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1:42 AM
@Jenayah Well not necessarily the "wr" vs the "r", but at least the "e" vs the "a".
2:41 AM
Q: What starfleet ship classes are visible in the Season 1 finalle of Star Trek: Picard?

VillageIn season 1, episode 10 of Star Trek: Picard, a fleet of Starfleet vessels arrives. What classes of vessels were present?

3:00 AM
Q: Who walked in during Angela's meeting with her advisor in Malevolent?

FuzzyBootsIn the 2018 film, Malevolent, one of the early incidents that Angela has showing that her medium abilities are coming out happens during a meeting with her academic advisor. She gets her prior indicators of paranormal activity, a nosebleed and a high ringing in her ears while the door handle star...

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4:40 AM
@Alex mhm
5:22 AM
@Mithical Monday Has Meaning?
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7:42 AM
Q: What's the Name of That Book?

William ArnoldMale author(s). Had this novel between 1996-2000 and was published in the USA sometimes within the decade. Was written in English and was an anthology book. I can recall 3 stories though I DO believe there were more. One story was about a young man who is visited by different friends of his girl...

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8:42 AM
@Jenayah been playing a bit on iOS, it’s quite fun
8:57 AM
Q: The device is activated, should we assume They will be coming?

enorl76In the final episode, the beacon gets activated. Assuming a hypothetical that if we were to give a beacon to another world, saying when you signal us, we will come... does it not virtually guarantee that the activated beacon will bring the beings to the Federation and Romulans doorstep? This ...

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11:35 AM
@TheLethalCarrot glad to hear you like it :D
11:55 AM
Q: Star Trek Comm Badges

Eliseo d'AnnunzioWhen somebody hits their comm badge and says, for example, “Paris to Captain Janeway”, How is it that Lt. Paris is able to be linked only to the captain’s comm badge in real-time as far as one can tell, as this is quite prevalent from each of the modern shows like TNG, DS9 and Voyager? I can imag...

@Jenayah fun to do in the morning at least whilst having a lie in
@TheLethalCarrot sure, maybe not twelve hours straight ;)
12:59 PM
Q: Is Lorna Bucket actually Melody Pond AKA River Song?

Missymouse2Having seen the name Melody Pond become River Song, I wondered about Lorna Bucket. She seemed such a strange & interesting character to put in but then have die. Lorna means abandoned. Bucket, a round container with water in it could also be a pond....yes it’s a stretch. But Melody Pond being Riv...

Ahhh just watch me :P
1:56 PM
Twelve hours of lying in? X)
2:38 PM
Q: The Follow Questions and Answers feature is now live across the Network

Yaakov EllisWe are happy to announce that the previously announced follow question and answer feature is now live across the Network, including Stack Overflow, all Stack Exchange sites, and all Meta sites. (International Stack Overflow sites will have it turned on in a day or two once we have translations al...

3:05 PM
Could be useful...
3:28 PM
Q: Why didn't Han Solo shoot Darth Vader's ship?

user255577In the movie Star Wars: A New Hope, Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon decides to shoot one of the Darth Vader's wing man TIE fighters instead of shooting Darth Vader's TIE fighter. Is there a Star Wars canon explanation for this? It seems to me that the most logical thing for Han Solo to do at t...

@Jenayah maybe :P nothing else to do, and Stella does love a lie on
4:15 PM
A: The Follow Questions and Answers feature is now live across the Network

Jenayahfeature-request and/or bug (depending on how one sees it) There is a popup and a tooltip on the following button and they read kind of strange: the popup says "follow this answer to receive notifications"... But if it's in following state, I'm already following it, am I not? a tooltip says cli...

@Jenayah What do you mean that it's contradictory?
@Alex it's like the popup and the tooltip say different things
The tooltip knows that you're already following it. Therefore it gives you the guidance for unfollowing it.
yes, but the popup should as well
@Jenayah That's where you confused me. I was almost going to post myself about the fact that it doesn't know you're already following it. But then when you phrased it about a contradiction I thought you might be asking something else.
Not sure where the confusion is, but in any case this can't look right, OCD or no OCD:
4:33 PM
See, there's nothing inherently problematic about those two messages appearing together. One describes "following" and one describes "unfollowing". The issue is that if you're already following it then the message about following is simply redundant.
Don't mind the OCD.
I think the popup/tooltip pair text may be intended to be the same, at least in the not-followed state they do:
A: The Follow Questions and Answers feature is now live across the Network

Jenayahbug The follow tooltip is displayed under very specific conditions, which are not "user natural". Steps to reproduce (Windows 10, Firefox 74.0): Pick a post you have never, ever followed Hover over the follow button; this is what you should see (popup but no tooltip): Follow the post ...

@Jenayah Maybe the pop-up is explaining the general feature, and the tooltip responds to the state you are currently in.
looks weird anyway
and it's buggy :)
There definitely is some bug there. The only question is what.
@Alex story of my life
4:41 PM
I thought the story of your life was how you signed up here and got beaten to an answer.
Well, story of my professional life.
You're not a professional StackExchanger?
Now's your chance. Aren't you locked at home with no work to do?
Technically it got more complex than the situation I was in last week
4:49 PM
Complex = worse?
Last week I couldn't work because my work PC was new, so it didn't have any of the software I needed to work
Mar 19 at 16:13, by Jenayah
@TheLethalCarrot yeah, mine too. They gave me a laptop, but they had no time to register its number in the ticketing service, so... I can read my mail, and that's basically it. The closest I have to an IDE is the default Notepad. I have zero access to all the other stuff, so my days are mostly spent refreshing the ticketing service page.
Now I am able to work (colleague gave me an alternative), but the company put us all in forced vacation. So I'm not legally authorised to work :/
Why would they do that?
Probably saves them money to have everyone on "actual" paid time off rather than half the folks being able to work remotely, and the other half not being able to but still having to get paid
I suppose.
They can't determine which people are unable to work, and only put those on forced vacation?
I'm pretty sure they could, and actually already have the list, but that while that may help financially, that may cause workers and union uproar. Better to have everyone treated the same
4:56 PM
So, long story short, you still can't work...
As in, some people can't remote work because they just never were given remote laptops, but their jobs could be done remote. The company just never got to it, so it's not really their fault and they shouldn't be panlised for it, when others have the ability to work and keep their PTO
Others literally can't remote work because their work involves machinery maintainance and other stuff
So it's probably better to have the situation suck for everyone rather than just a select few folks. Pretty sure higher-us weighted it the best they could
@Alex yeah
@Jenayah Has the government offered to subsidize anything, as in some other places?
To my company specifically, I don't know. To others, yes
They said they'd help smaller companies with the rent, water fees etc
And it looks like my first virus question just became a Hot Network Question.
congrats, I guess
5:08 PM
Also my first question since the new Ask Question format. It was quite jarring.
Q: How should SFF's "Ask Question" page be customised?

JenayahThe "Ask a question" wizard is now live network-wide: The new ask page is now live on the network!. Ours is very plain right now, but parts of it are customisable: (shortened; see the main Meta post for the full version) The "welcome modal" for new askers (seen with the default text in scr...

^ Maybe I should post an answer to this along the lines of:
> if Alex is posting a question, display a warning on the side: "Alex, it looks like you're trying to ask a question, which based on your question history will most likely be twisted, and cause brain knots to some other users. Are you willing to live with that on your conscience?"
Actually, the message told me that it could find no problems with my question.
So there.
Well of course, the feature's not implemented yet.
And anyway, hasn't it been quite a while since I've asked a twisted question?
Four months, maybe:
Nov 25 '19 at 1:55, by Jenayah
Mark the day: Alex's twisted questions now cover the movies. :D
You almost had me go back and check your questions. Fortunately I have some survival instinct left
5:19 PM
I've only posted three questions since that one.
No, you will not have me reading them again
And I recall you mentioned something about looking at my profile because you hadn't seen any twisted questions in a while.
If I've ever read them to beginn with
But I can't seem to find that now.
Isn't it rather a ?
grmbl, I'm so weak-willed when it comes to ID. Now you have me browsing TREU transcripts xD
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7:31 PM
Q: 80's - 90's science fiction/fantasy show young female hero - magic tiara/headband?

S NI'm trying to remember this so hard, I watched it when I was much younger, I think she was a princess and she wore this tiara/headband all the time, I think it was the source of her powers or magical. I might be completely off and it could be a necklace/choker? Does anyone remember anything like ...

8:27 PM
Q: Taking a prisoner's head off and mounting it on a pedestal Science fiction book

Norman HaggettI think this was a short story. The story is written from the perspective of the prisoner. The man wakes up having gone through an operation to have his head detached from his body. The head is still alive, mounted on a pedestal with machinery to keep him alive. Once a day a woman comes around t...

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10:37 PM
Q: Short story about corrupt congressman and mental process-heightening drug

regionalskySo I read this short story a few years back in an anthology I found in a university library. The anthology was titled "Best American Sci-fi" or "Greatest Works of Science Fiction" or something along those lines. I think the story was from the 70s but I have no idea who the author was or what the ...

Q: 70s (or earlier) movie with a monster dinosaur in England

DannyMcGI remember from over 50 years ago (!) watching a film on UK television. I've always thought it was titled The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms but I've recently saw some of that and it's not the one I remember. It could have been in colour but my parents only had a b+w TV back then. Some circus people ...


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