about it: I think it was like a fairytale. It was about a couple meeting only in shared dreams, in a garden. The boy was a prince. The girl I think w...

11:06 PM
Q: Is this the generation that will become immortal?

Invisible TrihedronIn this short story, a young woman is told by her professor that medical and cybernetic technology are improving so rapidly that she may very well live forever. As the story proceeds in a series of vignettes through time, she gets her enhancements and becomes vastly more capable than before. Long...

11:26 PM
@NapoleonWilson I could, except all libraries are closed now. Not just because it's night, they've been closed for two weeks.
Didn't dig too deeply into it, but I did find some older anthologies there I've not read. (There are actually some anthologies I've never even heard of, like the decadal series A Century of Fantasy, which I'm currently working on.)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, toxic answer detected (158): Was there a first known "force" user/s? by user127438 on scifi.SE
^ that wants nuking
11:42 PM
To the shelter!
Flag first!
Already did.
and clicked my detonator.
And it's gone.
VTDed. Not bad enough to hold out for red flags.
Now I just have to avoid the radioactive fallout.
Interesting, there's no "and".
Interesting, you've visited @Jen's profile and your own but not mine. ;)
11:46 PM
I think that changed when they redid post notices.
Oh, based on the color.
But I don't think that's accurate.
@Mithical it's possible Alex visited it back when you had your former display name, and now that the URL changed, the browser does not mark it as read anymore.
I've surely visited your profile.
Or more mundanely, Alex cleared their browser history recently
11:48 PM
Maybe your name change reset it?
Maybe not in this browser's history?
Now my slow internet makes it looks like I'm copying all of Jenayah's ideas...
*shrugs* really wasn't thinking all that hard about a throwaway 3AM joke
@Jenayah At the very least it would mean that I've visited your profile more recently.
That should be enough for Mithical to be insulted.
But then again, I should know to expect overanalysis when Alex is around, it's rather par for the course.
Yeah, I'm getting restless here.
Perhaps you should restmore?
It's supposed to be better for your health.
11:56 PM
I feel called out here, Dave
For resting too little?
Well, yes.

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