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1:14 AM
Q: What does "them" in "eat one of them" refer to?

Matt PollackIn How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World (2019), Ruffnut talks unstop: Ruffnut: Snotlout's a beefcake but almost too pretty, you know? Sometimes I think he's more in love with himself than me. There's only room for one beauty in this relationship. Fishlegs would keep me alive longe...

1:54 AM
Q: Can anyone identify this old computer game where a troll turns you into a frog?

ShowsniThis was a game I played in school aged 5 or 6 (in Year One or Two), which would be in 1991. I believe it was on a BBC Acorn, though it might have been some other computer; it seemed old fashioned to me at the time, anyway, so probably something from the 80s. The game was, I think, very similar t...

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5:39 AM
Q: What is the lifespan of an Ork?

ShadeI am totally aware that probably no Ork has died of natural causes unless you count a bolter round in the head as a natural cause. But just how old can Orks become? As there is probably no official answer to this, what is the oldest Ork that appears in the WH40k-Universe? I was able to find Ghaz...

What does "Few unique characters in answer" mean in the SmokeDetector notice? Someone spammed a single letter?
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7:40 AM
Q: Does the ST:VOY episode "Faces" pass the Bechdel test?

sauron496"Faces" is S1.14, and the central plot involves an alien medical experiment which splits B'Ellana Torres into two separate individuals: one fully human, one fully Klingon. The only female-female conversations within the episode are between those two. Almost all of them are not about any man, so ...

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9:01 AM
Q: Movie scene where woman is comforting father of dead son by saying he is alive somehow

user126302A father, whose son is dead, and a women are sitting on a porch, looking at the stars. The father is crying and the woman is talking about his son like he is still alive. She says things like: This is your son 2 years old, walking around. This is your son 10 years old, playing football, he is s...

Q: Some improvements to blockquotes

Aaron ShekeyWe’re making a few changes to blockquotes soon. Historically, we had a bit of feedback that the yellow backgrounds were overpowering, reducing the contrast of the quote itself. The yellow border also lacks contrast with the background. Others have indicated that there should be more visible diffe...

9:41 AM
Q: Are there any occurrences of a Stormtrooper betraying the Empire?

ShreedharIn Star Wars: A Force Awakens, we see that Finn (FN-2187) abandons his position as a Stormtrooper for the First Order and joins the rebellion. He also betrays the First Order by sharing some secrets about the Starkiller Base. Are there any similar occurrences during the pre-First Order era when ...

Q: Major plot hole in "Avatar: The Last Air-bender"?

Mor ZamirIf you did not read the comic 'The Chase', I advise stopping reading, because I will use a big spoiler (hidden). During many episodes of the 3rd season of ATLA (book 3:Fire), fire prince Zuko is not well. He can't understand the reason, and he can't ask his uncle because he's mad at him, and Iro...

10:03 AM
@creative-username Spammed a few of the same letters over and over. In that last report it was mainly just a whole lot of laughing: haha
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12:02 PM
Q: Looking for information on literature with female dragons

MelpondHi looking specifically for female dragons and why and how they differ from male counterparts in literature?

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2:23 PM
Q: Why did Jack Torrance only write "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy"?

OddrigueWatched Stanley Kubrick/Stephen King's "The Shining" (1980) recently and the thing I didn't get is : was there a reason behind Jack typing "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy" for his book ? Was it just getting inspiration ? Was he mentally instable before and did he went nuts during the...

Why did Paul D. Waite only write "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"? — TheLethalCarrot 2 mins ago
Good old silliness
2:55 PM
Q: How did Clint get the Soul Stone while Natasha was sacrificed ON HER OWN?

aminabzzWell, in Avengers: Infinity War Thanos got the Soul Stome because he paid a cost and threw his most beloved person off the cliff. But Clint didn't do that in Avengers: Endgame. It makes no sense that Clint got the stone while he wasn't going to pay for the cost and throw Nat.

3:13 PM
That was one of my favourite old-school X screensavers...
3:24 PM
Q: TV series where a journalist spots mysterious smoke but nobody believes him

Nina ScholzThe main person is a journalist and he is spotting mysterious smoke (seeing and smelling) and in the smoke there is something more to spot and he thinks it is a connection to something. He tries to talk to his girlfriend and to other people but nobody believes him. The series is from the last ...

4:04 PM
Q: Book where astronauts sent out to find other life are recalled back to Earth

Jay MoseleyI had a book in the 80's-90's that I would like to find a copy of if I could just remember the title/author. Ships with lone astronauts had been sent out to explore for other life. The program is cancelled and a 'recall' is sent to the ships. The protagonist meets a shape-shifting alien named Pr...

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6:40 PM
I flagged as rude. Saying that "thin, unusual voice and no manners" could be a hint to the character being autistic is (to me at least) a very misguided and disrespectful sight of the autism spectrum (unless the writers specifically said it was their intent, which would still be rude but make the answer "okayish" if it's quoting them). — Jenayah 17 secs ago
Yeah...now assholes or introverted computer people are autists, too? O_O
I flagged as not an answer because Of Mice And Men is by no way science-fiction or fantasy. — Jenayah 16 secs ago
A stereotype doesn't a medical condition make.
7:05 PM
I wouldn't be surprised if that question invites a lot of vest pocket diagnostics and guesses for "unusual" people to be "on the spectrum". It's not like the term "autism" hasn't already been weakened a lot in its actual meaning lately anyway.
@NapoleonWilson it (the question) pretty much is, yes.
Plus the edit war on the top answer.
Oh my.
G'luck widdat.
And HNQ. I'm sure the poor programmers on SO busy with building our digital future will have a feast on Twitter when this thing appears in their sidebar.
7:20 PM
It's been on HNQ for like two days already I think
7:40 PM
I flagged as very low quality because​ 1/ this answers fails to explain why the character would be autistic ("they're clearly autistic" is not explanatory enough, furthermore when the autism spectrum is subject to many misconceptions) and 2/ it admits there is not way it's the first one, which is what that question is all about. — Jenayah 17 secs ago
Q: Book About Unknown Phenomena/Aliens/Bigfoot/Etc

eschaton47I have been haunted for years now about finding a book that was in my school library in the mid-to-late 80's. It was a compendium of various strange phenomena and had illustrations that went along with it. I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to track this thing down and during one s...

8:09 PM
Q: Has Constantine ever fought Hades?

codeczarAs we know that Hades exists in the DC comics and he is god of Hell and John Constantine is hellblazer have they ever come face to face in a fight?

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10:36 PM
Q: The [video-games] tag

BuzzThe guidance for the video-games says: For questions about the plot or backstory of a game with science-fiction/fantasy elements.... Having answered a couple of game identification questions recently, I thought I would look and see what others story-identification video-games questions were...


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