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Q: Having trouble trying to remember the title/author of a novel I read a few years ago

SchmeeeI'm trying to remember the name/author of a novel I read a few years ago. The basic premise is the main character wakes up after being in hospital, to find a chunk of brain missing from a gunshot wound and a cybernetic implant being used to connect the missing synapses. The main character w...

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Q: Where the huge black doorway, from which Cthulhu emerges, leads to?

Bingo MehndraIn H. P. Lovecraft’s well-known tale “The Call of Cthulhu” the narrator (Francis Wayland Thurston) tells about strange facts that he has learned from the papers of his recently deceased grand-uncle, George Gammell Angell, and from personal investigation. Among these facts is the momentarily raisi...

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Q: Short Story: A writer has his fiction analyzed by a computer

polm23I'm trying to find a short story about a writer who has his fiction analyzed by a computer and it tells him the main theme of his work is sludge (or grease or grime or etc.). He's surprised and upset by this. I don't think there was any conventional action, most of the story was back and forth be...

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Q: Trying to remember Title and author for this series of stories

PaultheRomanOkay the story goes something like this. The protagonist is a slave in a technologically advanced society. The masters all go nude but the slaves are forced to wear clothing. Through some mechanism our hero gets transported to a realm where magic rules. The word demesnes is used to describe terri...

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A: Story or short story about a planet where the sunlight never ends

Organic MarbleSomething like this happens on Venus in the 1975 John Varley story "In the Bowl". Then there's the sun. When I was there it was nighttime, which means that the sun was a squashed ellipse hanging just above the horizon in the east, where it had set weeks and weeks ago. Don't ask me to ex...

^ Someone solved this one!
Q: Why were the Atreides guarded so weakly?

Bill TürFrom them moment Shaddam IV ordered him to Arrakis, Duke Leto knew that it was a trap. He was even aware that there was a traitor in their ranks. Nevertheless when the Duke was attacked by he didn't have any bodyguards with him. Moreover, the shield generator - which one would assume their mos...

Q: Could Konrad Curze see beyond his own death?

Richard CKonrad Curze the Night Haunter is able to see the future. At various points during the horus heresy it is shown that he can see the fates or others including how and when they will die and most famously the exact moment he would die and how it would occur. He also predicted the turn of Horus tell...

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Congratulations @TheLethalCarrot on 100k reputation!
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Thanks! :)
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posted on March 28, 2020 by bjornte

If a vaccine takes 18 months to produce on Earth, and the lab incl. all gear weighs 1 metric ton, and it`s on a rocket also weighing 1 metric ton incl. fuel, and the rocket converts fuel to kinetic energy at 99,9% efficiency, and has sufficient heat dissipation, and we want the results delivered in 6 months, and the rocket starts near zero velocity, and can communicate efficiently

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Q: How did Gandalf's ring Nenya survive with Gandalf during his fight and ultimate death with the Balrog of Moria?

Freddell MeisterHow did Gandalf's ring Nenya survive with Gandalf during his fight and ultimate death with the Balrog of Moria? "The Balrog burst into flame anew, and they fought at the top of the world. At last Gandalf pushed him off the mountain, and he fell and smashed on the mountainside. Gandalf's body die...

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Q: In the tenth Animorphs book, why does Ax have his arm reattached with a scar left?

AndaliteLoverCould he not have just morphed into another creature then demorphed back to Andalite? In book 10, it says: He even reattached my arm. I saw a scar on Ax's left arm. Could someone explain this, please? Or does he fix it later on? (I'm only on book 10, so no spoilers please.)

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@TheLethalCarrot Congratulations! \o/
5:47 PM
Urgh. How do you write <text like this> so that it actually shows up in angle brackets in a post?
Asking for an Animorphs question ;-)
@Randal'Thor &#62; and &#60;
Heh, it's funny how badly OCR'ed online versions of Animorphs books deal with thought-speech.
> less-than lt was extremely brutaleagreater-than Ax said. less-than Very brutal, and very swift. He carried us here. He revived you. He even reattached my arm. greater-than I saw a scar on Ax's left arm.
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Q: Is Owle Bullock a Horcrux-creator?

Kyle VAre there more than 2 creators of a Horcrux, besides Voldemort and Herpo the Foul? Since the book "Secrets of the Darkest Art" states that full remorse restores your fragmented soul and reintegrates it into your master soul (which would be found in your body), assuming they aren't already destro...

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Q: Can wizards tunnel under a shielded area?

Kyle VCan wizards tunnel under a shielded area? For example, can wizards tunnel under an area of land outside a shielded area, and walk a certain distance then destroy the piece of land above you, and then use a way to get up (like making a ladder appear out of thin air, broomstick, then reappear insid...

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@Randal'Thor id imagine escaping them would work to like \<
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Q: How did Lex Luthor become Secretary General of the UN in Young Justice?

JordanTheCynicAccording to the Qualifications of Office for Secretary-General of the United Nations, no citizen of the ''Permanent 5'' can be nominated for or elected to the office of Secretary-General as it would cause a power imbalance. I haven't been able to find a part in the series where they mention th...

9:29 PM
If you're on lockdown, with no remote work available, bored, and are willing to spend 4 euros for ~12h of gameplay, Cat Quest is frankly quite enjoyable.
(played on PC, can't speak about the iOS experience)
9:53 PM
My plan is to buy the Spyro remaster on Switch when I get paid
I might have a look at that though to see if it’s kill some time
If you want something with more story, it's been a while but this happybackwards.itch.io/ishara was great
Q: Why does Riker not have to be Admiral to command a fleet?

Torsten KnodtWhy does Riker not have to be Admiral to command a fleet in the last episode of Picard? I would have expected that he gets a field commission and is, during having this, addressed as Admiral.

@Jenayah got a nice art style
Bonus points if you like cat puns
the whole game has ltos of it
Haven't played the second one yet
10:19 PM
Sounds quite fun, we’ll have to see how lockdown goes haha
10:50 PM
Searching for scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/229104/… taught me they made an Animal Crossing movie. *facepalm*
11:28 PM
@b_jonas yep, now that you've mentioned it
Q: Book where all the characters are named after chess pieces

simon_smileyI remember reading this book maybe 8-10 years ago. It was set in a school and all the characters were named after chess pieces. There was a teacher called Mr Bishop maybe and someone’s nickname might have been Rook. Probably not exactly those but along those lines. We followed different perspect...

Q: in Disney's Gargoyles, if there are only 3 known races (Gargoyles, Humans and Oberon's Children) what of the other legendary beings?

RusshiroDisney's Gargoyles intruded Oberon, the Fairy King, as ostensibly the "source" of most magic in the world. By this, I mean it's his "Children" which became beings of incredible legend, from haunting spirits like the Banshee, to demi-immortals like Merlin, to legendary trickster spirits in various...

Q: When Harry's blood was taken by Voldemort while Voldemort was immortal, was he also immortal?

Kyle VFirst part of a two-part question: When Harry's blood was taken by Voldemort while Voldemort was immortal, was he also immortal? Here's the relevant quote from the books. DH Chapter 35: “He took my blood,” said Harry. “Precisely,” said Dumbledore. “He took your blood and rebuilt his livin...

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Q: Sci-fi / horror movie search - bus scene

prlirioIt has been years of agony trying to find a sci-fi or horror movie I saw as child. The only scenes I remember: a female character who is pregnant and driving a cab-taxi, spiting blood on a cloth said female character either giving birth or being attacted in a bus by/to a octopus-like alien T...


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