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12:11 AM
Q: Horror novel about an immortal snake-woman, feeds on blood and can take over human bodies

aprilrThis was a paperback I read back in the late 80s-early 90s, out of my dad’s collection. It may have been published earlier. Not a typical incubus-succubus story, the main villain is a mythological immortal, half woman half-snake creature, possibly called Lamia or Naga, who feeds on blood and ca...

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1:21 AM
@Jenayah I'm not sure the answer meant that that was the indication of autism. It may have just been a description of the story.
1:32 AM
Q: Were Omens Known Before Hawkwings Sons Set Sail?

Mat CauthonIn the Wheel of Time series, the Seanchan are great believers in omens. Our Andoran friends believe it is all superstitious nonsense, quite similar to how the Seanchan view tales of trollocs and other shadowspawn. Were the omens know before Artur Hawkwing's sons set sail across the Aryth Ocean, ...

Q: Story about a newly discovered planet that turns out to be a machine world with another world inside it

jhpace1I read this story a long time ago, in the 1980s as a child. It was science fiction from the 1970s or earlier, it had a 1960s "feel" to the writing. A short paperback novel? I don't remember a cover or any author's name. Exploration ship from Earth finds a nearly idyllic world - lots of beach...

2:12 AM
Q: Why did Grimmel say, "No surprises"?

Matt PollackIn How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World (2019), a guard pokes his spear at Cloudjumper. Toothless roars out to him. Grimmel says: Um, that's right, alpha. No surprises. Why did Grimmel say, "No surprises"?

2:32 AM
Q: Does anyone know this Manga?

Andrea_G01It’s an isekai manga about a boy who gets reincarnated in the body of a child in a duke or count family. Him and his mother get mistreated by the main wife and her child. After the mom of the MC divorces his dad, he finds out his mom is actually a princess and that makes him royalty by default.

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4:36 AM
Q: Another Earth. The endless possibilities have boggled my mind, so many years after the movie is there a definitive answer?

Tiffany Ok. I’m a half decade late on this movie. But better late than never. I’m truly confused. I read some initial comments on theories of the ending and well more confused. The predominant theories I’ve put into my own summaries: After the accident Rhoda’s natural desire to study or visit the pla...

4:56 AM
Q: Anyone know some good comics/mangas about wolves

Kingsman1Anyone know some good comics/mangas about wolves it could be an isekai or anything

5:16 AM
Q: Does the Doctor remember the events of "Heaven sent" at the end of "Hell bent"?

Fabian RölingAt the end of S9E12, the Doctor… He does, however, keep a lot of surrounding information, some of which he lists near the end of the episode. Does this include the time in the castle? That seems to be less related to what he forgot than some of the things he lists, but if he still knew that h...

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6:22 AM
@Alex no. It's brought too fast after the "a movie with a possible autistic character" bit to be anything else than what i wrote above IMO
Q: What Exactly Is A Full-Stack Web Developer?

allen321A post-it note with this concern composed on it has been remaining on my desk for a couple of weeks. Initially, I did not recognize just how to approach such trouble-- I wished to create a response that made sense to any person new to the field of internet growth, yet that still discussed the bet...

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8:38 AM
Q: Who was the humanoid Seven of Nine shot in Picard episode 5? (SPOILERS)

JeepedWas that Icheb from Voyager in Picard S01E05? In a flashback scene early in ST-PIC S01E05, a humanoid is being vivisected. When his eye is extracted there appears to be wires instead of an optical nerve and there is mention of a cortical node. We know that Icheb donated his functioning cortic...

9:13 AM
Q: What are your favorite books

hgsHi What are your favorite books? Can you recommend some interesting books to read? Thanks

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11:02 AM
@A.bakker FWIW we do have smokey that runs in this room but it doesn't catch everything
11:20 AM
Q: Which is the best odia news app?

DigitalshankarThe best odia news app.. LocalWire Download the odia news App: LocalWire https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.localwire&hl=en

Posted a spam answer to the question now too
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question (93): Which is the best odia news app? by Digitalshankar on scifi.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user (71): Which is the best odia news app? by Digitalshankar on scifi.SE
12:25 PM
@TheLethalCarrot wrt scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/227738#comment624112_227738 why shouldn't we? It's deffo useful to remind people to spam-flag, and the reminder should be visible by all so a comment saying such is very much OK
Plus what do we care that the spammer knows we know it's spam?
I've always thought it's best not to, don't want them knowing (if they actually care and want to try and hide it better, them knowing will help them do that) and if we're wrong (obviously this was an obvious case) we're going to upset the OP
And I mean if you know how to flag you know how to spam flag, and if you know that you most likely know what obvious spam like that is
If you don't know that the comment doesn't really help
TBH it's not a big deal either way, not like there are any major positives or negatives to it, just my feelings on it
I strongly doubt any of these burner accounts actually come back to check how their spam fared thoygh
Probably not on obvious cases like that no
But you do have ones where they try and hide it better
1:01 PM
Q: Which droid lost a part that was discovered by Davin Felth on Tattooine?

ShreedharIn Star Wars: A New Hope, after locating the crashed escape pod on Tattooine, a small Imperial troop investigates the place where Davin Felth finds a piece of equipment that he [so famously] addresses: "Look sir, Droids!" Star Wars: A New Hope; click to enlarge As to how he concluded that it...

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3:02 PM
Q: Was Negela in TNG S2E2 actually Q?

RickIn S2E2 the Enterprise is in a void where a mysterious and extremely powerful entity known as Negela (spelling?) traps them to learn about the Enterprise. At the end he tells Picard that the race is arrogant, militant (really the Federation is militant... how little he actually knows), etc. To ...

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4:02 PM
Q: How were few meteoroids able to damage Waverider?

Baby YodaIn the S02E14 Moonshot of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Sara protected Apollo 13 service module from meteoroids by using Waverider as a shield. Waverider took significant damage because of that. The result was that Waverider's AI Gideon and primary engine both went offline. They had to maneuver using...

4:43 PM
Q: Are there Legion of the Damned Primaris Marines?

ShadeThere are different assumptions what the Legion of the Damned are exactly: Some Astartes that were lost in the Warp and reemerged somewhat changed Some dead Space Marines that are given one last chance to do something for the Imperium, aka Saints Daemons of the Starchild, i.e. the Emperors repr...

5:03 PM
Q: When would the Undying Lands become over-populated?

JimmeryThe Undying Lands were a realm inhabited by Ainur and the Elves. (And possibly Ent-wives? Although that is totally my speculation.) The area included the continent of Aman and the island of Tol Eressëa, and can be seen here along side Middle Earth: The Ainur are effectively gods, who never d...

5:43 PM
Q: How much storage does a Mind (from The Culture series) have in today's computer storage terms?

Conrad.DeanJust started reading Ian Banks' The Culture, and there was this beginning to a chapter: The Mind had an image to illustrate its information capacity. It liked to imagine the contents of its memory store written out on cards; little slips of paper with tiny writing on them, big enough for a hu...

6:01 PM
6:16 PM
@xkcd meh
Q: Movie about trying to stop global warming but caused ice age on accident

user76329I saw a movie on Syfi channel about 15 years ago. It was about scientists trying to stop global warming, but overdue it and accidentally cause a new ice age instead. I can’t remember the name of it. Does anyone know what movie it was?

7:04 PM
Q: When is The Clone Wars Season 7?

Jeepedrelated: What is the relationship between the three “Clone Wars” properties? The 2008 film was a few early episodes culled and split off from the 2008 series so chronologically it fits nicely as an introduction to the TV series. The TV series officially ended with season 6¹, 'The Lost Missions'...

7:44 PM
@Jenayah does xkcd ever get anything other than a meh these days if it’s not just ignored entirely?
7:58 PM
@TheLethalCarrot the blockchain flowchart was funny
I agree with Jen; the blockchain one was funny enough I was sharing it with people I know who don't follow XKCD.
Ah missed that one, I skip most of them now
Maybe I’ve fallen out with it at the moment haha
Maybe I'm just too much exposed to people who believe that 1) blockchain is cool and/or 2) blockchain will solve meaningful problems (that aren't caused by using blockchain).
2 hours later…
10:29 PM
Q: Please reopen question 227754

SpencerThe question When would the Undying Lands become over-populated? was closed as opinion-based, but it has a definitive answer (never) because of specific things that Tolkien wrote. OP's assumption of "natural increase" in the Undying Lands is unfounded.

10:46 PM
Q: Looking for a story about spacemen landing on Earth who turn out to be catapillar like aliens

ErnieI read the short story many years ago on a plain ride. It is never made clear what the spacemen who land near a small town look like. You get the idea they are human-like as they carefully explore a town, trying not to be discovered. The final scene has them pulling themselves up to their alien g...


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